The Best HID Conversion Kit 2019

Improving your driving vision at night or during poor weather conditions can be achieved by using a powerful HID kit. Basic halogen bulbs are simply outdated and the majority of cars use LED headlights. However, a HID conversion kit will allow you to personalize the color output as well as increase visibility with the extra power.

The best HID kit is the Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit, which is available in a wide variety of lighting tones and bulb sizes and also comes with 2 years warranty.

When the first HID kits were for sale around a decade ago, they used to be priced at sky high prices but things have completed changed these days. Installation is key to the overall look at night and an incorrect fit of the HIDs may blind other motorists.

Best HID Conversion Kits

HID KitColorsBallast & Watts
Kensun Xenon Conversion3,000 to 30,000KAC - 35w
OPT7 Boltzen3,000 to 10,000KAC - 35W
SDX HID Headlight Kit3,000 to 30,000KDC - 35W
XENTEC3,000 to 30,000KAC - 35W
XtremeVision4,300 to 30,000KDC - 35W

The colors of the HID is determined by the Kelvin rating, with the color starting from a yellow and then turning to a desirable white. Some HID kits have a higher Kelvin than the white and produce a blue/purple light will not be street legal within the US.

All HID kits will use a specific ballast that will be either an AC or DC form depending on whether the source of power is directly from the battery or its converted into alternating current beforehand.

HIDs are highly debated throughout the car community but overall, they are far cheaper than OEM xenon upgrades. Below is a list of the best HID kits that will increase your visibility of the road ahead at night or in bad weather conditions.

Kensun HID Xenon Headlight Conversion Kit

The Kensun HID Kit is a simple plug-in and play conversion kit that takes less than 20 minutes in most cases. There is a wide variety of bulb sizes to choose from, so compatibility with your vehicle is highly likely and you are able to do a range of lights from main beams, fog lights and others.

In terms of the color choices, they provide a variety of Kelvin rating kits that include 3,000K up to 30,000K but of course, the latter would not be street legal. 5,000K is their most popular choice by many car enthusiasts.

Kensun state that their HID’s are weather-proof, water-proof, shock-proof and produce 3 times brighter light whilst using 80% less power than halogen bulbs. Kensun also provide a 2 year warranty for peace of mind too.

Overall, it is the best HID kit you can buy that will increase your visibility on the road and are durable enough to last many years.

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OPT7 Boltzen CanBUS HID Kit

For those that are willing to spend the extra and want a powerful HID kit, the OPT7 Boltzen offer 6 times more light than halogen. These produce an impressive 4,100 Lumens and uses Canbus technology to minimize errors caused by HIDs.

It uses a AC ballast with a 35 wattage that uses 35% less power than a halogen and provides up to 6,000 hours of usage. OPT7 provide a 2 year warranty and lifetime support with this HID conversion kit for peace of mind.

Installation is fairly straight forward with the kit included all the relay harnesses, bulbs, ballasts, capacitors, brackets and instructions. There is a variety of bulb sizes to choose from and 5 different lighting choices from 3,000K to 10,000K.

Overall, they are the most powerful HIDs you can buy that are still plug-in and play and do not require a complex installation.

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SDX HID Headlight DC Xenon

The SDX is another popular HID conversion kit and unlike the Kensun alternative above, this kit uses a DC ballast. Installation is straight forward too as included within the package are mounting brackets and instructions.

Both the SDX and Kensun kits are very similar as they both produce a variety of colors and bulb sizes to suit all driver requirements.

Overall, the SDX HID Kit is a cheaper alternative to the Kensun with the same design and performance but the difference being the ballast type. AC performs better overall but DC is cheaper.

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XENTEC HID Conversion Kit

The Xentec HID kit uses a DC voltage with a 35 wattage output and works in temperatures as low as -40 and high as 95 degrees. They perform well too as they output 3,500 Lumens of super bright light and have a 5,000 hour life expectancy.

As with the majority of HID kits, there is a range of bulb sizes and choice of 3,000K to 30,000K conversion kits to choose from. Installation is fairly straight forward as everything is included and its simply plug-in and play.

Overall, they are a great all rounder with a good specification and relatively good value for money. If you are still using halogen bulbs, these will provide an instant improvement of your vision at night or in poor weather conditions.

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XtremeVision HID Xenon Conversion Kit

There are a number of cheap HID kits available but many are simply unreliable or produce the incorrect light. However, the popular XtremeVision conversion kit targets affordability whilst keeping high build quality. This can be seen by the premium slim ballasts that make fitting the HIDs much easier.

XtremeVision offer their HIDs in a range of colors starting from 4,300K and all the way up to 30,000K. There is also a variety of bulb sizes to fit the majority of vehicles.

Considering that they are a cheap HID Kit, they still come with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind as well as a ISO9001 Certification and European E-Mark.

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HID Conversion Kit Buying Guide

HID conversion kits allow you to convert your traditional headlights to bright xenon bulbs. You can have the best headlight bulbs in the world but halogen will never be as bright as the HID alternative. These are some of the brightest bulbs on the market and will give you the best performing headlights possible.

However, while all HID conversion kits come with xenon bulbs, there are many other differences between them, and it can be difficult to choose between the range of HID conversion kits on the market. Here’s what you need to know when shopping for HID conversion kits to make an informed decision.


One of the biggest benefits to installing HID xenon headlights is that they come in a variety of different colors, so you can choose what color beams you want your headlights to put out. They range widely, from a cool blue-white light to a more golden glow to pinks, greens, and more.

For car enthusiasts, the opportunity to install a preferred shade of headlight makes the car feel fully customizable and personalized. The brightness of the Xenon beams also means that the color you choose won’t affect how bright they are, which isn’t necessarily true of other types of bulbs.

Different Color HID


Something that’s very important to look at when shopping for HID conversion kits is the wattage on the bulbs provided. Ideally, you’ll want a kit that comes with 55 watt bulbs, which are the brightest. These bulbs put out 5,000 lumens and look stunning on any car. However, some kits are only wired with a 55 watt ballast and a 35 watt bulb, which isn’t as bright.

This is because most cars are only set up for 35 watt bulbs. The 55 watt ballast helps create very bright beams without the actual bulb, but it’s still not quite as bright as if the bulb had this wattage itself. If you do get a 55 watt bulb, just keep in mind that you may need to do some extra wiring to install the headlights.

Ballast Type

HID conversion kits come in two different ballast types – AC and DC. In general, you’ll want to look for an AC ballast type. DC ballasts just aren’t as effective as AC ballasts. AC ballasts are good at regulating the heat and voltage running to and from the headlight, while the DC ballast doesn’t do as good a job with these challenges and can result in long-term problems.

Ease of Installation

While installing an HID conversion kit is going to take some work regardless of your experience with cars, some are easier to install than others. There are certain factors that will make one HID kit easier to install than another.

For example, you’ll first want to check what kind of instructions the HID kit comes with and how beginner-friendly it is. You’ll also want to look into whether or not you’ll need to buy extra parts to install the headlights. This depends both on the HID kit and your car, so you may have to do some pretty extensive research to make this determination.

You’ll need to look in your owner’s manual to learn more about the car, and you may need to look online for videos as well to get a good grasp of the inner workings of your car’s headlights. Keep in mind that there’s a learning curve for everyone when installing new headlights for the first time, so really take your time and don’t get frustrated if you don’t get it perfectly right away. Don’t be afraid to ask an auto professional for help as well if you are really struggling.

Car HIDs

Beam Configurations

A fun feature that some HID kits offer is the ability to configure the beams into different shapes and patterns. If you prefer the shape of narrow or round beams specifically, you can use your HID kit to create these configurations. Before purchasing your HID kit, take a look at what beam configurations they offer and how easy it is to change beam configurations once the product is installed.

This unique feature adds another level of customization to your car and can actually be very useful when driving in very dark places. In addition to beam configuration, you’ll want to check to see if your HID kit offers multiple levels of beam strength. Having the ability to turn your brightness up or down depending on the setting makes for safer and easier driving.


Durability is another important factor to consider when shopping for an HID conversion kit. You’ll want your bulbs to last for years to come before having to replace them. When shopping, you should assess how long the bulbs are intended to last, as well as the quality of the wiring and ballast. Kits with well-made parts are going to hold up to more wear and tear than inexpensive kits with flimsy parts. It’s always worth spending a little more money to get a kit that will last you for years to come and really add value to your vehicle.

General Quality

The overall quality of the HID conversion kit is important to take into consideration when making a purchase. When you’re putting money into upgrading your vehicle, it’s important to make sure that you aren’t investing your resources into something that’s going to break easily. An important thing to look at is where the kit is manufactured.

There are many very cheap kits that are made in China, but unfortunately, these don’t typically provide the best quality. They typically have flimsy parts that will need to be replaced. You’ll want to look into the quality of the materials in the kit to ensure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Installing HID lighting is a great way to up the value of your car and customize it by installing headlights that fit your desired look. Xenon headlights are the brightest on the market, with a beautiful piercing beam that comes in a variety of different colors. When shopping for your HID conversion kit, be sure to take your time and really look into all your options to make sure you’re getting a high quality kit that’s completely compatible with your car.


A premium aftermarket HID kit can completely transform the vision you have of the road during the night or in bad weather conditions such as fog. Most conversion kits come with everything you require for a simple plug-in and play installation and it can take as little as 20 minutes.

The Kensun HID kit is the most popular HID Kit brand and is well built with an impressive 2 year warranty. However, many people may want more power in terms of Lumens or want something else that is cheaper for the time being. All of the recommendations in this article will be a huge improvement if you are currently using standard halogen bulbs.

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