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The Best Car Cover 2018

Protecting your car during the winter season or when its off the road is important in order to maintain the bodywork. Using a high quality car cover for outdoor storage will prevent bird droppings, water, UV rays from damaging your bodywork.

For ultimate protection, the best car cover is the OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover that is a fully waterproof 7 layer design with multiple sizes for the perfect fit.

Car covers for outdoor storage will require additional qualities than indoor car cover do not posses. For example, an indoor cover will not be subject to wet weather, UV rays or need the ability to dry quickly.

Best Outdoor Car Cover

Car CoverLayersOur Rating
OxGord Executive74.9
Leader Accessories74.8
Budge Lite14.6
Hail ProtectorN/A4.8

If you are placing a car cover onto your car within a crowded area, ensure that it has many layers. This will reduce the impact of a car park ding from someone slamming a door onto your vehicle as well as other factors.

Many car covers also come with locks and cables that also add to the security of your car. The cover also hides your wheels, interior and more which will prevent thieves looking around your vehicle.

Car owners that care about their vehicles are going to want to find high quality car covers. Below is a list of the best car covers for outdoor storage that can be used in all weather conditions.

OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover

OxGord Executive is one of many produced by this brand but the Executive cover is the best car cover for the money with a 7 layer construction.

The 7 layers are split into 5 layers of Spunbond polypropylene, 1 layer of micro porous film and a final layer of soft cotton.

For the Optimal Breathability, there are front and rear elastic hems and draw strings to ensure a snug fit around the car. On top of this, there are reinforced seams to further add to the features of this high quality car cover.

In terms of added security, there are tie down grommets to ensure the car cover is probably attached and wont fly away in the wind or allow thieves easy access.

The OxGord Executive outdoor car cover is fully waterproof at the top layer but uses soft cotton on the bottom layer that prevent scratching on the paintwork.

This outdoor storage car cover is perfect for all weather conditions. If you are using the car, it comes with a heavy duty storage bag to store the cover. Overall, it is the best car cover for protection at a reasonable price.

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Leader Accessories 7 Layer Super Soft Car Cover

Leader Accessories are bulk sellers of covers from the car to boat market and are highly rated throughout. Like with the OxGord Executive, the Leader Accessories has 7 layers and is split by 4 Layers of Spunbond Polypropylene, 2 Layers of UV Coating and 1 Layer of Soft Cotton.

This outdoor car cover provides UV Resistant, Dust Proof, Breathable and other qualities at a very reasonable price. It is also windproof because it uses a strap and buckle style method to ensure its fitted snugly on the car.

The elastic hems and ultra soft cotton ensures that the paintwork does not become scratched from using this car cover. When its not in use, you can store it in the bag included within the package.

Overall, the Leader Accessories 7 Layer Super Soft Car Cover provides great value for money with a fair amount of choice in terms of cover size. You can rest assure that this is one of the best outdoor car covers for the money.

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Budge Lite Car Cover

The Budge Lite is a budget car cover that maintains high quality features as you would expect from other premium covers. It is designed for a vareity of sizes for a universal fit and can be used as both an indoor and outdoor car cover for all weathers.

The durable single layer spunbond polypropylene is designed to stop dust, dirt, moisture and bird dropping from damaging your paintwork. The heavily reduced price means you have fewer layers compared to the alternatives but not everyone will require this sort of protection.

For security, there are built in grommets and an elastic hem to wrap around the car nicely. It is completely breathable to prevent mold forming underneath the cover which is very common with other cheap car covers.

Its important to note that the Budge Lite car cover provides basic protection. Many car owners will expect it to survive heavy storms or car park dings and this is simply not the case. However, if its affordability and the basic protection you are after, this is the car cover would be the best buy.

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Pumpkin 5 Layer Car Cover

In terms of protection, the more layers the better and for outdoor use, you will want as many layers as possible. The Pumpkin brand provides a choice of sizes and layers with the 5 layer option being the most popular of them all.

The Pumpkin car covers include the best security with a Gust guard strap and lock. This means, if you do not have the key to the anti theft lock, you will need to rip the cover itself, which many thieves will not risk.

It has made use of soft fabric to prevent the paint from become scratched and includes a handy antenna location. You can rest assure it will repel the wet weather and provide great protection against UV rays, tree sap and bird droppings.

If you are looking for a the best secure car cover to deter thieves from breaking into your car, the Pumpkin car cover is the best buy.

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Hail Protector Car Cover System

For those without a budget and want the ultimate form of protection, then the Hail Protector car cover system may be something to look into. It is not the stereotypical car cover and comes with a premium price tag.

It will do everything a normal car cover will do but can be activated via a smartphone app to provide air flow. Hail stones can cause significant damage to a cars paintwork and its important that you are prepared for the worst. The smartphone application will warn you of an upcoming storm so that you can turn on the air flow.

It is not a flimsy design either and has been rigorously tested against winds of over 60 MPH and heavy hailstones. There are sizes to fit all vehicles includes SUVs and large trucks and you will not be disappointed.

It is the best car cover to protect yourself against hailstones and a great toy to show off too. Of course, compared to the other car covers, you must have a sizable budget.

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Outdoor Car Cover Buying Guide

When you think about protecting your car, what do you think of? Theft and security? Driving correctly? Insurance? While these are great things to ponder as well, many people don’t think of protecting the surface of your car as well as these others.

So you just bought your car or got washed, waxed, and detailed. Now on top of all the various things that need care and attention, you also want to continue having it look nice. So what are you to do? Well the answer may seem simple, but it works like a charm. A car cover.

Car covers are the single most versatile object you need to keep your car looking pristine for as long as possible. While normal years of wear and tear are very hard to remove altogether, there are way it can be done. Though most are very expensive, and include hours of work. However, heading the problem off before it affects your car too much is really the better option. So let’s talk about the myriad of ways a cover could protect your car.

outdoor car cover

Layers of Car Covers

Car covers can be constructed with 1 or many layers with the optimal amount being between 5 and 7. The extra layers provide protection for outdoor usage where single layers are usually only for indoor usage.

The multiple layers of car covers contain materials such as spunbond polypropylene,  micro porous film and soft cotton. The soft cotton is the material that will be touching the paintwork and its vital that this is kept clean and remains soft.

The price of car covers will increase as the layers stack up but it is worth the extra paying for the best protection for your pride and joy.

Reduced Scratches and Dings

Everyone experiences their first scratch or ding differently. Some accept it as an eventuality, while others tend to fume. Either way, it’s not a pleasant circumstance. The unfortunate part of this issue is that is truly is unavoidable. There will always be a first scratch, as well as a second and a third.

Thankfully using a car cover can push off the time of your scratch, delaying this inevitability far longer than just hoping and getting lucky. By utilizing your car cover anytime you’re not driving, you can ensure that the car is safe from anything that may have the chance or ability to scratch it.

It’s very hard to try and predict what will happen while you are out, so limiting these factors is a smart idea.

Weather is also a harsh hitter for most cars. While rain can seem harmless in nature, and it is so common that the thought that I could hurt your vehicle is almost laughable. However, water and moisture can seep into cracks and small scratches in your car. Once this happens, it begins a process of corrosion. Which can tiny blemishes to become huge problems in the future.

Sun is also an issue for those of you who like their paint job. UV rays and general exposure to the sun in a sedentary position can destroy paint jobs with relative ease. A constantly moving, or garage cars won’t have this problem as often as others, but car covers can be a useful asset if you find yourself in this boat.

When winter comes weather starts to ramp its game up a bit. Not only do we now have to deal with the cold and snow, but chances of sleet and hail go up as well. If the moisture wasn’t bad enough, when hail and sleet come into play, there are also bits of salt to deal with.

Salt is one of the roughest materials found on earth. When it gets into cracks in the car, erosion is far more likely, and sped up. So picking up a car cover at the end of summer or autumn is a great idea.

While multi-purpose covers are always a great option, sometimes there is no need to get protection from things that hardly ever happen. If you live in an area without a lot of sun most of the year, than you won’t have to worry too much about the color of your cover. On the other hand, if you live in an area that doesn’t see much snow or sleet, you’ll want a cover to protect more against the other elements you may be encountering.

Heavy Duty Car Cover

Long Term Storage

Storing your car over a long period of time can be a real hassle. Even after you get everything set up for the storage, there is still the fact that your beauty will be kept in the same dark place for a lengthy time. So why not simplify the process and use a car cover?

A cover will not only save your car from dust and other undesirable content floating in the storage space, but it will also give you peace of mind. If you open your fridge to find an uncovered sandwich, you’ll probably just throw it away. If you find the same sandwich wrapped in a plastic bag, you are less likely to think it might be bad. This is due to the fact that you know nothing can get it. A cover works the same way, you won’t need to fret on your vacation knowing it is wrapped up in a wonderfully effective cover.

For an even greater experience, you can always utilize a car-storage bag as well. Which in essence will cover your entire car in a giant jacket-like extra tough cover. Basically a cover of a cover. Just be aware that the car should be deep cleaned, scrubbed, washed and waxed before any storage; just to make sure something that is only mildly gross now, doesn’t turn into something more.

Anti Theft

Oddly enough you wouldn’t think of a car cover as being very useful when it comes to matters of theft. However, studies have shown that cars that have covers are actually less likely to be the target of criminal activity. This is because most criminals are opportunists, and time tends to be of the essence in thefts, taking the time to undo a car cover does deter many thieves from stealing or breaking into your car. It works just as well as the best locking wheel nuts, as soon as a criminal sees these, they will forget taking the risk.

For even more security, you can also attach a keypad, or key lock and cable to the cover as well. This will require that a key is needed to unlock the cover of the car, and therefore needed to get in at all. This would go an even longer way to protecting your vehicle against criminal activity.

Natural Hazards

Driving is hazardous to your car. That’s the long and short of it. If you drive your car, you are putting it at risk of being scratched, hit, or dirty. But what about those natural hazards that occur when you are parked?

Birds are a huge issue when it comes to natural hazards. Birds not only often tend to leave droppings on cars, but they also have a tendency to land hard on or latch onto car parts with their very sharp talons. A cover could effectively cut down on either of these occurrences.

Other small animals that may use your car as their playground include squirrels, and most house pets such as cats or dogs. These furry critters run, jump, and climb near or on cars all the time. Preventive measures are almost the only option for this issue, because they is never a way to know if the squirrels in your area are upset that day.

Trees are another point of contention for most car owners. If you live or park under a tree, there are a myriad of things that could be dropping onto your car. Pine needles and cones, acorns, sappy mixtures, even animal fur and droppings. Normally these things probably wouldn’t hurt your vehicle, however depending on how high the tree is, and how far the object falls before hitting your car is an enormous factor.

Dust is the probably the least known cause of surface scratches and harm to the exterior of your car. Because your paint is so thin, when dust sits on the surface, it rubs into the paint and turns abrasive. This can cause numerous annoying scratches that you will only notice once your car is cleaned.

Be sure to remove any scratches with a highly rated polisher machine if your car has suffered from a car cover scratches.

Universal Car Covers & Custom Fit

When looking at covers your options will be wider than just indoor or outdoor. But also whether you are getting a custom-fit model as well. While these models will be more costly, they are always worth it. The custom-fit covers will be tailored to the exact lengths of your vehicle, allowing the cover to fit taught over it.

This is important, because a “one-size-fits-all” cover will be baggy and will slide all over the car’s body. Causing small scratches or abrasions. Which the whole point of the cover is to prevent precisely this. Wrapping the car in a “made-to-fit” cover will seal it off from harsher elements getting into the nooks and crannies where the normal covers wouldn’t fill.

Parking Locations

Where you park on a normal basis will really influence the type and style of cover that will best fit your current needs. For those who park outside on a daily basis, and tend to use the car a lot during their workweek, may want to invest in a smaller, thinner cover. This will help with efficiency, saving you from taking extra time to put the cover on, or take it off.

Those who park in underground garages, or even in your own garage, a lightweight indoor cover should be right on the money for you.

Parking in an area with high amounts of traffic, foot traffic, and crowded parking lots, you are looking for a super durable, heavyweight outdoor cover. This will keep the majority of scratches, nicks, dings, and dents from ever hitting even touching your vehicle.

Vehicle Usage

Another smaller consideration is how often you use the car. If this is you’re A to B vehicle, than durable materials will be better suited to what you need your cover for. While a summer car, or hot rod may only be taken out twice or thrice a year. For these, you’ll want to invest a little more into. This way even if the car is stored more than used, you can come back to it months later, in the exact condition you left it.

Color Of Your Car

The color of your car is something that could have a bearing on what type of cover to choose. Lighter colored cars will be more susceptible to bleaching or lightening through constant UV contact. Choosing a cover of a lighter color will help reflect most of these harmful rays without the worry of your cover starting to bleed through to your car. So if you live in a particularly sunny area, as you may already know, you will need a light colored cover to reduce the heat on your car in general.


Something that you may not think about now, but when you are looking to purchase a cover, remember where YOU park your car. While many are considering where they take their car on a daily basis, they are not taking into account, where their car is parked all day on weekends, and most nights.

Consider what your neighborhood is like when purchasing a cover. Are there lots of kids with bikes or sports equipment? Do you often have fast or reckless drivers go down your road? Do you live in strictly a residential area? Are there many trees in or around your parking area? Do your neighbors have cats or dogs?

If you street park your car, or even just have an outdoor parking area; these are criteria you may need to evaluate. As it would be much smarter to purchase a heavy duty cover if some of these scenarios apply to you.

With everything going on in the world around you, from work, to school, to kids, there is just too much to have to worry about. So give yourself one less to fret over by getting a car cover. There are so many reasons to check out these wonderful car accessories, and for all the things they do, they are well worth whatever you pay for them.

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