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5 Best LED Off Road Lights for Trucks 2019

For adventurous driving, you will want the best off road lights for clear visibility. The lighting that you will want to go for is LED based rather than halogen because they are much brighter and more aesthetically pleasing.

Off road lighting had become a very popular modification for trucks and 4×4 vehicles. The main purpose is to provide additional light for poor weather conditions or extra light on the trail. The LED lighting is also becoming a fashion trend with various sizes and shapes available.

Best LED Off Road Lights for 4X4 Vehicles

Off Road LightsWattsLumens
Yitamotor Curved Light Bar30027,000
Nilight Fog Light181,260
Nilight Light Bar12622,000
Cutequeen Cree Spot Light363,600
OLS Circular Light513,800

Off road lights are usually two different types which are fog and spot lights. Using materials such as ABS plastic, steel, aluminum and other high quality metals, they are usually mounted above the windscreen. This gives clear vision of what lays ahead and are less likely to become damaged from rough road conditions.

The main three choices for bulbs for your off road lights are Halogen, HID and LED. Halogen bulbs are cheaper to buy but becoming less popular compared to HIDs and LEDs. The alternatives to Halogen bulbs are both much brighter but LED lights are popular due to their low cost.

It is best to avoid the cheap and nasty off road lights as they will be a disappointment. We have thoroughly researched the 4×4 market and below are the best off road lights for trucks.

Yitamotor Curved LED Light Bar

YITAMOTOR roof off road lights

If you are looking for the brightest off road lights for your truck, the Yitamotor is the answer. With 300 watts and 27,000 lumens that is 52 inches long over dual row LEDs, the road will be very bright. Even the design of the Yitamotor off road lights is sculptured to perfection with a curved shape.

The design matched with the sheer power makes this off road light very popular for trucks. For those that off road frequently, the light bar has a waterproof rating of IP 67 with a long lasting corrosion resistance. The manufacturers claim that the LEDs will last up to 50,000 hours and this is backed up with lifetime warranty.

A problem that many people find with roof off road lights is the wind noise. However the sleek curved design has been proven to reduce the noise and vibrations significantly. Many people will also mount this light bar to the bumper but this is entirely up to you.

The dimensions are 52 x 2.3 x 2.6 inches and in terms of installation, it comes with a mounting set and wiring harness with an on and off switch.

The Yitamotor curved light bar is more expensive than other design but you are paying for the high quality materials that it uses. Overall, it is the best roof off road light that will compliment any truck that it is installed to.

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Nilight Fog Light Off Road LED Lights

best windshield off road lights by Nilight

Nilight offer an introduction into additional lights with these affordable off road lights. They have 18 watts of power that creates 1260 lumens per light where you can add as many as you like. Nilight also offer a 52 inch light bar for those wanting maximum light.

The installation is fairly simple and these work best on the lower corners of the windshield. This has the benefit of adjusting the angle at which light is directed. Nilight have capitalized on this and have made the mounting brackets adjustable to up to 45 degrees.

The waterproof rating is IP67 and the manufacturers claim you will be able to stay under water for 30 minutes as long as you stay less than 3.3 meters deep in water. The off road lights should last for 30,000 hours which is a fair life span considering how cheap they are to buy.

With a two year limited warranty, the Nilight fog off road lights are great value for money. They are the best windshield off road light and highly popular throughout the US for various vehicles or applications.

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Nilight Light Bar Off Road Lights

best bumper off road lights by Nilight

Another design from Nilight is the light bar that is ideal for the bumper of your vehicle. They are incredibly bright that uses advanced LED chips at a high transmittance. As with the fog lights, they are IP67 waterproof rated that can go in water to a depth of 3.3 meters.

The 2PCS light bar is the one to go for as you pay a small amount more for a much brighter light. The lifespan is 30,000 hours with the same two year limited warranty but it uses all high quality parts that will easily exceed this lifespan. It has 1260 lumens of light from 126 watts which is amble lighting for most applications.

Overall, this light bar off road light is perfect for vehicles subject to harsh weather and road conditions. It is the best bumper off road light and can be installed to fit a range of bumpers as the bar is adjustable where the brackets slide from end to end.

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Cutequeen Cree LED Spot Light

best cheap spot light off road lights by cutequeen

If you are looking for the cheapest off road lights for your truck that are actually high quality, the Cutequeen has an excellent 4 piece set. Each spot light is 6.5 x 4 inch that produce 36 watts and 3600 lumens.

The lifespan of the LED bulbs are up to 50,000 hours, which is very high for such cheap off road lights. The design of the lights has also been thought through with features that improve the airflow for cooling that aids the lifespan.

The mounting and the lights are adjustable, which means you can target any angle on your truck. The kit comes with 4 lights that you will provide you with a large light visibility.

Overall, the Cutequeen LED spot lights are the best cheap off road lights and definitely worth the money.

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OLS 7″ 51W LED Off Road Light

circle off road lights by OLS

The OLS circular off road lights are medium sized and offer a different design compared to standard rectangular styles. The performance of the light is an impressive 51 watts with 3800 lumens over a 60 degree flood light area.

It is rated at IP 67 waterproofing as per the others in the article that seems to be the standard for the majority of off road lights. In terms of mounting the product, it will work well on all the popular locations (bumper, windshield and roof). Many drivers will even include this style of lighting on top of their others for greater brightness.

Overall the OLS medium sized circular light is a great alternative to the standard rectangular styles and also provides high power for a small unit.

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How To Install Off Road Lights To A Truck

Installing off road lights yourself will require some knowledge of wiring and confidence in drilling into the vehicle. If you feel that you don’t posses these traits, I would seek help from a professional. To fit off road lights to your vehicle, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Disconnect The Battery. For safety reason, ensure that there is no current flowing before starting any work.
  2. Determine Which Light To Use. Whether its a roof, windshield or bumper light, it needs to be purchased before you start work.
  3. Mark Specific Location Of Light. Drilling will be required, therefore mark with masking tape the exact locations to drill into the vehicle. Ensure there is no headliner or objects that will be damaged from the drilling. If so, change the mounting location that has more leeway for when the drill piece penetrates.
  4. Drill Into Markings. Using an exact drill piece, drill into the markings but do not go too far!
  5. Use Rust Protection Paint On Metal. The metal will now be exposed and will require a rust prevention paint to prevent rust forming.
  6. Mount The Off Road Light. Using the bolts and fixings that came with the light begin to fit it. Use silicone in the drill holes to prevent any water leaks and install a grommet in the wiring hole and pull the wires through and seal it.
  7. Select Location For Light Switch. You will want the switch to be accessible to the driver and be able to install wires to the switch to the battery and to the light.
  8. Connect Wires From Light Switch To Light. Connect the ground wire and then the power wire to the switch. Use provided connectors if the off road light provides them.
  9. Connect Wires From Light Switch To Battery. Connect the switch wire to the battery and ensure that it is a fused connection for safety reasons.
  10. Reconnect Battery. Once you are happy, test the lights works by reconnecting the battery.

The 10 steps guide to fitting off road lights is hopefully useful but there are parts that are often neglected that shouldn’t. Protecting the exposed metal with the best rust prevention paint you can purchase is very important. Missing this step will result in some extensive bodywork later down the line. Some may go down a very simple route of simply installing them to their roof rack, which can be achieved fairly easily.

If you find that the off road light is not as bright as you would expect, look at your battery or wiring. Poor connections within the wiring of the light will cause intermittent flickering or black outs. Before fitting an off road light, ensure that you have a powerful car battery to handle the extra load.

brightest lights for off road truck

Bumper, Windshield or Roof Off Road Lights

You will want to find the best position for the led light bar that you choose to buy. The most popular locations that many truck drivers tend to choose are the bumper, windshield and roof.

Regardless of the location of your off road lights, they are an excellent modification to your 4×4 vehicle.

Below are the pro’s and con’s of each mounting location for your lights you buy.

Mounting Off Road Lighting On The Bumper

The main reason for placing the lights on the bumper is simply because its much easier to install. There is far less risk drilling that you would find with the other locations, which gives you piece of mind if you are installing the lights yourself.

The low ground placement is perfect for off road fog lights that will brighten the road ahead that much more than your headlights. However, you are still limited to the same area of visibility as the lights are still pointing the same directions as your headlights.

Mounting Off Road Lighting On The Windshield

Off road lights on the lower windshield pillars is popular method to increase visibility but may require some drilling. As they are mounted within the lower corners of the windshield, they can be angled outwards to increased the area of brightness.

The spotlights will be the best choice for the lower windshield but ensure you have a clear vision whilst driving. Too large of a spotlight can cause an obstruction in your view and made worse if they are pointed outwards.

Mounting Off Road Lighting On The Roof

The best place to mount your off road lights is the roof or A pillar because it provides the largest lighting area. Also, being higher up, the lights are less likely to get damaged from lower down hazards to which there are many.

However, the trade off for such excellent light visibility is the installation. You will be required to drill through your roof that sounds scary. You will also have an increased height, which depending upon your current vehicle height may be an issue with garages or car park entrances.

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