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The Best All Terrain Truck Tires 2021

all terrain truck tires

The purpose of all terrain tires is to be the “best of both worlds” with tires that handle well both off-road and on-road. They will also perform well all year round without the need of switching to winter tires whilst driving on snow or ice.

The best all terrain tires are the BFGoodrich T/A KO, which provide an aggressive high void tread design and features 40% wider shoulder grooves for improved traction.

Unlike all season tires, the all terrain tire alternative will perform well on all surfaces regardless of the weather. However, whilst travelling on the highway, you will notice an increase in road noise, fuel efficiency and smoothness of the ride.

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Best All Terrain Tires

All Terrain TiresWeightWhite Lettering
BFGoodrich T/A KO46.5 LBSYes
Hankook DynaPro ATM31.8 LBSNo
Falken Wildpeak AT3W47.8 LBSNo
Goodyear Wrangler27.6 LBSYes
Cooper Discoverer A/T341.0 LBSYes

You will find most all terrain tires fitted to trucks and SUV’s with the majority of passenger cars opting for an all season tire. Using an all terrain tire will provides many benefits such as versatility, toughness, higher mileage from the tires, more traction, better tire wear and excellent value for money.

An all terrain tires is perfect for the enthusiasts that wants to use their off-roading vehicle on the road too. Tires that are only suited for off-road use can handle terribly out on the road and will not be ideal for daily driving.

There is a wide variety of tires to choose from but if you are knew to all terrain tires, it can be difficult choosing between different examples. Below is a list of the best all terrain tires that provide maximum traction on all surfaces regardless of the weather.

BFGoodrich All Terrain Tire

As shown in the main image of this article, the BFGoodrich are a very prominent all terrain tire and are suited to those willing to spend large amounts because they are not cheap. With an aggressive tread design and white lettering, they are by far the best looking and can improve the appearance of your truck.

In terms of the construction, they are a three-ply polyester that uses a dual compound tread and “ShoulderLock” technology. They have 40% wider shoulder grooves than most alternatives, which provides an increase in traction and control in aired-down situations.

Other key features include a self cleaning tread pattern, rim protectors, large footprint with a 315mm wide construction, puncture and bruise resistance and much more. They are a high performing tire ideal for rocky and muddy surfaces with the only drawback being the expensive price tag.

Overall, the BFGoodrich T/A KO are the best all terrain tires you can buy and will provide you with excellent performance both off-road and on the road.

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Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10

Hankook is a popular and reputable tire brand worldwide and their DynaPro model is another premium all terrain tire that is suitable for a range of trucks and SUV’s. It features a symmetrical, wraparound tread design that provides excellent tire wear whilst providing plenty grip in the mud and snow.

The DynaPro ATM RF10 is an all terrain tire that has been designed with durability in mind. The tire is reinforced by two internal steel belts and features stone ejectors and rim flange protectors to prevent any damage caused, which is fairly common with some cheap all terrain tires.

Overall, it is the best all terrain tire for the money and provides similar performance to the BFGoodrich alternative above. One unique selling point of the Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 is of course the symmetrical tread pattern, which provides a longer lifespan from the tires. Some drivers on forums have stated that they have achieved between 60 to 100,000 miles, which is excellent value for money.

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Falken Wildpeak AT3W All Terrain Radial Tire

Falken is another popular brand known for their mid-range tires and the Wildpeak AT3W tire is ideal for those on a budget. It features Falken’s patented “3D Canyon” technology that interlocks the shoulders to resist tire wear from high torque.

Another technology used with these Falken all terrain tires is a heat diffuser. The purpose is to lower the sidewall heat to reduce the damage caused to the internal components of the tire. This is a desirable feature for drivers that tow large loads with the likes of a fifth wheel hitch.

As with the BFGoodrich, this Falken tire features an aggressive sidewall with shoulder blocks to protect the tire from sharp objects and provide additional traction off-road.

Overall, they are a great all rounder and provide excellent value for money with the added bonus of being certified by the Rubber Manufacturers Association. This means it has been tested and approved for severe snow driving conditions and is stamped with the “Three Peak Mountain” snow symbol.

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Goodyear Wrangler Off Road Tire

The Goodyear all terrain tires are the cheapest within this article and are ideal for pickup trucks and even come with a one year warranty for peace of mind. They will provide excellent traction in all terrain and weather conditions with large tread blocks providing extra grip compared with other tires within a similar price range.

Goodyear are a brand that have been around for over 100 years and these tires are one of their best selling tires due to the cost effectiveness and rugged strength.

At a fraction of the price of the others within this article, it is an affordable all terrain tire for pickup trucks with performance both off-road and on the road. You won’t get as much traction as the BFGoodrich tires but it wont be that far off and you will have the added benefit of saving a lot of money.

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Cooper Discoverer A/T3 Traction Radial Tire

Cooper is a brand that is gaining popularity with a range of different all terrain tires available. The Discoverer is a 5 rib design with a silica based tread compound that provides excellent traction on wet surfaces and handling on the highway.

The tread also features a dual draft element wall aid that reducing stone retention and drilling to prevent cut and chip damage. From slushy mud to snow, these Cooper Discoverer all terrain tires will perform highly with excellent grip.

Overall, they are an excellent alternative to the similarly priced Falken tires and have the desirable white text on the sidewalls for a more aggressive stance on the road.

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All Terrain Tire Buying Guide

All-terrain tires have seen an increasing demand as well as supply in the recent years with increased competition between different brands. It is because, with these tires, off-road prowess, coziness, and efficiency significantly improve. They have an excellent combination of open tread design which is excellent for off-road use and also outstanding handling features for street road use.

Since they can be used both on highways and off-road platforms, these tires are best thought to be all-purpose tires.For owners who often use rough roads, choosing all-terrain tires is obligatory since they ensure one navigates through such surfaces safely avoiding dangerous driving scenarios, which only gets worse with rugged terrain.

For optimum performance, you should change your tires when they start slipping up when driving, be it driving on snowy roads or ascending and descending deep inclines.

All Terrain Mud Tire

Important Factors

The two most important things you must consider before purchasing all-terrain tires before going off-road are ground clearance and traction. Once you have installed these tires, your vehicle has better ground clearance and improved traction thus able to go through all sorts of terrain.

However, before choosing which tire to get for your car, you must ensure that the tires are well-matched to your car’s components and also gauge the terrain over which you will mostly encounter. It will provide you experience an increase in your car’s traction control and ground clearance thus being to get through the hurdles on the terrain with relative ease.

Furthermore, the tire you buy dictates the alterations you can make on your vehicle so it is vital to ensure the purchased set of tires would suit your needs since this upgrade can be one of the most expensive you do on your car.There are many variations of all-terrain mud tires are available in the market thus deciding on which tires the best suit your needs can be a little bit tricky.

all terrain mud tire

Therefore, you should consult experts on the best tires that would best address your needs putting into consideration each tire’s performance on the terrain you mostly go through. Websites dedicated to the discussion of all-terrain tires are also helpful since they contain a lot of information from several years talking about the pros and cons of a particular type of tire.

Additionally, these websites include information from non-biased enlightening sources, friends, and contacts worldwide who have used and tested the tires before giving their opinions. Finally, the sites allow one to add their opinion, positive or negative, about the all-terrain tires they bought for their vehicles.

Features of All-Terrain Mud Tires

The performance of all-terrain tires differ, and this depends on the use of the tire with other tires having additional features thereby resulting to an improved performance Nevertheless, these tires have underlying features that cut across all all-terrain tires.

Truck All Terrain Tire

Bias-ply All-terrain Vehicle Tires

All-terrain vehicle tires flood the market every year, and this is an indication that the tires are terrific across various applications. Moreover, bias tires come are built with fabrics such as nylon, and cords are running diagonally across the wheel’s diameter with an overlapping ply providing the additional strength needed.

Consequently, these tires are widely used by sports enthusiasts who prefer them to other all-terrain tires due to its ability to go through tough ridding situations and also have an enhanced rolling and weight resistance capabilities. The increased traction increases fuel consumption and lowers speed but its plus side being it improves maneuverability and safety.

all terrain 4x4 tires

Tire Tread Design

All-terrain tires uniquely differ from other tires in the market due to their deeper lugs, a distinctive lug design which splashes away mud diagonally from the car’s center and a directional tread layout. The arrow-fashioned layout enables better cleanouts when the wheel is rotating, causing mud to sling away from the tires thus improving the car’s grip in the muddy conditions, therefore an improved cleanout results to better traction. Some manufacturers include variations which even on hard surfaces, comfort is still maintained. Lastly, to prevent the tires wearing out at a fast rate, a balance should always be upheld while allowing improved performance around hard corners.

Ply Rating

All-terrain tires come with specific ply rating upon delivery and using this you can be able to tell how the tire should be used. For instance, sporting fanatics mostly go for tires with lower ply ratings which subsequently enhances traction to conquer the higher slants found in smaller roads. However, higher ply ratings are crucial for owners necessitating greater load-pulling capability, especially in muddy conditions.

All-terrain tires with a 2-ply rating come with softer tires and are effectively used in murky surfaces, whereas all-terrain tires with ply ratings of 6-ply ratings can drag heavy loads effectively. These tires can tolerate rough terrain, last longer and offer higher resistance to punctures.

Strengthened Sidewalls

Some of the all-terrain tires have this feature which is especially vital as it improves the tire’s load carrying volume. Most of these tires find use in mostly off-road surfaces and heavy-duty trucks which require aggressive tires.

all terrain tires for ice and snow


All-terrain tires that are best for dealing with muddy surfaces have the distinguishing feature of tread patterns which are perfect for digging into the mud. Usually, the threads are chunky and big thus allowing the clay to quickly and effortlessly clear between the lugs of the all-terrain tires.How good are All-terrain Tire in Snow?

These tires are also great for use on the icy and snowy road, since they are all-purpose tires, using them in all seasons and roadways is possible. While driving on snowy roads, the grip is significantly improved in comparison to regular tires. Nonetheless, freezing temperatures of ten degrees Celsius and below inhibits the performance of these all-terrain tires due to the fact the compounds present are honed for warm weather. Further evidence reveals that to come to a complete halt at speeds of 40mph and above, all-terrain tires require at least fifty six meters on snowy roads.

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