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The Best Brake Bleeder Kit 2021

Best Brake Bleeder

Whilst replacing your brake fluid, it’s essential that all bubbles of air are removed to prevent potential braking issues. The best method of doing this is to use a brake bleeder kit that purges the brake lines of any air bubbles.

The best brake bleeder kit is the Motive Power Bleeder, which is portable and has a heavy duty design that is suitable for a complete system flush.

Bleeding your brakes can be achieved by two methods that include pressure or vacuum pumping. Unlike the traditional pump and hold method, the pressure or vacuum bleeding kit is a one man job that is also far more efficient.

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Brake Bleeder Comparison

Brake Bleeder KitTypeReservoir
Motive Power BleederPressureIncluded
Mityvac 6830VacuumIncluded
Capri Tools KitVacuumIncluded
Power Probe BAKIT01PressureSeparate
Mityvac MV8000VacuumSeparate
OEMTools Bleed-O-MaticManualIncluded

Bleeding your brakes with fresh brake fluid is highly recommended every two to three years. Without replacing the fluid, it can lead to brake failure as overtime it absorbs moisture, which reduces the efficiency of the brakes.

A brake bleeder kit is a worthwhile investment that enables you to bleed the brakes yourself. The majority of the kits are universal with adapters to fit different sized threaded caps.

Below is a list of the best brake bleeder kits that allow you to eliminate any air bubbles during a brake fluid change.

The Best Brake Bleeder

1. Motive Products Power Bleeder Kit

By far one of the most popular brake bleeder kits on the market is by Motive Products brand. The main reason for its popularity is due to the heavy duty design that is constructed of high quality corrosion-proof materials.

Included within the complete kit is a pressure tank, hand pump, gauge, 110 adapter, gasket, hose and other accessories.

Other features of the Motive Products Power Bleeder include:

  • Pressure pumping
  • Compatible with 45 mm threaded caps
  • Maintenance free design
  • Built-in hand pump
  • 2 quart pressure tank
  • Precision pressure gauge

The Power Bleeder combines performance with value for the money and the heavy duty design ensures that it lasts many years too. The brand also offer a range of different brake bleeder kits to suit the majority of vehicles on the road.

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2. Mityvac 6830 Vacuum Brake Bleeder Kit

Another popular automotive brand with a range of brake bleeding kits is Mityvac. The 6830 model is a highly rate brake bleeder that has a 1.9 liter reservoir that can perform multiple bleeding applications without needing to be emptied.

A unique feature of this brake bleeder is the automatic shut off valve, which prevents overfilling of the reservoir during vacuuming.

Other features of the Mityvac 6830 include:

  • Vacuum pumped bleeder type
  • Swivel air inlet to prevent kinks in the hose
  • Large coarse threads to prevent cross threading
  • Molded base to maintain stability
  • Can be mounted upon a work bench
  • Bleeds at a rate of up to 1.9 liters per minute
  • 4.3 SCFM at 90 PSI

The Mityvac 6830 is an easy to use brake bleeder that is built to a high standard and backed by a reputable brand for peace of mind.

It’s important to note that you will need to use a portable air compressor that is capable of delivering between 60 to 150 PSI for optimum functionality.

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3. Capri Tools CP21029 Vacuum Brake Bleeder

Capri Tools are a reputable brand in the garage tools industry and their brake bleeder kit is a high quality option. It’s compatible with most standard or ABS brake systems and includes an intuitive integrated silencer to reduce the noise output.

Included in the kit is the brake bleeder, 40 inch silicone hose and a universal rubber adapter for use straight out of the box.

Other features of the Capri Tools CP21029 include:

  • Vacuum pumped mechanism
  • Bleeds and flushes brakes or clutches
  • Designed to fit most rake oil bleeder fittings
  • Requires 2 CFM of compressed air
  • Easy to use handle to initiate pumping

The Capri Tools CP21029 is an excellent all-round brake bleeder kit that is affordable yet performs like the premium options. It can also be used for removing fluid within the power steering pump, master cylinder, coolant and power transfer unit.

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4. Power Probe BAKIT01 Pressure Brake Bleeder Kit

For those that own multiple cars or work in a garage, purchasing a master kit is highly recommended. The Power Probe BAKIT01 is a professional grade example that includes 12 different adapters which are compatible with most auto manufacturers.

It’s important to note that you will need to purchase a bleeder tank to complete this professional kit. We would recommend the GearWrench 3795D tank, which matches the superior quality of this brake bleeder.

Other features of the Power Probe BAKIT01 Kit include:

  • Aluminum and cast iron bodies
  • Color coded for simplicity
  • Anodized finish to protect the adapter
  • 90 degree male hose coupling
  • Expandable o-ring for a leak proof seal

If you intend on carrying out multiple brake bleeding tasks, the Power Probe Kit is the best option. Although it’s one of the most expensive kits, it does have all the adapters to suit a range of different fittings, which makes it a worthwhile investment.

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5. Mityvac MV8000 Brake Bleeding Kit

If you require an affordable brake bleeder kit, Mityvac produce a cheaper alternative known as the MV8000 model. It’s the brands most popular hand vacuum pumps that is truly portable via a hand pumping mechanism.

Included within this kit is the vacuum pump, gauge, reservoir bottle, storage lids, adapters, plugs, tubes and other accessories.

Other features of the Mityvac MV8000 Brake Bleeding Kit include:

  • Vacuum pumped without an air compressor
  • Can be used for power steering with an adapter
  • Basic kit that is easy to use alone
  • Compatible with most make and models
  • Includes a range of accessories

Overall, it’s a cheap vacuum brake bleeder that doesn’t require an air compressor and uses a hand pumping motion. This means that it is highly portable and easier to use as there is no additional connections required.

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6. OEMTools One Man Brake Bleeder

OEMTools produce the widest range of brake bleeders, which include professional grade examples to the cheapest on the market. The Bleed-O-Matic is their budget option that they state is a one man brake bleeder kit.

It’s a two piece design that includes a plastic bottle to collect the brake fluid, set of hoses and special tapered fittings for a secure connection to the bleed valve.

Other features of the OEMTools Bleed-O-Matic include:

  • Intuitive two piece design
  • Uses strong magnets hold it to the car
  • Supplied with a set of hoses and tapered fittings
  • Suitable for caliper, wheel and master cylinders
  • Includes a limited lifetime warranty

The OEMTools Bleed-O-Matic is a great budget option that is easy to use and allows you to bleed brakes on your own. Due to the very low price, it may not be as high quality but its a fraction of the cost when compared to some of the alternatives.

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Brake Bleeder Kit Buying Guide

Bleeding your brakes is far easier when using a bleeder kit because it make it a one man job too. Rather than having one person hold the brake pedal down and the other unscrewing the bleed valve, you can simply use the kit to prevent any air bubbles.

Investing into the best kit you can get your hands on will transform the way you bleed your brakes. To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding brake bleeder kits.

Pressure Brake Bleeder Kit

Why Bleed Your Brakes?

If you feel that your brakes are spongy or travel further down to the floor than usual, you require your brakes to be bled. Trapped air bubbles can lead to brake failure, which you won’t want to happen at high speeds on the public road.

It’s also recommended that you change the brake fluid and bleed the braking system every two to three years too. Even though it may not require bleeding, it’s a worthwhile process. Air can often get into the system whilst replacing components such as the brake pads or failing components.

Brake Bleeding Methods

In order to remove air from the lines, you will need to bleed the brakes, which can be achieved using three different methods. These include the vacuum pumping, pressure pumping and the older pump and hold method.

Vacuum Pumping

By far the most popular type of bleeding brakes is by using a vacuum brake bleeder. It attaches to the bleeder valve and fluid is extracted using the pump until it is clear of bubbles within the tube. The best brake bleeder kits often use an air compressor but there are alternatives that use a hand pump mechanism.

Pressure Pumping

A pressure brake bleeder application differs from the vacuum as it attaches to the master cylinder with the valves opened one at a time.

Pump and Hold

The older and more traditional method of bleeding your brakes is by using the pump and hold method. It involves two people where one person push the brake pedal down and holds it in position. The other person then opens the bleed screw to allow the trapped air to escape and then screwing it up before the other person lifts up the brake pedal.

Which is Best?

Both the pressure and vacuum brake bleeder kits have their own benefits and drawbacks. However, whichever you choose will allow you to work alone and are far more efficient than the standard pump and hold method.

What Brake To Start With?

In order to effectively bleed the brakes, you will need to bleed them at each brake. Unless otherwise stated within the cars manual, we advise that you begin with the brake furthest away from the master cylinder and then move towards it.

In short, this mean beginning with the rear right caliper, rear left caliper, front right caliper and then finally the front left caliper.

Brake Bleeder Kit


Whilst bleeding the system, excess fluid must enter the reservoir, which means it must have enough capacity to hold all of the fluid. We advise that you research the amount of brake fluid your vehicle requires and purchase a reservoir cup that is larger. If this is not possible, you will want to ensure that it easy to empty when it becomes full.

Hose and Attachments

Most bleeder kits will come with a range of additional accessories such as hoses and other attachments. Most are made specifically for the kit and ensure that there is a tight fit, which prevent any air leaking out.

Pressure Gauge

To ensure that you do not over or under bleed the system, you should analyze the pressure gauge. Most will range between 0 to 30 Hg, which is the standard measurement for pressure.


Unlike the older method of brake bleeding, use a bleeder kit is an easier and safer way of preventing air bubbles. They are available as a vacuum or pressure kit where both force the flow of fluid faster than the pump and hold.

All of our recommendations are suited to those that want to bleed brakes on their own and a range of budgets. To ensure maximum efficiency, we advise that you check the vehicles manual for further brake bleeding instructions.

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