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The Best Car Audio Battery 2021

Car Audio Battery

High performance car audio systems will require additional power that most OEM batteries will not be able to provide. Installing a second car audio battery will allow you to power the system without relying on the alternator or having the engine running.

The best car audio battery is the XS Power D3400 XS Series, which is rated at 1,000 CCA with a 65 Ah rating for optimum performance for your audio system.

You can have the best car battery in the world but if there is too much current draw from the audio system, you may run into trouble. Installing a high output alternator may be the solution but the engine must be running in order to power the audio.

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Car Audio Battery Comparison

Car Audio BatteryAmperage HourCCA
XS Power D3400 XS Series651,000
Stinger SPP680 SPP Series20680
Kinetik HC600 Black18600
Optima Batteries YellowTop55750
Soundquest SQB200033525

The purpose of installing a second car audio battery is to add more reserve capacity. These are usually installed near the system and close to your car amplifier, which will require the most amount of power to work at its best.

Most car audio batteries are an AGM type, which means they can be mounted in any position and are resistant to vibration. Considering that they are installed in the trunk and next to vibrating audio systems, these are two important requirements.

Below is a list of the best batteries for car audio systems with large reserves capacities to handle the extra power requirements.

The Best Car Audio Battery

1. XS Power D3400 XS Series Battery

XS Power are highly reputable for their car audio batteries and they are designed for enthusiasts that want the best performance. It is an AGM high output battery that can be used for a range of applications but most people use it as a battery for car audio systems.

Features of the XS Power D3400 XS Series includes:

  • CCA of 1,000
  • Ah rating of 65
  • Ultra low internal resistance
  • Spill proof, sealed and vibration resistant
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • Includes M6 terminal bolt

This XS Power D3400 is a premium car audio battery and the price may put off many people. However, the versatility and performance make it a worthwhile investment that will not disappoint. Overall, it is the best battery for car audio systems you can buy and will provide an excellent source of power for all your other devices too.

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2. Stinger SPP680 Car Audio Battery

Stinger have been producing batteries for many years and the SPP680 is one of their best models. It is a sealed absorbed glass mat design that is ideal for using to powering high performance car audio systems.

Features of the Stinger SPP680 Car Audio Battery include:

  • 400 full discharge cycles
  • Rated at 20 Ah
  • 680 CCA
  • Includes removable brass battery posts
  • 100% sealed and maintenance free

The Stinger SPP680 will store the energy within the battery, which means that you do not need an audio capacitor for your system. Overall, it is a great all-rounder as a car audio battery but it does come with an expensive price tag.

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3. Kinetik HC600 Battery For Audio Systems

For those looking for an affordable option, the Kinetik HC600 is a great option. It is an AGM battery that is 100% sealed and maintenance free, which is specifically designed to be used as an additional battery for high-performance audio systems.

Other features of the Kinetik HC600 Battery includes:

  • Resist vibration and high extreme heat
  • Requires no capacitors
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • 600 CCA
  • Rated at 18 Ah
  • Weighs 11.9 LBS

Overall, the Kinetik HC600 is a cheap car audio battery that will work perfectly for a 600 watt audio system. It can also be used as a replacement battery but most audio enthusiasts will use it for providing the extra power required.

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4. Optima Batteries YellowTop Battery

If you want a battery that can used for both starting your car and powering your audio system, the Yellow Top battery by Optima is the answer. It provide a deep cycle that is suitable for 300 discharge cycles and plenty of cranking power.

Features of the Optima Batteries YellowTop Battery includes:

  • Rated at 55 Ah
  • 750 CCA and C20 capacity
  • Reserve capacity of 120 minutes
  • Spill poof and mountable in any position
  • Resistant to vibration
  • Weighs 43.5 LBS

Whether you require a replacement battery that is dual purpose or simply want a larger battery to cope with the large power demands, then the Yellow Top is ideal. It is on the bulky size but if you have the space, this is the perfect car audio battery.

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5. Soundquest SQB2000 Power Battery

The Soundquest battery is designed specifically for providing power for high performance car audio systems. As with all the other car audio batteries, this one is also an AGM type, which means it is completely maintenance free.

Features of the Soundquest SQB2000 Power Battery includes:

  • 300 full discharge cycles
  • Includes removable brass battery posts
  • 33 Ah reserve power
  • Maximum wattage of 2,000 watts
  • 525 CCA

Overall, the Soundquest SQB2000 is a high performing car audio battery that offers excellent value for money. Soundquest also provide a wide variety of power options for those that require additional power for their audio setup.

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Car Audio Battery Buying Guide

Running high performance car audio will require further power that a single OEM battery will not be able to deliver. Many people install a higher output alternator but this would only work when the engine is running. This may not be the solution for many as some audio enthusiasts may want to run their high performance audio systems whilst the engine is off.

You could install a deep cycle RV battery that is designed to withstand multiple car audio device drawing power without the need of a power supply from a running engine. However, there are many brands that have dedicated car audio batteries for this exact purpose. To help you make an informed buying decision regarding car audio batteries, we have produced the below buying guide.

Battery For Car Audio System

Why Are Car Audio Batteries Required?

Many enthusiasts will improve their audio by adding additional components such as car subwoofers, amplifiers and so much more. However, with all these additions comes extra electrical loads, which are far higher than average.

To help power the additional electrical requirements, most people will install a second car audio battery as shown in the pictures above. This will allow you to not only preserve the main battery for starting the vehicle but also allow you to run the high performance system without the engine running.

If you have been suffering from dimming of lights or other electrical issues, you could install a higher output alternator. However, this may be far more expensive and still would not allow you to use the audio whilst not having the engine running.

Dedicated Audio Battery or Dual Purpose

There are many batteries that are able to be used as both a starting battery and audio battery. An example of this is the Optima YellowTop mentioned above, which comes with plenty of power but it all depends on the size of your audio system. You can install hundreds of speakers for cars but the power draw will increase with each one, which will cause a range of electrical issues.

If you are noticing lights flickering or dimming, we would highly recommend investing into a car audio battery. A dedicated battery will further increase the performance of your audio system and is a great investment.


Installing a car audio battery will provide additional power to help with the additional electrical loads. Not only do they help with additional speakers for your car but they will also help with electrical load with headrest DVD players and other electronics.

All of our recommendations cover a wide range of different power outputs and budgets, which will help with the additional electrical draw.

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