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The Best Dog Seat Belt 2021

Best Dog Seat Belt

Using a dog seat belt is a low cost method to keep your dog restrained inside the car. They can be used with or without a dog car harness and ensure that your dog does not climb into the front seat whilst you are driving.

The best dog seat belt is the PetLovers Heavy Duty Strap, which is available in two adjustable sizes to suit all dog breeds.

Keeping your dog restrained whilst inside the car will ensure that you are not distracted. Many states require you to buckle up your dog by law and failing to do so can result in a large fine.

The best option to secure your dog with a seat belt is by attaching it to a harness rather than a collar. This is not only more comfortable for them but it is also safer in the event of an accident because it will not choke them. However, for simply restraining them in the car, you can connect the seat belt directly to the collar.

Desirable features that are found with seat belts for dogs include durable nylon straps or chew proof metal and anti-rust buckles.

Below is a list of the best dog seat belts that are adjustable to suit a range of dog breeds and ensure that they remain restrained whilst travelling in the car.

PetsLovers Durable Dog Seat Belt

The PetsLovers dog seat belt is a premium example of what is available and has an adjustable length to suit a range of dog breeds.

The brand offer this seat belt for dogs in two different sizes that are adjustable from 15 to 25 inches or 22 to 37 inches in length.

Other features of the PetLovers Seat Belt include:

  • Available as a standard clasp or hook to latch bar
  • Swivel clip that allows for movement
  • Universal fit for the majority of seat belts
  • Constructed of durable nylon
  • Reflective stitching
  • Machine washable

The main drawback of this dog car seat belt is the expensive price tag but it’s a worthwhile investment that will be long lasting. It is the best dog seat belt you can buy and is a universal fit for the majority of cars.

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Kurgo Seat Belt for Dogs

Kurgo are a big brand in the dog apparel and accessories industry and are known for their superior build quality with long warranties.

Their dog car seat belt is available in four different colors and with the choice of a carabiner clip, swivel clip, tether or zipline to suit your requirements.

Features of the Kurgo Seat Belt for Dogs include:

  • Adjustable from 15 to 22 inches
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Universal size and fit
  • Suitable for a range of breeds
  • Quick and easy installation

Overall, the Kurgo Car Seat Belt is an excellent all-round restraint that follows their reputable build quality. The brand also offer a range of different clips and tethers that may be suitable for strapping the dog in an alternative method.

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Leash Boss Chew-Proof Seat Belt

For dogs that may become anxious when travelling in the car, they may begin to chew the seat belt strap. However, the Leash Boss is the best option for chewers as the strap is constructed of a coated steel.

As the strap is made from coated steel, there is no form of adjustability. However, the brand have various sizes that are available from 16 to 36 inches in length.

Other features of the Leash Boss Chew-Proof Seat Belt include:

  • Attaches into 1 of 4 latch bars in the seat creases
  • Designed to work with harnesses
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Includes a 5 year manufacturer warranty

Overall, it is the best dog seat belt for dogs that chew whilst travelling in the car. Before purchasing, we strongly recommend that you double check the measurements of your dog. The brand state that you should purchase a longer size if you are intending to use it with your dogs collar.

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Vastar Adjustable Dog Car Seat Belt

The Vastar dog seat belts are constructed of a high quality nylon with solid zinc alloy buckles for maximum durability. They are an affordable alternative that is available in black, blue, green, orange, pink and red.

Other features of the Vastar Seat Belt include:

  • High quality construction
  • Adjustable from 16 to 27 inches
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Universal fitting for the majority of seat belts

The Vastar Dog Seat Belt offers the most “bang for your buck” with two included in the complete package. The brand also offer the most amount of color options for dog owners wanting to be a bit more creative.

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BWOGUE Dog Seat Belts From Headrest

The BWOGUE is an alternative style of restraining your dog. Rather than attaching to the seat belt buckle, it loops around the headrest. To ensure that the dog is comfortable, it can be adjusted in length between 18 to 30 inches.

Other features of the BWOGUE Headrest Restraint include:

  • Tangle-free high quality nylon straps
  • Solid zinc alloy buckles
  • Easily adjusted for a secure fit
  • Can be used for other applications
  • Able to convert it to a traditional leash

It is important to note that this seat belt for dogs is only for use with a harness and not to be used with a collar. Overall, the BWOGUE headrest restraint is an excellent alternative to the standard dog seat belts within this article.

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Dog Seat Belt Buying Guide

Travelling in the car can cause your dog to feel anxious and have the need to jump around in the car. However, by restraining them with a dog seat belt, you can prevent them jumping onto your lap and ensure that they are kept safe.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding dog seat belts for the car.

best seat belt for dogs

What is a Dog Seat Belt?

Many laws have now been passed where your dog must be secured in the vehicle at all times to avoid any distractions leading to crashes.

To ensure your dog is safely secured we would recommend a dog seat belt. It is important to note that seat belts cannot prevent injuries sustained from crashes but they certainly help minimize the extent of injuries.

Like human seat belts, the dog seat belt works the same. It clips to your dogs collar and then clicks into the seat buckle. You can also change the length of the seat belt to ensure it is comfortable and safe for your furry friend.

You will want to ensure that the seat belt is long enough for your dog to get comfortable but short enough that he will not fall of the seat with it attached to your pooch.

Durability of the Strap

You will want to ensure that the seat belt you choose is strong. Consider the fabric part of the belt as this as it will be the part of the belt that the dog may chew through, especially if they are anxious or nervous.

There are even some seat belts (such as Leash Boss above) that are constructed of coated steel to prevent dogs chewing through it. If you were to have an accident you will want to ensure that the seat belt is working to its full potential.


Getting your dog into a vehicle can be quite stressful for both you and your dog. You then have the trouble of getting them to settle in one place to put the belt on. Therefore you will want to make sure that you are able to quickly attach the belt to your dog quickly.

It may be a good idea to trial the belt a few times by clipping it on your dog in the car and then taking it off. This may calm your dog down when it comes to using it in a moving vehicle.


One of the most important things to think about is Safety. You will want to ensure that the seat belt is going to keep your dog safe during the journey.

Ensure that the belt works well to keep your dog secure so they are not able to move around. Good practice would be to check the belt thoroughly before each use.

Best Dog Seat Belt

Types of Seat Belts

There are numerous seat belts and believe it or not each one differs. Its important to find one that will best suit you and your dog.

Clip Attachment

This belt is probably considered the most popular design of seat belt. It works by clipping the end of the belt into the car seat belt holder.

However it is important to note here that these belts are easy to unclip, if your dog is wound up, they may accidentally click the button and the seat belt will unclip. A good idea to cover the clip over in order to get the full benefit of this belt.

Tether Attachment

This type of seat belt works by hooking around the head rest, which then attaches to your dog. If your dog likes to pull and tries to get into the front seat this may be considered the best option for you as it restricts their movements.

The only downside about using a tether attachment is that it can be difficult to use in some vehicles due to the loop. Therefore, you may need to be creative with how you set up the seat belt.

Latch Bar Attachment

This type of harness works by clipping onto the latch bar which is located in the seat. This seat belt is great for ensuring that your pooch is secure. No matter how much force is put against the belt your dog will not be able to get out. The only drawback is that this belt is more time consuming to set it up.

Importance of Getting the Right Fit

When choosing a seat belt it is important that you get the fit for your dog. Ensure that you look at the size chart that the brand of seat belt provide and ensure that you follow the sizing.

You will want to ensure that you choose a belt that can be easily adjusted to fit every stage of your pup growing. Allow for space for your dog to get comfortable on the seat but not enough to allow them to fall of the seat still attached.


Ensuring that your dog is securely restrained whilst travelling in the car is crucial. Not only could they injure themselves in the event of an accident but they can also pose as a distraction to you whilst driving.

Investing into a quality dog seat belt that can attach to a harness or their collar will ensure safety whilst driving. The above recommendations cover a broad range of styles that are suited to all budgets.

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