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The majority of car products are usable on most trucks but there are additional truck accessories that are not suitable for cars. Such accessories for trucks include all-terrain tires for those who drive on a range of different terrains and require the extra traction. However, the obvious difference is the truck bed, which allows for accessories such as tonneau covers that protect your personal belongings.

The bed of the truck provides a range of additional extras and most truck owners make use of it in some way or another. Below are just some of the different products that are suitable for trucks and trucks only.

Off Road Accessories

The chunky tires and 4×4 drivetrain make off road adventures in a truck far easier with a range of additional accessories. Off road lights are a great addition to any truck as they can be installed in various locations such as the grill to the top of the truck.

Installing the best winch to your truck will also not only help yourself but others when off roading. Getting stuck in sticky situations is fairly common and a winch can be a lifesaver in certain situations.

truck bed accessories

The Truck Bed

The defining characteristic of any truck is the truck bed, which poses so many opportunities. As mentioned above, many choose to install a retractable tonneau cover for security or other purposes but there are many accessories.

From using a truck bed tent for camping to installing a 5th wheel hitch, there are so many accessories and equipment that can be installed, which include:

  • Truck Tool Box with moutning
  • Truck bed lights
  • Truck bed extender
  • Truck mattress
  • .. and much more

Depending upon the usage of the truck bed, many improve the appearance with a spray on bedliner because they do become scratched fairly easily.


Although many of the reviews that our team produce are aimed for all vehicles, there are certain accessories that are designed only for trucks. You can browse all of our truck articles to find what you are looking for.