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The Best Car Alarm System 2021

Car Alarm System

Your car is one of the most valued assets in your possession. To prevent any car thefts, installing the latest car alarm system will ensure your car is fully protected as well as including features such as a remote start system or keyless entry.

The best car alarm is the Clifford 5906X 2-Way Security System with Remote Start, which has a range of features and ensures your car has the ultimate protection.

If you invest into a premium security alarm system for your vehicle, the majority of car insurers will take note. This means you will be able to get better insurance premiums as well as ensuring your pride and joy is kept secure from thieves.

Car Alarm Comparison

Car Alarm SystemScreenRange
Clifford 5906XYes1 mile
EASYGUARD EC002No1/2 mile
Viper 4706vYes1 mile
Avital 5105LNo1/4 mile
Viper 350 PLUSNo1/4 mile

Many car alarms come with useful features such as remote start, keyless entry, GPS tracking and smartphone compatibility. Back in the 1990’s, aftermarket car alarms were big money to buy and install but nowadays, the system is far cheaper.

Car alarm are mostly bought by classic car owners wanting to secure their vehicle. The majority of modern cars have expensive alarms and immobilizers already installed but criminals are becoming more sophisticated and are able to compromise these system. Relay crime is an example of this type of theft of modern cars.

Choosing a car alarm that will secure your car and act as a deterrent to thieves is a worthwhile investment. Below are the best car alarm systems that include features from remote start, keyless entry and much more.

The Best Car Alarm System

1. Clifford 5906X 2-Way Car Security System

Clifford is a reputable car alarm brand that have been in the industry for decades. The 5906X 2 way car alarm system is their flagship kit that contains every feature that you want and superior protection for your car.

In terms of the features of the Clifford 5906X, it includes:

  • 1 mile operating range
  • LCD remote control
  • Push notifications via the remote
  • Remote start functionality
  • Ability to code in trunk release
  • 4 Auxiliary channels
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Two car operation
  • Smartphone application
  • Display interior temperature

Using the FREE downloadable app called “SmartStart”, you are able to have complete control of your cars security and remote starting, which is useful if you do not have the key fob with you. It is the best car alarm system you can buy but not suitable for those on a budget.

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2. EASYGUARD EC002 Smart Car Alarm System

The Easyguard EC002 is slightly different from the average car alarm system because the kit comes with a keyboard entry system as well as a button to start the car. The keyboard system used in the Easyguard car alarm system has the benefit of being easy to use with no messing around with transponders.

Other features of the Easyguard EC002 include:

  • Push to start button
  • 2 remote key fobs
  • Passive keyless entry
  • Remote engine start
  • Trunk release
  • Various modes (panic, shock alarm & more)

If you are looking for bang for your buck with the car alarm system that you purchase, the Easyguard EC002 is the perfect option. It is the best car alarm for the money and provides keyboard entry, which none of the alternatives provide.

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3. Viper 4706V 2-Way Car Alarm

Viper is another large brand that is very popular in the US and have various options available. The 4706V is a premium option that they offer, which provides similar functionality and performance to that of the Clifford car alarm mentioned above.

Some of the features of the Viper 4706V include:

  • 5 button 2 way LCD remote
  • 1 mile operation range
  • Remote start compatibility
  • Smartphone application (“SmartStart”)
  • Displays temperature inside the car
  • Trunk pop ability
  • 4 auxiliary channels

Overall, it is a very capable car alarm system that is similarly priced to the Clifford. However, we do feel that the Clifford setup is easier to install with no complex modules to install but the Viper 4706V does have the better remote out of the two.

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4. Avital 5105L Car Alarm with Remote Start

The Avital 5105L is a highly rated car alarm with remote start that is available in several options. The most popular being the 4113LX model due to the fact it has remote start functionality and is a great inexpensive system.

Features of the Avital 5105L include:

  • Several modes such as valet, panic and more
  • 2 key fobs
  • Keyless entry
  • 1/4 mile operating range
  • Remote starting
  • Horn honk capability
  • Car finder function flashes parking lights
  • Bit writer(r) for easy installation

Overall, it is a cheap way to get a car alarm with remote start all in one package. As its developed by Avital, you also have peace of mind that its built by a brand that know what they are doing too.

For those that just want a remote start and keyless entry functionality, you can opt for the other models that Avital offer such as the 4103LX or 4003L. However, we highly recommend going for this model as its a car alarm system too.

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5. Viper 350 PLUS 3105V 1-Way Car Security

For those that want to stick with the reputable Viper brand but do not want to stretch to the cost of the model above, then the 350 is the best option. It is a 3 channel 1 way system with many of the additional features found in premium alternatives.

In terms of the features of the Viper 350 PLUS 3105V, they include:

  • 1/4 mile operating range
  • Fail Safe starter kill
  • Anti car jacking mode
  • Flashing blue LED as a deterrent
  • Comfort closure
  • 2 auxiliary channels
  • Compatible with “SmartStart”

Considering that it is a cheap car alarm with a reputable name backing it, you cannot go wrong with this system. You can even add optional extras such as GPS or remote start but you may as well choose the 4706V instead for this functionality. Overall, it is a great car security system at an affordable price.

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Aftermarket Car Alarm System Buying Guide

There will always be car thefts no matter what car alarm that you may or may not have installed. What is important is making the theft of a vehicle harder for the criminal and thus potentially saving your car being stolen. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, there were almost 700,000 thefts from a motor vehicle, which is truly shocking.

Many modern cars will have sophisticated car alarms as standard but even still, most thieves are able to compromise them. With the likes of relay crime, most OEM alarm systems can be compromised within seconds and even without breaking a sweat.

However, with an aftermarket car alarm system, thieves are not used to this type of technology. This makes compromising it that much harder and the thief will simply not bother. To further scare off a potential car thief, we highly recommend installing “old school” methods of security with the likes of a steering wheel lock.

Car Alarm System

Passive or Active Car Alarm

When it comes to the actual type of car alarm, there are two main types that include passive and active. The passive systems are automatically set when the car engine is switched off and the doors are locked. This is the preferred option by many car owners as you are less likely to forget to set the car alarm and it requires fewer steps.

Active systems have to be manually activated by the car owner. This is the basic style of activating your car alarm by the key fob.

Sensors of a Car Alarm System

The most important feature of any car alarm are the sensors, which must work without failure. Most system include a multitude of sensors that detect different variables. The more sensors that the alarm system has, the more protected your car will be.

Types of car alarm sensors include:

  • Shock – Detects any impact to the car.
  • Door and Trunk – Detects movement of the door or trunk.
  • Bonnet Switch – Detects the opening of the bonnet.
  • Glass break – Detects motion in the windows.
  • Motion – Detects motion around the car.
  • Tilt – Detects if the car being towed or lifted.
  • Microphone – Detects sudden noise such as broken glass

Not all the sensors will be found in every car alarm system and you may even want to disable certain sensors. Many people avoid installing the shock alarm sensor as it can trigger many false alarms, which can be very frustrating.

Sirens and Lights

In order to alert nearby people and scare off the criminal, the siren needs to be loud. Most car alarms have a siren that is louder than 100 dB but you can also wire in your car horn to increase the noise produced by your car. You can even go a step further and install a loud car horn, which will certainly scare off any criminal.

Lighting inside your car can also be activated too if you wanted to light up the area too. This is a good backup in case the criminal has deactivated the horn and the siren inside the system has broken. Many systems will have a device that will flash automatically when locked to act as a deterrent to passing criminals as shown below. This a good feature to have and very effective in fighting car crime.

Car Alarm with Remote Start

Installation and Use Documentation

When it comes to installing the car alarm, you need it to be reliable and setup correctly. There cannot be any faults as this may result in false alarms or the alarm not activating at all during an actual break in. You have the choice of either installing it yourself or using a professional. If you are comfortable safely removing interior parts and electrical wiring, then it is a straight forward job.

We recommend that you check out Crutchfield’s installation guide and then ask yourself the question, will you be able to install this?

If not, then we highly recommend opting for a professional installation. The majority of garages will charge a small fee to install any of these car alarms mentioned within this article. Of course, if you want something custom, you will have to pay more for the installation of the alarm in your car.

Car Alarm with Remote Start

If you do decide to install an added feature into your car alarm system, then adding a remote starter would be the logical course. These types of units allow you to remotely start your car while remaining in a safe location.

The car also remains secure and safe when it is being started from a distance. This makes it ideal for warming up your car in cold weather and defrosting the windscreen whilst you stay inside and keep warm.

However, you will have to check the range of the car alarm system and the remote start as you may be too far away for it to be able to work.

Not every car alarm will have this feature and its considered as a premium feature. However, its definitely worth paying the extra for and is a great way of showing off to your friends and family.

Kill Switch

Installing a kill switch (also known as an immobilizer) will ensure that the criminal will not be able to hot wire the car in anyway. In order to start the car, you will need to locate the switch or use the fob to remotely start the vehicle. This is an extra deterrent and makes it that much harder for your car to be stolen. See photo below of a remote kill switch that require a fob to activate.

car alarm immobilizer

Alarm Communication

Most basic car alarms will be a 1 way communication system but if you can stretch your budget to a 2 way car alarm system, you will see many other benefits. Using a 2 way alarm will allow you to receive feedback based upon the activity of your car. For example, if the car alarm has been activated, you will be notified via your key fob.

Smartphone Compatibility

Some of the more premium car alarm systems such as Viper or Clifford will even use a smartphone application such as “SmartStart” that  push notifications to your phone. This means you are able to receive notifications on your car as well as other features such as remote starting, temperature inside the car and much more.

Other Features

Most car alarm systems come packed full of features other than the standard protection and remote start functionality. Other features include:

  • Push button to start
  • Flashing indicators
  • Flashing LED to act as a deterrent
  • Key fobs with displays
  • GPS trackers
  • Keypad entry
  • … and so much more

The amount you set yourself as a budget will determine the amount of additional features in your system. Of course, you could begin with a standard car alarm system and then upgrade with the likes of car tracking device, push button start and other features at a later date.


Investing into a car alarm system that will keep your car secure and provide other features such as a remote start is a worthwhile investment. There is nothing worse than finding your car has been broken into and something has been taken or the car has been stolen altogether. Within this article, we have recommend systems to suit multiple budgets and all will protect your car from criminals.

It is worth noting that the power source for all alarms will be the car battery and if is going flat on a regular basis, we highly recommend upgrading that before purchasing an alarm system. If you let the battery go flat, the alarm system may activate, thus sending a false alarm. The car alarm system will also draw electric too, so its worth having a battery with a large reserve capacity.

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