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5 Best Car Vinyl Wraps 2019

Using car vinyl wrap to change the appearance of your car is fairly straightforward to do and much cheaper than paint. The most common areas to vinyl wrap your car include wing mirrors, bonnet, roof, dashboard and other interior parts.

The best vinyl wrap for cars is the 3M 1080 M12 Wrap Film that is available in a range of sizes and can be applied to curved surfaces fairly easily.

Car vinyl wrap can be used for the interior as well as the paintwork with the latter more than likely requiring a professional for a good finish. The main benefit of course is the fact that is completely reversible unlike paint.

Best Vinyl Wraps For Cars

Vinyl WrapColorSizes
3M 1080 M12 Wrap FilmMatte Black23
VVIVID XPOCarbon Fiber9
CARLAS Reflective TapeMultiple1
Atmomo WrapPurple8
VViViD GlowGlow in the Dark4

Vinyl Wrapping and Plastidipping your car are the two best alternatives to painting your car. The benefits of using a vinyl wrap is that it is completely removable, cheaper and protects your cars paintwork. The lifespan of a vinyl wrapped car is usually anywhere between 5 to 7 years and longer for interior trim that is not exposed to the outside environments.

Car wrap is fairly easy to remove when using a high quality vinyl that is designed to not leave any glue residue. The tools that you will need is a heat gun for vinyl wrap and a blade to help aid the peeling.

Quality vinyl wrap can really look amazing and draw attention to your or cover up any paintwork damage. Below is a list of the best car vinyl wraps that can be used for the bodywork and interior of the car.

3M 1080 M12 Black Car Wrap Film

3M are a major global brand and their vinyl wrap is one of the best on the market and has an added bonus of being coated in a UV protective layer to last even longer.

The 3M Car Wrap is made from high quality vinyl and it is a dual cast film designed specifically for automotive use. Many wraps can be used in all circumstances from laptops to mobile phones, which is a slight worry.

The adhesive used within this wrap will only bond once pressure is firmly applied. This means you can place it on your car and make alterations whilst being on the car. This means those hard to reach interior trims parts can be wrapped much easier.

Overall, the 3M is the best vinyl wrap for cars that is available in a range of sizes and can be applied easily when heated and stretched.

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VVIVID XPO Black Carbon Fiber Car Wrap Vinyl

VVIVID Vinyls are car wrap specialists and have developed all their car wraps to be DIY friendly and cheap. One of the most popular car wraps worldwide is the carbon fiber, which can bring any boring car interior back to life.

The Vinyl Film itself is 3.9mm thick and will reduce the visibility of any defects that may occur when wrapping or driving it. VVIVID themselves claim that their wrap will easily last at least 5 to 7 years outdoors and longer when installed to the interior.

The XPO advanced technology has a highly repositionable adhesive that expels air for the perfect finish and will not damage the paintwork when removed. Overall, it is the best carbon fiber vinyl wraps for cars that can be used on both the exterior and interior for many years.

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Tron Lines – Carlas Reflective Tape

You have probably seen a new style of wrap over the last few years that people refer to as “Tron Lines”. A popular London garage known as “Yianmize” has been applying this sort of styling for many of his celebrity customers.

In order to achieve the tron line appearance, you will require a reflective tape and a bit of patience. It is fairly simple to install and follows the same principles as wrapping your vehicle but requires far less materials.

The tape is resistant to water, solvent, gasoline and sunlight just like car wrap vinyl. You can install this reflective tape on the lines of your cars bodywork or the interior. It is the best reflective tape for cars and will not fade like many of the cheap alternatives.

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Purple and Blue Chameleon Car Wrap

A very popular wrap that you will see in the US in the purple and blue chameleon vinyl that will certainly turn heads. Compared to most other wraps, this one is relatively thick which makes it perfect for car interior trims that have heavy usage.

Due to the thickness, its recommended to use a heat gun/hairdryer for slightly longer as it will be easier for stretching around curves. If you are looking to turn heads with a crazy color such as the cars at Gumball 3000, then this wrap is perfect for you.

It is definitely one the best car wrap colors available before you have to go to a professional company for an expensive custom design.

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VViViD Blue Glow in the Dark Vinyl Car Wrap

If the purple wrap is not enough to get people to break their necks looking at your car, then how about glow in the dark vinyl wrap? It is another car wrap designed by VViViD that contains their air release and heat fuse technology that gives DIY’ers an easier installation.

Compared to the cost of glow in the dark paint, this car wrap is much cheaper and can be removed. Applying it to your car interior or to the outside of your car, either way, you will sure impress other car enthusiasts.

Once this car wrap has been in the sunlight, the next time it is in the dark, the result will be a strong blue glow. It is important to note that this wrap won’t stay lit up in the dark unless it has been in direct sun light.

It is the best glow in the dark car wrap that you can buy online and is available in a range of sizes from small vinyl wraps for interiors to huge 25 x 25 foot wraps ready to wrap the full car.

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Vinyl Wrap Buying Guide

Vinyl wrap has the ability to completely change the appearance of your vehicle at a low cost and without a time consuming installation. Whether it be for covering up scratches or malicious damage to your paintwork or you just fancy a big change, wrapping your car is highly recommended.

Of course, its not as simple as getting some glue and sticking it to your vehicle. There are some factors to consider before purchasing large quantities of vinyl wrap for your vehicle.

Best Car Wrap Color

Whether you are using the vinyl wrap to spruce up your interior or the exterior of the car, the color is one of the biggest factors. You do not want a color that completely ruins the look of your car but one that complements it. For example, several shades of black will not look aesthetically pleasing but an addition of carbon fiber vinyl wrap will be a huge improvement.

Of course, some car owners may want to choose a crazy wrap just to make their vehicle stand out from the rest. The options are limitless and it can even add serious value to your vehicle if you do it right.

Preparing the Car for Vinyl Wrap

One of the most important things with regards to preparation is that your car is completely clean. It must not have dirt on the paintwork or anything that will cause the vinyl wrap to bubble up. This is the same for interior parts that may have dirt, stains or spills on the part that you intend to wrap.

After the car is completely clean, you will need to apply a car wax for protecting the paintwork because the wrap could leave marks when it is removed. The wax will act as a protective barrier against the wrap and the glue against the paintwork.

Removing Vinyl Wrap From Cars

The main benefit for choosing a vinyl wrap over painting your car is that its completely reversible. Simply heat up the vinyl wrap and peel it off the car and you are done.

However, vinyl wrap is known for causing defects such as swirl marks, light scratches and other defects as a result of removing the wrap. This is just a reaction from the glue being teared away from the paintwork.

Not to worry, simply get hold of a good swirl remover polish and have access to a rotary or dual action car polisher and buff the marks away.

How To Wrap Car Interior Trim

Wrapping trim pieces from your car is easier than you probably think. The hardest part of the whole process is safely removing the trim pieces without breaking them or the clips that hold them in.

To begin, you will need to collate your car wrapping tool kit that will make the job 100x easier. A heat gun is also advised but you can get away with using a hair dryer.

Now for the hardest part, which is removing the interior trim without breaking it through scratches, torn clips or bending the trim itself. The best way to remove trim without any damage is by using a dedicated trim removal tool kit. The specifically design tools are strong and provide flexibility to reach the tight gaps and will make your life much easier.

Once the car interior trim has been removed, your next job will be to use a tape measure to get the dimensions of the trim. You will then need to cut your chosen vinyl wrap to the size leaving at least half an inch excess on each side as shown below.

wrapping car interior trim piecedes

After the the vinyl wrap has been cut to size, you can peel off the backing paper and lay it onto your work surface with the adhesive side facing upwards.

You will then need to take the selected interior trim piece and align it on top of the vinyl (as above). Next, use the heat gun to warm up the vinyl wrap and work it around the trim piece, ensuring all corners are covered nicely using a squeegee/plastic card and there are no wrinkles/air bubbles.

Do not use too much heat because you can breakdown the glue within the vinyl.

Finally, you will now be able to trim the excess vinyl from the trim safely. Once trimmed, use the heat gun again to ensure that it has not moved whilst cutting it down to size.

Refitting the is much easier than removing it in the first place but make sure you let the wrap cool and settle before refitting the interior trim. Wrapping is completely reversible, so if you have messed up, just redo the steps above!

Sticker Bomb Car Interior Trims

The term Stickerbombing is a form of sticker art and is simply stickers spread over a surface multiple times to make it less boring. It is a great alternative to vinyl wrap that is often seen in the JDM and Dub car scene.

Some people may look at sticker bombed car parts and think it looks terrible, whilst others thing its the greatest thing since sliced bread. You can by individual stickers or buy the best stickerbomb books that you can apply in bulk.

The application of stickerbombing is relatively simple:

  • Ensure the work surface is clean
  • Collate all your stickers
  • Add the base layer of “OK” looking stickers – do not overlap
  • Add the middle layer by overlapping around 1/5 of each sticker
  • Apply some at angles so they look good from wherever you look
  • Apply your favorite stickers to the last layer – LEAVE NO GAPS!

To protect the sticker bomb and make it last longer, sealing is strongly recommended. There are two ways to do it, either using a acrylic sealer or using a clear coat via a rattle can. Leaving the stickers without any sealant is fine but the suns UV rays will make them fade.


Considering the low cost and the low risk of damage that comes from adding car vinyl wrap, its surely worth trialing it out. If your car has suffered malicious damage such as being keyed on every panel, using a vinyl wrap can completely transform the car at a much cheaper price.

Be sure to prepare the car beforehand and choose a high quality vinyl wrap for cars regardless of whether its for the interior or exterior of the car.

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  1. I have a 2007 GMC Yukon Denali, my truck club wants to try it out, but before buying a roll, what’s the recommended roll size to order?

  2. Which brand of automobile car wrap would be best to use, I am wanting to do a mirror chrome finish on my grill, bumpers, chevy hood logo emblem ( Its the original chrome bow tie logo emblem ) mirrors, and door handles.
    Wanted to know which company has the best quality automobile wrap?
    Which company has the best product that looks, as much as possible, like real chrome, mirror chrome.
    Which company has the best product as far as doing it myself.
    What supplies or tools will i need to purchase, in order for me to complete the areas i want to wrap
    Will be going on my 1955 Chevy truck short wide.

    Thank you very much

  3. Hey Matt – That sound like a great project! VViViD are a highly recommended car vinyl wrap brand and produce a wide variety of finishes. In terms of the tools, you will need a scraper, film cutter, heat gun and a few different squeeges. There are a few different kits available that will have all this in bulk if you haven’t got it already. Be sure to post the results here once complete, would be great to see the results!

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