garage accessories

The garage can be either a car storage location or a workshop space and there is a wide variety of accessories available to improve your garage. From bright LED garage lights to the state of the art garage door.

As you can imagine, the list of accessories that you can add to your garage is endless but below are some of our top picks.

Jacks, Ramps and Lifts

When it comes to servicing your car, having the vehicle lifted in the air can make maintenance far easier. No one enjoys lying on the floor but if its lifted in the air with a pair of jack stands or using a floor jack, you are able to comfortable get underneath.

For those that do not like the idea of jacking their vehicle up in the air, there is an alternative, which comes in the form a car ramp. Simply drive onto it, park it up and then use some chocks to hold the car in place.


Whilst your vehicle is in the air, moving in and out can be fairly exhausting but using a mechanics creeper makes it far easier. Of course, not all the work will require you to be on the floor as it there may be a task on the top of the engine. If that is the case, using a topside creeper is the best option as it allows you to position yourself over the engine compartment.

However, better than all of the above is having your very own car lift for your home garage. They come in a range of different forms from two post, four post, scissor and many others. However, a car lift is a far great financial investment and not everyone will have the space to install one.

Storing Your Tools

If you have your very own garage, you will more than likely have a large amount of mechanics tools. For efficiently working on cars, you will need some sort of organization because you will spend hours searching for the correct socket.

The best way to store your tools is with a garage tool chest and they come in a whole range of styles and sizes. However, they can be fairly expensive and not everyone will have a large amount of tools.

Alternatively, you can opt for some garage shelving that cost very little in comparison to a tool chest. However, if you are limited in terms of floor space, you may opt for overhead garage storage that hangs from the ceiling.

Garage Flooring

As mentioned earlier, replacing your garage lights with the latest LED’s is just one way of improving your garage. However, you can go a step further than the lighting and improve the flooring with some of the garage floor paint that can be applied with ease and dries quickly. The floor of your garage suffers from leaks from the car, impact damage and more. Therefore, a simple paint job can make a huge difference and even more so with LED lights pointing at it.

However, paint is not always the best option because the floor may already be damaged or not suitable for paint. Therefore you may want to opt for a solution that provide protection, hides existing damage and provides added traction on your feet.

This can be achieved either by using garage floor mats, which simply roll out onto the floor. However, you may want to be creative and add patterns to your flooring or create specific shapes, which can be achieved with interlocking garage floor tiles. These come in a range of different designs, colors and types and are simple to install with tabs on each side of the tile.

The Door

The most prominent part of any garage is of course the door and that too can be improved. The opening of the garage door is one area that can be improved and installing the best garage door opener can make a huge improvement. Many older systems can be fairly noisy and slow but you can use a garage door lubricant to help fix this issue.

During the winter, garage doors can cause an issue by letting a coldness pass through, which is not ideal. You can use a number of garage heaters to warm the garage but you should improve the efficiency of the garage beforehand. There are many different types of garage door insulation kits available that help combat this problem. These insulation kits also help during the hot summer months by ensuring the excessive heat does not pass through into the garage, which can be highly uncomfortable.


Many people have different uses of a garage that include simply storing their cars to using it as a workshop. Upgrading your garage with the latest accessories is one way to improve the garage and your efficiency when working on your car.