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5 Best Car Fire Extinguisher 2018

Storing the best fire extinguisher in your car is just one of many places that it will be important. Cars can catch fire for a variety of reasons and without a fire extinguisher, you can rest assure that your vehicle will more than likely be toast.

The best automotive fire extinguisher is the H3R Performance HG100C with the excellent chrome finish and sizing to fit the majority of cars.

A fire extinguisher can be mounted inside your car using different methods. The most common place to put a fire extinguisher inside a car is the bottom front of the drivers seat or in the trunk where it is tied up to the side.

Best Fire Extinguisher For Your Vehicle

Fire ExtinguisherMountableOur Rating
H3R Performance HG100CYes4.9
Kidde FX511Yes4.7
Fire CommandNo4.8
Kidde 21005779No4.5

The size of the fire extinguisher that you should buy is dependent upon the location of it in the car. A 1 or 2 kilogram fire extinguisher is all that is needed to put a car fire out, which in terms of dimensions is fairly small and can be placed at the bottom front of the drivers seat.

Larger vehicles such as SUVs or trucks can carry fire extinguishers that are larger than 2 kilograms as they can stored in the trunk or elsewhere. Although its not the law to carry a fire extinguisher, it does make sense to do so anyway. If its not for your own well being, you may save someone else from danger or severe money loss.

A fire extinguisher is a must have for race cars or cars that are known to produce flames. They are cheap enough to have multiple and below is a list of the best car fire extinguishers and their brackets for mounting them.

H3R Performance HG100C Fire Extinguisher

The H3R Performance Fire Extinguisher is not your usual red but a shiny chrome finished design. It measure 10 inches in length, 3.6 inches in width and depth of 2.6 inches. It has a gross weight of 1.4 pounds that achieves a U/L Rating: 1B:C. All these numbers means that it is the ideal fire extinguisher for automotive use.

It comes with a mounting bracket but with no hardware to install but I would personally go for one of the mounting brackets above. The powder used to put out any fires is sodium bicarbonate with additives that is considered as dry powder.

Overall, this is the best fire extinguisher for your car when you consider looks and value for money into the equation.

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Kidde FX511 Automobile Fire Extinguisher

Kidde FX511 Automobile Fire Extinguisher

The Kiddle FX511 is a small fire extinguisher perfect for the car that is 10.9 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches in measurements. Due to the small size, you can store it in the trunk, glove-box or mount it to a bracket.

The brand Kiddle are known for their fire safe equipment for both home and automotive uses. The FX511 is small enough so that its great for use in case of any car fires. It is the cheapest fire extinguisher for a car that can be mounted and therefore great value for money.

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FIAFESA5 Fire Extinguisher

FIAFESA5 automotive extinguisher

For liquid or electrical fires, you will want the best automotive fire extinguisher for the job and the FIAFESA5 offers exactly that. Targeted directly at gasoline, oil, grease and electrical fires for an easy and safe method of putting out the fire.

The FIAFESA5 has a UL Rated 5-B:C and 5 years warranty that is great peace of mind when purchasing this extinguisher. There is 1.38 pounds of agent weight inside and for the small cost, is well worth the money.

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Fire Command Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Foam Spray

aerosol fire extinguisher for car

Not every car owner will want to mount a bracket to their car due to space or other reasons. Therefore, you will want a small extinguisher that you can store easily that will be easy accessible. The Fire Common is a fast acting foam that is in the form of a aerosol spray.

Just because its sprayed from an aerosol that it will provide a weak spray. It shoots more than 10 feet in distance, whilst expanding to cover the fire. It is by far the best aerosol fire extinguisher for your vehicle and can also be used elsewhere.

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Kidde 21005779 Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher

Kidde 21005779 Pro 210

The largest automotive fire extinguisher is by Kidde with their Pro 210 model. Clearly, you would not mount this to the car but have it stored in the trunk of the car or if you are in a race car, tie it to a roll cage.

It will fight Class A, B, and C fires and is is UL rated 2-A:10-B:C with a gauge indicating when it is charged and ready to be used. It operates at 100 PSI of pressure with a gross agent weight of 4 pounds.

Any fires that come from your vehicle, you can rest assure that the Kidde Pro 210 will be able to put it out.

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Many owners will simply just chuck their fire extinguisher in their car but if you are a perfectionist, a bracket is the best course of action. Attaching a fire extinguisher to a bracket ensure it doesn’t roll around in the car and break the extinguisher itself.

A fire extinguisher for a race car or your everyday car is essential and if you install a bracket to your car, it will be very useful. Below is a list of the best fire extinguisher brackets you can buy that will work with the above extinguishers.

The Bracketeer Car Extinguisher Bracket

universal car fire extinguisher bracket

The fire extinguisher you buy can be fitted onto any mount. The best mount for a car fire extinguisher is the Bracketeer seat mount. It is a universal fit and mated with a high quality fire extinguisher, it looks excellent.

The bracket itself is fully adjustable across the width so it can mount up to the majority of front seat rails. The installation will take approximately 15-30 minutes and there is plenty of documentation to help you mount it correctly.

Mounting the bracket onto the front bottom seat rail is the best location in my opinion. If there is no mount already there, purchase the Bracketeer as its the best buy for the money.

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Drake Off Road FIREX-MNT-DOR Mount

Drake Off Road Fire Extinguisher Mount

Drake Off Road fire extinguisher mount is an alternative to the seat rail mount and is usually mounted to roll bars or cages but can still be mounted to the seat rail. The design is very slick with a glossy finish on the sturdy high quality metal.

The Drake fire extinguisher mount is one of my favorite mounts and adds a touch of class with the gloss black 6061-T6 billet aluminum.

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Jecr Universal Strap

jecr universal strap for fire extinguisher

Not everyone will want to attach a bracket to their seat and would prefer a simple strap to hold their fire extinguisher. The strap will stop your current fire extinguisher rolling around in your trunk and make it easily accessible.

The material is heavy duty and requires 5 straps to securely hold the fire extinguisher. There are no tools required to install this universal strap and is great for those looking for a simple solution.

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What Causes Cars To Set On Fire

Cars simply do not spontaneously set on fire without a root cause. The 7 main reasons for a car to set on fire are the following:

  1. Design Flaws From New. The latest case is Mercedes Benz with a huge recall of some of their models.
  2. Poor Servicing and Maintenance. Not repairing leaking pipes or broken components can become dangerous with all the flammable substances within an engine. (See how to service your car).
  3. Car Crashes. Crashes happen every second and fuel/oil that spills from cars are highly flammable.
  4. Criminal Damage. Sadly there are people that purposely set fire to cars and people also do this for insurance fraud.
  5. Electrical Faults. Fires caused by electricity is fairly common with high powered batteries sending strong currents around the car.
  6. Overheating Cars. Engines can raise to dangerous temperatures causing liquids to drip onto hot components causing fires. (See why cars overheat).
  7. Leaking Fuel. Petrol/Gasoline is the most flammable component of a car and leaking fuel is very dangerous.

What Should You Do If Car Catches Fire

Understanding exactly what to do if your car sets fire could mean the difference of life or death but also saving your car from being written off.

Firstly, if you smell any sort of burning smell, do not attempt to get to your destination, pullover immediately at the safest place. Failing to do this will increase the burning that could potentially burst into flames and causes imminent danger.

Once you have pulled over safely, switch off the engine to prevent anymore fuel flowing. Get everyone out of the car and keep a safe distance from the car. Call 911/999 and await a fire engine.

If you are well prepared and have purchased one of the recommended fire extinguishers above you can attempt to distinguish small fires or smoke. One word of warning, if the fire or smoke is from the engine bay, do not open the bonnet fully.

The reason behind this is the increase of oxygen can cause the fire to increase in size rapidly. The best method is to open the bonnet slightly and spray as much of the fire extinguisher inside.

What Are Your Thoughts?

  1. Good info. Question: As not knowing a lot about actual extinguishers, have heard that one would need to take extra precautions PRIOR to engaging the extinguisher. For off-roaders (serious rattling/banging around of vehicle), how does this affect the extinguisher? (ie. does it affect how it would effectively be used/engaged? could it potentially be a safety hazard….w/all the rattling around AND if at varied elevations (up to 13k’ alt)? Thanks.

  2. What if you’re interested in purchasing a fire extinguisher to keep in the car due to fires out in California? Not so much a car fire but if there’s some small fire along the side of the road. Also how do the fire extinguishers handle being in a closed up car in extreme heat?

  3. L Kelly – For off-roading, it is nearly mandatory to have the extinguisher mounted in a bracket. Letting it roll around in off-roading will surely damage it or degrade it’s strength/performance. I’m not sure about altitude.

    Michele – Extinguishers will be fine left inside the car. Many people do it. As far as the wild-fires, an extinguisher is not a great tool. They are rated on types of fires they work on by letter, A = wood/paper, B = flammable liquids, C = electrical, and so on. The number by the letter indicates how effective it is on that type of fire. As you can see, the ONLY extinguisher above with an A rating (usable on wild-fire materials) only has a rating of 2. It will work, but not super effective. Also the quantity of agent in an extinguisher is VERY small, probably enough to put out a small camp-fire.

  4. Appreciate all the above info! Is it good enough to keep a fire extinguisher in the trunk of a standard sedan or is it best in passenger compartment? Being kept in a vehicle, is there a maximum temperature under which it should be stored. Thank you!

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