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ProCarReviews began as a small blog in 2016 but has since exploded into what it is today. The site is dedicated to bringing unbiased automotive product reviews, buying guides and tutorials that are written by enthusiasts. Each article goes through a vetting process to ensure that our high standards are met and they meet the user’s requirements.

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What Makes Us Different?

Unlike other websites that are managed by people that have never picked up a spanner or worked on a car, ProCarReviews is the complete opposite.

Our website is developed, maintained and updated by enthusiasts with superior knowledge and passion.

The end goal we hope to achieve is to find the best automotive products that will solve your problems.

Feel free to read more about us and see why ProCarReviews is the leading automotive resource.

The Content

Our main goal is to provide every website user with an automotive product that is suitable for their requirements. We are able to achieve this by our detailed buying guides, unbiased reviews and tutorial guides. At ProCarReviews, we cover all vehicles that are on the road, garage improvements and automotive tools.

Every piece of content that is posted on the website goes through a strict vetting process. This allows us to ensure that the article meets our high standards.

To ensure that all of our articles are up to date, we regularly check all of our posts and ensure that they are the latest and best products available. Below are the three latest articles posted or updated on the website.

Our Team & Process

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Every member of our team is an enthusiast with some of us being more knowledagble in certain areas than others. Dan, the founder of is the main author and is an automotive journalist with a vast amount of experience within this industry.

We write all of our content and have very high standards with some content taking weeks to create along with a vetting process before being posted. We do not allow any third parties to post on the website and each and every one of the posts are written by our team.

When it comes to our unbiased reviews, we attempt to purchase each and every product. We will then use and test it thoroughly so that we can come to our conclusion. We regularly post on Instagram if you want to keep upto date with the latest products that we are testing.

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