fix a blown head gasket

5 Best Head Gasket Sealers 2018

A blown head gasket can cause engine misfires, oil leaks and coolant to mix with the engine oil. To fix a blown head gasket, you have the choice of changing the head gasket completely or using a head gasket sealer. The best head gasket sealer is the Blue Devil Permanent Repair, which fixes blown head […]

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best rust prevention products

5 Best Rustproofing Paints 2018

Rustproofing is essential too ensure your car is protected during the winter season. A car could look rust free from the outside but underneath the cars condition can be a complete different story. The best rust prevention for cars is the POR-15 45404 rustproofing paint, which provides a strong heavy duty protection against rust getting through. […]

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puncture tire repair kit

5 Best Tire Repair Kits 2018

The tires of your car are the only point of contact with the road and its crucial they are in perfect condition. However, if you were to have a puncture or need a patch repair on the roadside, you will be stranded unless you own a tire repair kit. The best tire repair kit is […]

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best jack stands

5 Best Car Jack Stands 2018

Enthusiasts that work on their own cars and are yet to use jack stands are taking a big risk. Your standard trolley jack will withstand the weight a vehicle but if there are any sudden movements, there is potential for the jack to slip with you underneath. The best jack stands is the ESCO 10498 Jack […]

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why is my check engine light on

The Dreaded Check Engine Light

The Check Engine Light is a yellow or amber color that illuminates your dash to indicate there is an issue with your engine. Not only is it a worry but it is highly frustrating as there is no indication to what the problem even is. In order to understand why your car is flashing the […]

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