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The Best Car Battery Charger 2019

Investing into a modern car battery charger will ensure you are able to keep your battery topped up whilst the car is not in use. These days, many have different modes such as maintenance or conventional charging and an engine start function.

The best car battery charger is the NOCO Genius G3500, which can be used for 6 or 12 volt batteries and it actively monitors the health of the battery whilst charging.

You can have the best car battery on the market but if its not getting charged via the alternator or left for long periods, it will eventually become dead. A flat battery can be very frustrating and you should really have a car battery charger for such occurrence.

Best Car Battery Charger For Dead Battery

Car Battery ChargerAmpsEngine Start
NOCO Genius G35000.75 to 26 AmpsNo
Battery Tender Plus1.25 AmpsNo
Schumacher (SE-2352-CA)200 AmpsYes
BLACK+DECKER BC15BD15 to 25 AmpsYes
CTEK MUS4.34 AmpsNo

When it comes to the type of car battery charger, the battery size and type will play a big part. For example, if you have a bigger engine, you will have a bigger battery and this will result in requiring a more powerful charger. Most chargers will work with the standard lead battery but if your car uses a AGM or gel battery, you will have to have a suitable charger that is compatible with that type of battery.

For those that want a fast car battery charger, you will require a higher amperage charger, which will cost more. Most portable devices will only be able to reach around 30 amps but larger static chargers can have 300 amps and over.

Unless you have a garage, a portable car battery charger is a must as you will need to connect it to a socket and then to your car. Below is a list of the best car battery chargers that are safe to use and come with a range of different modes.

NOCO Genius G3500 Smart Car Battery Charger

The NOCO Genius is a portable car battery charger with a range of features that work well on many different types of batteries. It can bring back a battery that has died or is very close to dying quickly and can be used simply to maintain batteries.

It is available in many different power options and works on marine, powersport, and lawn vehicle batteries as well as automobiles. Here are the notable specs of the NOCO Genius G3500 UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger.

  • 7 power levels available, ranging from .75 amps to 26 amps
  • Charges both 6 volt and 12 volt batteries
  • Works on lead-acid and lithium ion batteries
  • Can be used as a maintainer
  • Actively monitor the health of your battery
  • Use spark proof technology
  • Safe technology and design
  • Reverse polarity and overcharge protection

The versatility of the NOCO Genius G3500 is what really makes it stand out from other battery chargers on the market. Overall, it is the best car battery charger on the market and also the most popular with a range of power options to suit your personal requirements for your vehicle.

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Battery Tender Plus Battery Charger

The Battery Tender Plus is a car battery charger that doubles as an effective battery maintainer. This means that if you car is not in use for long periods, you can hook this car battery charger to it and put it in float mode to keep the battery topped up

It has electrical safety measures in place to ensure that your battery charges as efficiently as possible with no damage and it works quickly to get a dead battery back to full power. Here are some of the notable features of the Battery Tender Plus.

  • Can recharge a completely dead battery to 80 percent in 10 hours
  • 12 volt charger with 1.25 amps of power
  • Automatically maintains the battery at safe storage voltage
  • 6 foot power cord and harness for difficult to reach terminals
  • Temperature compensated charger for safety and efficiency
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Lights to indicate charging status

The Battery Tender Plus is a battery charger and maintainer that you can count on to work safely and efficiently. The intelligent design addresses all the potential problems you could have with a battery charger, ensuring that there’s no damage to your car or danger to you. It’s also very efficient and will automatically switch to float charging mode when necessary.

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Schumacher Automatic Wheel Battery Charger

The Schumacher Automatic Wheel battery charger is a good option for a quick battery charge with minimal hassle. It’s fully automatic with a few different settings, so you can choose the most efficient charging option for your car.

It also has an engine start feature, so you can get your engine restarted after recharging your battery if they are both dead. This charger is also fairly intuitive to use, with LED lights to indicate your car’s charging status.

Here are the notable features of the Schumacher Automatic Wheel battery charger.

  • Fully automatic that is controlled by a microprocessor
  • 200 amp engine start
  • 35 amp engine boost
  • 6 to 2 amp slow charge/maintenance mode
  • Automatically switches to float mode when necessary
  • LED lights indicate current charging settings
  • Temperature overload protection
  • Durable, heavy duty attachment clamps

The settings on this car battery charger allow you to get a fast battery restart when you need it and then just consistently maintain your battery when fully charged.

Although it is portable with the wheels, its more suited to a garage environment and for those that will be frequently using it. Overall, it is the best car battery charger and jump starter that come as a package together and includes various different modes depending on the health of the car battery.

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Black + Decker 15 Amp Bench Battery Charger

The Black + Decker Battery Charger is an affordable and efficient battery charger that’s easy to use and offers multiple charging options and settings. It has a compact, sleek design, so you can store it in the back of your car or in your garage.

It features automatic three stage charging that boosts and maintains your battery level. This charger also offers safety features to protect both you and your battery while it is in use. The display is very clear and easy to read, so there’s no guesswork when it comes to determining whether or not your battery is charged.

Here are some of the notable features of the Black + Decker bench battery charger.

  • Available in 15 or 25 amp version
  • Works on AGM, GEL, WET, or 12V marine battery types
  • 3 charging stages: fast charge, top off charge, and trickle charge
  • 40 amp engine start boost option gets your car running in 90 seconds
  • Battery recondition feature keeps your battery efficient
  • Has reverse polarity protection
  • LCD screen with battery and charging status indicators
  • ETL certified for performance and safety

The Black + Decker battery charger is an excellent investment for any vehicle owner. It’s one of the most intuitive chargers to use, and the compact design is very convenient. The added bonus of the engine start and alternator check for a relatively cheap cost is highly impressive too.

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CTEK 8 Step Battery Charger

The CTEK 8 Step Battery Charger is a compact and efficient car battery charger for a dead battery that offers several power options. It works well for several different types of vehicles, but is still powerful enough to get a large car battery recharged.

It has many safety features that protect your battery and reduce the risk of electrical damage to your car. There are also a variety of charging accessories available from the CTEK brand that you can purchase along with the charger.

Here are the notable specs of the CTEK 8 Step Battery Charger.

  • Automatic 8 step charging
  • Short circuit and reverse polarity protection
  • Dust and water resistant
  • Maintenance charging option
  • 12 volt power supply

The automatic 8 step charging process is very efficient, ensuring that your battery gets the best charge possible without overcharging or damage. The CTEK 8 Step Battery Charger is a convenient, effective, and affordable car battery charger.

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Car Battery Charger Buying Guide

Without owning either a portable jump starter or a car battery charger, you will be completely stuck when you have a dead battery. Unlike a jump starter, a charger will be able to fully charge the battery rather than just “jump starting it”.

These days, many modern charger will have an engine start function that mimics the capability of a jump starter.

Many people believe that a car battery charger is an expensive piece of kit but they are really not. You are able to get the top of the range for less than 100$ and its a completely worthwhile investment that will last many years.

Below we have compiled all the information you will require to make the best decision when it comes to choosing a car battery charger.


The first thing to look at when purchasing a car battery charger is the number of amps that it has. Amps represent the level of power output that the charger has. The higher the number of amps, the faster and more powerful the charger is going to be.

Some chargers come in multiple versions with different amp outputs, so you can choose the one that is going to be the safest and most efficient for your car.

Car Battery Charger


The voltage listed on the battery charger is indicative of the type of battery it can charge. Batteries are available in different voltage levels, and you will need to purchase a charger that is compatible with your engine.

Check the power level of the battery you have before buying a charger (this may require looking in your vehicle’s owner’s manual). Some battery chargers are available in a few different models to accommodate different types of batteries.


The size and design of the car battery charger can make a big difference when it comes to how easy it is to carry around and store.

If the battery charger is too big, it’s not going to be convenient to keep in your car or have on hand in your garage, and so you’ll be less likely to actually use it when you need it. Look for a car battery charger that has a smart design, in a size that you can easily carry around.

Types of Batteries Charged

Another very important thing to look at is the types of batteries that your charger can work with. Many chargers are now compatible with several different types of batteries, like lead acid, lithium ion, gel cell, wet cell, AGM, deep cycle batteries, and more.

You will need to read your car’s owner’s manual to determine exactly what type of battery it has and make sure you purchase a charger that works well with it. Many chargers now work on other types of vehicles besides cars as well.

You may be able to use your car battery charger to also recharge batteries for your boat, motorcycle, snowmobile, or lawn mower. If your battery charger is one that works with many different types of vehicles, you will get much better value for money.

LED Lights/Display

The most user friendly car battery chargers have lights or some type of display to indicate the charging status of the car. This display makes the charger much easier to use, and you’ll be more informed about exactly how the charger is working with your battery.

Some battery chargers have LED lights that will change color or blink to indicate the charging status of the battery. Some newer models even have an LED screen which will display a few key indicators about the car battery charger.

Reverse Polarity Protection

Reverse polarity protection is very important for your safety when you are charging the car. Reverse polarity is an electrical phenomenon where the polarization of the wires to and from a power source switch charges, which can cause an electric shock.

Not only is this very dangerous for you as the user, but it can also damage your car and any cords and outlets you are using as well. Reverse polarity and shock protection provide peace of mind while you are charging your car battery.

Maintenance Option

If your car battery dies often, or you are concerned that it might die on a long trip, you may want to look for a car battery charger that has a maintenance option.

This is a setting that will slowly charge your battery to maintain its lifespan and give it the energy it needs to run efficiently. You can buy separate battery maintainers, but for many consumers, it makes the most sense to buy a charger that also has a maintaining function.

Some even double up as battery desulfators that dissolve sulfate that has built up on the lead plates and cause a loss of battery capacity.

Portable Car Battery Charger

Engine Restart Option

For those moments when you need to restart your engine right away, you may want to look for a charger that comes with a fast startup option. This option will give your battery a large jolt to get it working again, even if it is very dead. It will then charge your battery all the way up safely and efficiently. This restart option is very helpful to have if your battery dies while you are on the road.

Dust and Water Resistant

Since you will be storing your portable car battery charger in your trunk or garage, it’s important to make sure it can withstand any conditions. A good battery charger should be dust and water resistant, so you won’t have to worry about weather related damage. Of course, you should still always take care to make sure your battery charger is stored appropriately.


With an electrical tool such as a battery charger, it’s always best to make sure you purchase a model that comes with a warranty. A warranty will ensure that if there is any problem with the charger, you can return it to the company and get a refund or a new product.


A good portable battery charger can give you peace of mind, particularly if you are a frequent traveler or often drive in rural areas. Your car battery charger will give you a boost when you need it, and will ensure that your battery runs as efficiently as possible. Use the information listed in this guide to find a battery charger that is safe and effective to get your car running.

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