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The Best LED Light Bar 2018

Investing into a LED light bar for your truck, SUV or ATV is an excellent way of improving your forward vision. They are designed provide bright light that cuts through bad weather conditions and illuminate far into the distance.

The best LED light bar is the Rigid Industries E-Series, which is built to the highest of standards and available in lengths ranging from 10 to 50 inches.

As most light bars are designed to be used off road, you will want to pay particular attention to the build quality. Aluminum housing, polycarbonate lenses and high waterproof ratings are a must if you intend to use them off road.

Best LED Light Bars

LED Light BarLengthsLumens
Rigid Industries E-Series6 to 50 Inches13,800
OFFROADTOWN Quad Row12 to 50 Inches48,000
Baja Designs S810 to 50 Inches12,000
Xprite Ultra Thin8 to 50 Inches15,000
Nilight 162W25 Inches12,500

The majority of LED light bars range from 5 to 50 inches, which is more than suitable for the majority of vehicles. Some off road enthusiasts even install multiple light bars for even further illumination. You can even add a LED tailgate light bar in order to light up the rear of your vehicle too.

Brightness may play a big part within your buying decision but as long as it is over 10,000 Lumens, it will be more than bright enough for most people.

Installing a light bar is fairly straightforward but having the correct mounting hardware and wiring harness does help. Below is a list of the best LED light bars that are available in a range of lengths, brightness and suitable for various budgets.

Rigid Industries 130312 E-Series Light Bar

Rigid Industries are known for their LED light bars with a whole range of lights available. They do come with a premium price tag but the superior build quality and great performance outweigh the price tag. The E-Series model in particular is one of their most rated and available in sizes ranging from 6 to 50 inches.

Features of the Rigid Industries 130312 E-Series Light Bar include:

  • Lumens rated at 13,800
  • Beam distance of 1,266 meters
  • 165 wattage with an amperage draw of 11.96
  • Uses their patented hybrid optics system
  • Extruded aluminum housing
  • Sealed polycarbonate lens
  • Over-sized heat sinks to keep temperature down

Rigid Industries patented hybrid optics combines both the lens and reflector to gain maximum light output from the LED. The result is light that is emitted over a longer distance using a concentrated beam.

Quality is at its finest with this Rigid Industries LED light bar and you will struggle to find an alternative that meet its build quality. Of course there are cheaper available but the E-Series is the best LED light bar you can buy and is available in a range of different lengths to suit your vehicle.

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For those not looking to spend large quantities of money but still require high build quality and bright light, the OFFROADTOWN alternative is perfect. It is the brightest LED light bar with an impressive 48,000 Lumens at 480 watts, which is thanks to the four rows of LEDs integrated into this light bar.

Other features of the OFFROADTOWN Quad Row LED Light Bar include:

  • 48,000 Lumens at 480 watts
  • Integrated thermal management to reduce heat
  • IP68 waterproof rating with moisture breather technology
  • Life span of over 50,000 hours
  • 6,000K cool white temperature color
  • Includes a 3 meter long wiring harness

OFFROADTOWN have teamed up with the Philips brand that are known for their headlight bulbs in order to create their LED chips. The inclusion of these chips means this LED light bar is able to increase an additional 2 row LEDs together.

Overall, if you are looking for the brightest LED light bar, the OFFROADTOWN is the best option. It is available in sizes ranging from 12 to 50 inches and even comes with a 3 year warranty for peace of mind.

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Baja Designs S8 LED Light Bar

Baja Designs are another premium brand when it comes to LED light bars. Their S8 model in particular is designed to compete with the Rigid Industries alternative above with excellent build quality and performance.

Features of the Baja Designs S8 LED Light Bar include:

  • Lumens rated at 12,000
  • 5,000K temperature color
  • Replaceable lenses and optics
  • Waterproof and submersible (IP 69K)
  • Exceed Mil-Spec testing
  • Low amp draw at 9.99 amps
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Aluminum frame

The Baja Designs S8 is also a great alternatives to off roading lights because they are design to withstand a lot of punishment. This can be seen by the IK10 rating that tests against mechanical impact and of course the IP67K waterproof rating. It has a moisture block that allows it survive from 9 feet of water and being sprayed by a pressure washer.

Apart from the premium price tag, the Baja Design LED light bar is certainly one of the best available. It is also available in a range of sizes that range from 10 to 50 inches but the price does increase with the larger lengths.

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Xprite Ultra Thin Light Bar

Some light bars can be fairly bulky and once installed to your truck or ATV, that can look fairly odd and block air flow. However, Xprite offer a thin light bar that is only 1.22 inches in height and available in lengths ranging from 8 to 50 inches.

Features of the Xprite Ultra Thin LED Light Bar include:

  • 15,000 Lumens
  • 6,000K hyper white color
  • Amber glow as a backlight
  • Optical 4D lens design
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Aluminum alloy body and sealed housing
  • Includes 115 inches of wiring and quick connect plugs
  • Steel mounting hardware with adjustable angles

The slim design and ambient backlight are two impressive features that are not found with any alternatives. The Xprite LED light bar is a great all-rounder and comes with all the hardware needed to successfully mount it to your vehicle.

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Nilight 162W Led Light Bar

For those looking for an affordable LED light bar, the Nilight is a great option. It is only available as a 25 inch light bar but this is more than ideal for most people requiring a cheaper alternative than others mentioned within this article.

Features of the Nilight LED Light Bar include:

  • 12,500 Lumens
  • Die-cast aluminum housing
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • 54 x 3W high intensity LED
  • Estimated life span of over 30,000 hours
  • 6,000 to 6,500K temperature color
  • Adjustable mounting bracket

Overall, it is a cheap LED light bar that actually performs and is built to a high standard. Many cheap alternatives are known for using poor quality materials that cannot withstand rough conditions and simply break. For peace of mind, Nilight provide a 2 year warranty with their light bar.

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LED Light Bar Buying Guide

Lighting up the road ahead of you for clearer vision can be very beneficial for both on and off the road. It allows you to spot hazards far easier and improves the appearance of your vehicle in the dark too. Many people are even using the lights within a domestic setting such as LED garage lights due to their low cost.

You may notice that the cost of LED light bars do vary massively between certain brands. This is primarily due to the build quality and types of materials used within the housing, lens and mounting hardware. You do pay a premium but they are going to last far longer than cheap alternatives.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below buying guide regarding LED light bars.

LED Light Bar For Trucks

Housing of the Light Bar

One of the most important aspects of any LED light bar is the housing. Not only is it used for protection but it also need to handle heat dissipation. Brand that manufacturer their light bars to use cheaper materials such as plastic housing will suffer from a far low life span.

Aluminum housing is found on most premium examples and provides a much better look and feel to the light bar. It is also the best material for managing heat emission from the LED lights.

Waterproof Rating and Moisture Resistance

As the light bar will remain outside of the car, it will need to be resistant to water damage. The minimum waterproof rating you should expect is IP67 but ideally you will want higher than that. Most premium examples such as the Rigid Industries and Baja Design have a rating of IP69K. This means it is able to be immersed in water and withstand being sprayed by a pressure washer.

To ensure that the light emitted from the light bar is not disrupted, its important that they are sealed correctly. Most premium examples will include a moisture block or patented technology to help avoid this common problem.

Mounting Location

The two most common areas to mount a LED light bar are above the windshield, roof cross bars or on the top of the front bumper. Depending upon its usage, you may want to mount it above the windshield as it is less likely to become damaged. Low down location are prone to damage from debris or off roading hazards.

Of course, there is nothing stopping you installing two light bars with one being above the windshield and the other on the bumper. However, depending upon your vehicle, you may want to install aftermarket fog lights instead for low down lighting.

light bar for trucks

Brightness of the LED

When it comes to the brightness of the LED light bar, we recommend looking for 10,000 Lumens and above. This is more than enough light to improve your forward vision but of course, there are many much brighter lights available.

Rigid Industries claim that their light bar with 13,000 Lumens is able to project light to a distance of 1,266 meters. Therefore, this should provide you with clear indication of whether the brightness is suitable for  your requirements.

Many people make the mistake of purchasing a LED light bar just because it has the most amount of brightness. This is a benefit but you will want to look at the light bar as a whole, which include checking the build quality, life span and other specifications.

LED Temperature Color

White light is the most desirable color when it comes to a LED light bar but there are other options. You may opt for a yellow light between 4,000 and 5,500K or the opposite end of the scale (7,000 to 9,000K), which is more of a blue or purple color.

The most popular temperature color is between 6,000 and 6,500K, which produced a cool white color. If you have installed LED headlight bulbs, we highly recommend attempting to match the temperature color.

Length and Height

The most popular length for light bars that are mounted above the windshield is 50 inches. For those installing them on the bumper, the 20 to 30 inch alternatives are the most popular. Of course, every vehicle differs and its critical that you take measurements before purchasing.

Heights really do differ with some brands providing a thicker light bar for additional light and other providing an ultra slim alternative. Depending upon the amount of light you require and the appearance you desire will rely on your own preferences. It is worth noting that some light bars that are too thick may increase wind noise.

Truck Light Bar

Hardware and Connectors

In order to ensure that installation goes smoothly, you will want to ensure all the mounting hardware and wires are included. Depending upon the type of vehicle, you may have to extend the length of the wiring to reach other connectors.

With most premium light bars, you will receive high quality hardware that are designed to last and won’t corrode overtime. However, you can always choose an aftermarket mounting kit that included adjustable mounts to suit your vehicle.


When it comes to light bars, you really do get what you pay for. Sticking to the best LED light bar brands will ensure that you are not left disappointed. We are big fans of the Rigid Industries and Baja Designs light bars and they have far more to offer than what you see within this article.

All of our recommendations cover a broad range of budgets and are available in sizes from 6 to 50 inches. They are a great upgrade for trucks and SUVs that make a huge difference when driving at night and make a huge improvements whilst off roading too.

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