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The Best Trailer Hitch Lock 2019

When it comes to trailer security, there are so many people that do not use a trailer hitch lock. This basically means anyone can walk over to your trailer and hitch it onto the back of their vehicle and make their getaway with your expensive asset. To prevent this type of theft, you should invest into a secure lock.

The best trailer hitch lock is the Proven Industries 2516, which is completely bolt cutter proof with an all steel construction that covers the hitch.

In terms of compatibility, you can purchase a trailer hitch in a variety of different sizes or shapes. Therefore, its crucial that you purchase the correct trailer hitch lock size as many brands offer various different sizes to suit different couplers.

Best Trailer Hitch Lock

Coupler LockConstructionWeight
Proven IndustriesAll Steel10.1 LBS
Tow Ready Gorilla GuardRubber & Steel2.2 LBS
AMPLOCK U-BRP2516All Steel12.0 LBS
Master Lock 377KAAll Steel2.2 LBS
REESE TowpowerAluminum & Steel1.0 LBS

There is a trailer lock suited for each budget with many cheap and premium options available. As you can imagine, the majority of cheap trailer locks are going to be easy to break and simply act as a deterrent. Therefore, depending upon how expensive your trailer load is should reflect upon your buying decision.

Considering that the price of common trailer loads such as RVs, jet-skis, car transporters and other assets cost thousands, its worth spending the extra.

For those that have expensive loads on their trailer, a secure trailer lock should be an essential component. Below is a list of the best trailer locks that will fit a range of hitches and protect your trailer from potentially being stolen.

Proven Industries Trailer Lock

If you after the ultimate protection for your trailer and there is no budget as such, Proven Industries have the answer with the 2516 model. It is made in the USA, bolt cutter proof and is the best trailer lock you can buy.

Other features of the 2516 model by Proven Industries include:

  • 1/4 inch thick all steel construction
  • Various sizes available
  • Easy installation
  • Additionally secures safety chains
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime warranty on the outer casing

There is no denying that this trailer hitch lock is not expensive because it is. However, you can rest assure that this will protect your trailer from being unhitched by a thief as its the ultimate protection against theft. Overall, it is the best trailer hitch lock that you can buy and will fit most 2 5/16 inch couplers.

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Tow Ready Gorilla Guard Trailer Coupler Lock

Tow Ready’s Gorilla Guard is a different design when compared to others as it sits more to the front of the hitch as opposed to a clamp over the top style. The lock itself is heavy duty and can withstand a thief hitting it with a hammer all day.

Features of the Tow Ready Trailer Coupler Lock include:

  • Fits most 2 inch couplers
  • Wide design to withstand heavy impact attack
  • Effective at prevent tampering devices gaining access
  • Simply slides onto the coupler
  • Includes two keys
  • One year limited warranty

Overall, it is an excellent all-rounder trailer coupler lock that offers great value for money and effectively stops a range of attacks. The only main drawback is the fact that it lacks compatibility with other coupler sizes.

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AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 Coupler Lock

For those that have expensive loads and need a top of the range trailer lock, then the AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 is the best option. As with the Proven Industries hitch lock, this is an expensive option but considering the prices of most RV’s along with your personal belongings inside, it is a worthwhile investment.

Features of the AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 include:

  • Molded to fit the specific shape of your coupler
  • Fits 2 5/16 inches couplers
  • Cylinder lock mechanism makes it harder for criminals
  • Swivel design
  • Rotating face prevents drilling
  • Heavy duty and weighs 12 LBS
  • Excellent rust resistance
  • Unpickable lock
  • Option to have multiple keys

Installing this trailer hitch lock is as simple as pushing it on and locking the cylinder. Unlike many of the cheap alternatives, AMPLOCK state that there are millions of key combinations available with each customer receiving a unique code.

Overall, it is a high quality trailer lock that will provide you with peace of mind that your trailer is secure. It does come at a cost but if your trailer and the cargo on it are worth thousands, it is a worthwhile investment.

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Master Lock 377KA Trailer Hitch Lock

The Master Lock 377KA is a chrome plated coupler lock that comes with two keys. It is available in two different sizes ranging from 1-7/8-inch (51 mm) to 2-5/16 inch (59 mm). Other features of the Master Lock 377KA include:

  • Galvanized construction
  • Curvy design makes it hard to hit with a hammer
  • Advanced locking mechanism
  • Includes two keys
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Installation is very straightforward and will fit a range of trailer hitches without any issues. The lock itself is a shackle, meaning picking the lock is much harder compared to cheaper models. Overall, its a great all round trailer hitch lock in terms of security and is very popular across the US.

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Reese Towpower 72783 Universal Trailer Lock

The Reese Towpower tow hitch lock is a more affordable option for those that are looking for trailer security. It is a bright yellow design, which acts as a highly visible deterrent for those looking for a quick theft.

Features of the Reese Towpower include:

  • Compatible with 1-7/8 inch, 2 inch and 2-5/16 inch couplers
  • Adjustable loop makes installation easy
  • High quality steel lock bar
  • Aluminum body
  • Ratchet design with 11 locking positions

The design of this tow hitch lock is fairly simple and very easy to install with the adjustable loop. The way to release the locking clamp is by simply turning to key clockwise, holding it in that position and then pulling the clamp upwards.

Overall, it is a cheap trailer hitch lock but due to the budget price, it is does mean durability can suffer. As mentioned in the below buying guide, it is possible to hammer the aluminum body to pieces with a hammer. This is a cause for concern but if you have a cheap trailer with a budget lock such as the Reese Towpower, it will act as an excellent deterrent.

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Trailer Hitch Lock Buying Guide

When it comes to protecting your trailer, its important that you invest wisely into a trailer hitch lock. The trailer and the cargo on the trailer can cost thousands of dollars and without protection, it can all be stolen in a matter of minutes.

90% of the time, a cheap trailer lock will act as a deterrent and put those criminals off. This is because they will be looking for an easy target. However, if your trailer load is expensive but is using a weak lock, then it may be worth the criminals time and effort hammering it off. Therefore, within our recommendations we have mentioned premium alternatives that are virtually impossible to take off without the key.

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How Easy Is It To Steal A Trailer?

The ease of which you give the thieves is up to you. For example, if you leave your towable possession (lets say a boat on the trailer) on your driveway, with nothing attached to it and its pointing towards the road, you are asking for trouble.

If you are towing with your vehicle and you stop for a period of time, a criminal may pounce when you are not looking. If you have not installed a trailer hitch lock, they can simply pull up, disconnect it from your vehicle and put it on theirs.

Even those with a hitch for a fifth wheel trailer, a determined criminal will be able to get past the jaw mechanism and take your trailer with them. The same can be said with a more complicated hitch such as a hitch using a weight distribution system.

Build Quality

As you can imagine, the first thing a criminal will try is to use brute force to remove your lock. For example, constantly hitting the trailer lock with a hammer until it falls apart. If the body is made from an aluminum or zinc material, this may eventually fall apart through the heavy impacts. Look out for hardened steel throughout the construction (such as the Proven Industries lock), which will be able to withstand heavy impact damage all day long.

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Key Combinations

When it comes to the popularity and low cost examples, the uniqueness of the keys can become an issue. For example, a criminal may have a selection of keys available to them and it is a matter of trail or error that may result in a match.

Brands that mention that they have thousands or millions of key combinations are highly recommended. Ensure you keep the packaging or note down the unique code of your key because you may be in trouble if you ever lose the key.

Flaws with Cheap Locks

With a trailer hitch lock, you really do get what you pay for. The cheaper alternatives will always be easier to unlock than the more expensive coupler locks. One of the most popular locks in the US (Reese Towpower) has been known to break easily if you hit the aluminum body with a hammer a few times. However, it gets worse as you can watch this video, it demonstrates the effectiveness of the Proven Industries compared to cheap alternatives.

With that being said, it still acts as an excellent deterrent to those looking for a trailer that is quick and easy to steal. It remains within our recommendations primarily for that reason alone and it does hold some security values for your trailer whilst also being cheap.

Hitch Size

Not all trailer hitch locks are universal and some will only fit common hitch sizes. The most common is either 2 or 2 5/16 inch couplers but its crucial that you check the size of your hitch before purchasing.

On top of the hitch size, be sure to check that the design of the lock you choose will not get in the way. You will want it to be securely locked in position without having to be adjusted to avoid other objects.

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Additional Methods To Prevent Theft

Making the thieves job harder in the first place will results in them avoiding your trailer. Preventive methods to avoid trailer theft include:

  • Parking in open areas if in public area
  • Invest into a good trailer wheel lock
  • Park near large objects if remote to make it harder
  • Paint or leave distinctive marking on trailer
  • Invest in tow hitch locks
  • Install a GPS tracking device

Above are just 6 ways to prevent the theft of your trailer. Some owners may also extend their aftermarket car alarm to also protect the trailer.

However, the main steps listed will almost certainly make a thief think twice before attempting to steal your trailer.

Of course, if a thief has lots of time to steal something, they will be able to remove anything. Some tow hitches have a design flaw where they get a long pinch bar between the lock coupler and tow ball and then use lots of force. However, this will make a lot of noise and take time, which you should be able to hear/see.


Using a coupler lock to secure your trailer with potentially an expensive load on is a worthwhile exercise. The coupler lock that you choose is dependent upon your budget but even with the cheapest coupler lock, it is a deterrent to put anyone off stealing your trailer. Most criminals will just want to hitch it up and make their getaway.

All of our recommendations will secure your trailer and put off any criminal. If the load on your trailer is expensive, this should reflect the price of hitch lock you purchase.

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