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The Best Drying Towel For Cars 2019

The drying process of washing your vehicle is often the most important part. Using a car drying towel that has been designed to leave a streak free finish will make sure your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

The best car drying towel is the RAG Company Dry Me A River Jr, which is made from a “Hyosung” split microfiber that absorbs water efficiently and safely.

In terms of the best materials for drying cars, there is a wide variety that include chamois, synthetic, microfiber, waffle weave and much more. However, the majority of professional detailers will opt for the waffle weave and for good reason.

Best Drying Towel For Cars

Car Drying ToolSizeMaterial
THE RAG COMPANYMultipleWaffle-Weave
Chemical Guys25 x 36 InchesWoolly Mammoth
Meguiar's X200022 X 30 InchesWaffle-Weave
The Absorber27 x 17 InchesChamois
Viking Car Care28 x 36 InchesWaffle-Weave

Its important that you choose a quality drying towel for your car as this will avoid the dreaded streaks but also avoid the scratching that causes marring and swirl marks to your paintwork. Waffle weave and a plush towel will speed up the drying time and improve the safety of drying your car after its wash.

Rewind a few years back and the majority of people used to use a chamois to dry their cars. Although they do a great job of drying your car, they can be less forgiving as any dirt caught in chamois will be dragged across your paintwork.

Investing into a premium drying towel will improve the finish and reduce any damage caused to your bodywork. Below is a list of the best drying towels for cars that leave a streak free finish and avoid any scratching to your paintwork.

The Rag Company “Dry Me A River Jr” Waffle-Weave

The Rag Company is one of the most popular microfiber and drying towel brands in the US. This “Dry Me A River Jr” Waffle-Weave is a professional drying towel for cars with over 400,000 fibers per square inch. It is made from a 100% South Korean Super Plush “Hyosung” split microfiber and is one of the highest quality towels available.

It has been designed to withstand hundreds of drying sessions and it gets softer with each usage. This car drying towel will ensure your paintwork is completely dry without leaving any swirls or scratches.

The Rag Company drying towel is available in a range of sizes but for use with cars, the 20×40 inch towel is the most appropriate. It is also available in a variety of colors.

Overall, it is the best drying towel for cars and being a waffle weave, it is also the safest to use on your cars paintwork. If you have a large truck, SUV or even a RV, you can even choose the larger size for faster drying.

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Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth Dryer Towel

Chemical Guys offer a wooly mammoth microfiber drying towel that is thick and fairly large at 25 x 36 inches. It is a premium drying towel for cars and even has a silk banded edging, which is not just for luxury but to prevent scratching or swirls when drying your car.

Each of the fibers are precisely split with a spiral patterns for a soft and highly absorbent microfiber. You can machine wash this drying towel in the washing machine and even use a fabric softener to reduce the static properties.

It is a large drying towel for cars with just one size that is 36 x 25 inches and perfect for large vehicles. It is light gray, which will highlight any dirt that you clear from the paintwork and is a plush, ultra soft drying towel for those that enjoy their premium detailing products.

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Meguiar’s X2000 Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel

Meguiar’s is a detailing brand that needs no introduction and their microfiber drying towel for cars by far the most popular and offers excellent value for money. There is only one size and its large at 22 x 30 inch and it uses a waffle weave texture for capturing the water from the paintwork.

The X2000 Water Magnet is a super absorbent microfiber that Meguiar’s claim will absorbs up to twice as much water compared to many of the alternatives.

Overall, it is the best car drying towel for the money and has the reputation of Meguiar’s high quality look and feel. A variety of sizes would have made this drying towel better but 22 x 30 inches is perfect for car valeting.

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CleanTools Synthetic Drying Chamois

Many detailers prefer to use a chamois in order to dry their vehicles but you will have to pay a premium for a high quality example. This CleanTools synthetic chamois is available in 6 different colors and is 27 x 17 inches in size.

Unlike many of the other cheaper chamois, this one can be machine washed and is resistant to mold, mildew and other reactions. This particular model is nicknamed “The Absorber” and is by far the most popular chamois across the US.

Overall, it is the best chamois for drying cars and is available in Tan, Blue, Aqua, Purple, Neon Yellow and Red.

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Viking Car Care Waffle Weave Drying Towel

Many people will be looking for a cheap car drying towel and that is exactly what the Viking Car Care Waffle Weave is. It is 28 x 36 inch drying towel that is available in blue only and can absorb up to 3 times its weight in water.

The micro-bead action and the lint free feature ensures that no streaks, water spots or scratches are left when using this drying towel. It is also washable for when it becomes dirty over multiple uses.

Overall, it is a cheap drying towel that will easily dry your car without ruin your hard work by leaving water marks or streaks. If you are still using an old and dirty drying towel that is simply not doing the job, this would be the perfect cost effective solution.

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Car Drying Towel Buying Guide

Despite them having been in existence for many years, most car owners don’t use microfiber towels. A microfiber towel is a piece of clothing made from microfiber fabrics and mostly used in cleaning vehicles, be it a truck, an SUV, a car and any other mode of transportation.

Microfiber strands have a diameter of fewer than ten micrometers, making them even smaller than a single strand of silk. Subsequently, this results in this fabric material having unique features ideal for cleaning a car’s exterior and interior.

Some of these characteristics include incredible softness, durability, electrostatic property, excellent absorption and filtering capability. These properties make the microfiber towel best suited for cleaning and drying efficiently not only car surfaces but also most other surfaces.

The Composition of Microfiber Towel

In most cases, microfiber towels made of polyamide, polyester or a combination of these two together, with some manufacturers adding polypropylene to make the towels recyclable. Polyester in the fabric helps in strengthening and improving the fabric’s durability even after frequent washing, wrinkling, scratches, shrinkage and stretching.

Polyester has an exceptional feature of being able to dry hastily along with great insulation thus making them easy to wash and dry. Moreover, microfiber doesn’t allow the formation of dew. On the other hand, polyamides make the microfiber robust and able to resist damage caused by being in contact with oils and chemicals, thus when cleaning greasy parts of a car, a microfiber towel comes in handy.

Furthermore, the polyamide makes the towels elastic this makes them perfect when one wants to clean the crannies and nooks that are far. Finally, just like polyester, the polyamide is easy to wash, and dry plus is highly resistant to scratches.

microfiber drying towel

Various Types of Microfiber Towels

Whenever one is classifying microfiber towels, pile height is what one puts into consideration. Higher pile towels are more elegant and softer, just like most other items on the metric system. Moreover, shorter piles have a compact and robust feel consequently giving the fabric more rigidity.

Using these parameters below are the different types of microfiber towels and each towel’s specific use.

Short Pile Microfiber Towel

These towels are great for all-purpose cleaning especially for the non-sensitive surfaces which won’t be damaged by little swirl marks or scratches after ones done with cleaning. Most come in 80/20 blends at around 220-250 GSM and are best for cleaning car upholstery, dashboards, exhausts, plastic trims and any other part of the vehicle that doesn’t require a glossy-smooth finish.

Medium Pile Microfiber Towel

Under this category, microfiber towels come in three different variants; the standard medium, the medium-long pile and medium plush pile.

First is the standard medium, which is most useful for the application of car waxes as well as the removal of car polishes and waxes. Additionally, it is also helpful in surfaces that don’t need rinsing, thus why it is also used in the cleaning of the vehicle’s interior. With a blend of 75/25, they have a softer feel in comparison to the short pile towel.

Cleaning of very delicate surfaces such as transparent plastics, glass, chrome finished trims, and covers that easily get scratched necessitates the use of the medium plush pile. With a blend of 75/25, the medium plush pile is softer than the standard medium pile with a GSM rating of 600 and above, unlike that the standard medium whose GSM rating is around 360 GSM.

Finally, the medium-long has a GSM rating of about 400, thus right in between standard medium and the medium plush. Its cleaning purposes are similar to the standard medium since they have the same features. Nevertheless, it is more comfy and plusher, though not comparing to the levels of medium plush.

car drying towel

Long Pile

This particular microfiber towel comes with a remarkably long pile thus making it perfect for drying and buffing due to its excellent absorption capability. With a 70/30 blend and a GSM of about 600, it is the softest of all the microfiber towels and best when one wants to achieve the most exceptional shine on a vehicle.

Besides being classified according to the length of the pile, microfiber towels also are categorized according to the intended use of the cloth. The two most common microfiber towels under this group are;

Applicator Pile

It has a 350 GSM and a 70/30 blend. This towel is best to use in the application of car glaze, wax, sealant and dressing.

Waffle Weave Pile

This towel’s blend is 80/20 and a 350 GSM and is fantastic as a drying towel. All surfaces can be cleaned with this towel, but it is mostly used on mirrors and glass.

How to Best Maintain Microfiber Towels

First thing after purchasing a microfiber towel is washing it because there is a finish on the towels, thus washing it removes the finish. Additionally, the microfiber shouldn’t be washed along terry towels since the lint from those towels clings to the microfiber and is difficult to remove since it attracts everything. After continued use, microfiber towels start clumping together thus becoming less efficient while doing cleaning and drying. When this happens, the towels should be cleaned using ammonia to improve performance, with detergent use also ideal since the detergent holds onto the dirt falling off the clothes. If the soap weren’t present, the dust would stick back to the microfiber reducing its effectiveness during cleaning and drying.

Carefully Drying the Microfiber Towel

Properly drying the towels is vital before using them. Furthermore, drying of the polyester should be at low heat temperatures since the polyester in the microfiber towel isn’t able to handle high temperatures like most fabrics due to its low melting point. Most microfiber towels get ruined due to being dried at high temperatures and once destroyed; it cannot be reversed to its previous state. This one can only be able to tell by the towel’s performance, with it tending not to cling to the skin as it did before and also if water sits on it instead of soaking into it.

Use of the Color-coding System

Proper color-coding of microfiber towels ensures that the microfiber towel’s durability is significantly improved and this is by using one cloth for a particular purpose. Additionally, the towels should be kept in an orderly manner and washed separately. When using fabric for one specific role, one should factor in its weight, thickness and length since different towels have different capabilities thus yield different results.

Appropriate Maintenance and Innovation

Innovation is critical to ensure productivity remains at its optimum and increasing more towel colors is a great example. Through this straightforward idea, more color alternatives improve organization system ensuring mix-ups don’t happen either when cleaning the towels or which part of the vehicle to use the cloth on.


A high quality microfiber drying towel can last many years with proper maintenance and unlike the cheaper alternatives, they will not leave the car with streaks or scratches. Spending a hour or so washing your car just to ruin it with the drying process is not effective use of your time.

Investing into one of the recommendations within this article will not only improve the finish but also speed up the time you spend drying your car.

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