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5 Best Garage Door Insulation Kits 2018

During the winter, garages can become incredibly cold and vice versa in the summer. However, using a garage door insulation kit will target vulnerable areas within the door to prevent heat escaping in the cold or heat coming in when its hot.

The best garage door insulation kit is the Matador Insulation that is available in two different sizes with a tool-free simple installation.

Using a garage door insulation kit is fairly simple to install and all that is required is measurements in order to determine the correct kit for your door. Wooden garage door do not necessarily need an insulation kit but the metal alternative certainly will.

Best Insulation For Garage Door

Garage Door Insulation KitCoverageR-Value
Matador7/8' Tall & 8/9' Wide4.8
Owens Corning 5008247'4 Tall & 9' Wide8
NASA Tech8' Tall & 16' Wide7
Anco DIY8' Tall & 9' Wide9
Reach Barrier 30098' Tall & 8' Wide4.8

Another benefit of adding insulation to your garage door is the fact that it will make buildings quieter and even look better with it installed.  They also do not cause any issues with garage door openers as they are tailored to fit with minor trimming.

It may come to a surprise to many but buying insulation for garage doors is relatively cheap and lasts a fair amount of time with little maintenance. Paying the slight extra for a top of the range kit is highly recommended.

There are a range of materials used from reflective foil, polystyrene foam and panel kits but choosing between them is based from your personal preferences. Below is a list of the best garage door insulation kits that will keep the heat in during the winter and out during the summer.

Matador Garage Door Insulation Kit

The Matador garage door insulation kit is the most popular and for good reason. It is simple to install with no special tools required and is finished in a bright white to provide the garage with an attractive look and its easy to clean too.

Matador offer this insulation kit for garage doors in two sizes with the standard size suited for a 7 foot tall and 8 to 9 foot wide door. The larger size is suitable for 8 foot tall and 8 to 9 foot wide garage doors.

This garage door insulation kit does exactly what you want, which is keeping the garage warm in the winter and cool during the summer. Matador claim that you can install this within less than a hour and the savings will pay for itself as you will be using less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Overall, it is the best garage door insulation kit you can buy and offers great value for money with everything required for a simple installation.

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Owens Corning 500824 Insulation Kit

The Owens Corning garage door insulation kit is another popular product that includes R-8 fiberglass panels with white vinyl surface that is flexible and includes mild detergent properties. Owen Corning states that this insulation for garage doors provides 5 times better thermal performance when compared to an insulated door.

In terms of the installation, it will take approximately 1 hour and it is suited to garage doors up to 9 feet wide and 7 feet 4 inches high. Tools that are required include a tape measure, knife, straight edge and a basic marker.

Overall, it is an excellent insulation kit for garages doors with everything included in the box. The unique fastening system provides a quick and easy installation as well as providing a highly efficient insulation to your garage door.

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NASA Tech Reflective Foam Core Garage Door Insulation

NASA Tech is a reflective foam core that provide an efficient insulation for garage doors and it uses heavy duty double sided tape for the installation. For those that need to improve their R value, this will boost it to 7.

It uses a white reflective foam core for insulation and is suitable for 16 feet wide and 8 feet tall garage doors (double garage) but there are other sizes available.

Finding an insulation kit that focuses on double garages than just singular garage door can be difficult. Luckily, the NASA tech has this covered and is the best double garage door insulation kit without the need of combine too single kits together.

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Anco Complete Garage Door Insulation Kit

Anco is a premium insulation kit for garage doors with a R-Value of 9 for superior thermal performance. Anco state that this insulation kit will fit the majority of garage doors and requires no special tools for the installation.

The insulation itself is a mixture of fiberglass and polymer materials with a 2 inch thickness. Using the kit, you can completely cover a 9 foot wide garage door.

Overall, the Anco garage door insulation kit provides the best thermal performance compared against all the alternatives but you do have to pay a premium for this efficiency. On top of the thermal performance, the insulation provides excellent noise reduction and makes your garage a more comfortable place to be.

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Reach Barrier 3009 Garage Door Insulation

Reach Barrier is another popular garage door insulation and is the cheapest within this article. It is a DIY insulation kit that blocks up to 95% of radiant heat to reduce winter heating loss and is fairly lightweight to prevent the extra strain upon garage door openers. In terms of the coverage, it will insulate the majority of garage doors with a maximum length and width of 8 feet.

The construction of the insulation is fairly unique with two layers of 5/32 inch bubble laminate between the radiant barrier, which provides the extra performance.

Overall, it is a cheap garage door insulation kit that performs well and is simple to install, which is why its so popular throughout the US.

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Garage Door Insulation Buying Guide

Many people spend a lot of time in their garages by serving or detailing their vehicles but some even use it as a gym or a range of other things. However, in most homes, the garage is one place with the least-efficient use of energy since the garage door is made of wood, aluminum or steel.

Moreover, they are usually uninsulated therefore during summer or winter, temperature levels in the garage reach both extremes. To avoid this, having an insulation kit installed would solve the problem and it comes with all the necessary tools to get the job done.

Apart from temperature regulation, insulation also helps in reducing the energy bills and acting as a barrier to street noise. Finally, installing a good insulator is a cheaper alternative to buying a new garage which has better insulation.

Steps of Installing Garage Door Insulator

Installing an insulation kit to your garage door is not as hard as you would think. It can be completed by yourself but having another person to help does make things much easier. Below are some steps that you to follow in order to achieve a simple and stress free installation.

Preparing the Surface

As you are preparing the inside of the garage door, there is no need to worry about the state of the garage door facing outwards and it can be full of graffiti as shown below. However, installation of an insulator needs adhesive which requires a clean surface to stick to, thus cleaning of garage doors is vital.

Installing insulators on garage doors with grease and dirt on their surfaces is more time-consuming since the door must be first cleaned. It is done either by using either acetone or degreaser and later wiping it down with warm water. Once it dries up, the adhesive is now ready for application.

insulation for garage doors

Application of the Adhesive

Double sided tape is a popular choice for a strong adhesive and when installing a roll of double-sided tape, most kit comes with several dozens of Velcro adhesive squares. Tab installation should follow instructions on the manual, with the application of adhesive tabs being the most difficult and time-consuming of the whole process.

The next step is removing the protective covers from the tabs and sticking them to the door following that up by removing the second protective cover from the adhesive part in contact with the barrier.

Test Fit Some Panels

Before removing the outer protective adhesive casings, test to see if the panels fit. Carry out a test install just before the adhesive grabs whatever gets near it to get a feel of how the panels will fit, with panels not necessarily being of the same size. This test run enables one to determine which boards need adjustment to a perfect size.

Trimming Only if Necessary

Overlaps on the edges of the barrier’s insulation is not indeed a bad thing but can be useful in ensuring the garage door insulation is held in place and is not critical. While caution would suggest one measure the panels, adding several inches before carefully cutting, it is more useful to expose the adhesive squares top rows before installing the top of the installation.

Subsequently, this is followed up by cutting the panels putting in mind the need to leave a few inches at the bottom to wrap into the panel supports of the garage door.

Installation of Radiant Barrier Insulation Panels

Exposing the top row of adhesives and following that up with installing a panel at the topmost portion enables one to stretch the material before pushing it onto adhesive tabs. It eliminates any wrinkles from showing after installation is complete.

Once the top part is in position, the panel’s lower part is removed from the way exposing the adhesive on the remaining tabs below. It is followed by stretching the lower portion into place and application of pressure on the adhesive squares to ensure they properly stick.

garage door insulation kits

Types of Garage Door Insulation

The various insulation kits come with different properties, differentiated by thickness, durability levels, shapes, cost per size, different life spans and other factors depending on one’s needs.

Reflective Foil

This insulator is sold on rolls and usually has a thickness of about an inch and a half. Purchasing the reflective foil can either be a single file or double file, depending on one’s needs. In between the two tow, aluminum foils is a layer of polyethylene foam, with double foil insulation coming with two coats of this foam. Despite not being attractive, the reflective foil is a very useful insulator especially for regions with hot climates, the insulator reflecting the radiant heat. Furthermore, its R-value ranges from 3.5 to 6, and this depends on how one applies it.

Polystyrene Foam

Usually sold in large sheets, polystyrene foam needs to be cut to a size equivalent to that of the garage door. This material is very rigid and provides high insulating value despite being of relatively little thickness. Furthermore, the material is more robust to work with in comparison to reflective foil but eventually offers better insulation; thus one’s efforts aren’t in vain.

Panel Kits

For those who value aesthetics, panel kits are the best insulators to go for and are also easier to install on garage doors. It is usually made of plastic laminated polystyrene or fiberglass, and the kit comes with eight pre-cut panels that comfortably fit into the channels of one’s garage door frame.

Polystyrene offers better insulation in comparison to fiberglass, but fiberglass being more resistant to mold and water. Installation of both these panels is easy to install taking around an hour to install these panels completely.

insulation material for garage doors

Factors to Consider when Choosing Insulator

Not all garage door insulation kits are the same and many can be fairly expensive. For that reason, its essential that you understand the basic factors to consider and what to look out for in order to get the best value for your money.

Effectiveness of Insulator

All insulator come with R-value rating system. It is system measures the how effective the insulation is at insulating the garage door, insulators bearing higher R-value providing better insulating properties.

Installation Cost

The installation prices of the insulators differ, and this should guide one on which insulator fits their budget. After comprehensive research, one will have to decide which insulation they find affordable and install it.

The Weight of the Insulator

Before installing an insulator, there is a need to contact a garage door technician to advise whether or not the existing springs can handle the insulator’s weight. It is to avoid the installation of insulation that will hamper the operation of the garage door.

Research your Garage Door

Some garage doors come with some installation while others don’t, thereby one should research on the garage door they have. Garage doors with some insulation will not require a lot of insulation material in comparison to those with little or no padding at all or insulation that has been worn out. Thus, for the garage doors with no insulation completely, a comprehensive kit is needed to bring about any difference.

Type of Insulation

Insulators differ on what they are insulating against, be it heat, cold or both. Insulators designed to reduce the amount of heat getting through garage doors. However, such insulators will not be excellent at ensuring the garage is warm during the cold season.


Insulation for your metal garage door should be an essential as its keep the heat inside the garage during the cold winter months and the heat out during the summer.

This instantly boosts the efficiency and will pay for itself when you factor in wasted energy costs.

All the recommendations in this article are very affordable and suit the majority of garage doors from single to double and even custom sizes. Be sure to take plenty of measurements before choosing a garage door insulation kit to avoid missing vulnerable areas of the garage door.

We also recommend spraying garage door lubrication within any of the moving parts that will be covered up by the insulation. This saves time messing around removing the insulation in case there are any problems in the future.

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