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5 Best Wheel Lock Clamps 2019

Wheel lock clamps play an important role to ensure your car cannot be moved. They are a common anti-theft device that has been used for many years and act as the best deterrent to any passing car criminals.

The best wheel anti-theft lock is the Heavy Duty Coocher Clamp that is universal to fit a range of sizes of wheel and easy to operate for maximum security.

Securing your classic car, RV, trailer or caravan with an anti-theft wheel lock is a highly recommended type of security. There are a range of wheel clamps available with each of their own benefits and drawbacks, with the best blocking access to wheel bolts.

Best Anti-Theft Wheel Clamps

Wheel LocksCover Wheel Bolts?Our Rating
The Club 491No4.8
TMS 4 PieceNo4.7
Trimax TWL100 Ultra-MaxYes4.7

A common wheel clamp that is used by many parking enforcement officers is very basic and do not cover the wheel bolts. This means that you can simply jack the car off and replace the clamped wheel with a spare, which is not good in terms of anti-theft.

However, if you have anti-theft locking wheel bolts, a car criminal will find it hard removing the wheel if the bolts are not already guarded.

For long term storage, a wheel clamp is a heavy duty method of ensuring your car is kept secure. Below is a list of the best wheel lock clamps to ensure maximum security against car criminals.

Coocheer Heavy Duty Car Wheel Lock

The Coocher wheel clamp is a powerful anti-theft lock that is universal and can be adjusted to fit a range of different rim and tire sizes. The construction is heavy duty steel, which is coated in rust resistant paint with the inside made with soft PVC to prevent damage to the rim.

It is a fully functioning wheel clamp that prevents the wheel from being tampered, turning or being removed completely. Painted in bright yellow, the device is an obvious deterrent to the majority of criminals.

Unlike many others, the Coocher covers the wheel locks and has been designed to prevent damage to the wheels with soft PVC. It is easy to operate with a gentle push of the key hole to lock it in place.

Overall, it is the best wheel clamp for the money that prevents the wheel being taken off. It simple to use yet virtually impossible to break for car criminals but of course, everything is breakable when you put your mind to it.

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The Club 491 Tire Claw XL Security Device

The Club brand are known for security and have many top rated steering wheel locks for drivers requiring a different anti-theft device. This claw maintains the reputation as it can be installed in seconds and is self locking without needing a key.

It is a universal fit and includes three laser encrypted keys (for unlocking) that cannot be copied. This claw is slightly expensive but backed by “The Club” reputation to ensure your car, trailer, golf cart and other vehicles are not stolen or tampered with.

Overall, it is the best wheel lock claw and is the easiest to operate with self-locking capability without the need of a key.

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TMS Wheel Lock Clamp Boot Tire Claw

For those looking to completely immobilize each wheel in order to prevent rotating and turning, TMS have the solution. The 4 piece kit is made using heavy duty steel and is adjustable from 6 3/4 inch-10 1/2 inch, which is fairly universal.

In order to prevent rim damage when secure, the TMS claws are soft coated. To operate, simply slide the adjustable claw to the size of your rim and then lock it in place, it is that simple. It acts as a powerful deterrent and it only takes a few minutes to operate all 4.

The TMS 4 piece wheel lock claw package is a strong, durable and well made anti-theft device that will secure a range of vehicles. It offers excellent value for money if you were to buy just a single claw.

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Trimax TWL100 Ultra-Max Adjustable Wheel Lock

The Trimax TWL100 is the most expensive wheel lock in this article and has many premium features. These include a heavy duty steel construction with disk covers to prevent lug nut removal, ruggest weather proof expoxy powder coating and more.

It will work with the majority of wheels between 10 and 18 inch with the adjustable setting. Although it is very expensive, it excels in every part of anti-theft when securing car wheels, trailers and boats.

Many people will opt for the Trimax as they want the best brand wheel lock clamp. However, the Coocher does everything the Trimax can but on a leaner budget.

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Motorhot Adjustable Wheel Lock

For those on a budget and looking for a cheap wheel lock clamp made from heavy duty steel, this is the best buy. It is fully adjustable with 16 locking holes and covers the wheel lugs for excellent protection.

It is a low cost anti-theft wheel lock that is durable and practical. The lightweight and portable construction is easy to setup on your wheel and can be easily stored in your vehicle.

It is the best cheap wheel lock and is a basic device which is secured by key and lock. There are a few other cheaper alternatives but the Motorhot cover the wheel lugs, which is a big bonus for the very reasonable price.

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Wheel Lock Buying Guide

There are various types of anti-theft devices for securing your vehicle or trailer from car criminals. It is the most common form that the majority of people will understand how they work. Wheel locks can work along various other types of security such as steering wheel locks and the basic car alarm.

Wheel locks are often called wheel clamps or claws with the main goal of ensuring your car cannot be driven. They prevent the wheel from turning or rotating but they are not impossible to break. If the car criminals are that determined, they will simply get a chainsaw but this will make a lot of noise.

Below are some factors to consider in order so that you get the correct wheel lock for your requirements.

Covering Wheel Locks

A major flaw for many wheel clamps is the fact you can simply take the wheel off the car that is clamped. If you are able to do this, so is the criminal but you can prevent this with locking wheel bolts.

Some people are in favor of wheel locks that cover bolts whereas others prefer using a claw lock with locking wheel bolts. Either methods are highly recommended but if you are using a claw, ensure you have locking lugs installed.

Prevent Damage to Rims

Metal on metal contact will almost certainly damage your wheels. Ensure that the clamp is either soft powder coated over the heavy duty steel or has soft PVC to prevent scratching.

It only takes a slight movement to cause damage, so its an important factor to consider with all the above clamps satisfying this prevention method.

Trailer Security

Many owners of trailers have the major worry of people stealing the trailer wheels when its not in use. Attaching a heavy duty trailer coupler protects the trailer being taken from your car but nothing is stopping people stealing the wheels.

As the size of trailer wheels are much smaller, be sure to check the dimensions of the wheel clamp and that it adjusts to different sizes.


Protecting your pride and joy that be a car or even a trailer can be achieved with an anti-theft wheel lock clamp. Using multiple forms of security brings more benefits and worth investing into to increase the security and warn off car criminals.

Choosing between a full covered clamp or a claw is based on your personal preference. Just be sure that you have locking wheel nuts installed if you are not planning to cover them.

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