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The Best Night Driving Glasses 2021

Best Night Driving Glasses

Wearing sunglasses for driving is fairly common but investing into a quality pair of night driving glasses can be highly beneficial too. Not only do they help reduce the glare from oncoming headlights but they also enhance contrast and depth.

The best night driving glasses are the SOXICK HD Night Vision Glasses that use an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and is available in a range of styles.

Investing into glasses for night driving is not a novelty item and they can be very beneficial.  The majority use a yellow lens color for filtering out harmful light and improved clarity. You will want to avoid those that are dark as this can reduce visibility.

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Best Night Driving Glasses

Night Driving GlassesFramePolarized
SOXICK Anti GlareAluminumYes
BLUPOND Night VisionMetalSemi
Clear Night HDMetalYes
JRG Prescription StyleMetalYes
Fiore SunglassesPlasticNo

With many vehicles emitting powerful light via LED headlights, daytime running lights and other sources mean you become dazzled a lot whilst driving at night. However, using glasses that have been developed to block out the effects of glare can improve your visibility of the road.

Over the years, glasses for night driving have improved massively with many manufacturers introducing anti-reflective coatings. This coating reduces glare from oncoming headlights and other light sources, which is very desirable feature.

Below is a list of the best night driving glasses that reduce glare from light emitted from other vehicles and enhance the contrast and depth within poor lighting.

SOXICK Night Driving Glasses

For those that have done the prior research to visiting this article, you will understand the importance of the anti-reflective coating. The SOXICK glasses for night driving uses this type of coating on the lens to provide the best performance.

Other features of the SOXICK Night Vision Glasses for Driving include:

  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Full UV400 protection
  • Shatterproof design
  • Polarized lens
  • Resin based lenses that are scratch resistant
  • Adjustable nose pad
  • 12 different designs to choose from
  • Spring hinge arms for comfortable fit
  • Aluminum frame that the brand claims is unbreakable

They are the best night driving glasses and they even offer excellent value for money when compared to similar glasses. Some unique features such as the spring arms and adjustable nose pad really do make the difference in terms of comfort. They are the ultimate glasses and even come with a 30 day money back guarantee for peace of mind.

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BLUEPOND Night Vision Glasses for Driving

BLUPOND are a popular choice that uses a semi polarized yellow lens for reducing glare and improving clarity. Compared to all the alternatives, the BLUPOND comes as a bundle kit for extra bang for your buck. This includes cleaning kit, hard case, mini screwdriver, pouch and a car clip holder.

Features of the BLUPOND Glasses for Night Driving include:

  • Unbreakable metal frame with car clip holder
  • Available in 4 different frame colors
  • Polycarbonate shatterproof lens
  • Reinforced hinges
  • Anti-slip nose pads
  • UV400 protection
  • Includes mini screwdriver for adjustments
  • Glasses have gone through lab testing
  • Lifetime warranty on frame

Overall the 6-in-1 bundle kit by BLUPOND provides the best value for money and have been extensively tested for maximum performance. The popularity of these night driving glasses is a great indicator to how good they really are.

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Clear Night Anti Glare Night Driving Glasses

Another popular pair of night driving glasses are by Clear Night. They are designed to be comfortable yet stylish and the brand claim their glasses offer the best quality on the market with regards to the lens and frame.

Features of the Clear Night Glasses For Night Driving include:

  • TAC polarized lens
  • Metal frame
  • UV400 protection for daytime wearing
  • Includes glasses case
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods

Not only do the lenses reduce glare but they are also resistant to scratches unlike many similarly priced alternatives. The dimensions of the polarized lenses are 66 mm wide and 36 mm in height. Overall, they are excellent all-round night driving glasses but they could be improved with an anti-reflective coating.

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JRG Night Vision Glasses For Driving

The JRG night driving glasses are fairly unique because they are designed to fit over prescription glasses. Even if you do not wear prescription glasses, these can still be worn whilst driving to provide you with improved visibility at night.

Other features of the JRG Night Vision Glasses For Driving include:

  • Anti-reflective polarized yellow lens
  • UV400 protection
  • Durable metal frame
  • Lightweight at just 1.2 oz
  • Available in 3 different styles

Although these are designed to fit over prescription glasses, it does not mean it will fit over them all. The dimensions include a total frame width of 145 mm, frame height of 40 mm, bridge width of 17 mm and each lens is 64 mm wide. It is strongly advised to measure your prescription glasses prior to purchasing these.

Overall, they are an affordable pair of glasses for night driving that are perfect for wearing over prescription glasses.

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Fiore HD Night Driving Sunglasses

One of the cheapest and most popular glasses for night driving are the Fiore HD, which are available in a range of different styles. Due to the low cost of these glasses, they are perfect for trialing at night.

Features of the Fiore HD Night Driving Sunglasses include:

  • 12 different styles
  • Plastic frame and lens
  • Non-polarized yellow tinted lens
  • UV400 protection
  • Spring hinges for comfort

The low cost price tag does mean that you lose the high quality materials, which can be seen with the plastic frame and non-polarized lens. However, they still do a great job with blocking glare and improving your vision during the night or fog and other bad conditions.

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Night Driving Glasses Buying Guide

Investing into glasses for night driving can drastically improve your vision on the road in poor conditions. The main reason for wearing these types of glasses is to reduce glare from bright headlights and improve contrast and depth perception.

Although many people believe that night driving glasses are a novelty item, they are not. They have been tested and proven to help reduce glare and improve your vision on the road. They are even more beneficial for older drivers too due to their aging eyesight not reacting as well as they used to a few years back.

To help you make an informed buying decision regarding night driving glasses, we have produced the below buying guide.

Glasses For Night Driving

Polarization of the Lens

Polarized lenses are an important feature that are found on many night driving glasses as they reduce glare. This is made possible by the lens only allowing vertical light to reach your eyes and canceling the direct horizontal light.

There are a number of methods of polarizing the lens but those that are naturally polarized are the best option. However, due to the expensive cost, most manufacturers will use an affordable film that is placed over the lens.

Lens Material

The material of the lens is usually a polycarbonate but some manufacturers may use an affordable plastic or the more expensive Tivex. Qualities that are desirable are scratch resistance, shatterproof design and lightness.

Benefits of each lens material include:

  • Polycarbonate – Durable, cheap, light and shatterproof
  • Tivex – Best performance, impact resistant
  • Plastic – Cheap and relatively durable

It is clear to see why Polycarbonate lenses are the most popular form of lens used in night driving glasses. They do have slight visibility drawbacks compared with Tivex alternatives but they are far cheaper.

Lens Tint

Yellow is the tint color of choice for the majority of manufacturers and this is due to its ability to reduce glare, which is achieved by reducing the white and blue light. Some manufacturers may also use a darker amber but this is more beneficial for dawn or dusk lighting conditions.

There are a range of different tint colors but you will want to stick to a yellow or light amber tint. Any dark lens tint may reduce visibility, which is the complete opposite of the purpose of these glasses.

Yellow tint does come with drawback as it can cause color distortion but this isn’t much of a concern whilst in low-light conditions.

Anti Glare Night Driving Glasses

Comfortable Fit

There is nothing worse than having a pair of glasses that do not fit correctly. They start to become frustrating and distract your driving, which is why you should look out for features that improve the fit. Adjustable nose pads is one of the features that can help position your the glasses more comfortable fit.

Another desirable feature are spring hinges, which ensure that the glasses are not squeezing your head. They also allow for slight movement and make a huge improvement to the comfort of the glasses.

UV Protection

Protection from UV rays is not the first thing you think of when it comes to night driving glasses. However, the light patterns that cause glare can cause UV radiation that can damage your eyes over long periods of time. UVA and UVB radiation can be protected against by wearing the correct glasses for night driving.


Night driving glasses are an excellent investment and there is a whole range available to choose from. We strongly recommend avoiding any dark tinted lenses and keep to yellow tints or those that use an anti-reflective coating upon a clear lens.

All of our recommendations are suited to a range of budgets and varying styles to suit a range of requirements. It is worth noting that not every pair of glasses are suited to be worn over prescription glasses. The JRG glasses state that they can be worn over the top but you should still measure your glasses beforehand to avoid disappointment.

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