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The Best Dog Car Seat 2021

Best Dog Car Seat

Using a dog car seat is ideal for small to medium sized breeds and ensures they are safe and comfortable whilst travelling in the car. They are often called dog booster seats as most allow them to see out of the window.

The best dog car seat is the Kurgo Skybox Booster, which is available in 6 different designs and suitable for dogs up to 30 LBS in weight.

Unlike a dog car seat cover, the seat actually secures the dog and ensures they cannot interrupt you whilst driving. In the event of a car accident, an unrestrained dog will come off far worse than one that is secured to a car seat.

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Best Dog Car Seat

Dog Car SeatWeight RatingDimensions
Kurgo SkyboxUp to 30 LBS12L X 16W X 8H
Snoozer LookoutUp to 25 LBS17L X 22W X 19H
K&H Bucket BoosterUp to 30 LBS20L X 14.5W X 22H
Petsfit Booster SeatUp to 45 LBS29.5L X 16W X 14H
Solvit PetSafeUp to 25 LBS20L X 14W X 10H

According to a survey conducted by Kurgo, 23% of drivers had to restrict their dog whilst braking by using their hands or arms. If these dogs were secured into a suitable car seat, this would not be something that the driver would have to worry about.

As much as we would all love to let our dogs roam around in the car, it is simply not safe. The design of dog car seats have improved over the years, which has meant they are more comfortable for the dog and easier for drivers to install.

Below is a list of the best dog car seats that fit easily inside the majority of cars and ensures your pooch is safe, comfortable and protected.

Kurgo Skybox Dog Booster Seat

Kurgo is a big brand within the dogs apparel and accessories industry and their dog car seat is one of the most popular. It is known as the Skybox, which is available in 6 different styles and suitable for dogs up to 30 LBS in weight.

In terms of the installation, the Kurgo Skybox comes pre-assembled in the box and easily attaches to either the front or back of a bucket seat.

Other features of the Kurgo Skybox Dog Booster Seat include:

  • Provides a window view for dogs
  • Waterproof and reversible pad design
  • Machine washable by removing the liner and pad
  • Metal supports for structural integrity
  • Zippered pockets for storage
  • Dimensions are 12 x 16 x 8 inches
  • Includes a lifetime warranty against defects

Unlike other cheaper alternatives that sag at the bottom or side, the Kurgo Skybox uses a sturdy construction. This is thanks to the metal supports that are cushioned by the pad, which allows the dog to relax in comfort.

Overall, it is the best dog car seat that allows the dog to see out of the window and offers excellent value for money.

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Snoozer Lookout Dog Car Seat

The Snoozer Lookout is a luxurious dog car seat that is available in two sizes with 4 different styles to choose from. If your dog is one that enjoys comfort, you can treat them to this car seat with a foam form and lambs wool interior.

Installing this dog car seat is as simple as placing it on the seat and using the seat belt to secure it in place. It can be placed on virtually any seat within the car and even on the center console if the opening is wide enough.

Other features of the Snoozer Lookout Car Seat include:

  • Save for dogs up to 25 LBS
  • Uses a Sherpa lining and lambs wool interior
  • Quilted nylon repels hair
  • Cover can machine washed
  • Storage tray underneath
  • Includes a connection strap for the seat belt connection
  • Medium size dimensions are 19 x 22 x 17 inches

Overall, it is an excellent all-round dog car seat that maximizes your dogs comfort whilst travelling in the car. The main drawback of the Snoozer Lookout is the expensive price tag but it is still the most popular within this article.

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K&H Bucket Booster Dog Seat

K&H are another premium brand within the apparel and accessory industry for dogs. Their booster dog seat is suitable for dogs up to 30 LBS but we advise that you measure your dogs length to ensure they will be suitable for this seat. K&H also produce a smaller version for those with small breeds.

Other features of the K&H Dog Booster Seat include:

  • Available in tan or gray
  • Fits in either the front or rear seats
  • Provides elevated sitting to look out the window
  • Can be easily removed and machine washable
  • Two adjustable security leashes
  • Made from polyurethane closed cell foam
  • Includes a one year warranty

It is a very similar design to the Snoozer Lookout alternative but with a 3 inch foam cushion elevation, it is makes it the best dog booster seat. Many dogs love to see out of the window and will begin to whine when they cannot.

It is not the cheapest but when you consider the high quality materials and innovative design, it makes it a worthwhile investment. Simply strap the seat in place using the seat belt and you are ready to hit the road.

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Petsfit Large Dog Booster Seat

Searching for a dog car seat for large dogs can be a difficult task but the Petsfit seat is able to comfortable fit medium breeds up to 45 LBS. This is made possible by a much larger design (29.5 x 16 x 14 inches) that spans across two seats.

Other features of the Petsfit Dog Booster Seat include:

  • Available in dark brown or gray blue
  • Liner can be removed and is machine washable
  • Includes useful storage pockets
  • Double sided for winter or summer season
  • Easily installs by looping seat belt through
  • Smaller size available

The intuitive dual use design that switching between a plush or durable liner. This is ideal for winter or summer use but also if your dog suffers from sickness.

For medium to long breeds, this dog car seat is the best option and the clever design makes a huge difference to it usability. However, it does come with an expensive price tag and there is only leash inside but for dogs up to 45 LBS, there really isn’t many alternatives to choose from.

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Solvit PetSafe Tagalong Dog Booster Seat

The Solvit Tagalong is a cheap dog car seat that is ideal for dogs up to 25 LBS. It has a similar design to the Kurgo Skybox as it connects the headrest with two adjustable straps to customize the height.

Other features of the Solvit Tagalong Booster Seat include:

  • Durable polyester with a fleece liner
  • Easily removable and machine washable
  • 20 x 14 x 10 inches in size
  • Internal frame prevents sagging
  • Two safety leashes included
  • Additional padding at the bottom for comfort

The Solvit Tagalong is a basic but affordable dog car seat that is ideal for smaller breeds or puppies. As this seat simply hangs from the headrest, it will not be the best option for dogs that move around a lot in the car. The Skybox by Kurgo provide additional straps that secures it in place further to prevent movement.

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Dog Car Seat Buying Guide

Travelling with your dog in the car can be great fun but you may be breaking the law in your state if they are not properly restrained. By using the best dog car seat for your breed, you are able to restrain them but also allow them to remain comfortable within a padded seat.

Many people often refer to these seats as a dog booster seat. This is due to the fact that they are elevated by the foam at the bottom of the seat. The benefit of this is that most dogs will be able to see out the window, which can prevent sickness and increase their enjoyment in the car.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding dog car seats.

best small dog car seat

Benefits For The Dog And Driver

Using a dog car seat is not only beneficial to the dog but also you as the driver. Becoming distracted by your dog whilst driving is a recipe for disaster and something you want to avoid.

An appropriate car seat for your dog comes with many benefits, these include:

  • Protects the dog in a car crash
  • Provides great comfort with padded cushions
  • Contains dirt within the seat
  • Allows dog to see out of the window (booster seats)
  • Gives the dog a sense of security
  • Prevents the driver having to hold onto the dog whilst braking
  • Safe method of restraining your dog

The main alternative to a seat is the dog car harness but the lack of comfort and protection makes the car seat the best option.

Types of Seats

The market for dog car seats is highly saturated with a variety of styles available. The most common are the bucket, hanging and bed styles for use within a car.

Bucket Style

The bucket style is one of the most popular due to the ease of installation and the comfort it provides the dog. The bucket style can be installed in virtually any seat and often comes with an elevated cushion for the dog to see out of the window.

In terms of the installation, most have gaps for the seat belt to loop through the seat to secure it in place. Examples of this style include the K&H and Snoozer Lookout seats, which are highly popular worldwide.

Hanging Style

Another popular design is the hanging dog car seat such as the Kurgo Skybox and Solvit Tagalong. They are ideal for small breeds and connect the headrest and seat belt for a secure fit. As with the bucket style, they allow dogs to see out the window.

If you are searching for this style, we strongly recommend examples that use a metal frame for structural integrity. You will pay a premium for this but it prevent sagging at the bottom of the seat, which is very common with cheaper seats.

Bed Style

The bed style is much wider than the bucket or hanging style and allows your dog to spread out on the seat. They are great for larger breeds but you will want to ensure that the side are tall enough to prevent them attempting to jump out of the seat. Some people may decide to use the wider seat as an opportunity to sit two dogs.

best dog booster seat

Size and Weight Limitations

One of the most important factors to consider is whether or not your dog is suitable for the car seat. All brands clearly state their dimensions but due to all dogs varying in size, they cannot define whether it is suitable for specific breeds.

Therefore, you will need to measure your dog and ensure they will fit without feeling cramped. Most brands also provide a weight rating, which you will also need to consider. Heavier dog breeds may stretch the seat, causing them to sag and become uncomfortable for long journeys.

Keeping it Clean

When traveling out on the road, many dogs suffer from motion sickness. The dog car seat will contain the sick, which is great but if it’s not easily washed, it can become an issue. This is another big factor to consider but the majority of seats these days are machine washable.

Most will have a liner that can be removed and chucked straight into your washing machine. We strongly recommend that you stick to the manufacturers guidelines in terms of the washing machine settings for the best result when cleaning.


The majority of car seats for dogs can be easily installed within any car or truck and allow your dog to relax during the journey. Failing to restrain your dog can result in a fine or even injury if there were any sudden movements such as heavy braking.

All of our recommendations cover a range of different styles and budgets to suit your requirements. Buying the best dog car seat you can get your hands may be the best investment you have made and result in more enjoyable drives with your pooch.

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