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The Best FM Transmitters 2018

FM transmitters broadcasts a signal from a portable device such as a smart phone to a FM stereo. The best FM transmitter will include Bluetooth, which enables wireless connection to the transmitter without the need to connect an auxiliary cable.

The best FM transmitter is the upgraded Nulaxy Bluetooth Transmitter that has additional functions such as sleep or wake mode and three different music playing modes that include Bluetooth, TF Card and USB.

The reason FM transmitters are so popular is because many drivers want to listen to their own music as opposed to the radio stations. However, not every stereo or car facilitates Bluetooth or AUX connection. FM transmitters are fairly cheap and nowadays offer high quality audio output without disruption.

Best Bluetooth FM Transmitter

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Most modern Bluetooth double din stereos or Bluetooth single din stereos have the connectivity that reduce the requirement for a FM transmitter. However, many vehicles will not have connectivity with their OEM stereos and as a result require a FM transmitter to play music from their smart phones.

The majority of FM transmitters will work with both Android and iPhone smartphones as they use the same Bluetooth connectivity.

There are many cheap units that simply do not deliver and will break within a few months. Below is a list of the best Bluetooth FM transmitters for your car that keep the sound quality as well as including many features from multiple source of input and handsfree calling.

1. Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter

The Nulaxy is a popular FM transmitter worldwide that is highly rated for its functionality and aesthetically pleasing design. It also uses the latest Bluetooth version (3.0 technology) for the fastest and most reliable connection.

This is the latest and more powerful Nulaxy FM transmitter over the much loved 2016 model. The latest version includes additional features such as a sleep/wake mode as well as supporting 3 source of input from TF Card, Bluetooth and USB.

The built in Bluetooth offers Bluetooth hands free calling but the quality of the call will not match the best Bluetooth dedicated car kits. However, you will have to pay 5 times as much for those kits.

The main reason for buying the Nulaxy is not for the hands free calling but for audio streaming through your cars stereo. The Nulaxy offers crystal clear sound quality using the KM20 FM transmitter technology that has enhanced noise cancellation and interference for the best sound quality.

The FM frequencies that the Nulaxy works with starts at 87.5 and rises to 108.0 that are easily changed with the large buttons. The display is fairly large at 1.44″ and you can easily read incomming calls (number or name) as well as other useful information.

Overall, the Nulaxy is one of the best Bluetooth FM transmitters and its highly popular worldwide for the amount of features at a very low cost.

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2. Comsoon Bluetooth FM Transmitter

If you are looking for the smallest Bluetooth FM transmitter, Comsoon is the answer. It is also the cheapest Bluetooth FM transmitter on the market that is highly rated. Even though it is small, it does not lack the important features and includes hands free calling via Bluetooth.

The Comsoon FM transmitter is lacking an AUX port and TF Card port however it has two USB ports that I find slightly odd. Nonetheless, the smartphone calling and controls are located on the side of the device.

One issue that puts this FM transmitter down due to size is the LCD screen. There is no incoming caller ID information that may be awkward for answering calls you would rather ignore. Overall, its the best small FM transmitter for the money.

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3. VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter Adapter

VicTsing is an alternative to the Nulaxy FM transmitter that offers very similar functionalities. From simply inserting this unit in the cigarette lighter of your car, you can have the ability to play music through your car speakers via Bluetooth, USB, AUX or TF Card.

Using the same USB port, you can charge your smartphone at the same time as streaming your music. The VicTsing is also Bluetooth hands free car kit and incoming caller IDs are displayed clearly on the 1.44 inch LCD screen.

An impressive statistic with this FM transmitter is the Bluetooth range. With the latest 3.0 rating, you can have a range of 5 meters. Therefore if you are in a large SUV or minibus, you can have other passengers control the music.

There isn’t many changes compared with the Nulaxy apart from the range, buttons and the dimensions (VicTsing is smaller). Overall, it is one of the best FM transmitters with Bluetooth and on par with the Nulaxy. The choice is personal preference and examine the Pro’s and Con’s of each.

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4. LDesign Wireless In-Car FM Adapter Car Kit with USB

The LDesign FM transmitter is a completely different style to the rather large alternatives that also offer Bluetooth. Available in 7 different colors, the LDesign offers a modern look to the transmitter world with a small LCD screen to display the frequency (ranges between 87.5 and 108.0).

The modern looks also transpire to modern technology such as A2DP sound processing that provides better sound processing. With a built in microphone for the hands free kit over Bluetooth, you can use this device to take phone calls.

You are able to stream music via Bluetooth, AUX, TF Card and USB whilst charging the phone using this FM transmitter. It packs all the features you require into a compact and sleek design. Overall, it is by far the best looking FM transmitter.

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5. JETech Wireless FM Transmitter Radio Car Kit

JETech offer a simple designed FM transmitter that connects to smartphones via an AUX cord. It is made from high quality plastic with sturdy buttons to adjust the frequency. For a cheap FM transmitter, there is even 6 months warranty, that is confidence by the manufacturer.

Its important to note that iPhone 7+ smartphones will not be compatible due to having no AUX port. Therefore, you will require Bluetooth to AUX adapter to be able to use this transmitter.

There is a choice of colors from black, white, pink and gold but the black is much more nicer in terms of looks. The FM frequencies ranges from 88.1 to 107.9 and overall this FM transmitter is a simple and best cheap FM transmitter that will continue to work for years to come.

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Bluetooth FM Transmitter Buying Guide

Listening to the radio and music that you simply do not want to hear can become very mundane. With a cheap FM transmitter, you can switch to music streaming of your own music without any wires or complicated setup.

The majority of wireless FM transmitters are cheap to buy and some even come with warranty. You will usually pay additional if you want the hands free calling but 9 times out of 10 it is included within the package.

wireless fm transmitter thats wireless

Music Streaming

The main purpose of the FM transmitter is to tune into an unused radio station and match it to your device. This is the way music is played through the cars speakers but the quality can be varied across devices.

If you have just purchased car speakers for sound quality but you have a cheap FM transmitter, it may output distorted music. Paying the small amount extra for a powerful FM transmitter such as the Nulaxy is worth the extra.

Hot Key Buttons

The buttons on the Bluetooth FM transmitter can make a world of difference when trying to use the device. The Nulaxy has huge buttons that allow you to switch between songs and answer calls but without this you will need to use your phone.

This can become an issue because you may need to unlock the device and more, which will distract you from driving.

Power Source

The majority of Bluetooth FM transmitters will run from a 12V cigarette lighter. For those that drive older cars and notice that the transmitter is not working, be sure to check the fuse that powers the cigarette lighter. From our research, this seems to be a common issue and not a faulty transmitter.

If the fuse is working, check the continuity using a car electric multimeter to see if there is any current running to the cigarette lighter.

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