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The Best Steering Wheel Knob 2021

Best Steering Wheel Knob

Using a steering wheel knob allows you to easily spin the steering wheel with just one arm. They are often called alternatives names such as a Brodie knob, spinner and even a knuckle buster.

The best steering wheel knob is the AutoMuko Universal Knob, which uses a premium ABS and silicone construction and a flat design that is easy to use.

There is two main types of steering wheel knob styles available, which include the traditional and low profile or flat knob. Installation is fairly straightforward with most simply clipping to the steering wheel.

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Best Steering Wheel Knob

Steering Wheel KnobMaterialsStyle
AutoMuko Power HandleSilicone & ABSFlat
RoadPro RP-70100Chrome Plated MetalTraditional
Black Label Power HandleSilicone, ABS & MetalFlat
Alpena 53362Molded AcrylicTraditional
Zento Deals ClassicABSTraditional

The use of a steering wheel knob provides an easier method of manoeuvring with only one arm. Whether you only have use of one arm due to a physical disability or you simply prefer steering with one arm, using a knob on the steering wheel is ideal.

Spending slightly extra will ensure that it is long lasting but also feels nice to grip whilst steering with one arm. Most are constructed of a metal but other materials include plastics, glass and rubber.

Below is a list of the best steering wheel knobs that are easy to install and allow you to easily spin the steering wheel with one hand.

AutoMuko Steering Wheel Spinning Knob

By far the most popular steering wheel knob that is highly rated is by the AutoMuko brand. It has a flat style that is easy to control and is compatible with all types of cars and vehicles on the road.

Other features of the AutoMuko Universal Knob include:

  • Sporty flat design
  • ABS and silicone construction
  • Tool-less installation
  • Universal knob
  • Attaches in seconds

Although the brand states that it is a universal fit, there may be issues if you have an extra thick or a padded steering wheel.

Overall, it is an excellent all-round steering wheel knob that combines value for money and performance. The durable flat design is easy to operate and will not disappoint but it may be difficult to handle on rough terrain.

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RoadPro RP-70100 Steering Wheel Knob

The RoadPro RP-70100 is a heavy duty steering wheel knob that fits the majority of steering wheels with two brackets and two screws. The durable design is ideal for trucks or RVs with the knob spinning smoothly with a comfortable grip.

Features of the RoadPro RP-70100 include:

  • Traditional styled knob
  • Heavy duty 3/8 inch post
  • Universal fit for most steering wheels
  • Easy and secure mounting
  • Chrome plated metal construction

Overall, the RoadPro RP-70100 is the best option for construction vehicles, trucks or RVs. The durable metal construction will be able to withstand a lot of heavy usage and will not become easily damaged.

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Black Label Silicon Steering Wheel Knob

Another popular flat steering wheel knob is the Black Label Power Handle alternative, which is very similar to the AutoMuko knob. It uses an ABS, silicone and metal construction that is easy to install and fits to most standards steering wheels.

Other features of the Black Label Power Handle include:

  • Flat style knob
  • 50 x 150 mm in size
  • Black and red design
  • Silicone ergonomic grip
  • Includes padding for a secure fit
  • Easy to install

The Black Label Power Handle is an easy to use, durable and excellent all-round steering wheel knob. Unlike the alternatives, this knob also includes rubber padding, which ensures a secure fit for a wide range of steering wheels.

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Alpena 53362 Acrylic Spinner Knob

The Alpena Acrylic Spinner steering wheel knob is a premium option that will attach to most steering wheels. It uses a heavy duty cast adapter with a blue and white striped acrylic knob, which feels great to grip.

Other features of the Alpena 53362 Acrylic Spinner Knob include:

  • Traditional styled knob
  • Smooth rotating mechanism
  • Premium pressure molded acrylic
  • Easy to use for controlled steering
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Due to the premium adapter and acrylic construction, this steering wheel knob is suitable for a range of applications. This includes attaching it to cars, trucks, golf carts, boats and much more. Overall, it is a high quality knob that will transform any car interior and is easy to use.

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Zento Steering Wheel Knob

If you simply require a cheap steering wheel knob, the Zento Deals knob is the best option. It is a universal knob that will be compatible with the majority of steering wheels and features a basic design that will not be obtrusive inside the car.

Other features of the Zento Deals Knob include:

  • Traditional styled knob
  • Classic black design
  • Constructed of premium ABS
  • Universal clamping band
  • Provides increased torque

Overall, it is a cheap option that is durable and can be used within most applications. Unlike other cheaper alternatives, the Zento Deals knob is a classic design that provides an OEM look and feel for most interiors.

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Steering Wheel Knob Buying Guide

Whether you have a disability or simply prefer steering with a single arm, using a steering wheel knob is perfect. They are cheap, easy to install and compatible with almost every standard and aftermarket steering wheel.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding steering wheel knobs.

steering wheel spinner knob

Benefits of Using a Knob

Installing a steering wheel knob is not just for those with a physical disability but can also be used by anyone else with benefits that include:

  • Only need one arm to maneuvering
  • Easier to back up without needing two hands on the wheel
  • More comfortable for people with health issue
  • Much faster to spin the steering wheel
  • … and much more

Traditional vs Low Profile

The two main styles of steering wheel knobs include a traditional and low profile/flat style. The traditional style are usually a round or oval shape that can be gripped by the hand easily. The low profile alternatives are designed to be gripped by the palm of your hand and are more aesthetically pleasing.

Choosing between the two styles is matter of personal preference and the space you have available. Although the traditional are easier to use, they can be fairly obtrusive compared to the flat alternatives.

Applicable Laws

There are many myths circulating the forums regarding the law upon using a steering wheel knob. If the knob prevents the steering wheel turning freely and gets jammed, this would clearly be against the law.

However, most states do not have any specific laws but you can find out more about the state laws via one of the main manufacturers.

Materials Used

There is a wide variety of materials used in the construction of a steering wheel knob. The majority are made from a high quality plastic but other materials include glass, stainless steel and other metals. Metal knobs may look great but they do heat up in the sun and become uncomfortable to use.

If you intend on using the knob for other applications such as inside a golf cart or boat, you will want to ensure the knob doesn’t hold water. The best option would be to use a traditional style rather than a flat knob because water will not become trapped upon the knob.

steering wheel turning knob

Installation and Secure Fit

Depending upon the type of steering wheel knob you choose, installation can take a matter or second or minutes. If you use a steering wheel cover or have a fairly thick steering wheel, you will want to ensure that the knob will fit. It is important to note that not every knob and you will want to find one that adjusts to fit.

Clip-on types are the easiest to install and most will allow for adjustment to ensure a tight fit because they can begin to slip. However, you should avoid over-tightening because this can cause damage to the steering wheel.

Alternative knobs use an automotive adhesive tape or glue for a tool-free installation but you will want to ensure that it is not permanent.

Placement on the Steering Wheel

You are able to install the steering wheel knob at any angle you wish upon the wheel. However, if you are left-handed, we would recommend that you install the knob at a 10 o’clock position on the steering wheel. If you are right-handed, the 2 o’clock placement is ideal and provides you with the most leverage.


Investing into the best steering wheel knob you can get your hands on is a worthwhile investment. They are relatively cheap but can completely transform your driving experience by providing you with ease of manoeuvring with one arm.

All of the recommendations above cover a broad range of styles and budgets. The cheaper alternatives may be tempting but will not be long lasting for daily usage.

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