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5 Best Car Plastic Restorers And Protectants 2019

Restoring your bumpers from a faded grey color to black can be easily accomplished using the best car plastic restorers. Environmental factors that are hard to avoid cause the fading effect that ruins the look and value of your vehicle. These factors include UV rays, heavy rain, dust, road grime, car wash solution and oxidation.

The most common area for plastic to fade is the plastic car bumper as its usually black and its closest to the road. If the bumper is not black, you will want to avoid the plastic restorers that include a black dye as this may have adverse results on your plastic. However, restoring your bumper back to black is very common as black fades quickly and shows clearly unlike other colors that hides the faded color.

Best Black Bumper and Trim Restorers

Plastic RestorerDurabilityOur Rating
TriNova12 Months4.8
Meguiar’s G158126 Months4.8
Gtechniq C424 Months4.9
303 (30326)6 Months4.3
Forever Black6 Months4.5

The best way to restore exterior black plastic trim is to use dedicated plastic restorers. Faded bumpers look really bad and turn more of a grey color than they do black. With a high quality plastic dresser, you can add much needed value to your car as well as improve the appearance.

The bumper is not the only place the make faded plastic look new. You car may require a detailing product to restore the black trim around the car windows or the plastic trim on the door moldings. To restore plastic requires no extensive knowledge or skill, it is very easy to do and cheap.

Below are the best plastic restorer products to restore faded plastic trims or bumpers back to new.

TriNova Plastic And Trim Restorer

best black bumper restorer trinova

The TriNova plastics and trim restorer is one of the best plastic restorers for returning plastics to its showroom condition. Surfaces that are faded can be returned back to life from simply working this solution into the work surface.

The TriNova formula provides additional protection that protects the plastic against rain, dust or UV rays that will prevent early aging of the plastic. The finish from the gel is streak free and won’t leave unwanted streaks after it has rained.

There is no need to purchase an additional applicator, TriNova have this covered and you can begin restoring your faded plastic immediately. It is a highly trusted detailing product across the whole of the US and the results show for themselves.

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Meguiar’s G15812 Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer

best plastic restorer Meguiars G15812

As with any of our detailing articles, there is not one that doesn’t include the Meguiar’s brand. Their Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer works well on all plastics to interior components such as the rear view mirror.

As the name suggests, it works best on black or grey surfaces that have suffered from the environmental factors such as rain or UV rays.

When applying the Meguiar’s plastic restorer, use a tiny spot on an applicator pad and work the formula onto the surface. It will dry instantly and is non greasy to reduce the chance of leftover residue. Its important to note that the surface should be cleaned prior to applying the plastic restorer. Do not apply to surface that require a glossy finish such as glass, paint or tires.

If you are looking for showroom results for your dark plastics, Meguiar’s should be in your detailing kit without a doubt. If you are looking for value for the money, it is the best cheap product for restoring faded plastics, which is surprising as Meguair’s products are usually at premium prices.

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Gtechniq C4 Permanent Trim Restorer

protective barrier for plastic trim Gtechniq C4

If you are looking for a cheap plastic restorer for your car, stick with the Meguair’s product. The Gtechniq C4 price tag is by far the most expensive and is for plastics that require the strongest protection.

So what are you paying all this money for? In short, up to 2 years protection against defective factors that retains the showroom finish no matter the weather. It does not leave a glossy non durable finish that so many of the low quality plastic restorers leave.

There is no need for any fancy applicators, you can use makeup remover pads and an old microfiber towel to remove the residue. Once the plastic is fully clean, simply apply the Gtechniq C4 to the plastic that needs protection and restoring.

The Gtechniq C4 isn’t too popular (yet) in the US but highly popular elsewhere. Maybe people in America are too afraid of the price tag. However, you should think of the durability and the fact you will not need to apply another coating of plastic restoring product for up to 2 years.

Overall, the Gtechniq C4 is the best plastic restorer for protection of the faded trim or bumper.

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303 (30326) Trim Restorer and Protectant Kit

303 30326 plastic restorer

A plastic restorer that is popular in the US is by 303 that can protect and restore lost color with one coating. In terms of protection, 303 claim it will last between 6 and 12 months that is quite impressive for a cheap detailing product.

It leaves a matte black finish to faded plastics as opposed to a glossy look that appeal to car owners. It is a good alternative, however at the same price range as the Meguiar’s product, I would be more inclined to purchase the latter.

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Forever Black Bumper And Trim Dye Kit

best black dye for car plastics

If you want a permanent showroom black finish to your plastics without painting it, you should consider the Forever Black Bumper and Trim Dye Kit. It is not to be confused with a silicone based plastic restorer that will temporary provide a solution.

It is a permanent black dye that requires no buffing and dries in less than 20 minutes to provide a “like new” black plastic. Personally, I would add a plastic restorer and protecter afterwards to prolong the lifespan and give it a better finish.

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What Is The Best Plastic Restorer To Buy?

There are really three options for different circumstances, best all rounder, best price and the best at protection. The TriNova is the best all rounder, whilst the Meguair’s offers great value for money. However, the Gtechniq C4 advanced technology provides all this but at a premium price.

How To Restore Black Plastic Trim On Car

As part of your techniques to wash a car safely, you should also pay particular attention to your black plastic bumpers and trims. Poor washing methods or too strong washing solution can worsen to condition of the plastic and increase the requirement for plastic restoring treatment.

There is actually four methods to restore faded plastic back to new, each with their own benefits, they include:

  • Restoring using detailing products
  • Using Peanut Butter or an oily substance
  • Using Heat to bring out the oils
  • Painting the defective plastic

Of course, the most trusted and best method to restore faded car plastic is by using “Off The Shelf” detailing products such as the ones listed above. These will not only restore the plastic but also provide a protective layer for up to 2 years according to “Gtechniq G4 Permanent Trim Restorer”. However, there are other methods that are proven to work for many keen detailers that like to experiment.

Using peanut butter to restore faded plastic is also a popular method but not necessarily the best. The oil in the peanut butter give the restoring effect but at the same time makes a big mess and a strong smell. I would probably avoid this method but it might be fun to try it.

Using the best heat gun you can get your hands on to heat up the plastic trim to bring out the oils is an alternative method. Its not one that will come to many peoples heads but it certainly works. However, all plastics are different and only so much oil can be taken from plastic. It would be best to test on a hidden piece of plastic first before you attempting to do it all.

The final option would be to simply paint the plastic trim. The plastic may be past restoring or you just fancy a challenge. This would be a permanent fix but does require lots of time and patients to prefect. You could also plasti dip the plastic trim or even use automotive vinyl wrap to cover up the defects.

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  1. The interior plastic on my just purchased 2013 Honda CRV is dark brown and not black. What can i use? There are scuffs and scratches which I really want to restore.

    The exterior plastic is either very dark grey or black so I think a black product would be ok?


  2. I own a yellow Kawasaki Tryx UTV and the yellow plastic is has dulled through the heat of the sun. Can you recommend something I can use to bring back the luster and shine? Thanks

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