best gps tracker for car

5 Best Car GPS Trackers 2018

Using a GPS tracker for your car is a way to ensuring your car is not on the move without your consent. Real time tracking, custom alerts and many more features are now seen on the majority of devices available today. The best GPS tracker for your car is the MasTrack OBD Real Time GPS that […]

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best snow foam, lance for pressure washer

5 Best Snow Foam Lances 2018

Adding a snow foam lance to your pressure washer setup is a fun and efficient method of cleaning your vehicle. Often called a foam cannon, they have become increasingly popular with more car owners getting into the detailing scene. The best snow foam lance is the Chemical Guys EQP 310 TORQ Professional with its advanced foaming technology, […]

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best trailer hitch

5 Best Tow Hitches 2018

A trailer hitch is required to tow trailers safely and at great weights ranging up to 15,000 LBS. Some vehicles come with trailer hitches as standard but the majority do not and require an aftermarket installation. The best trailer hitch is the B&W TS20048B with an impressive tow weight of 14,500 LBS, heavy duty steel construction […]

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best driving gloves

5 Best Leather Driving Gloves 2018

Steering wheels gather dirt and oils fairly quickly, which is not hygienic and can cause a lack of grip. Owning some luxury leather driving gloves will increase the grip and acts as a barrier against the dirt. The best driving gloves are the Fratelli Orsini Everyday Italian Lambskin Leather, which are made in Italy and available […]

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best wheel lock

5 Best Wheel Lock Clamps 2018

Wheel lock clamps play an important role to ensure your car cannot be moved. They are a common anti-theft device that has been used for many years and act as the best deterrent to any passing car criminals. The best wheel anti-theft lock is the Heavy Duty Coocher Clamp that is universal to fit a […]

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