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The Best Automotive Sound Deadening Material

Best Automotive Sound Deadening Material

Investing into quality sound deadening material for cars will not only reduce road noise but also improve the audio quality. Methods used to reduce background noise include butyl rubber, covering mats, dampening sprays and foam insulation.

The best automotive sound deadening material is the Stinger Roadkill Expert, which uses a self-adhesive butyl rubber membrane with an aluminum outer layer.

As great as sound deadening material is, it does have a lifespan. This is bad news for old cars as the materials begin to gradually breakdown thus causing extra background noise.

Another benefit of installing sound deadening material into your car is for heat reduction. Some cars, trucks or SUV’s can become very uncomfortable due to the heat but installing some of the recommendations can reduce heat by up to 50%.

Below is a list of the best automotive sound deadening material for cars that are designed to reduce background noise and improve audio quality.

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1. Stinger Roadkill Expert Sound Deadening

Stinger are a reputable brand that are known for their audio wiring, power inverters and their sound proofing. The Roadkill Expert series is a premium sound and vibration damping material that completely eliminates noise and rattles.

It uses a self-adhesive butyl rubber with an anti-vibration membrane and aluminum outer layer that is easy to cut for the installation.

Other features of the Stinger RKX36B Roadkill Expert Series include:

  • Suitable for metal panels, doors, roofs, floors and the trunk
  • Used by professional car audio installers
  • Stops squeaks and rattles
  • Enhances the audio frequency and bass output
  • 36 feet of material included

Stinger state that their automotive sound deadening material has the highest damping to weight ratio available. Overall, it is the best option that combines performance and value for money when compared to the likes of Dynamat.

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2. Noico Automotive Sound Deadening Mat

The most popular sound deadening solution is the Noico sound deadening mat, which is mainly due to its affordable price tag. It uses an automotive butyl and foil construction that is 80 mil in thickness.

Features of the Noico Automotive Sound Deadening Mat include:

  • Covers 36 square feet
  • Indicators embossed onto the foil to help with installation
  • Lightweight at 0.7 LBS per square foot
  • Reduces rattles, vibrations, low frequencies noises and more
  • Suitable for all location from the interior side
  • Allowed operating mode up to 400 degrees

If you are on a tight budget or need to tackle a large surface area, the Noico sound deadener is the best option. It may not use an aluminum outer layer like the Stinger Roadkill but it is certainly far cheaper.

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3. Extreme Dynamat Xtreme Sound Deadening

Dynamat is a premium sound deadening material that is designed to reduce road noise and vibration as well as audio sound quality. It is made in the USA and each pack includes 9 sheets, which is suitable for covering 36 feet.

The brand claim that the Xtreme series by Dynamat has up to four times the deadening effect but half of the weight of the original.

Other features of the Dynamat Sound Deadening Material include:

  • Tar based adhesive compound
  • Can be easily cut to size for a precise install
  • Suitable for floors, doors, roof, hood, trunk and much more
  • Reduces interior temperature by up to 50%
  • Only for automotive usage

Overall, the Extreme Dynamat Xtreme is a highly rated automotive sound deadening material that is used by enthusiasts around the world. It is one of the most expensive within this article but it’s sound deadening abilities are excellent.

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4. HushMat Sounded Deadener Pad

HushMat is another premium automotive sound deadening material that is approved and engineered to fit OEM specifications. The brand promises that once installed, road noise and vibration will be eliminated.

Another desirable feature of this sound deadening material is that is reduces heat by up to 40 %, which is highly desirable for many.

Other feautres of the HushMat Sound Deadener Pad include:

  • No special tools required to install
  • 40 square feet coverage
  • Available in boxes of 10 or 20 sheets
  • Adheres to all surfaces
  • OEM approved
  • Foil outer layer
  • Made in the USA

Overall, the HushMat is an excellent all-round automotive sound deadening material that has the added bonus of being OEM approved. Compared against the alternatives, the HushMat has the better heat reduction qualities.

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5. Kilmat Car Sound Deadening Material

Another affordable option for car sound deadening material is by the Kilmat brand. It is available in a package that has enough material to cover up to 36 square feet and is at a similar pricing point to the Noico alternative.

Other features of the Kilmat Car Sound Deadening Material include:

  • Uses a butyl self-adhesive
  • Embossed foil for installation guidance
  • Includes 34 sheets
  • Weighs just 0.7 LBS per square foot

In terms of the construction and build quality, the Kilmat is virtually identical to the Noico sound deadening material. The only difference is that Kilmat have placed their logo onto the material. Therefore, if there will be any material exposed, the Noico would be the most subtle choice as it has no visible logos.

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Sound Deadening Material For Cars Buying Guide

Using sound deadening material is not only beneficial for car audio. It will also reduce vibration, rattles, squeaks and road noise. However, many people may even use the material for reducing radiant heat inside of the vehicle.

In terms of the installation, it is fairly straightforward but the choice of material you choose will make a big difference. Some are easy to cut and even include indicators to help guide your cutting so that it is perfect.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produces the below buying guide regarding sound deadening materials for cars.

Installation of Sound Deadening Material in Your Car

Before you even begin the installation, you must firstly remove all the existing material. Some areas may require a wire-brush attachment to fully remove the stubborn parts. You may encounter patches of rust where water has become trapped. We advise that you treat it with a rust converter before applying the material.

You should end up with the interior looking very similar to the below image.

automotive insulation and sound deadening

Once you have reached this stage, it is the perfect time to install other audio equipment and amplifier wiring kits. You will want to plan out where the sound deadening material is being installed and make draw cut out lines on the material.

When placing the material over the door cards, you will want to ensure that you are not covering the speaker. Therefore, you will want to make at least 6.5 inch diameter opening for standard 6.5 speakers, which is the most common OEM size.

Once you have cut the material to the correct size, you are then ready to install it. One side will have an adhesive layer whilst the other side will be constructed of foil or aluminum. Ensure that you peel back the paper covering the adhesive. We strongly recommend that you purchase a roller to ensure the adhesive sticks evenly.

Before installing all the interior components back into the car, it’s advised that you check that all audio and electronics are working. Once complete, you should have an end result such as the photo below.

best sound deadening material for cars

What are the Benefits?

Ripping out all your interior to install new material for sound deadening can be a big task. However, the list of benefits make it a worthwhile process and it can be achieved on a relatively tight budget too. Benefits of sound deadening for cars include:

  • Eliminates of vibration and rattles
  • Improved sound quality
  • Background and road noise is reduced
  • Reduces the interior temperature by 50%

Older cars in particular can benefit as the material does have a lifespan and will breakdown. Installing new sound deadening material will return the interior to it original quietness.

Many people replace the material primarily for the heat reduction. It uses the same technology found in most garage door insulation, which can be very beneficial in older cars without suitable air conditioning.

What are the Different Types?

Within this article, we have only recommended damping mats, foam and insulators as they provide the best results. They are also easily installed and can be adjusted after the installation for additional speakers or wiring.

You may have noticed that synthetic butyl rubber is used with the majority of the materials. It is odorless and far better at handling high temperatures when compared against the asphalt alternative.

Another alternative are sprays, which are great for reaching tight spaces but simply they don’t have the qualities of the alternative types.

Where to Place the Sound Deadener

The installation above was an example of sound deadening a full car. However, for many people, there may only be certain areas to soundproof, which include:

  • Interior floor
  • Roof
  • Doors
  • Wheel Wells
  • Trunk and trunk lid
  • Hood

It is important to note that depending where you install the sound deadener will depend on how much is required. For example, the interior floor will require more materials than the roof.


Installing the best sound deadening material can make a huge difference to your car. Not only will it reduce the background and road noise but also improve the sound quality from your car audio system.

All of our recommendations are suited to a range of budgets and are all suitable for automotive applications.

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