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The Best Trailer Tires 2021

Best Trailer Tires

Trailer tires are often neglected and can become dangerous without replacing them in time. Choosing tires that are designed specifically for your trailer load will ensure that you have the best possible towing experience.

The best trailer tires are the Carlisle Radial Trail HD Tires, which use a 8 ply construction and are available in 15 different sizes.

Choosing between trailer tires is highly dependent upon the weight of your trailer. Load ratings are marked upon the sidewall of the tire and range between B and F.

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Trailer Tires Comparison

Trailer TiresTypeLoad Range
Carlisle Radial Trail HDRadialD
Trailer King STRadialD
Maxxis M8008 STRadialE
Carlisle Sport Trail LHBias PlyC
Free Country 80D13Bias PlyC
TransEagle All SteelRadialG
Goodyear EnduranceRadialE
Thunderer R501RadialE
Power King GVM20Bias PlyC
MaxAuto HighwayBias PlyC

As with standard tires, the trailer alternatives also include industry standard metrics. These include the width in millimeters, the aspect ratio, which refers to the size of the sidewall and a letter that states whether it is a Radial or Bias type of construction.

Other ratings to check with regards to trailer tires include the speed rating, traction and temperature grade, load index and certification.

Below is a list of the best trailer tires that are available in a range of sizes with greater heat resistance and tread wear reduction for improved towing.

The Best Trailer Tires

1. Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire

One of the most popular trailer tires is the Carlisle Radial Trail HD, which is available in 15 sizes. They have a heavy duty design and are suitable for various applications. Carlisle also offer these tires as a bias ply alternative but the radial construction is the best option.

They are the new and improved trailer tire that the brand claims has improved tread wear and heat resistance compared to previous tires.

Other features of the Carlisle Radial Trail HD include:

  • 8 Ply construction
  • Load range D
  • 65 max PSI
  • M speed rating (rated at 81 MPH)
  • Maximum capacity of 2,150 LBS per tire
  • Interconnected tread blocks

Carlisle are a reputable brand and the Radial Trail HD trailer tires are highly rated. Not only are they long lasting but there are multiple sizes available to best suit most trailers.

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2. Trailer King ST Radial Tire

The Trailer King ST are also very popular trailer tires that are suited to heavy loads. They have an enhanced shoulder design that improves heat dissipation. This results in even wear and a longer lasting tire compared to similar priced alternatives.

Other features of the Trailer King ST include:

  • Center groove that improves stability and tracking
  • Nylon overlay construction for additional strength
  • Load range D
  • Speed rating L
  • 8 ply radial construction
  • Maximum PSI of 65
  • Includes a nationwide limited warranty

Considering that are rated at 2,150 LBS per tire and come with a nationwide limited warranty, these trailer tires provide excellent value for money. Trailer King offer a variety of sizes and the option to include a wheel as well as the tire.

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3. Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tires

The Maxxis M8008 are premium trailer tires that have a double steel-belted construction for additional strength. They are radial tires for a trailer that are designed to decrease rolling resistance and improve towing stability.

To further improve the performance of these trailer tires, the brand have also enhanced the shock absorption for improve load handling.

Other features of the Maxxis M8008 include:

  • Superior load handling performance
  • Advanced tread compound
  • 10 Ply rating
  • Load range E
  • Speed rating R
  • 2,540 LBS weight capacity per tire

The Maxxis M8008 are considered as the best RV trailer tires due to the impressive weight capacity per tire. The tires also provide excellent shock absorption, which helps improve the smoothness of the ride.

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4. Carlisle Sport Trail LH Bias Trailer Tire

An alternative to the radial trailer tires listed above is the bias ply Carlisle Sport Trail. The brand claim that these tires use a new and improved design that reduces rolling resistance and increases longevity.

They are designed for short distance cargo hauling, utility trailers and boat trailers with a max weight capacity of 990 LBS.

Other features of the Carlisle Sport Trail LH include:

  • Bias ply construction
  • Maximum PSI of 90
  • Load range C
  • Puncture resistant
  • 12 different tire sizes
  • Reduced road noise and heat build up

The Carlisle Sport Trail LH tires is the best option for those requiring a bias ply construction. They also offer excellent value and include a two year warranty for peace of mind.

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5. Free Country Bias Trailer Tires

Another bias ply trailer construction are the Free Country trailer tires that offer the most bang for your buck. The brand offer five different tire sizes, which all are suitable for a wide range of trailer applications and come as a set of four.

Other features of the Free Country ST include:

  • Set of 4 tires
  • Bias ply construction
  • Load range C and 6 ply rating
  • Max weight capacity of 1,360 LBS
  • Max tire pressure of 50 PSI
  • Include a 1 year warranty

    Overall, the Free Country ST trailer tires are an excellent option that are cheap, durable and suitable for a range of trailer applications. Unlike other cheaper alternatives, these come with a one year warranty for peace of mind.

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    6. TransEagle ST Trailer Radial Tire

    The TransEagle ST trailer tire is a premium option that is suitable for all season use. The brand state that the symmetric ribbed pattern enhances the all weather road gripping capability and makes it suitable for all driving conditions.

    Other features of the TransEagle ST Radial Tires include:

    • All weather traction
    • Excellent hydroplaning resistance
    • 14 ply construction
    • 8 mm tread depth
    • Reinforced steel belts that maintains it’s shape
    • Load range G
    • Maximum weight capacity of 4,080 LBS
    • Ideal for highway usage
    • 110 max PSI

    The TransEagle ST are one of the best radial tires on the market but for a complete set, they will require a sizable investment. However, the 14 ply construction and all season design provides superior stability and load carrying capabilities.

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    7. Goodyear Endurance All Season Trailer Tires

    Goodyear are a global tire manufacturer that are known for their high quality tires and this trailer option follows that great reputation. They have a rugged fabric steel construction that provides superior durability and carrying capacities.

    The brand state that they use the latest innovative technology to improve the longevity and performance compared to similar priced tires.

    Other features of the Goodyear Endurance include:

    • 10 ply radial construction
    • Enhanced rubber compound that prevent scrubbing
    • Flexible design for longer wear periods
    • Load rating range E
    • Made in the USA
    • Max PSI of 60
    • Compatible with TPMS

    These trailer tires by Goodyear are made in the USA and designed specifically for towing applications. The Endurance model tire is their new and improved design, which has a new tread design and stronger sidewall that is more long lasting than the predecessor.

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    8. Thunderer Steel Belted Trailer Radial Tires

    The Thunderer R501 is a steel belted radial trailer tire with a double joint-less spiral overlay, which provides improved load capacity. Compared against many of the alternatives, they also have a deeper tread depth that provide more mileage per tire.

    Other features of the Thunderer R501 Radial Tire include:

    • Load rating range E
    • Max PSI of 95
    • 10 ply construction
    • Solid center rib for extra stability
    • Deep tread depth for increased mileage
    • Made in Korea
    • Speed rating L

    Overall, the Thunderer R501 is an excellent all-round option that combines performance and value for the money. For those that do plenty of miles with their trailer, the increased tread life can make a big difference and save you money.

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    9. Power King GVM20 Trailer Bias Tire

    The Power King GVM20 are trailer tires that are suitable for small to medium sized trailers. It features an advanced tubeless design and a bias ply construction, which the brand state provides extra support and handling.

    Other features of the Power King GVM20 include:

    • Bias 6 ply construction
    • Max PSI of 50
    • Rim not included
    • M speed rating
    • 10 inch rim diameter
    • 9 mm tread depth

    If you require cheap trailer tires that use a bias construction, the Power King GVM20 is a great option. Due to the smaller tire construction, it’s recommend that you only use these tires for small to medium sized trailers.

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    10. MaxAuto Highway Trailer Tires

    Another affordable set of trailer tires are by the MaxAuto brand and they are ideal for small trailer loads. MaxAuto sell them as a pair and when compared to similar tires, they offer outstanding value for the money.

    The brand state that they are constructed of high class rubber that ensures smooth rolling whilst travelling along the highway.

    Other features of the MaxAuto Trailer Tires include:

    • Sold as a pair
    • Load range C
    • DOT certified
    • Speed rating of M
    • Bias construction
    • Max PSI of 90

    Overall, the MaxAuto trailer tires are an affordable option for small trailer loads that won’t disappoint. Compared against similar priced trailer tires, they offer far better quality and will be far more long lasting.

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    Trailer Tires Buying Guide

    To ensure that your towing experience goes to plan, you should ensure the tires of the trailer are in the best condition. If you notice that they are losing pressure, have cracks in the sidewall or irregular tread wear, it is advise to replace them.

    To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the comprehensive guide below regarding trailer tires.

    Best Travel Trailer Tires

    Type of Tire

    At the beginning of the tire size metrics, there is a letter that states the tire type. For example, winter tires will have the letters “M+S” whereas trailer tires are labelled with “ST”. The abbreviation “ST” stands for “Special Trailer” and these types of tires are designed specifically for trailers. Unlike standard passenger tires, they are far tougher as they are constructed of a heavier duty material.

    Bias Ply vs Radial

    When browsing through the various tires available for trailers, you will come across bias ply and radial tires. The main difference is the way the plies are constructed within the tire.

    Radial Construction

    Radial tires have plies that run perpendicular across the belt of the tire. They are the best option for trailer tires as they run cooler, less likely to develop flat spots and are tougher due to to the fact they use steel belts. This makes them more suitable for heavy loads.

    Bias Ply Construction

    Unlike plies that run perpendicular, this type of tire has plies that run at 30 degree angles with a cross hatched construction. This provides them with a stronger sidewall but they may not last as long as the radial alternative. However, they are normally much cheaper, which can be very beneficial for those requiring multiple tires.

    Tire Sizing

    On all tires, there will be tire sizes marked upon the sidewall. These include the width, aspect ratio/profile and the diameter.

    The first three digits refer to the width in millimeters, which usually ranges between 145 and 235 mm. The next two digits refers to the aspect ratio or profile of the tire, which is the percentage of the tires width. The last two digits refer to the diameter of the tire in inches.

    Common trailer tire sizes that suit a range of applications include:

    • 235/85r16
    • 225/75r15
    • 205/75r15
    • 215/75r14
    • 205/75r14
    • 185/70r14

    Load Range/Ply Rating

    Just as important as the size of the tire are the load ranges. Depending upon the number of plies and the rating of the ply, will play a big part in the load capacity of the tire. Load ranges for trailer tires vary from B to F, which determines whether they can handle light or heavy loads.

    Speed Rating

    The speed rating of the tire is another rating to check but the majority of drivers will rarely travel at high speeds whilst towing. Most ST trailer tires are rated at 65 MPH/104 KM/H but there are premium tires that exceed these speed limitations.

    The inflation and load conditions may increase or decrease the speed at which the tire is capable of handling. Exceed the speed may result in additional heat, which can cause a blow out such as the below image.

    best trailer tires reviews

    Uniform Tire Quality Grading

    The UTQG rating of a tire stands for Uniform Tire Quality Grading. It is a rating system that provides additional information such as the tread life, traction and temperature grading of tires. The system is developed by the US Department of Transportation with the ratings engraved onto the sidewall.

    Trailer Tire Pressure

    Inflating the tires to the correct pressure is crucial to ensuring you have the best towing experience. Maintaining the pressure will also extend the life of the tire and ensure maximum safety out on the road.

    Under-inflation causes additional strain of the sidewall that produces excess heat and weakens the structure of the tire. Eventually, this will increase the chance of a blow out, which is very dangerous at high speed.

    Over-inflation is less common and is usually caused by not reading the max PSI rating on the sidewall. Exceeding the maximum pressure reduces the tread contact with the road, causes uneven wear, skipping of the trailer and a bouncier towing experience.

    We strongly recommend that you have a tire inflator that you can use to regularly check the pressures. It is advised to match the pressure of each tire and check them before any long journey.

    Maintenance and Safety

    Maintaining your trailer tires not only ensures that they are safe to use on the road but also improves the longevity of the tires. Inspecting them on a regular basis before departing upon a road trip is essential. Visual checks of the sidewall and tread can uncover multiple defects that could potentially cause a blow out.

    All tires have a lifespan and will need to be replaced eventually. However, exposure to UV rays can reduce the lifespan of the tires quite significantly and cause cracks to appear on the sidewalls. If the trailer cannot be stored under shelter, we strongly recommend that you invest in tire covers for protection.

    Tires that tend to lose pressure after a few weeks or days may have issues with the valve stems. The best way to test whether they are defective is by simply pushing against the stem and listen for any hissing sound. If you do hear the hissing, this indicates that air is leaving the tire and the stems need changing.

    If you intend on leaving heavy loads upon on a trailer that is left to sit around, the tires may develop flat spots. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you jack up the trailer and place jack stands underneath to keep the tires lifted off the ground.


    All of our recommendations are suited for a range of trailer loads and available in a variety of sizes. Trailer tires do not last forever and are often left neglected, which can lead to a blow out if they reach high temperatures. Therefore, it is critical that you check them on a regular basis.

    Before purchasing any tires for your trailer, its strongly advised that you ensure the size and load rating is correct. You should also ensure the trailer hubs and other components are is good condition before departing upon any long journeys.

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