accessories for cars

Accessories come in a range of different types and can improve your driving experience. From driving shoes for long distances to racing helmets that are required for those that take their vehicles on the race track or drifting circuit.

Some people will simply be looking for gifts for car lovers and want the best possible present. However, if you are a mechanic, you may want specific tools or equipment to help out in the garage. Choosing gifts for mechanics can be difficult as many prefer specific brands or tools that follow a certain specification.

However, not all accessories can be deemed as gifts. A great example of such an accessory is a portable breathalyzer, which will ensure that you are safe to drive your vehicle and well under the limit.

Clothing For Driving

Drivers that are planning a long journey in their car or simply want to “look the part” when driving will want the best in terms of clothing. This include leather driving gloves, driving shoes and more.

Whether you want to improve your driving performance in terms of grip and reducing fatigue or simply want comfort, there is a range of clothing available.

Owning a pair of driving sunglasses are another popular accessory and are designed primarily for driving. These sunglasses will have specific lenses and be lightweight in order to be comfortable whilst driving. Not only are they comfortable but they also increase safety on the road as you will be able to see objects more clearly without being blinded by the sun or oncoming lights.

There are even night driving glasses that you can wear to reduce glare and enhance objects on the road to improve visibility. They are not an novelty item and are particularly beneficial for older drivers that require additional help with visibility in low light conditions.

If you store the sunglasses within the car, you may want to invest into a car sunglass holder to keep them safe and in a reachable location.

Driving Sunglasses

Simple Accessories To Install

When it comes to simple modifications that can make a big difference to your cars aesthetics, there are very few products available. However, purchasing a custom license plate frame is an excellent option that is affordable and easy to install.

If you are looking to improve your comfort, you can invest into a range of automotive products. One of the most popular is a car seat cushion for long drives, which helps support your body and maximizes comfort whilst driving.

One of the easiest accessories to install to your car, which is probably the most common is of course the car air freshener. They come in a variety of different types and smells to suit your preference.

Roadside Safety

In the unfortunate event of your vehicle breaking down, you will want to keep yourself safe on the roadside. Waiting for a recovery service, friend or family member to help get you back on the road can take hours.

To increase your chances of getting back out on the road, we highly recommend that you have a car emergency kit inside of your vehicle. These kits usually have a range of tools and devices that can be very useful. However, one tool that is often left out is an ice scraper, which is required for the ice cold winter mornings.

If you have broken down in the dark, it is very important that you warn other drivers heading in your direction. The best way to do this is invest into a set of LED road flares, which will attract their attention with the LED illumination. You can even set various different light patterns from a solid light to flashing strobe lighting.

Having the appropriate tools can also help whilst on the roadside. Many people will breakdown due to running out of fuel and if you do not own a gas can, it will be virtually impossible to refill it without having to be recovered.

Another piece of equipment that is regularly being installed to the dashboard is a car compass. If you are travelling in rural areas or off-road, you may not have a GPS signal but a compass will be able to navigate you in the correct direction.

Travelling with Dogs

When you are travelling with your dog in the car, it is important that you take the necessary steps to restrain them. The cheapest option would be to use a dog seat belt, which attaches to the collar from the seat belt buckle.

However, if you want your dog to be comfortable whilst traveling, you could choose a dog car seat instead. These are secured into the car by the seat belt looping through the seat or via the headrest of the car seat. There are various shapes and sizes but they are mostly suited for small to medium sized breeds.

The dog car harness is an alternative solution that can double-up as a standard harness for use with a leash. However, it’s important that you ensure that the harness you choose has been crash tested at an approved facility. Unfortunately there are many harnesses that fail basic tests performed by the Center of Pet Safety.

For those that intend on keeping their dogs in the cargo area, the best option would be to use a dog car barrier. This ensures that they cannot pass through into the front seats. They are mostly constructed of a mesh or steel wire.

Travelling With Pets

Toys and Gadgets

In the automotive industry, there is a whole range of gadgets and toys for all ages. The best RC cars of today include rock crawlers, drift cars and those that reach over 100 MPH. This is all from an electric motor, which has caught up with the gas powered alternatives.

Staying on the topic of electric powered gadgets, the latest ride on cars have improved massively too. Some even have working headlights, radios, powerful motors and much more. Obviously they are aimed at young children and are more expensive compared with RC cars but they make a great gift.