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The Best Epicenter For Car Audio 2021

best epicenter for car audio

An epicenter for car audio is designed to maximize and reproduce ultra-low bass on all genres of music. It detects bass harmonics and outputs them with additional punch and impact. It’s a components that is much loved by car audio enthusiasts.

The best epicenter for car audio is the AudioControl Bass Restoration Processor, which uses a patented bass maximizer that transforms your music experience.

Installing a subwoofer in your car is a popular modification but an epicenter is designed to further improve the quality of the bass. If you are a true “bass fan” and want to experience further deep bass, a quality epicenter is the best option.

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Car Epicenter Comparison

Car EpicenterSignal To NoiseFrequency
AudioControl The EPICENTER130 dB10-100,000 Hz
Soundstream Bx10x130 dB10-100,000 Hz
Hifonics BXIPRO2.0133 dB10-35,000 Hz
SoundXtreme ST-AP6130 dB10-10,000 Hz
Power Acoustik BASS-12C132 dB10-100,000 Hz
AudioControl LC2i110 dB33-100,000 Hz

Depending upon the genre of music you listen to will determine the transformation an epicenter will make. If you mostly listen to classic rock or song with limited bass, an epicenter for car audio will bring the bass back to the song for an improved experience.

In terms of the installation of an epicenter, it goes between the car amplifier and receiver, which you can then control on the front panel of the device.

Below is a list of the best epicenters for car audio that reproduces and maximizes the bass for songs that have limited bass.

The Best Epicenter For Car Audio

1. AudioControl The EPICENTER Processor

The EPICENTER bass restoration processor is one of the most popular options that is suitable for all car audio systems. It’s designed to increase the bass response by analyzing the incoming signal and then reproducing the low bass tones.

This epicenter for car audio needs to be installed between the receiver and any amplifiers for crossovers. The kit includes a wired remote, which can be wired from the installation location and into the front seat for easy adjustment of the audio.

Other features of the AudioControl EPICENTER include:

  • Connects to any receiver with pre-amps
  • Patented bass maximizer
  • 9.5Vrms pre-amp max output
  • Fixed subsonic filter
  • Wired remote bass level controller

The EPICENTER by AudioControl is one of the best option that combines performance with value for the money. The highly rated restoration processor ticks all the boxes and is able to reproduce the low-bass tones for all types of music genres.

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2. Soundstream Bx10x Bass Reconstruction Processor

An alternative to the epicenters produced by the AudioControl brand is the Soundstream Bx10x. It’s a more affordable option that is easy to install and can be easily adjusted using the wired remote for selecting between different modes.

Other features of the Soundstream Bx10x include:

  • LED bass maximizer indicators
  • Selectable grounding mode
  • Dash mount gain control
  • Output voltage selection (2.5V, 5V, 7.5V, 10V)
  • Signal-to-noise ratio of 130 dB
  • White and chrome finish

The Soundstream BX10 is a cheap epicenter that is actually worth buying and backed by a reputable brand. Unlike many of the AudioControl alternatives, this model comes has the desirable LED indicators for feedback from the bass maximizer.

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3. Hifonics BXIPRO2.0 Bass Enhancement Epicenter

Hifonics are another highly reputable brand in both the car and home audio industries. The BXIPRO2.0 epicenter is their most popular model that recreates and injects low frequency back into the signal path for additional bass.

Other features of the Hifonics BXIPRO2.0 include:

  • 10hz-35khz frequency response
  • Input noise reduction circuitry
  • High-headroom PWM power supply
  • Power LED indicator
  • Dash mount remote control
  • Signal-to-noise ratio of 133 dB
  • Subsonic filter and bass level control

The brand promises that by using the BXIPRO2.0 epicenter, you will instantly notice the improvement. Whether you listen to compact discs or old tapes, installing the BXIPRO2.0 will recreate and inject the low frequency back into the audio.

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4. SoundXtreme Digital Bass Machine Processor

The SoundXtreme ST-AP6 is a digital bass machine processor that comes with the desirable dash mount remote control. It allows you to fine tune the bass levels to best suit your car audio requirements.

Other features of the SoundXtreme ST-AP6 include:

  • Dash mount remote control
  • Subsonic filter control
  • Frequency response of 10 to 10,000 Hz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio of 130 dB
  • Input noise rejection of 60 dB
  • Head room power supply

The SoundXtreme ST-AP6 is an excellent all-round epicenter that offers great value for the money. It’s able to smooth out poor quality bass and perform just as well as the more premium options on the market.

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5. Power Acoustik BASS-12C Car Epicenter

Another affordable option is the Power Acoustick BASS-12DC, which also comes with a dash mount remote control. The brand states that their epicenter will restore the ground-shaking power and bass from your subwoofers better than other cheap options.

A unique feature of this car epicenter is the LED glowing eye from within the skull, which makes it stand out next to other audio components.

Other features of the Power Acoustick BASS-12DC include:

  • Subsonic filter and bass level control
  • Illuminated logo and chrome finish
  • Dash mount remote control
  • Frequency response of 10Hz – 100KHz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio of 132 dB
  • Input noise rejection of 60 dB

The Power Acoustick BASS-12DC is an excellent choice with a unique design that looks great in custom car audio builds. It may not perform as well as some of the premium alternatives but it’s the best option for those on a budget.

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6. AudioControl LC2i 2 Channel Epicenter

Although the LC2i model isn’t necessarily a dedicated epicenter for car audio, it does have a similar functionality. Instead of enhancing the low end signal, the LC2i converts the high level input into a lower level, which allows you to run the amp to the receiver.

Other features of the AudioControl LC2i include:

  • Accepts 400 watt signals per channel
  • Desirable compact design
  • AccuBass processing
  • Fixed and variable outputs
  • Discrete level controls
  • Clear text labels on the front panel

If you are trying to convert the input for adding an amplifier to your factory setup, the AudioControl LC2i is a great option. As mentioned earlier, this isn’t strictly an epicenter but it’s an affordable alternative with similar functionality.

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Depending upon the type of music you listen to will determine whether an epicenter will make a big difference or not. If you listen to a lot of rock or older music, an epicenter is one of the best additions to your car audio system. However, for most rap or hip hop music, the bass is already there and an epicenter might not make much of a difference.

All of our recommendations are suited to a range of budgets and are highly rated by car audio enthusiasts worldwide. To avoid disappointment, we highly advise that you avoid the cheap options as this may reduce the quality of low bass tones.

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