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The Best Tire Shine 2019

Tire shine is the holy grail to people that love their detailing. The purpose is to give tires the wet look that makes the rim and tire look far more attractive. It takes less than a minute per wheel to apply and makes a huge difference.

The best tire shine is the Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance Tire Gel that provides a very glossy finish and is the long lasting compared to other gel alternatives.

After detailing your car, the one thing that will stand out are old or gray tires. However, simply applying a tire shine in the form of a spray, gel or foam can give you the look that you desire and even last for multiple weeks.

Best Tire Dressing

Tire ShineFinishType
Meguiar's G7516Very GlossyGel
Adam's PolishGloss/NaturalSpray
Autoglym ITD500USNaturalSpray
Chemical Guys Silk ShineNaturalSpray
TriNova’s Tire ShineGlossySpray
Black Magic 800002220CleanFoam

When using tire shine, you should use a foam pad to spread it across the tires and ensure you are able to cover all the grooves in the sidewall of the tire. After applying it to all 4 tires, we recommend that you move your car forward a few inches and ensure you have covered the bottom of the tire and that its even all round.

The finish you can achieve varies from a very glossy shine to a subtle natural wet finish but it is a divided opinion to which looks better among enthusiasts.

Ensuring that the tires are clean and provide an attractive finish will compliment your vehicles overall appearance when detailed. Below is a list of the best tire shine that are long lasting and provide the desirable wet look.

Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance Tire Gel

When Meguiar’s has a detailing product on the market, you just know that it will be high quality. The G7516 tire shine is probably one of the most frequent repeat purchases in my detailing box and is the best tire shine for the money.

Compared with other products on the market, the Meguiar’s G7516 is much more durable and last twice as long as the competitors. Even when using this product in the winter with constant rain, the wet look on the tires will remain.

tire gel that works in rain

The above photo on the black AMG wheels has tire shine that was applied well over 3 months ago with still a wet look. This is proof of the sheer quality in the formula used in the Meguiar’s G7516 tire shine.

The Meguiar’s tire dressing is more silicone based than water based and the gel itself is very thick. When applying the tire gel, always use an applicator and small portions of the product. Too much will be a waste and it will also attract more dust that will cling to the gel.

Overall, it is the best tire shine in terms of gloss black shine, durability and long lasting formula and it even benefits from offering excellent value for money.

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Adam’s Polishes Tire Shine

Adam’s Polish is a premium tire shine that contains a small amount of silicone to provide a wet and non-greasy shine. You can also add multiple layers of this tire shine to perfect the wetness of the tire and elevating the look.

When the Adam’s tire shine is applied properly with an applicator, it will continue to work its magic for much longer than many of the cheaper alternatives, which is thanks to a long lasting formula. It also provides a tasty banana smell and the dressing will foam up on the tires as shown below.

Tire Dressing for the wet look

Overall, if you are looking for a long lasting tire shine that can be sprayed on the tire with ease, then the Adam’s Polish tire dressing is the one to go for. It is slightly more expensive than the alternatives but it provides an unmatched finish.

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Autoglym Instant Tire Dressing

Another alternative to the Meguiar’s product is the Auto Gylm ITD500US tire shine that is sprayed onto the tire from a bottle. It is more expensive than the Meguiar’s and Adam’s alternative but  leaves a less artificial glossy finish.

Meguiar’s can sometimes result in too much gloss but this is personal preference on how you wish your tires to look. Both the Adam’s & Auto Glym tire shine provide a more natural finish to the tires.

The Auto Glym tire dressing is applied by spraying from the bottle, which puts a light white foam onto the tires (see top photo). We advise leaving it to foam for at least 30 seconds before drying the tire to reveal the finished result. Once you have waited for it to fully dry, the tire will be satin black and look brand new.

Both the Adam’s and Auto Glym provide similar finishes but Adam’s is by far the better value for money. However, the Auto Gylm contains durable polymer silicone protectants, which makes is the longest lasting tire shine compared with the alternatives in this article.

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Chemical Guys Silk Shine Sprayable Dressing

Chemical Guys is a high quality detailing brand that has seen huge popularity in the last few years due to their products out performing competitors. The aim of the tire shine was it took look natural compared to a oily, greasy and sticky gel.

Used on tires as well as rubber, vinyl, plastics and more, the Chemical Guys dressing is great value for money. It has had the formula updated so that it is more resistant to water, protects against UV rays and is completely dry to touch.

If you are looking for a factory new satin black finish, the Chemical Guys dressing is the product for you. If you are looking for a glossier shine, we recommend that you go with the Meguiar’s tire shine.

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TriNova Tire Shine Spray

TriNova’s have developed a long lasting cheap tire shine that delivers a “like new” finish. The US made detailing tire gel is applied through the spray nozzle and will provide a slick dark finish that will provide a long lasting shine.

The TriNova formula also contains protection against tire aging which the other alternatives do not offer, which is something to consider.

The level of shine you wish to achieve can be altered simply by the time you leave the dressing to dry. If you want to have a glossy finish to your tires, you will want to leave it on for as long as possible.

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Black Magic 800002220 Tire Wet Foam

Black Magic have developed an aerosol that will clean, protect and shine all in one. The substance is a unique foam formula that clings to the tire and adsorbs dirt and dust. The result is a protected tire that also gives a wet gloss finish.

To apply the product, it is as simple as spraying it and leaving it to its magic in around 10 minutes. If the tire is covered in thick dirt, we recommend that you remove all the debris beforehand for the best result.

As “all in one products” go, the Black Magic Tire Wet Foam is great value for money and does actually work. However, in terms of tire shine, do not expect as good of finish compared to the other tire dressings recommended above.

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Tire Shine Buying Guide

Achieving the wet look on your tires is highly desirable and is the result of using a high quality tire shine. However, finding a long lasting tire shire is the hard part as many cheap products will need application on a weekly basis.

It is fairly easy to apply but we highly recommend using an applicator to get full coverage. Many people will simply use a rag but this will dry up much of the tire shine and it will be much harder to apply.

A hex grip style of applicator is the best for effectively spreading tire dressing and we like to use the Adam’s Polishes applicator as shown below:

tire shine applicator

Type of Tire Shine

There are two main types of tire shine that you can use that include a water based or oil based solution. Water based is the preferred type compared with silicone because if the product goes on the paintwork, you can simply wipe it off. It uses natural oils and polymers that is less greasier and will result in a satin finish. It is usually less durable and has a will not have a gloss finish but it is more safer to use on your vehicle compared with solvent tire shine.

A Solvent based dressing contains strong solvents that require you to tape up the paint work around the wheel but do have the benefit of being very long lasting and repelling water. Choosing between the two different types is a matter of preference.

Spray vs Gel vs Aerosol

Spray, gel and aerosol are the three main methods of applying tire shine to your vehicles tires. They all have separate benefits as is a personal preference thing with regards to your choice.

For example, in windy conditions, both the spray and aerosol applications tend to end up on your paintwork, leaving a residue that will smear your paintwork. This can be really annoying if you have just waxed the car.

Alternatively, a tire gel can become very greasy on your hands and difficult to remove as well as being more time consuming to apply. Some detailing enthusiasts prefer using different types depending upon the type of finish they want.

Tire Shinning Product

Homemade Tire Dressing

For those looking to save every ounce of money they can, it is possible to make homemade tire dressing. There are many formulas you can use for different results with some people using certain scents to make their car tires smell nicer.

A proven homemade tire dressing that is recommended is using 2dL of baby oil, 80dL of water and 3 drops of dish soap. These measurements will be altered depending upon the volume of tire dressing you wish to create. For those that work with different units, consider using a dL converter.

How To Apply Tire Shine

The application of tire shine may seem straight forward but perfecting it requires important steps. To get the best result and reduce wastage of the tire shine product, a dressing applicator pad will make things easier and improve the finish.

To apply tires shine correctly, we recommend that you follow these 5 steps:

  1. Wash Tires Thoroughly. Spraying the tires with water is simply not enough. Scrub all dirt from the tires to get the best finish from the tire shine.
  2. Dry Tires. Excess water can mix with the tire dressing causing unexpected result. Ensure the tires are dry regardless of whether the product says it is safe.
  3. Add Tire Shine to Applicator. A classic mistake is overloading with the product. Avoid doing this as it will end up on the floor or all over your wheel. Use a small blob and work it into the tire.
  4. Apply Tire Shine. Unless you are using an aerosol, simply work the dressing into the tire. There will be a waiting period that is different for each product but this is an important stage for the best finish.
  5. Remove Excess Dressing. To prevent dirt clinging to dressing that isn’t drying, simply touch a cloth against it to remove it from the tire.

The first step of washing the tires is the most important. If there is any dirt left on the rubber, the dressing cannot be applied correct to the tire and this will ruin the finish on the tires. We highly recommend using an electric car pressure washer on the tires to remove all the dirt completely.

Tire Shine Dressing

Desirable Features

There are several features that you should consider when looking for the best tire shine. For starters, you are applying tire shine for one main reason, that all important wet look. However, you should always check the type of finish that the product aims to achieve as some may be more of a glossy finish whereas other go for the “new tire” natural finish.

At the same time, to get the best value for the money, you want to ensure that it is also durable, otherwise you will be applying it every other day. Tire shine has a lifespan when applied to a tire but this is reduce significantly due to the environment.


At Pro Car Reviews, our team are split between the Meguiar’s and Adam’s Polishes tire shine. Both provides excellent value for the money and are fairly durable but the difference comes in the form of the finish. The glossy finish of the Meguiar’s is highly desirable for many but some prefer the natural black finish.

All of the recommendations in this article will improve the finish of your car and be the finishing touch after waxing your car. Leaving them untouched will make them stand out but in a bad way. It is also worth mentioning that if you are using all terrain truck tires or other large tires, you will need a lot more than one bottle because they are fairly small portions inside each.

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