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6 Best Car Bluetooth Hands Free Kits 2018

Car Bluetooth Hands Free kits are essential for drivers who need to be on the phone a lot. It is a known fact that using your mobile phone whilst driving is dangerous and causes thousands of car accidents around the world daily.

Finding the top car hands free kit for your phone is hard but our recommended Bluetooth system is the Parrot CK3100 for those looking for a reliable solution.

For the older cars or cars without Bluetooth integrated into their command system, you will need to purchase a high quality Bluetooth hands free kit to make calls that are clear to the end user and legal.

Best Bluetooth Hands Free Kit For Iphone & Android

Bluetooth Hands FreeTypeOur Rating
Parrot CK3100Hard Wired4.9
Motorola RoadsterSpeakerphone4.7
Jabra FreewaySpeakerphone4.7
SuperTooth BuddySpeakerphone4.6
Nulaxy FM TransmitterFM Transmitter4.3
Plantronics Voyager 5200Headset4.9

Bluetooth today has changed mobile phone communication for drivers. It’s a hands free method for transmitting and receiving data over short distances, which has substantial benefits for communication with laptops and tablets.

Car Bluetooth devices are used by sales people, delivery drivers, and others needing to speak to people whilst out on the road without needing to fumble with a mobile phone and potentially cause an accident. This hands free mode of communication has become invaluable.

In some states it’s not entirely legal to hold a handset which is why Bluetooth is much better and the sound quality is much greater. Below are the best car Bluetooth hands free kits you can buy today.

Parrot CK3100 Bluetooth Hands Free

The Parrot CK3100 is a simplistic hands free Bluetooth kit that requires a medium knowledge of wiring to install it correctly. The reason being is that the Parrot CK3100 connects to your car speakers so that when a call is in process or is calling, the speakers will output the call. The benefits of this is that you can control the sound level to your preference as well as crystal clear sound quality from your speakers, which can come from all angles depending on your setup.

The Parrot CK3100 has an intuitive user interface that includes three buttons and a LCD display. The accept and reject buttons are big and color coded that reduce the amount of time your brain needs to think, thus making it quicker to make split decisions when driving.

The middle toggle button is a push and spin button that allows you to change various settings and set the Parrot up such as importing contacts. The LCD display will display the incoming callers name, signal strength, mobile phone carrier and of course various menu settings.

More benefits from owning a Parrot is voice control, which can be activated by simply clicking the green call icon. This will make a noise that you can then say who you want to call i.e. “Call Home” and the system will respond with who it is about to call. This is a useful feature in case the system decides to ring someone else and you can then click the red button before it does so. I highly rate the Parrot CK3100 and have been using one for the last five year with no faults or annoyances.

If you are on the phone a lot whilst driving, this would be the best buy as there is no need to worry about the battery. As its hard wired into the car, it gets its power to the Bluetooth unit via the cars battery. As long as you have a good car battery, you will find this would be the best car Bluetooth hands free kit.

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Motorola Roadster Bluetooth Speakerphone

If the Parrot Bluetooth kit installation is a bit too complicated for your liking due to wiring, then the Motorola Roadster is a the best alternative as it has zero wires. This kit has a rather large 2 watt built in speaker which coupled with the HD voice, it produces a crisp clear audio.

However, the Motorola Roadster boast a FM transmitter that allows you to connect up to your radio by setting the radio and the Roadster to the same frequency. This then outputs the audio through the car speakers (as would a radio) that gives you a surround sound feel.

One word of warning is that if you are travelling far distance, the FM frequency may be disrupted with other signals.

The Roadster is completely battery powered with no wires involved, which means the battery performance would be a crucial factor. However, the battery life is an excellent 20 hours of talk time and up to 500 hours (3 weeks) of standby time. The Motorola Roadster also has an Entry and Exit function that turns on and off respectively to reduce battery consumption.

This Bluetooth kit also has a free mobile application called “MotoSpeak” that allows you to listen and write text messages so that you don’t need to look at your phone to read a text message. This is all great, however you must have an Android smartphone with version 2.2 and above to use this functionality as there is no iOS support.

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Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Kit

The Jabra Freeway Car Bluetooth hands free kit is on the more expensive side for the battery powered kits. However the extra price means improved and additional features to other competitors.

The Freeway boasts a huge 7 watt speaker phone, which demolishes all other Bluetooth kits in that department as they will usually have a 2 watt setup. This means any background noise can be ironed out by increasing the sound yet keeping the high quality audio.

On the topic of noise cancellation, the Jabra Freeway has dual microphone technology to effectively cancel out unwanted background noise using digital processors. In terms of how it works, voice control is king where you can control everything via your own voice commands.

For example, from an incoming call, the Freeway will announce the caller and you can choose whether you wish to answer or reject.

If you use multiple phones, the Jabra Freeway Bluetooth kit can pair both at the same time, which is perfect for running a hands free kit for both a personal and business phones. Like the Motorola Roadster, the Freeway has FM transmitter, Music Streaming and turn on and off automatically functionalities.

The battery power is slightly less with 14 hours talk time and under 6 weeks for standby but a charge time of 2 hours for full battery. The Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Hands Free has great capabilities and if you are looking to spend that little bit extra for a better kit, then this is the perfect hands free system for you.

It is the best noise cancelling Bluetooth hands free kit on the market and the 7 watt speaker is great for noisy environments.

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SuperTooth Bluetooth Buddy Hands Free Kit

The SuperTooth Buddy Kit focuses on high quality call audio and it does so by using a powerful speaker and DSP technology. This is excellent functionality for a battery powered kit and not only that, it boasts a great battery life.

The battery consumption whilst on standby is 1000 hours and it can manage 20 hours of talk time with recharging only taking 3 hours from the Lithium-Ion battery.

An addition that I really like about the SuperTooth Buddy is the functionality to pair two phone simultaneously. This is excellent for personal and business phones that many of us will have these days. The design of the SuperTooth is very simply with volume control at the top and a big green button to answer the incoming calls.

The Buddy Bluetooth kit requires no wires and no installation, therefore you can take it with you wherever you go. It ideal location for high quality input and output would be on your cars sun visor.

The SuperTooth Buddy is the best cheap Bluetooth hands free for the car and provides the excellent paring technology. Great value for money for those looking for a cheap and easy fix to their calling whilst driving problem.

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Cheap Car Bluetooth Hands Free Kit – Nulaxy

The Nulaxy Car Bluetooth Hands Free kit is the cheapest on the market for those who don’t wish to spend much. Straight away, you are able to see that it is a completely different design from the others as it is powered via the cigar lighter as opposed to a fixed or battery power connection.

This means that it will always be visible and will only charge when the car is on, which may put people off this kit.

The Nulaxy is the only kit to include USB ports that will allow you to charge multiple other gadgets from it, which if you always have a low phone charge is perfect. It also supports AUX input and output (sorry iPhone 7 owners) so that you can play music from your phone via AUX to the FM transmitter. You can also use a SD card, however I find this rather pointless as the majority of people do not hold music on SD cards.

The LED display screen is only 1.4 inches, however its able to display the voltage, battery, song being played and the callers name. The only problem with the Nulaxy is that the quality of the call may not be as clear as the other kits above, but for bang for your buck, it is certainly the best Bluetooth hands free kit that receives power from the cigarette lighter.

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Plantronics Voyager 5200 Bluetooth Headset

The Plantronics Voyager 5200 is the best Bluetooth headset you can buy for the money. Within this small ear piece, there are 4 microphones that provide the highest call quality whilst driving in the car.

It also provides excellent new technology to increase the noise cancellation as well as wind interference. Like the SuperTooth, you can also pair multiple phones to your hands free kit in case you are wanting to share this Bluetooth headset.

Plantronics have researched and improved the Voyager model over the generations and this model is the pinnacle. In terms of comfort, call quality and design, you will not find a better Bluetooth hands free earpiece for your car.

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Car Bluetooth Buying Guide

The problem today is that people spend a lot of their time debating on the appearance and features of a Bluetooth set. Many opt to go for wireless sets or the style of headphones though it is recommended you buy earbuds as opposed to the full sized headphones. There is also the choice of buying speakerphones rather than something that fits into your ear. Hopefully this buying guide will help you with your decision.  

Small, lightweight Car Bluetooth sets are designed to fit snugly over or into the ears of the driver, and coming with technical features and capabilities like HD audio and sound cancelation, voice prompts and commands, and a battery saving options.

In cars Bluetooth headsets are just mainly used for hands-free calling, but they can also be used for streaming music, pictures, or any kind of file from your phone to your computer, or vice versa.

For most car drivers, the range of Car Bluetooth is only around 10 meters, but this is more than adequate. But even if you’re out of your car, it’s still possible to carry the Bluetooth.

Speakerphones are also a choice for your car, and they can come in portable models as well, but since they’re connected to the car itself, they don’t cause you, the driver, any irritation or soreness due to prolonged wearing.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Mobile phones require a lot of fumbling about – you need to reach for the phone, keeping one eye on the phone, and the other on the road itself, and you will have it pressed with one hand against your ear, but a car Bluetooth set is hands free and it is more safer.

But you need to connect it and have Bluetooth already in your car.

If you’ve purchased a new car fairly recently then there’s a chance it already has Bluetooth connectivity, and even for older models, it’s fairly straightforward for Bluetooth to be installed in your vehicle. It’s also something to consider if you do use your phone while you drive.

To work the Bluetooth will need to be paired with your device and the system will remember it. Technology is advancing everyday, and more models that are cost effective and yet versatile are finding their way into the market, they’re more reliable and capable of streaming with other devices.

It’s easy for your phone and computer to synchronize to keep up to date with your data, and you can even access the internet with your laptop with your phone’s signal. This works with speakerphones as well.

Once Bluetooth has been enabled on device, it can be paired with another device. When two devices are paired up with each other, they can then exchange data with one another. The only downside is the range – it can be up to a few meters or a hundred or so.

Once you’ve turned Bluetooth on in your phone’s settings, you can scan for other Bluetooth devices. You can do this by looking for the name of the device, or by the product items code. You’re good to go once this is finished.

If you want a Bluetooth system in your car that connects with more than one device, it is possible to buy one, especially in multipoint. In the world of the Bluetooth, multipoint is a relatively new technology. Standard hands free Bluetooth systems can enable you to pair with 2 or more phones, but only one can be active at one time. Multipoint Bluetooth headphones can allow you to connect and use two Bluetooth devices at the same time.

Multipoint allows you to connect your headphones to a Hi-Fi or a music player and your phone, so when a call comes the music will halt automatically for you to take the call. All you need to do is take the call normally by pressing a button on your headset in the same way as you would if the music was coming from the same device.

Multipoint might be an attractive feature to have in your Bluetooth system, but it’s not essential if you have just one device.

Different Styles Of Bluetooth Connectivity

Like with many pieces of technology that constantly delivers new models that offer more versatility, it can be a time consuming business looking for a hands free set. There are things to consider; what will it be used for, work or speaking to your friends? Another thing – do you expect to make phone calls to locations which are inherently noisy, like a busy neighborhood or in an office which generates a lot of noise, so is a headset that reduces noise essential?

Do you even have a Bluetooth connection in your car? Newer cars have Bluetooth installed in them already, but it’s easy to get one for an older car.

Do you want a headset or a speakerphone?

What should I choose?

  • Headset with small and convenient earbuds, which come in different shapes and sizes.
  • A visor mount or a plug in speaker. The visor mount sits on the sun visor of your car. The plug in speaker will slot into your cigarette lighter.
  • Fitted hands free kits can connect your speakers/mic to your car stereo. Some models allow you to listen to music and even glance at phonebooks.


Do you use your phone a lot, and do you worry about battery life? Drivers on the road for extended periods of time tend to look for batteries which last for most of the day, requiring recharging overnight. That’s something to consider when you look over the models of car Bluetooth sets.

Look for a minimum of 4 to 5 hours of talk time for headsets; for car speakerphones, advertised talk times range from 10 hours to over 40 hours, thanks to much larger batteries.

Car Bluetooth compatibility. Another thing to consider is whether or not your device is compatible. Drivers can be assured a headset, which is the same brand as your mobile phone are available, but it’s not a guarantee. With technology and apps that are compatible, there are universal models, so compatibility shouldn’t be an issue when buying a car Bluetooth.

Is it robust? Car drivers tend to travel a lot, it’s part of the description, and they don’t want to travel around using something that is breakable. Can your Bluetooth fold up into an easily packed storage or need an individual container to protect it from serious damage?

Water resistance is a consideration, as is whether it can sustain being dropped on the ground on the odd occasion.

Colors and finishes. This one might be considered a secondary thing, but Bluetooth headsets come in various colors and finishes. Leather, chrome, metallic finishes. All of them are readily available. True, black and silver are more prominent colors for the headsets, but other contemporary colors are available.

Car Bluetooth sets come in sizes. Compact models are unobtrusive, which go unnoticed, and larger, more bulkier models that fit over the head. Granted, the larger ones may be inconvenient, but they are found to be more comfortable and allow better sound quality, but depending on the laws of your state, they may not be allowed for motorists. So it’s a good move to research which size is right for your purposes. Those laws exist for your safety and the driving experience of those around you, and you need to be able to hear what is going on around you.

For usage habits, you need to work out if a headset or a speakerphone is what you need. The smaller the headphones, the lighter they will be for your comfort, but the smaller weight means you compromise the life of the batteries. If you’re on the phone multiple times of the day, a headset is the logical purchase. An occasional use means it’s not practical. But how much time do you actually spend in your car? It might be a good idea to try the system out first, wear a simple headset first and see if it works better. One way to do that is to ask friends, family, or colleagues if you can try their Bluetooth systems. If you do that then you should think about hygiene because the headsets have obviously been in someone else’s ears, so take precautions and use new ear covers.

With speakerphones, just go for a drive and hear the product in action. Also, make notes about Bluetooth by asking your friends to contact you from noisy locations, like a busy street, a road, a freeway, a sports arena. That way, you can narrow down your criteria when you choose to buy your Hands free Bluetooth set, you can sense how your own voice will sound in those environments.

Ask your friends how they feel about their devices. Ask them about the call quality? Find out if they feel they’ve got a product with a good incoming-call quality? How are they for business calls? How frequently do they complain about voice distortion or annoying background noise? Do they feel any soreness in their ears after they use the headsets? That’s something to consider when you choose a headset, because even if you buy one that you feel there won’t be any discomfort you might find prolonged use can be tiring.

Bluetooth headsets come in a wide variety of wearing styles. You can buy sets that fit snugly over the head like dual headphones, earbuds, which fit neatly in the ear, Sports neckbands. Some models are designed to accommodate eyeglass wearers.

The headband style is more discreet and it hides the headphones. Since the band goes around your head it makes it less obvious that you’re wearing headphones. “Headband” headphones are readily available in both in ear and out ear styles.

Speakerphones can be mounted on the windshield or on the dashboard of the car, and provide the same function.

Voice dialling is supported by most devices now. Simply pressing a button and saying the person’s name that you want to call will automatically start the system. It’s recommended you buy Bluetooth headphones from the same manufacturer of the headset to ensure compatibility to let this system work. But this is an optional extra, but it is useful for when you choose a Car Bluetooth headset.

Bluetooth sets come with the following accessories.

  • Battery chargers.
  • Replacement parts.
  • Charging leads.

Features you would want if you are driving

Foldable – do you want a hands free set that folds up neatly? If you do then it would need to have a container that will keep it safe.

Earhook or in the ear sets are available, but until you know which head set you’re more comfortable with you should try both types and experiment to see which one suits you the most. Consider the choices if you have long hair, which can catch on some types. Do you wear glasses, then consider models designed to hook into your ear?

Are voice commands important for you? When you consider buying a specific product that comes with vocal commands, you should check the range of commands they can carry out. As a bonus the headsets can enable car connectivity, by pairing the Bluetooth with your mobile phone.

Noise cancellation is important for when you’re driving on the road when they’re making and receiving calls on their phones. While vehicles provide some protection from sound, open windows and occasional stops will let the sounds in and disturb your call. Bluetooth headsets come in two categories – Active or Passive.

Active – the noise cancellation technology in the headsets will be used to detect and correct external noise.

Passive – these block out the background noise by simply fitting over the ears.

Stereo Audio. No one just uses a phone to speak to someone, they can be used for taking photos or playing games. Bluetooth headsets can play music for long drives. You just select the song you want, and then relax.

High Quality stereo sound is becoming common in hands free Bluetooth headsets these days, but while they offer the benefit of listening music, they could come with the risk of ruining the phone quality, it’s a good idea to check if there is degradation and at what level it is at. The Bluetooth headset should in practice allow the driver to switch instantly to phone call mode without any manual intervention.

Hands Free Pricing

It’s easy to buy a hands free car Bluetooth device. However, if you have financial issues, then it might be a good idea to invest in a second hand set – a refurbished or a used set is just a good an option as a new set. When you, the buyer, decide what you want from your Bluetooth over time, there are choices from buying from the manufacturer and from second hand dealers.

If you prefer to go for an inexpensive car Bluetooth, it’s a good idea to do some research into the features, but don’t be too disappointed if what you decide to buy lacks the high tech features you want, this could be a stepping stone if you decide to take your time and buy a new set unless you’re satisfied with the older one.

Car Bluetooth Speakerphones

In contrast, speakerphones are available for drivers whenever they want to not deal with earbuds or headphones. Larger than the headphones and earbuds, the speakerphones are just as versatile. It turns on and off automatically so your attention is on driving. Like headsets, the speakerphones are hands free car Bluetooth systems, and they come in various models.

You will need to accept that if you opt for a speakerphone instead of a headset that your conversations over a car kit will sound the same. As stated above, it’s a good idea to experiment and experience both headphones and speakerphones to see which one you feel more comfortable using your own vehicle. Has your friend got a speakerphone already installed? Go for a drive with them and find out if the system is better than a headset instead. Listen to music, speak to people over it, and compare those experiences to taking and sending calls over a headset. Also check to see if there are any noise troubles, and decide whether a headset is right for you after all.

Do you feel as though the time you spend in your car even warrants buying a speakerphone? True, if you buy a set of headphones instead you might feel more comfortable that way unless you get sore ears.

Legality is also an issue if you buy a speakerphone which is mounted on your windshield, particularly solar powered models. Check with highway patrols and the states motor vehicles department to be sure. The dashboard may be the better option, but make sure the speakerphone sits on it comfortably; there have been cases where the speakerphone didn’t sit on the dashboard because it wasn’t flat enough.

Do you even want to move the speakerphone? It might be necessary for you to move the device once or twice. If it’s necessary, select a model which doesn’t require much time at all to position it. Parking locations can also be a problem, particularly for windshield mounted devices.

Can you cope with blinking lights? Headsets are small, but one of their benefits is that they can blink all they want – the wearer won’t really notice them. Speakerphones, on the other hand, do have flashing lights. At night these can be very distracting for the driver – enough to switch them off. It is possible to buy a hands free kit that doesn’t have blinking lights, and some even offer a night driving mode so it won’t have any blinking lights.

Some speakerphones are solar powered devices, so you don’t need to worry about recharging or batteries. This is a good option if you live in a place guaranteed to have plenty of sunlight.

Do you really want to pay for streaming music through your car? The system may sound appealing to you, but try not to buy as much as you need.

You have read the article on buying a hands free car Bluetooth set. The best advice you can expect is to simply meet with people to ask them for guidance. Better still, they might have their own Bluetooth sets in their cars, headsets or speakerphones. Take a trip with them by saying you’re thinking of investing in one yourself.

Travel with both speakerphone and headset, and listen to both of them to see which one you prefer. Take your time. Don’t rush it. You might find the other one is better than the one you purchased, so do your research and make notes when you’ve found your preference. These items are invaluable on the road, so do some research before you make your purchase.

What Car Bluetooth Hands Free Kit Should I Buy?

It all depends on what your circumstances are and there are many in-car speakerphone Bluetooth kits out there on the market. If you are on a strict budget, I have purposely put the Nulaxy in this review after a vast research. It has bags of technology for a very small amount of money that even the premium products have. There are many other cheap hands free kits, but the functionality is limited, design is poor and they look as if they would break after a few months.

If you are spending large amounts of money, then its important you get what is right for you. For a car that you will keep for a long time, I would highly recommend the Parrot CK3100 due to the fact it will be wired into your car, which means less likely to get damaged and it will also save you money in the long run. However, if you are in and out of different cars then the Parrot CK3100 isn’t for you as you will have to rewire the kit every time and that is not ideal. Therefore I would probably go for the Jabra Freeway due to the huge specification and high quality call audio because at the end of the day, you are buying one of these kits as you want to speak to people.

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