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The Best Headlight Restoration Kit 2021

Headlight Restoration Kit

A headlight restoration kit allows you to restore dull, cloudy or hazed headlights using a drill attachment or your hands. Most come as a complete kit that usually include a polishing compound, sanding or polishing pads, lubricant, sealant and other components.

The best headlight restoration kit is the SYLVANIA 3 Step Kit, which restores sun damaged headlights and provides a protective barrier against UV rays.

There are numerous methods of restoring your headlights such as using a car polisher machine, WD40 and even toothpaste. However, the best restoration method is to use a dedicated kit that comes with everything you require out of the box.

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Headlight Restoration Kit Comparison

Headlight Restoration KitApplication
3M 39084Hand
Meguiar's G2980Drill
Turtle Wax T-240KTDrill
Philips RestorerHand
TriNova KitDrill
Mothers NuLensDrill
OPT7 Ceramic NuDrill
Adam's RestorerDrill
Rain-X 800001809Hand

Most brands offer a choice of kits that can be applied by hand or drill attachment. Depending upon the severity of the defects will determine the kit that’s best suited to your requirements. Most heavy duty formulas require application by a drill attachment for the deepest of cleans.

Cleaning your headlights is far easier than you would expect. Not only do they improve the appearance but they also restore the light output and beam pattern to its original condition.

Below is a list of the best headlight restoration kits that clean the lens of any cloudiness and protects it against further damage.

The Best Headlight Restoration Kit

1. SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit

SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit
By far the most popular option is the SYLVANIA headlight restoration kit, which removes haze and reveals a like-new appearance.  It uses an easy three step process that prepares the surface, remove any defects and then seals it for maximum protection.

The standout features of this headlight restoration kit is the lifetime warranty, which demonstrates the high quality finish of this product.

Other features of the SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit include:

  • New and improved kit
  • Removes yellow, dull or hazed headlights
  • Finishes and seals the lens
  • Impressive lifetime warranty
  • Provides a like-new appearance
  • Application by hand
  • Restores the light output and beam pattern
  • Protects against UV rays

The complete kit includes a compound, surface activator, UV block sealant, sandpaper, applicator, gloves and microfiber towels for tackling all defects.

It’s one of the best headlight restoration kits on the market that’s developed and tested by the highly reputable SYLVANIA brand. It also has the benefit of providing excellent result by hand and without requiring any power tools.

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2. 3M 39084 Headlight Restoration Kit

3M 39084 Headlight Restoration Kit
The 3M headlight restoration kit is another popular option that comes with a compound, polishing and sanding pads. They components work together to clean and remove any haze that has built up upon the headlights.

For those that aren’t confident using a power tool, this headlight restoration kit doesn’t require any tools, which makes it a desirable option for many.

Other features of the 3M 39084 Headlight Restorer include:

  • Suitable for headlights, taillights, fog and direction lights
  • Restores cloudy and dull plastic lenses
  • Masking tape and several trizac abrasive discs included
  • Easy to use with provided instructions
  • Includes a synthetic wax protectant
  • Application requires tools

The 3M 39084 is an excellent all-round headlight restoration kit that returns headlights back to a “like new” condition. If you would prefer to use your power tools, the brand also has another kit suitable for application via tools.

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3. Meguiar’s Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit

Meguiars Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit
The Meguiar’s headlight restoration kit is another popular option that contains everything that you require to tackle the worst of lens damage. It’s a heavy duty formula that requires a drill to work the formula into the cloudy headlight lens.

Included within this headlight restoration kit is a high quality coating, which the brand states protects the lens for up to 12 months.

Other features of the Meguiar’s G2980 Kit include:

  • 4 oz PlasX clear plastic cleaner and polish
  • 4 oz headlight coating and applicator
  • Wool buffing pad attaches to drill to use with PlasX
  • 1000 and 3000 grit sanding discs
  • Includes a coating that last for up to a year
  • Suitable for up to 6 to 8 headlights

For those that require a more powerful treatment, the Meguiar’s headlight restoration kit is an excellent option. It’s designed to tackle thick layers of dirt, grime and damage with a heavy duty formula that’s worked into the lens via a drill attachment.

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4. Turtle Wax T-240KT Headlight Lens Restorer

Turtle Wax T-240KT Headlight Lens Restorer
The Turtle Wax headlight lens restorer is a three step process that removes discoloration and debris from your headlights. It includes a rubbing compound that improves the quality of the lens and a lubricant which makes it easier to clean.

Everything that you require is included within the kit and according to brand, you can restore the headlights in just a few minutes.

Other features of the Turtle Wax T-240KT include:

  • 4 oz spray lubricant
  • 4 oz clarifying compound
  • Includes microfiber cloth for easy application
  • 3 wet restoration pads to buff away deeper damage
  • Doesn’t require a power drill

    The Turtle Wax headlight lens restorer is designed to be easy to use and comes with everything that you require out of the box. The brand also state that it can be used on paint and any light surfaces, which makes it an even more versatile product.

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    5. Philips Car Headlight Lens Restoration Kit

    Philips Car Headlight Lens Restoration Kit
    The Philips brand are highly reputable for their high quality headlight bulbs and they also produce their very own restoration kit. It’s designed for use upon headlights, taillights, turn signal lights and any other reflective lens covers.

    A standout features of this headlight restorer kit is the superior UV protection qualities, which the brand states will last up to 2 years.

    Other features of the Philips Restoration Kit include:

    • Effective results from hand application
    • Simple four step process
    • Suitable for most lenses
    • Provides up to 2 years protection against UV
    • Water based pretreatment, cleaner and shine restorer
    • Contains sandpaper in 600, 1500, and 2000 grit levels

    Although the Philips headlight lens restorer kit is one of the most expensive kits, it’s a worthwhile investment that won’t disappoint. All of the components of the kit are designed to the highest of standards and it also provides the longest UV protection qualities.

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    6. TriNova Car Headlight Lens Restorer Kit

    TriNova Car Headlight Lens Restorer Kit
    The TriNova headlight restoration kit is a complete solution that’s able to remove oxidization and protect against future damage to the headlights. The brand include a large quantity of the product and it can be used on multiple headlights or other lenses.

    Included within the kit is an efficient rubbing compound that not only cleans the lens but also contains a sealant to provide UV protection.

    Other features of the TriNova Restoration Kit include:

    • Cleaning spray and polishing cream
    • Heavy grit sandpaper and buffing pad included
    • Offers long term UV protection
    • Simple and easy to use
    • Suitable for a wide range of lenses

    The TriNova headlight restoration kit is an affordable and effective solution that won’t disappoint. It’s simple to use and provides fast results on headlights with tough discoloration. Compared to similar priced alternatives, this product also comes in a much larger quantity for the best bang for your buck.

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    7. Mothers NuLens Headlight Renewal Kit

    Mothers NuLens Headlight Renewal Kit
    The Mothers 07251 NuLens kit is another popular headlight restoration kit that’s able to power through the toughest of defects. Included in the kit is a 3 inch backing plate, PowerBall polishing tool, restoration disc and 8 oz of the polish.

    The brand state that their restoration formula is so effective that it can buff out light scratches, yellowing or stains in just a single step.

    Other features of the Mothers NuLens Headlight Renewal Kit include:

    • Restores crystal clarity to the headlight lenses
    • Proven PowerBall technology
    • Tough protective, oxidation-inhibiting polymer layer
    • Requires a drill to work in the formula
    • Satisfaction guaranteed by the brand
    • Instructions provided

    Although expensive, the Mothers NuLens headlight restoration kit is a highly rated option that won’t disappoint. It’s also very effective on other surfaces such as automotive bug shields, convertible top windows, reflectors and much more.

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    8. OPT7 Ceramic Headlight Lens Restoration Kit

    OPT7 Ceramic Headlight Lens Restoration Kit
    The OPT7 is a unique headlight restoration kit as the brand claims it’s the only product that uses a ceramic nu coating. The benefit of this advanced technology is that it provides superior UV protection, scratch resistance and a crystal clear finish.

    Unlike other headlight restoration kits, this product uses a thorough five stage process that promises to provide the best results.

    Other features of the OPT7 Ceramic Nu Kit include:

    • Professional grade restoration kit
    • Latest ceramic nu coating technology
    • Application via drill attachment
    • Sanding discs, polishing pads and prep pads included
    • Thorough restoration process
    • Crystal clear finish

    This headlight restoration kit is more than capable of providing excellent results but you will need to go through various stages. If you are looking for a fast and affordable option, the OPT7 isn’t that. However, if you are willing to put the work in, it provides a crystal clear finish that’s protected using the latest ceramic nu technology.

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    9. Adam’s Car Headlight Restoration Kit

    Adam's Car Headlight Restoration Kit
    Adam’s are a highly popular American detailing brand and have recently released their own headlight restoration kit. They state that their product is able to restore any lens within 30 minutes and require a standard hand drill for effective polishing power.

    The kit comes with a backing plate that’s designed to work with any handheld drill and it’s designed to restore even the most neglected of headlight lenses.

    Other features of the Adam’s Restoration Kit include:

    • Safely removes oxidation and other defects
    • Cloth, backing plate, pads, detail spray and polish included
    • Three stage process
    • Requires a regular hand drill
    • Suitable for other detailing applications
    • Made in the USA

    The Adam’s headlight restoration kit is an excellent all-round option that provides great results with all the detailing products included. It requires a hand drill but this allows you to tackle the toughest of defects with ease.

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    10. Rain-X 800001809 Headlight Restoration Kit

    Rain-X 800001809 Headlight Restoration Kit
    The Rain-X 800001809 is one of the cheapest headlight restoration kits that’s actually worth buying. It’s a multi-step kit that provides a deep clean with specially designed polish, which can then be protected using the included sealant.

    Included within this headlight restoration kit is 3 grain levels of sandpaper, towels, lubricant, polish and a protective sealant.

    Other features of the Rain-X Headlight Restorer include:

    • Removes haze and discoloration
    • Multi-step kit for a much deeper clean
    • Polish and sealant included
    • 3 grain levels of sandpaper to choose
    • Suitable for multiple headlight restorations

    Overall, it’s a cheap headlight restoration kit that comes as a complete kit for tackling dull or hazed headlights. Although it may not provide as good as a result when compared to the premium options, it’s a fraction of the cost and offers excellent value for the money.

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    Restoring your headlights with one of the recommended kits is far more affordable and easier than replacing the headlight altogether. Many are a simple single step process whereas others have multiple steps to provide a true deep clean.

    As with a car polish, you have the choice of using power tools or applying the product by hand. Depending upon the severity of the defective headlight will determine the type of headlight restoration kit that best suits your requirements.

    All of our recommendations are suited to a range of budgets and include all the accessories that you require out of the box. These include a polish, sealant, lubricant, cloths, buffing pads and other components. If the kit doesn’t include a sealant, you can use a headlight clear coat, which acts as a protective barrier against UV rays.

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