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The Best Trailer Hitch Lock 2018

It is quite frightening the amount of people that do not lock their trailers with a high quality tow hitch lock. Considering that you may have a jet ski, caravan, car transporter or other valuable items that are being towed, a hitch lock should be essential.

The best trailer hitch lock is the Reese Towpower 72783, which is constructed of an aluminum and heavy duty steel lock bar for secure protection.

The most common areas for thieves to steal trailers is in rest areas such as service stations and it can take them less than 2 minutes. All it requires is to simply disconnect the trailer from your vehicle and hook it onto their vehicle.

Best Trailer Coupler Lock

Coupler LockSize (Inch)Our Rating
Reese Towpower 727831-7/8, 2 and 2-5/164.9
Tow Ready 6322824.8
Master Lock 377KA1-7/8 and 2-5/164.6
Proven Industries 25162 5/16 and more4.9
CURT 230791 7/8 and 24.5

The above trailer hitch locks are very high quality and great value for money. However, if you were to purchase the cheapest, you will find that they can be cracked fairly easily with some cutters. This defeats the object of why you are buying a tow hitch lock in the first place.

Buy cheap, buy twice is a statement to reflect cheap versions. If you want the best tow hitch locks, you may have to part with a bit more cash but in the long run, its going to save you thousands in case you are targeted.

Trailer locks that connect to a trailer hitch ball come in a range of shapes and prices. Below are the best trailer hitch locks for the money that provide excellent security for your towed belonging.

Reese Towpower 72783 Universal Trailer Lock

The Reese Towpower tow hitch lock is available in three different colors and serves as a durable and heavy duty lock. It is a universal fit for the majority of hitches and is fully adjustable. The width is 4 inches and coupler head is 3.25 inches.

As far as tow hitch locks go, the Reese Towpower unit is fairly good looking. It is made from high quality steel and will not corrode in poor environments. It will fit hitches from 1-7/8 inch, 2 inch and 2-5/16 inch coupler.

The design of this tow hitch lock is fairly simple and very easy to install with the adjustable loop. The way to release the locking clamp is by simply turning to key clockwise and hold it in that position and pull the clamp upwards.

Overall, due to the simplicity, ease of installation and the price, it is one of the best tow hitch locks for the money. Anyone from beginners to experienced trailer users can use this lock with peace of mind its secure.

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Tow Ready Gorilla Guard Trailer Coupler Lock

Tow Ready’s Gorilla Guard is a different design as it sits more on the front of the hitch as opposed to a clamp over the top. The lock itself is very heavy duty and can with stand a thieve hitting it with a hammer all day.

It will fit to 2 inch couplers and comes with a limited one year warranty or extra peace of mind. The wide design gives an excellent strong structure to avoid the strongest of attacks.

You simply slide the lock onto the coupler, turn the key and its completely secure. That is all there is to it and its make for one of the best coupler trailer locks with this design.

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Master Lock 377KA Trailer Trailer Hitch Lock

The Master Lock 377KA is a chrome finished coupler lock that comes with two keys. You can get this tow hitch coupler lock in two sizes ranging from 1-7/8-inch (51 mm) to 2-5/16 inch (59 mm).

The chromed finish looks excellent and mated to a galvanised silver trailer will really look the part. The curvy design means thieves will find it hard to hit the hammer in the same place each time to try and pry it off the hitch.

Installation is very easy and will fit a range of trailer couplers without any issues. The lock itself is a shackle, meaning picking the lock is much harder compared to cheaper models. Overall, its a good all rounder in terms of security and is very popular across the US.

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Proven Industries 2516 Trailer Lock

If you after the ultimate protection for your trailer and there is no budget as such, Proven Industries have the answer with the 2516 model. Made in the USA, it is bolt cutter proof and is the best trailer lock you can buy.

The material used for this tow hitch lock is high quality steel (1/4 inch thick) with a thick amour plating. The manufacturers also offer a lifetime warranty on the outer case, which makes paying the premium not too bad.

Proven Industries tailor each lock to certain aspects and offer a range of coupler locks for each. The most popular fit is the 2 5/16 inch coupler that offers the best protection for your trailer.

Yes this tow hitch lock is expensive but it is unbeatable in terms of security of your trailer. If you own a premium trailer and load expensive objects onto it, this lock is the best buy. Its is the best coupler lock on the market without a doubt but many people prefer the affordability of the alternative locks.

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CURT 23079 Trailer Coupler Lock

Another completely different design is the CURT 23079 trailer coupler lock that fits 1 7/8 inch and 2 inch flat and rolled lip couplers. Its made from strong aluminium and finished in a protective grey powder coating to prevent corrosion.

The sleek design is different and doesn’t draw too much attention but still provides high security. Its a great alternative to those looking for an alternative design.

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How Easy Is It To Steal A Trailer?

The ease of which you give the thieves is up to you. For example, if you leave your towable possession (lets say a boat on the trailer) on your driveway, with nothing attached to it i.e. a wheel clamp and its pointing towards the road, you are asking for trouble.

If the boat is to be stored on the driveway for a long period of time, you will want to use a secure wheel lock clamp. This will still not stop the thieves, you will also need to ensure the boat is secure on the trailer in case they remove it that way.

If you are towing with your vehicle and you stop for a period of time, a thieve may pounce when you are not looking. If you have not installed a tow hitch lock, they can simply pull up, disconnect it from your vehicle and put it on theirs.

Scary stuff and there are hundreds of stories of a theft of this sort happening worldwide. We strongly recommend investing in trailer security to protect your belongings and heartache that comes with theft.

Even those with a hitch for a fifth wheel trailer, a determined criminal will be able to get past the jaw mechanism and take your trailer with them. The same can be said with a more complicated hitch such as a hitch using a weight distribution system.

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How To Prevent Trailer Theft

Making the thieves job harder in the first place will results in them avoiding your trailer. Preventive methods to avoid trailer theft include:

  • Parking in open areas if in public area
  • Park near large objects if remote to make it harder
  • Paint or leave distinctive marking on trailer
  • Invest in tow hitch locks
  • Invest into a good wheel clamp
  • Install tracking device

Above are just 6 ways to prevent the theft of your trailer. Some owners may also extend their aftermarket car alarm to also protect the trailer.

However, the main steps listed will almost certainly make a thief think twice before attempting to steal your trailer.

Of course, if a thief has lots of time to steal something, they will be able to remove anything. Some tow hitches have a design flaw where they get a long pinch bar between the lock coupler and tow ball and then use lots of force. However, this will make a lot of noise and take time, which you should be able to hear/see.

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Using a coupler lock to secure your trailer with potentially an expensive load on is a worthwhile exercise. The coupler lock that you choose is dependent upon your budget but even with the cheapest coupler lock, it is a deterrent to put anyone off stealing your trailer. Most criminals will just want to hitch it up and make their getaway.

All of our recommendations will secure your trailer and put off any criminal. If the load on your trailer is expensive, this should reflect the price of hitch lock you purchase.

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