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The Best RV Solar Kit 2021

rv solar panel

Installing an RV solar panel kit will allow you to make use of a free power source, which of course is the sun. They provide clean and quiet power that is eco-friendly and allows you to top up the batteries of your RV with very limited maintenance.

The best RV solar kit is the Renogy Foldable Solar Suitcase that is able to output 500 watts per day and comes with a builtin 30 amp solar charge controller.

RV solar panels come with various forms but the most popular of them all are those that are portable and can fold for easy storage. This makes setting them up far easier than fixing them to certain locations of the RV.

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Best Solar Panels For RV

RV Solar KitPowerCharge Controller
Renogy Foldable100 Watts30 Amp
Zamp Solar 120P120 Watts6.84 Amp
Go Power! GP-PSK-120120 Watts10 Amp
ACOPOWER UV11007GD100 Watts10 Amp
ECO-WORTHY40 Watts3 Amp

There will be various components that make a RV solar kit. One of the most important component of them all is the solar charge controller, which regulates the amps and volts going to the battery and ensures that it does not overcharge.

Before purchasing solar panels for your RV, you want to ensure that they will actually work out for you. They are a big investment and if you a driving daily, you may not even have time to put them into good use and get your moneys worth.

Below is a list of the best RV solar panel kits that are easy to setup and provide a free source of power for the appliances onboard your RV.

Renogy 100 Watt Foldable RV Solar Panels

The Renogy Solar Suitcase provides the best value for RV owners who want to power their RV at a reasonable price. You get a huge range of features and high performance that you would expect from a product that is much more expensive.

It is compact enough to move around easily, and it can be easily stored, regardless of the size of your RV. It is also incredibly durable and can withstand the wear and tear from the elements you might encounter on the road.

Here are some of the notable features of the Renogy Solar Suitcase.

  • 500 watt hours per day of solar output
  • Folded size of 19.9 by 27.2 by 2.8 inches
  • Efficient German-produced solar cells pick up even weak light
  • Built in 30A four-stage controller to protect against overcharging
  • Low voltage for minimal shock risk
  • 100 watts and 12 volts of power usage
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum stand and protective casing

The high quality of the Renogy Solar Suitcase makes it the best RV solar kit for the money. The cells pick up as much light and energy as possible for great running value and the product is durable enough to last you for years to come.

The Renogy brand itself is also highly reputable for its solar technology, which is great for your peace of mind.

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Zamp Solar 120P RV Charge Kit

If you are looking for the best portable RV solar panels on the market, the Zamp Solar Charge Kit is the product you should choose. Although it is an investment, it is a quality product that will make powering your RV a breeze while you’re on the road.

The Zamp Solar charge kit is quick to set up and provides a huge amount of power that even the largest RVs will appreciate. Here are some of the notable features of the Zamp Solar 120P charge kit.

  • 84 amps of power can perform as much as 30-40A per day
  • Can work with either 6 volt or 12 volt battery systems and large battery banks
  • 42 x 34 x 25 inch panel dimensions
  • Can be clipped to a battery or plugged into a solar port

If you are looking for pure power, the Zamp Solar Charge Kit is what’s going to provide the best performance for you. Although it is incredibly powerful, you don’t have to skimp on convenience and ease of use – it works well with different types of batteries and can be installed in minutes.

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Go Power! Portable RV Solar Kit

The Go Power! Solar Kit is another reliable option that you can use to keep your RV running while out in the wilderness. It provides a good combination of power and durability and the setup and control is fairly simple as well.

This product stands out because of the solar controller that comes attached to the back of the panels, which ensures that your power is used as efficiently as possible. Here are the most notable specs of the Go Power! Solar Kit.

  • 120 watts of power or 6.7 amps per hour
  • Integrated 10 amp solar controller
  • XLR solar plug adapter
  • Comes with convenient carrying case
  • Kit contains cables with simple battery clamps
  • 25 year warranty for peace of mind

The Go Power! Solar Kit is a solid, durable solar kit option. It provides a good power range, and it can be set up very quickly, even if you are new to using solar panels. It’s also fairly easy to transport and the warranty will ensure that you get the best quality product possible.

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ACOPOWER Foldable RV Solar Panel Kit

The ACOPOWER foldable RV solar panel kit provides a good balance of value and affordability. It’s a step above the cheapest options on the market, but it also doesn’t provide tons of extra bells and whistles.

It’s one of the most accessible solar power kits as it can charge different types of batteries and is easy to set up anywhere with no mounting. Here are some of the features of the ACOPOWER foldable solar panel kit.

  • Two 50 watt grade A monocrystalline panels
  • Total of 100 watts of charging power
  • Can charge both 12V car batteries
  • Can work as a generator charger using MC4 connectors
  • Has pre-installed stands for easy setup
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Weight of 33.1 LBS
  • Dimensions of 19.69 x 25.6 x 2.5 inches
  • Corner protectors and aluminum frame
  • Comes with 10 amp charge controller

Overall, the ACOPOWER foldable solar panel kit is one of the most versatile on the market, making it a great choice for any RV owner. You’ll get the peace of mind knowing that even if you switch vehicles down the road, this solar panel set will still work to charge it.

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Solar panel kits can be quite expensive and purchasing one can be very daunting for an RV owner on a budget. The ECO-WORTHY RV solar kits are a great entry into using solar power at an affordable price.

In fact, it’s one of the cheapest solar panels on the market, but still provides great value. Although these panels are small, they still have a decent energy output that will charge your battery, and are easy to set up as well.

Here are the notable features of the ECO-WORTHY solar charger kit.

  • 40 watts of power output charges 12V batteries
  • Foldable panels for easy storage and transport
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum frame
  • Comes with 10 ft solar cables and alligator clips for quick and easy setup
  • Integrated 3 amp solar controller for efficient energy output

If you’re on a budget but want a quality solar charging kit, the ECO-WORTHY kit is your best option. It provides solar output that can compete with the larger, more expensive brands, but is small and portable.

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RV Solar Kit Buying Guide

There are many benefits to investing in a solar power kit for your RV. While you are out on the road, it can be difficult to find places to charge your battery, particularly if you are traveling in remote areas.

It can also be difficult to keep your RV fully running if you use many electric appliances and tools internally. Solar power can solve these problems very easily. However, it’s important to find a solar power kit that runs efficiently and provies good value to make the investment worth it. Here’s what you should look for when shopping for a solar kit for your RV.

Solar Output

The first thing to look at when searching for a solar kit is how much power it puts out. The more power the panels put out, the more quickly your batteries will charge. Solar power output is typically measured in watts, and the more watts your solar kit puts out, the better. You should look at the solar output at peak performance and also the solar output when the sun power is weak. This will determine how efficient the solar panels are.

RV Solar Kit

Monocrystalline vs. Polycrystalline

This distinction refers to the type of actual panels that you are choosing. A monocrystalline panel is higher quality and more efficient than a polycrystalline panel. This is because the silicone that they use is very pure.

This means it will pick up and store more solar energy more quickly, using less space. Monocrystalline panels are generally considered to be the better choice, particularly if you don’t have much space to work with, but they can be more expensive than their polycrystalline counterparts.


A good set of solar panels should be very portable and easy to move. They should be relatively lightweight, so you can set them up without exerting too much effort. It’s also very helpful to look for solar panels that fold up, so they won’t take up very much storage space.

Some kits even have a stand included, so you don’t have to buy mounts separately.  Many solar kits even come with a convenient carrying case as well. This makes it easy to move the solar panels in and out of the tight spaces in an RV. It will also protect the panels from damage when they aren’t in use.

Type of Batteries Powered

Before purchasing a solar power kit, you should ensure that the kit will actually power you vehicle. Most solar kits power a RV battery, but some power other types of batteries as well, or even be hooked up to a generator.

Check your RV’s owner’s manual to determine exactly what type of batteries you need. If you are planning on having multiple RVs throughout your life, you may want to look for a versatile solar kit that will power multiple types of batteries so you can use it for any type of RV.

RV Solar Panel Kit


Since your solar panels will be outside for a large percentage of the time, they need to be very durable. Solar panels are also a big investment, so you’ll want to know that you’re going to get your money’s worth.

Look at the material the frame is made out of, because this is what will protect the actual panels. The frame should be dent resistant and corrosion resistant. It’s also helpful if the frame is lightweight so it’s easy to move around.

Aluminum is often used for this purpose because it is both light and durable. There is also the option to purchase flexible solar panels. Flexible solar panels work well for non-traditional RVs and large vehicles, but aren’t as durable.

Ease of Setup

Spending your travel time fussing with cables is no fun, so make sure you choose a solar power kit that is easy to set up. Many solar power kits come with alligator kits so you can easily clamp them into the battery.

Others have plugs, which take a bit more time but are still relatively easy to set up. If you can, look up the owner’s manual for the solar power kit before making a purchase to determine how easily it can be set up.

Below is a visual of how to setup an RV solar panel kit that includes all the components from charge controller to the power inverter.

rv solar panel kit setup


Alternatively, you can check out this complete installation below:


A reliable solar panel kit should have safety measures built in to prevent some of the threats that electrical appliances pose. For example, it’s helpful to have a controller built in to prevent overcharging.

Overcharging can result in electric shock or even fire. A controller or some sort of other efficiency measure will prevent these safety issues from happening and ensure that your power is used efficiently for your needs.

Charge controllers typically come in two different types – PWT and MPPT. MPPT is very efficient and improves the performance of your battery, however, both are very effective.


Since solar panels are such a large investment, you may prefer to purchase ones that come with a warranty. A warranty ensures that you can return the solar panels and get a replacement if necessary. The longer the warranty, the longer this protection will extend.


Solar panels are the best way to power your RV consistently wherever you are on the road. When you use solar panels, you don’t have to deal with campsite charging stations – you have more control over your RV’s power source and input.

Solar panels are a great investment, particularly if you travel in warm, sunny climates. When selecting a solar panel, it’s important to make sure that you get the best quality so that it will last you for years to come. Use these guidelines to select a solar panel that is going to work well for your needs.

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