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5 Best Car Ramps For Servicing 2018

Raising your car from the ground by a few inches can make all the difference when servicing your car. A high quality car ramp can be used for oil changes or other car maintenance and is much cheaper than your conventional garage car lift.

The best car ramp is the Race Ramps Car Ramp Kit, which includes a race ramp, Xtender and wheel chock that is highly rated by professional mechanics worldwide.

Car ramps can come in different forms from heavy duty to low profile depending on the car that you intend to do maintenance. Its important that you get the ramp suited to your cars weight otherwise you may cause additional stress to the ramps.

Best Car Ramps For Oil Changes

Car RampsWeight Capacity (LBS)Our Rating
Race Ramps3,0004.9
Rage Powersports ML-10663,0004.8
RhinoGear 11909ABMI12,000 (GVW)4.7
Nicky Nice6,5004.8
OTC 5268 20-Ton40,0004.8

Car ramps are the best alternatives compared to the more expensive 2 and 4 post garage car lifts. You will not get the height of a garage lift but the additional lift you get from the car ramps ensure you have enough room to perform most jobs.

Many mechanics will upgrade from car trolley jacks to car ramps due to the safety. It can be quite worrying that if a trolley jack were to slip, you would be stuck under a car but this wouldn’t be the case with a high quality car ramp.

On the topic of safety, most car ramp kits should come with wheel chocks that ensure your car will not roll whilst on the ramp. Below is a list of the best car ramps for servicing  and more that offer value for money and superior quality.

Race Ramps Car Ramp Kit

Race Ramps produce a huge range of car ramps for home garages and are highly popular due to their strong and lightweight construction. They are made using a high density expanded polystyrene foam and then sprayed with polyurea to increase strength and increase resistant to spillages.

The full car ramp kit by Race Ramps includes a pair of ramps, pair of “Xtenders” and four rubber wheel chocks. This is everything that you need for a professional car ramp for your home garage. The ramps can handle 3,000 LBS as a pair and have no sharp edges so they will not damage the floor in your garage.

The race ramps will lift your car by 10 inches, which is perfect for performing anything from bumper modifications to oil changes. The “Xtender’s” come into play if you have a lowered car or sports car. It lowers the angle (6.6 degrees) to make it easier to get onto the ramp without causing any damage. With the “Xtender” it is the best car ramp for low cars and its well worth paying the extra for them.

Overall, the Race Ramps kit is expensive but totally worth the money. It is the best low profile car ramp as an all rounder and is very lightweight but study to withstand years of use.

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Rage Powersports ML-1066 Car Service Ramp

If you are not confident that the plastic or hardened rubber ramps will hold your car, Rage Powersports offer an all aluminium construction.

A clever feature of these car ramps is the inclusion of side rails that help your wheel stay on track during loading and unloading. There are 16 inch wheel platforms with integrated wheel stops that lift the vehicle 7 inches from the ground.

In terms of loading your vehicle, there is a 11.5 degree angle that is more than adequate for the majority of cars. These heavy duty car ramps will be able to hold 3,000 LBS, which is perfect for most cars or SUVs.

Overall the Rage Powersports ML-1066 Car Service Ramp is a great all aluminum alternative and is the best heavy duty car ramp for home mechanics.

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RhinoGear 11909ABMI Vehicle Ramp

Rhino Gear is a cheap car ramp that has a weight limit of 12,000 Pounds and is one of the most popular ramps on the market due to the budget price.

The ramps are made from plastic polymer and the angle of 17 degrees will lift your car 6.5 inches from the ground. The angle of which the car is loaded onto these ramps is over 10 degrees extra meaning it will not be ideal for low cars.

The patented coreTRAC is a non skid base used in the construction of the Rhino Gear car ramps and ensure there is no slippage upon loading the car.

They are the best budget car ramps for the money but if you are going to be using them on a regular basis, a more premium ramp would be the best buy.

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Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set

The Nicky Nice car ramp kit is constructed of steel and can handle cars with a gross weight of up to 6,500 LBS. They are 35 inches long and include safety side rails to help steer your car onto them safely. Another clever feature are the extruded traction holes that ensure your wheel has the best traction.

These heavy duty car ramps are much cheaper compared to Rage Powersports aluminum alternatives and can handle much more weight. The only criticism is the fact they are smaller and may be harder to load the car onto compared with the Rage Powersports.

Overall they are the best cheap heavy duty car ramps for the money and matched with wheel chocks, they can be made even better.

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OTC 5268 20-Ton Capacity Truck Ramp

In terms of a heavy duty and high capacity ramp, the OTC 5268 is a 20 Ton truck ramp for professional mechanics working on heavy vehicles. The first thing you will notice is that they include a T handle that enable easy maneuverability of the ramps.

They support up to 10 inches of wheel tread and work for all vehicles from trucks to passenger vehicles. They include a non-skid rubber matting to prevent slippage during use and when loading.

To the average car owners, the other alternative are the better buy but if you are working on trucks frequently, these are perfect. The large gross weight capacity and general heavy duty construction make it a great all rounder for trucks.

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Car Ramp Buying Guide

By using a car ramp, you are trusting your life on it holding your car. If it fails to do its job, the car could end up crushing whoever is underneath. For this reason alone, its always worth researching the best car ramp rather than just choosing the cheapest.

The vehicle service ramps come in all sizes, shapes and materials with many preferring the lightweight modern ramps over heavy duty steel alternatives.

Many people use car ramps for oil changes and other maintenance. However, if you go to car showrooms or shows, you will notice they are being used more and more. This is because they have become much cheaper over the years and mechanics understand that they are much more safer than a trolley jack.

Not all ramps are top rated and below are some factors that you must consider before parting with your money.

Weight Capacity

Before purchasing a car ramp, you need to measure the axle weight of your car, which is usually the heaviest at the front. All of the recommended car ramps above have their axle weight listed, which all have surplus for the average car.

Some car ramps use single axis ratings as oppossed to GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight), which are usually noted. Remember never to overload the ramp because your life will depend upon the ramp holding the weight whilst you are underneath.

Wheel Width & Wheel Choks

If you own a sports car with wide wheels, be very cautious on the wheel width ratings. The majority of car ramps cater for all passenger cars with the OTC ramp rated for much wider wheels from trucks.

Once you have your vehicle loaded onto the ramp, safety is something you want to ensure is paramount. Wheel chocks are the best form of safety as they ensure your car doesn’t roll on the car ramp. We strongly recommend buying a set of wheel choks if they do not already come with the car ramp kit.

Ramp Surfaces

You will notice that all of the recommended car ramps include either serrated or punch plated ramp surfaces. The purpose is to ensure the car has optimum traction when loading and off loading.

For those that create homemade car ramps, they will most probably use a blank of wood with no traction features, meaning its virtually impossible to load safely.

Safety Compared to Jack Stands

The obvious alternative to a car ramp are car jack stands, which get the car off the ground with a similar height. However, the main pitfall with a stand is that you cannot simply drive onto it as you would with a car ramp.

Safety is also a huge aspect to consider as a jack stand may even slip if there is big enough impact against the car. These are all reasons to invest into a heavy duty car ramp for servicing underneath your car.


Do not let the cost of the premium car ramps put you off. A high quality car ramp will never let you down and do you really want to risk your life with a poor model. The 5 best car ramps mentioned above are all rated by amateur and professional mechanics.

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