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The Best Brake Line Flaring Tools 2021

Best Brake Line Flaring Tool

When it comes to restoring or upgrading the brake lines on your vehicle, the use of a brake line flaring tool is essential. They are able to create single, double or bubble flares and can even be used for other applications such as transmission or fuel lines.

The best brake line flaring tool is the Mastercool 72475-PRC, which comes as a complete professional kit and creates double or bubble flares.

Before purchasing any of the flaring tools, it crucial that you determine the types of flares you wish to create. Many brands offer universal tools but other kits may be specific to creating either double or bubble flares and for specific tubing materials.

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Brake Line Flaring Tool Comparison

Brake Line Flaring ToolFlaresTube Cutter
Mastercool 72475-PRCDouble & BubbleYes
OTC 6502 MasterSingle, Double & BubbleYes
TGR Professional SetSingle, Double & BubbleNo
ABN FlaringDouble & BubbleYes
TITAN 51535 3/16Double OnlyNo
Neiko 20657ABubble OnlyNo

Below is a list of the best brake line flaring tools that allow you to create single, double or bubble flares with ease.

The Best Brake Line Flaring Tool

1. Mastercool 72475-PRC Hydraulic Flaring Tool

Mastercool are a brand that produce a range of specialists tools and the 72475-PRC brake line flaring tool is a great example. It’s a professional kit that allows you to create the fastest and smoothest flares with ease.

The brand produce a wide range of flaring tools but this kit in particular ticks all the boxes and has an improved design compared to its predecessor model.

Other features of the Mastercool 72475-PRC include:

  • New and improved hydraulics
  • Magnetic adapter holder
  • Tube & die set stabilizing arm
  • Enlarged die set compression area
  • Supplied with a durable storage box

It comes as a complete kit that is packed with all the adapters and sets you requires as well as a 45° flaring cone, mini tube cutter and much more.

Although this brake line flaring tool kit may be rather large and expensive, it’s the best option for those that have to make a lot of flares. It produces a perfect flare each and every time and it’s built to the highest standards when compared to the alternatives.

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2. OTC 6502 Master Brake Line Flaring Tool Kit

A more affordable alternative to the Mastercool set above is by the OTC brand. Their 6502 brake line flaring tool comes as a complete set that contains a flaring bar, arbor press, adapters, tube cutter and debarring tool.

It’s a versatile flaring tool that the brand state can also be used to flare fuel or transmission lines but as long as they are made from mild steel.

Other features of the OTC 6502 include:

  • Suitable for double and bubble flaring applications
  • Also suitable for fuel and transmission lines
  • Comes as a complete kit
  • Includes a hard case

Overall, the OTC 6502 is an excellent all-round brake line flaring tool that won’t disappoint. Although it’s much cheaper than the Mastercool alternative, it’s still made by a reputable brand that are known for their quality tools.

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3. TGR Professional Brake Line Flaring Tool

Another premium professional brake line flaring tool is by the TGR brand and it’s suitable for single, bubble and double flares. It mounts in a vise and is relatively easy to operate using the T-handle screw clamp, which securely holds the die and tube.

Also included along with the flaring tool and box are dies for 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″ tubing.

Other features of the TGR Professional Flaring Tool Kit include:

  • 45 degree set
  • Includes a sample flare to test
  • Each tool is pre-tested from the factory
  • Mounts into a vise for easy operation
  • Creates single, double and bubble flares
  • Suitable for steel, stainless steel, and soft metal tubing

Although it has a premium price tag and doesn’t come with a tube cutter, the TGR flaring tool is a great investment. It’s a professional grade example that allows you to tackle single, double and bubble brake line flaring with ease.

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4. ABN Bubble & Double Flaring Tool Kit

ABN are a brand that produce a wide range of automotive products in the USA and their flaring kit is a great option. The whole set is built to high standards with the swivel being constructed of chrome plated alloy steel as well as being heat treated.

According to the brand, you are able to create flares for brake and fuel lines, brake pipe repairs, water, gas and many other applications.

Other features of the ABN Flaring Kit include:

  • Hardened flaring bar assembly
  • Supplied with 10 SAE & metric sized adapter dies
  • Yoke assembly reamer
  • Tube cutter included
  • Made in the USA
  • Heavy duty tool storage case

Overall, the ABN kit is an affordable brake line flaring tool that is made in the USA and suitable for both double or bubble flares. Although there are similar kits available, the ABN tools offer a far more superior build quality that is designed to last.

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5. TITAN 51535 Double Flaring Tool

If you only intend to use a brake line flaring tool for double flares, the TITAN 51535 is a great option that offers excellent value. The kit comes with the tool, positioning bolt, double ended punch and even a container or die lubricant.

The brand state that it’s able to create a perfect 45 degree SAE double flares with 3/16 inch steel and nickel-copper tubing. However, if you intend to use stainless steel tubing, this tool isn’t suitable and the best option would be the TGR alternative above.

Other features of the TITAN 51535 include:

  • Creates double flares
  • Suitable for steel and nickel-copper tubing
  • Removable handle for bench vise use
  • Unique compact design
  • Easy to use with instructions

The TITAN 51535 is a high quality brake line flaring tool that has a unique compact design that allows for flaring on the vehicle. This is a highly desirable trait but it can also be used on a bench wise by removing the handle if required.

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6. Neiko 20657A Bubble Flaring Tool Kit

The Neiko 20657A is one of the cheapest brake line flaring tools that is actually worth buying. The brand offer separate kits that are suitable for creating either double or bubbles flares and both come with a one year warranty for peace of mind.

Other features of the Neiko 20657A include:

  • Creates bubble flares with ease
  • Only flares soft steel brake lines
  • Constructed of heat treated steel
  • Comes with 4.75, 6, 8 and 10 mm adapters
  • Supplied with a durable storage box

Overall, the Neiko 20657A brake line flaring tool is a cheap kit that is perfect for occasional use. Unlike similar priced alternatives, this kit is constructed of heat treated steel and comes with a one year warranty for peace of mind.

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Depending upon whether you are upgrading or restoring your brake lines, you will require a flaring tool. They are available to suit many budgets but investing into a quality example allows you to create quick and smooth flares relatively easily.

All of our recommendations are developed by reputable brands in the USA and create single, double or bubble flares. If you intend to use the tool on a regular basis, we highly advise that you buy a professional option to avoid disappointment.

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