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The Best Car Air Purifier 2019

Investing in a car air purifier will help improve the quality of the air inside your car by removing particles such as pollen, dust and dirt. Most purifiers function by sending streams of negatively charged particles to neutralize the air.

The best car air purifier is the Philips GoPure Compact 200 with its three stage filtering process that eliminates up to 99% of harmful air particles in your car.

There are three main methods of air purification and they come in the form of filters, ionizers and ozone generators. Each have their own benefits and drawbacks but budget will play a big part in your buying decision.

Best Car Air Purifier Ionizer

Car Air PurifierTypeAir Quality Indicator
FRiEQ Ionic IonizersNo
HomdoxHEPA FilterYes
Autowit MiniIonizersNo
Nova 2.0IonizersNo

If you have cleaned your interior with the best car upholstery cleaners you can buy and it still smells bad, you should try a car air purifier. They ensure only healthy clean air is present and will not allow bad smells to linger such as tobacco and so on.

Benefits of using a car air purifier include removing allergens, pollutants and any other harmful air particles. Considering that you spend a large amount of time driving inside your car, it is worth investing into a purifier that will improve your health.

Car air purifiers come in all shapes and sizes with different methods of removing harmful and unclean air particles. Below is a list of the best car air purifiers that effectively remove harmful particles for cleaner air within your vehicle.

Philips GoPure Compact 200 Car Air Purifier

The Phillips GoPure Compact 200 model is the best car air purifier for those wanted the latest technology and highest purification power of any device available. It uses a three stage filtering process of removing any air particles that are harmful.

Features of the Phillips GoPure Compact 200 include:

  • 13 foot 12V power cable
  • Healthy air indication via LED light
  • Current air quality sensor with three levels
  • Uses both HEPA and HESA for 3 stage purification
  • Attachment belt, suction cup and anti slide pads included
  • Adjust the speed that you want it to purify the air
  • Turns on and off automatically

For those that want to remove the smell of tobacco from their car, the GoPure provides 3x better tobacco smoke removal over ionizers. It is the best method of removing tobacco smell from cars without scrubbing for hours with potentially damaging cleaning products.

The healthy air indication is a very desirable feature. The sensor detects the quality of the air present inside your car and outputs the quality in the form of blue for good air quality, fair is yellow and poor quality air will be red.

Overall the Phillips GoPure Compact 200 has been certified by a German Independent Test House and is the best car air purifier you can buy. The only drawback is the price, which is because its fairly expensive but for those that are serious about air quality, its a worthwhile investment.

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FRiEQ Car Ionic Air Purifier

The FRiEQ is a car air purifier that is simply connected to a 12V cigarette lighter and releases 4.8 million negative ions into the inside of the car. The main attraction of this car air purifier is that it is the smallest yet still packs a powerful punch.

Other features of the FRiEQ Car Air Purifier include:

  • LED blue light for indication
  • One of the smallest purifiers available
  • Neutralizes contaminants such as mold, bacteria and more
  • Destroys bad odors instead of covering them up

Like with the other devices, you will know that this is working via a light. Once turned on, the FRiEQ removes bad smells and harmful particles to ensure that you are breathing in healthy air.

It is vital that you only use a 12V cigarette lighter with this device otherwise it will blow the fuse. Overall, it is the best small car air purifier that will remain discrete within the car yet work just as well as the larger models.

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Homdox Car Air Purifier

If the Phillips car air purifier price is a bit too steep and you want a HEPA filter over ionizers, then the Homdox Car Air Purifier is a great alternative. The “True HEPA” filtration captures approximately 99.7% of allergens to ensure the air you breathe inside the car is clean.

Features of the Homdox Car Air Purifier includes:

  • Integrated air quality sensor
  • Simple on and off button
  • CE, RoHS and FCC certified
  • Tripe-level filtration technology
  • Carbon treatment removes formaldehyde
  • Ultra quiet at 40 to 55dB

This is the cheapest HEPA car air purifier that includes an air quality sensor to detect any bad odors or harmful air particles. Like the Phillips model, it has three different colors to provide feedback on the quality of the air you are breathing in.

It may not look or feel as luxury as the Phillips alternative but it is much cheaper for those on a budget. The Homdox Car Air Purifier offers great value for the money and the manufacturers back this up with 100% guarantee on this car air purifier.

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Autowit Fresh Mini Car Air Purifier

Another budget HEPA filter car air purifier is the Autowit device, which not only removes the harmful air particles but also outputs a pleasant smells inside the vehicle. Other features of the Autowit Mini Air Purifier include:

  • Combination of an air filter and ionizer
  • Triple filtration system
  • Releases 8 million negative ions
  • Quiet purification at just 35 dB
  • Motor runs at 8,000 RPM
  • LED indication with various colors
  • Auto detection of air quality

Overall, it is a great all rounder with a 3 stage filtration that removes pollen, smoke, dust and much more. Unlike other car air purifiers of a similar price, the Autowit device run very quiet yet still runs at an impressive 8,000 RPM.

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Nova 2.0 Powerful Ionic Car Air Purifier

For those that use their cigarette lighter socket for other devices, having an additional USB port can become very useful. The Nova 2.0 has exactly that feature, which means you are able to power other devices.

Other features of the Nova 2.0 Car Air Purifier includes:

  • Dual 2.1 amp USB charger ports
  • Produces 5.6 million negative ions
  • 1 year warranty and 30 days guarantee
  • Compact design
  • Generates safe levels of ozone

The Nova 2.0 plugs straight into your cigarette lighter socket and gets to work straight away. The brand claim that it cleans up to 15% more purification speed and this upgraded version (second generation) comes with an attractive blue glow from the device. It is a powerful odor eliminator that removes a range of bad smells from your car and it offers excellent value for money when compared to alternatives.

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Car Air Purifier Buying Guide

Air Purifiers for your car come in all sizes and shapes with different filtration methods from HEPA filters to Ionizers that capture the particles. A car air purifier works by sending out streams of negatively charge particles to neutralize the air. However, there are many different types available and some even draw in the air.

Considering the majority of us spend a lot of time in our cars, the importance of clean air is just as important as at home. Benefits of car air purifiers include no tobacco smoke smells, no mechanical smells from the car, removal of allergens and bacteria and a much better smelling car.

car air purifier for clean air

Sources of Air Pollution Inside The Car

Many people simply do not see the benefits of using a car air purifier but understanding the air pollution that enters the car may help with explaining their uses. For example, if you like to drive with the windows down, particles will enter the car. These particles come in the form of dust, pollen, fumes and more.

Poorly smelling cars due to various odors can also be eliminated with a car air purifier. This is very desirable for many and can make driving inside your car far more pleasurable.

Ionizer vs HEPA Filters

Ionizers that feature in car air purifiers trap airborne particles present in your car. Using electrons that are released from the device, they attach to air molecules, which then form ion that attract harmful particles and bad odors. This process is what cleans the air from within your car and remove allergens.

A filter type of purifier such as the Phillips GoPure Compact 200 uses multiple filters that first capture big particles, then the HEPA filters removes dust and other harmful articles. Many include a third step, which include a HESA filter that removes bad odors such as smoke from cigarettes. This is usually only found within the premium models such as the Phillips model.


Due to the sizes and connectors that come with most car air purifiers, you will notice that many are placed in different areas of the car. For example, many are just connected straight into the 12V cigarette lighter, others are left in drink bottle holders and some are mounted with suction cups anywhere in the car.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

All of the best car air purifier devices in this article are basically one button to turn on or automatic turn on and off. Many bad examples require a long winded setup as well as multiple cables to plugs to plugin in order to power up the purifier.

It is also worth mentioning that some may require slight maintenance overtime. This is due to the purifier catching various debris,  dust, pollen and other particles from within the car. Maintenance may be as simple as applying small amount of water or using a car vacuum for non-washable types.


Investing into a quality car air purifier will ensure that the air you are breathing in whilst driving is clean. Some people suffer more from air particles than others and it makes sense investing that little bit extra for multiple layers of air purification.

All of our recommendations cover a range of different types of a purifiers that suit a range of budgets. From better smelling interior to the elimination of allergens and germs, there are a range of benefits from installing a car air purifier.

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