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The Best Dog Car Barrier 2021

best dog car barrier

Using a dog car barrier is the best option to keep dogs safe in the cargo area and away from the driver or passengers whilst travelling. The majority of fully adjustable and can be installed in the majority of passenger cars.

The best dog car barrier is the Jumbl Pet Adjustable Barrier, which is constructed of steel wire that can be adjusted with ease and requires no special tools.

When searching for appropriate dog barriers for your car, you have the option of a mesh or steel wire construction. Depending upon the size of your dog and whether they like to move around a lot, we would advise choosing the steel wire design.

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Best Dog Car Barrier

Dog Car BarrierConstructionAdjustable
Jumbl PetSteel WireYes
Bushwhacker Paws n ClawsMesh & Metal TubingNo
MidWest DividerWire MeshYes
Kurgo BackseatAll MeshNo
Solvit TubularMetal TubingYes

According to studies carried out by Kurgo and AAA, 1 in 5 people admitted to taking their hands off the wheel to prevent their dog climbing into the front. This brief lack of concentration is enough to cause a car accident.

Using a dog car barrier is the best method to reduce the need to take your hands off the steering wheel. They are available in a range of different styles and ensure your dog cannot distract you whilst driving.

Below is a list of the best dog car barriers that are a universal fit for the majority of cars on the road and ensure your dog is kept safe in the cargo area.

Jumbl Pet Adjustable Dog Car Barrier

The Jumbl Pet Adjustable Barrier is by far the most popular and is suitable for the majority of passenger cars on the road. This is thanks to a clever design that adjusts for universal fitting without the use of any tools.

The patented design uses a main panel that is 35.5 x 16.5 inches, which then attaches to the two adjustable side panels. These additional panels are 12 x 10.5 inches and can be attached to the main panel to suit your cars configuration.

Other features of the Jumbl Pet Dog Barrier include:

  • Fully adjustable for universal fitting
  • Protective pads to prevent interior damage
  • Steel wire construction
  • No special tools for installation
  • Lifetime warranty

Although the brand state that it’s easy to install, it may be different depending upon your car. However, once installed it will be a reliable method to ensure that your dog remains safe in the cargo area and doesn’t climb into the front.

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Paws n Claws Deluxe Dog Barrier

The Bushwacker Paws n Claws Barrier is a premium option that combines an all mesh construction with metal tubing. This has the benefits of both materials and is virtually indestructible according to the brand.

One drawback of this barrier compared with the alternatives is the lack of adjustment. The brand offer various different sizes to suit a range of different vehicles but it’s important that you take measurement beforehand.

Other features of the Bushwacker Paws n Claws Barrier include:

  • 56 inches wide with other sizes available
  • Attaches to the front headrest or the seat frame
  • Lightweight metal tubes to prevent the dog pushing itself through
  • Allows cold or hot air to flow through from the vents
  • Rugged design to handle even the most energetic of dogs

Overall, it is one of the best options available to secure your dog behind the front seats. It does come with an expensive price tag and requires you to take measurements but it will not disappoint.

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MidWest Wire Mesh Car Barrier

MidWest is a brand that are known for their wired crates and the dog car barrier they produce uses the same durable wire materials. It is fully adjustable and requires no special tools to install the barrier inside of your car.

In terms of the adjustment, it adjusts from 31 to 70 inches wide and 31 to 50 inches in height, which will accommodate the majority of cars.

Other features of the MidWest Wire Mesh Car Barrier include:

  • Durable metal mesh design
  • Universal fit for most cars
  • E-coated finish to prevent glare
  • Includes adjustable rods and tubular steel
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

When not in use, the clever design allows the rod legs to slide into the rubber molding, which reduces the storage space required. Overall, it is an excellent all-round dog car barrier that is durable and provides great value for money.

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Kurgo Backseat Car Barrier For Cars

Kurgo is another huge brand in the dog apparel and accessories industry and their barrier is an all-mesh design. However, this doesn’t mean it will break easily because Kurgo provide a lifetime warranty against any defects.

Installing the dog car barrier is fairly straight forward and requires you to tie the straps to the headrests and seat frames. You are able to adjust the straps but not by too much as you will want the barrier to be as secure as possible.

Other features of the Kurgo Backseat Car Barrier For Cars include:

  • Universal fit for most vehicles
  • Allows air flow to pass from the vents
  • Includes a storage pocket and cup holder
  • Easiest barrier to install within this article
  • Lifetime warranty

Overall, the Kurgo Backseat Car Barrier is a great option that is affordable, lightweight and durable. With a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, you can rest assure that it can withstand a lot of punishment from your dogs.

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Solvit Tubular Car Barrier

An issue with many barriers is that they can block the rear vision of the driver. However, the Solvit Tubular alternative uses limited metal construction for the best vision whilst using a barrier. However, the drawback of this means that it’s only suitable for medium to large breeds and small dogs may be able to pass through.

Once you have assembled the dog car barrier, it can be installed and adjusted in minutes. Thanks to the included quick-disconnect clamps, it can also be removed easily too.

Other features of the Solvit Tubular Car Barrier include:

  • Adjustable from 32 to 49 inches high and 33 to 57 inches wide
  • Plastic cap pieces included to reduce metal rattling
  • Suitable for most cars and small SUV’s
  • Rubberized top and bottom caps for increased grip
  • Made in the USA

Overall, the Solvit Tubular Dog Barrier is great for those requiring clear rear vision but it’s only suitable for medium to large breeds. It also comes with a greater price tag when compared to the alternatives too but there are many desirable features.

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Dog Car Barrier Buying Guide

Driving with the dog in the car can be stressful because they can be full with energy and want to jump around. However, you will want to be able to concentrate on driving without any distractions, which can be achieved by using a dog car barrier.

For smaller breeds, you can use a dog seat belt but this is not ideal for medium to large breeds. Dog barriers that are designed for cars ensure that they remain in the cargo area or backseats and do not have access to the front.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding dog car barriers.

Barrier for Backseat or Cargo Area

Depending upon the type of car that you have, you may want to keep your dog in either the backseat or the cargo area. Most SUV’s and large cars will benefit most from keeping dogs within the cargo area due to the size available.

There is also less damage for the dog to cause in the cargo area whereas you may require a seat cover for dogs if they are on the backseats.

For smaller vehicles, the backseat is ideal and the barrier will attach to the front seats frame and headrest. You can even use a dog car seat to secure them in place behind the barrier for added protection.

Mesh vs Wired Construction

One of the main differences between most dog barriers for cars is their construction. The mesh barrier such as the Kurgo recommendation uses straps to connect to the front seats and is much easier to install. They are lightweight and usually cheaper but it’s important that they allow suitable air flow. Some cheap meshed example block the cold air flow, which can make your dog feel fairly hot at the back of the car.

Wire dog car barriers are far more rugged and can take a lot more punishment from larger breeds. They require patience to assemble but most brand provide quick connectors for easy installation inside the car and removal. They can also be easily adjusted with metal clamps that hold the wired construction in place.

Vehicle Compatibility

The ability for the dog car barrier to adjust will make a huge difference. Being able to configure the barrier to suit your vehicle means that it can be used with a variety of cars. However, there are other factors to consider.

For those that drive two door cars, using a dog car barrier will become quite a pain. Each time you slide the seat forward to gain access to the rear, the barrier will move forward. This means that the majority of barrier will not be compatible.

Although the barrier may be adjustable, it may not reach the height or width of your vehicle. Therefore it’s critical that you take your own measurements beforehand so that you are not left disappointed.

best dog barrier for suv

Interior Protection

For those that take great care of their interior, you will want to ensure that the barrier doesn’t cause damage. You will want to ensure that where the barrier attaches to the headrest or seat frame that there is suitable padding. If not, we highly recommend making your own padding to avoid any damage to the interior.

Other Desirable Features

When browsing various barriers, you will notice some unique features that make the barrier more desirable. Some of the features include:

  • Easy installation and removal
  • Padding to reduce rattling and other noises
  • Additional storage and pockets
  • Grips to keep the barrier upright
  • Suitable airflow through the barrier
  • Long warranties

The installation varies between different manufacturers but for an idea of what is involved, Kurgo have produced a quick tutorial guide.


There are hundreds of dog car barriers to choose, which makes finding the best fairly difficult. All of our recommendations will keep your dog in the cargo area or backseats and can withstand a plenty of punishment without breaking.

Although many brands claim that their barrier is completely universal, we strongly advise that you take your own measurements. Only then will you be able to decide whether or not it will fit your vehicle and prevent your dog getting past it.

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