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The Best Engine Hoist 2021

Best Engine Hoist

Removing an engine from a car safely will require an engine hoist, which is available as a hydraulic, electric or chain mechanism. As most engines weigh over 400 LBS, it’s highly advised to choose a hoist that is capable to handle the heavy load.

The best engine hoist is the Dragway Tools Cherry Picker, which has a 4,000 LBS weight capacity and a heavy duty construction that folds down for storage.

Deciding on either a hydraulic, electric or chain hoist is dependent upon your budget and personal preference. All the different types easily assist with the job of removing an engine but a hydraulic or electric hoist will make the lifting task much easier.

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Engine Hoist Comparison

Engine HoistTypeWeight Capacity
Dragway ToolsHydraulic4,000 LBS
Five Oceans OverheadElectric2,200 LBS
Torin Big Red Chain BlockChain10,000 LBS
Black Bull CHOI1Chain2,000 LBS
SuperHandy Come AlongChain1,100 LBS
Neiko 02182AChain2,000 LBS
Partsam OverheadElectric440 LBS
Strongway CraneHydraulic4,000 LBS

Removing an engine may be required for complex repairs that can’t be completed with it sat in the engine bay. You may also want to replace it altogether using a crate engine or a direct replacement from a used vehicle. Trying to remove an engine without a hoist and using strong tow straps is possible but not worth all the stress and hassle.

Below is a list of the best engine hoists that allow you to safely remove all sized engines and can be used in a garage or shop.

The Best Engine Hoist

1. Dragway Tools Hydraulic Cylinder Engine Hoist

Dragway Tools offer various engine hoists of all sizes and capabilities but this folding hoist is one of the best options. With 6 durable steel casters, it allows you to easily move the hoist around in any direction whilst lifting an engine.

A unique ability of this engine crane is that it can be folded down to a smaller size, which makes the storage size requirement much smaller.

Other features of the Dragway Tools Hydraulic Cherry Picker include:

  • 8 ton hydraulic ram
  • Lifting capacity of 4,000 LBS
  • Uses 12 inch forged steel chain and 5/16 inch hook
  • 6 x 3 inch steel caster wheels for movement
  • Adjustable boom range of 102 inches
  • Folded dimensions of the crane are 58″ x 37″ x 22″
  • Optional load leveling add-on

Unlike many of the alternatives, this hoist has been designed specifically for lifting engines as opposed to an all-round tool for multiple applications.

The Dragway Tools Hydraulic Cherry Picker is a highly rated engine hoist that is suitable for any garage or shop. The ability to move the hoist whilst carrying an engine is a desirable feature and this hoist can do exactly that up to 2 tonnes.

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2. Five Oceans Overhead Electric Engine Hoist

The Five Oceans Electric engine hoist is by far the best electric engine hoist for the money with a total lifting weight of 2,200 LBS. The majority of electric hoists struggle to carry 500 LBS but this engine hoist has far more power for lifting engines.

Included with the electric engine hoist is the desirable remote control, which allows you to control the lift and guide it out carefully without needing a second person.

Other features of the Five Oceans FO-3820-1 include:

  • Lifting capacity of 2,200 LBS with others available
  • Includes a remote control for activating lifting
  • Input power of 1,250 watts
  • Produces 1.8 horsepower for lifting
  • Lifting height of 38 feet
  • Easily mounted to a range of areas in the garage

Although the Five Oceans electric engine hoist is fairly expensive, it does come with a lifetime technical support and a 2 year warranty. It has also been certified for operations in the USA and Canada with all the required certifications.

If you don’t require the additional pulling power, the brand offer several other models that are less powerful, which makes them more affordable too.

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3. Torin TR9020 Chain Engine Hoist

The Troin TR9020 is a premium chain hoist that the brand offer various weight capacities to best suit your requirements. The weight capacities available include 1, 2, 3 and 5 tonne, which are all suitable for lifting engines from cars.

Although this chain engine hoist comes with a premium price, it’s built to the highest of standards using high quality steel components.

Other features of the Torin TR9020 Chain Block include:

  • Load sharing gears
  • Forged swivel hook and latches
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Lubricated from the factory
  • Easily stored when not in use
  • Mechanical load brake
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Ball bearing mechanism

The Torin brand have a great reputation for build quality and the TR9020 is a great example of their high quality product. It’s the best engine chain hoist that is built to last with minimal maintenance required and is easy to use. Although there are cheaper alternatives, none are built to the high standards of the Torin TR9020 Chain Block.

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4. Black Bull CHOI1 Engine Hoist Chain

An affordable alternative to the Torin Chain Block is by the Black Bull brand with their CHOI1 hoist. It uses an old fashion and simple mechanism that uses a 1/4 inch hardened steel chain, which can withstand years of heavy duty usage.

In terms of its performance, this engine chain hoist is capable of lifting 2,000 LBS up to 8 feet, which is ideal for removing an engine.

Other features of the Black Bull CHOI1 Chain include:

  • 1 tonne weight capacity
  • 1/4 inch thick steel chains
  • Mechanical lead break
  • Lifting range of up to 8 feet
  • Rugged construction
  • Weighs 18 LBS

The Black Bull CHOI1 is a cheap engine hoist that is built to last with 1/4 inch thick steel chains and a powder coated outer case. The brand also state that it requires minimal maintenance and it’s completely safe to use for lifting engines.

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5. SuperHandy Come Along Chain Hoist

The SuperHnady is another premium engine chain hoist that uses an aluminum alloy hand wheel for lifting. In terms of the performance, the brand state that it will lift up to 5 feet with the a weight capacity of 1,100 LBS.

In terms of the hoist system, it uses a western style dual pawl brake system with steel gears, which ensures you have maximum control whilst lifting.

Other features of the SuperHandy Chain Come Along include:

  • Lifts 1,100 LBS up to 5 foot
  • Premium alloy steel construction
  • Heat treated and powder coated
  • 360 degree lever handle rotation
  • Meets ASME and OSHA regulations
  • Mechanical braking system

The SuperHandy Come Along is a high quality chain hoist that is ideal for lifting engine as well as other applications. The brand also offer several alternative chain hoists that are suitable for additional loads or come with different features.

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6. Neiko 02182A Chain Hoist

The Neiko 02182A is an affordable chain hoist that is available as a 15 or 20 feet lift hoist that is capable of lifting up to 2,000 LBS. It’s a rugged option that is constructed of premium alloy steel with a black oxide finish for maximum durability.

Unlike similar priced alternatives, this engine hoist comes with a mechanical load brake and steel gear for additional control and minimal maintenance.

Other features of the Neiko 02182A include:

  • Lifts 2,000 LBS up to 15 or 20 feet
  • Premium alloy steel construction
  • 20MN2 steel chain
  • Rust resistant finish
  • Mechanical load brake and steel gears
  • Drop forged steel swivel hooks
  • Clasps rotate a full 360 degrees

Overall, the Neiko 02182A is an affordable engine hoist that uses the reliable and maintenance-free chain mechanism. The choice of a 15 or 20 feet lift also allows you to choose a configuration that best suits your requirements.

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7. Partsam 440 lbs Lift Electric Hoist Crane

Another electric engine hoist is the Parsam Crane, which is able to lift engines weighing up to 440 LBS to a height of 38 feet. This is made possible by a powerful 460 watt electric motor that can be controlled using the included remote control.

In terms of the performance of the electric motor, it’s able to lift at a speed of 16 foot per minute and uses a zinc plate steel wire for extra durability.

Other features of the Parsam Electric Crane include:

  • 440 LBS lift capacity
  • Lifting range of up to 38 feet
  • 4.1 amp/460 watt electric motor
  • Easy to use remote control included
  • Rugged anti-heat cable
  • Kit includes lift sling straps
  • Includes a 1 year warranty

The Parsam electric engine hoist is ideal for lifting small to medium engines with ease. This particular model offers excellent value for the money but the brand also produce several others that can be used for lifting engines.

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8. Strongway Engine Crane with Load Leveler

If you are after the the ultimate engine crane for removing an engine with ease, the Strongway is the best solution. Not only is this package a hydraulic hoist, it also features a load leveler which makes removing an engine even easier.

In order to ensure the hoist is rugged and suited to heavy duty use, it’s painted using a lead-free paint, which make the hoist resistant to oil, grease and dirt.

Other features of the Strongway Engine Crane include:

  • Lifting capacity of 2 tonne
  • Includes a load leveler
  • Foldable cherry picker design
  • Extendable boom range
  • 6 rolling 3 1/2 inch solid steel casters
  • Rugged all steel construction
  • Coated in durable paint to prevent rust

With a weight capacity of 2 ton, the Strongway hoist can lower or remove engines and other heavy loads with ease. The working size is a rather large spread at 64 x 39 x 51 inches but if you are looking to store it, the hoist can be folded down to 28 x 29 x 60 inches.

Although it’s expensive, the Strongway hydraulic engine hoist is an excellent all round engine hoist that is built to last and won’t disappoint.

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Engine Hoist Buying Guide

In order to safely remove an engine, the use of engine hoists are a major requirement. They are available as a hydraulic, electric and chain mechanism with each type having their own benefits. Although they will require a sizeable investment, they will last for many years.

best engine hoist to remove engine from car

Types of Engine Hoists

As mentioned, there are three different engine hoists that include hydraulic, electric and chain driven.

The most popular is the hydraulic hoist, which uses a hydraulic cylinder where the liquid pulls the engine with ease using basic hydraulic properties. The increase in hydraulic liquid pressure into the cylinder gives the hoist the power to lift. It’s the most efficient method of removing an engine from a car and the majority are capable of lifting up to 5 tonnes.

An electric hoist can’t lift as much as a hydraulic hoist but it is much easier to use. The majority come with a remote that allows you to control the lifting motion. This provides you with additional control whilst lifting the engine from the car as you can check it after each movement. Most electric engine hoists are capable of lifting up to half a tonne.

The most simple of mechanisms consists of an axle, cog and sprocket in order to lift heavy objects. In return for manual and slower lifting process, the chain hoist provides a relatively cheap alternative to lifting heavy objects. Mid range chain hoists can lift up to 2 tonne and if you increased your budget, they could lift over 5 tonne. They are perfect for lifting engines from cars and require minimal maintenance.


Investing into an engine hoist is a worthwhile investment and they are built to last with rugged constructions. All of our recommendations cover the most highly rated engine cranes that include hydraulic, electric and chain mechanisms.

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