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5 Best Car Dollies For Moving Cars 2018

If a vehicle is refusing to start but it needs to be moved, a car dolly can be used as a method of moving it around. They act as wheel skates and once you have jacked each wheel onto a dolly, it is very easy to move the car to where it needs to be.

The best dollies for moving cars are the Go-Jak G6313 dollies that can hold an impressive 1,574 LBS each and compatible with tires up to 13 inches wide that are rated at 6,000 LBS and can be sold in pairs or all 4 dollies for each wheel.

Using a car dolly is the safest method of moving cars compared to dragging the car with a trolley jack because its so easy for the jack to slip and damage the car.

Best Garage Wheel Dollies

Car DolliesWeight CapacityType
Go-Jak G63131,574 LBSStandard with Ratchet
Pentagon Tools 50611,500 LBSStandard
Capri Tools 21085-2PK1,500 LBSHydraulic
Omega 470202,000 LBSStandard
Merrick Machine1,500 LBSStandard

All car dollies are heavy duty and can withstand thousands of pounds of the cars weight on each axle. Always avoid using furniture dollies that are often made of wood because these will simply break and potentially cause damage to the car.

There are two types of car dollies that are the hydraulic and standard. The hydraulic car dolly you will not need to jack the car up but use a pedal to pump the car wheel in the air. The standard car dolly requires you to jack the car onto it.

The main difference between the two types is the price, where the hydraulic wheel dolly is much more expensive. Below is a list of the best car dollies to buy for making moving your non running car much easier.

Go-Jak G6313 Car Dollies

The GoJak are premium manufacturers of car dollies and jacks and the G6313 are highly rated by professionals but come with a very expensive price tag.

The construction include steel rollers, wider axles and double ball raceway casters that are pre-lubricated. They are over engineered with the best build quality and each dolly can hold up to 1574 LBS.

These are the ultimate car dollies for those that have no budget as such and want the best money can buy. They make pushing cars much easier and the build quality will ensure they are long lasting. They are the best car dollies and can double up as trolley jacks with the safety locks.

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Pentagon Tools 5061 Tire Skates

The Pentagon Tools car wheel dollies use 3 inch ball bearing castors that are rated to handle a gross weight of up to 6,000 LBS (using all 4). The dimensions of the tire skate measure at 12 x 16 inches, which is much larger than the standard 8 inch dolly.

To keep the budget down (if this is something you are worried about) you are able to purchase a pack of 2 or 4. It is advised to buy all 4 but you can still move a car with just two wheel dollies and use of a trolley jack. They also come with two different colors (black or red) for those wanting to match all of their garage tools.

The solid steel car dollies are heavy duty and provide 360 degree movement with the castors. It also has clever features such as the integrated hole in the top to allow easy storage for when they are not in use.

Overall, they are the best car dollies for the money and will be long lasting with the heavy duty simplistic construction.

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Capri Tools 21085-2PK Hydraulic Car Dolly

The Capri Tools hydraulic car positioning dolly is more expensive that the Pentagon Tools alternative but offers convenience and no need for a trolley jack.

Each hydraulic wheel dolly can handle 1,500 LBS each and use heavy duty swivel casters to move around easily. Each of the dollies can grip onto wheels that are up to 12 inches wide and are lifted with a foot operated pedal.

They are sold in packs of two, but its strongly recommended to use 4 dollies to move the car easily. Due to the price, the additional stress on just two could be risky but its still doable with use of a trolley jack.

Using this car dolly is fairly simple and can be used to fit a range of different wheels using a screw to adjust the width. Once the wheel is lifted in the air after pumping it up, there is a safety pin that locks it in place to reduce any risk of the car dropping.

Overall, the Capri Tools 21085-2PK are the best hydraulic car dollies for the money. They come with a high end price compared to the standard dolly but are relatively cheap compared to other hydraulic competitors.

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Omega 47020 Car Dolly Set

The Omega 47020 are clever car dollies that can hold vehicles by the wheels, pinch weld or by the frame by adjusting in shape. It is a really nice bit of kit that would have taken many years or research and development to produce.

Each car dolly can handle a weight capacity of 2,000 LBS and wheel width of 13 1/2 inch, which is much higher than other standard dollies. They are also self stacking to minimize storage space for when they are not in use.

Overall, they are the best car dollies that are not hydraulic but they are very expensive. They are within the same price bracket of the hydraulic alternative however you do get 3 different ways of holding cars.

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Merrick Machine MERM998002 Auto Dolly

The Merrick Machine Car Dollies are an alternative to the Pentagon tools wheel dolly that can also handle 6,000 LBS using all 4 dollies. It is an all steel construction and are very heavy duty dollies to handle the majority of cars.

Using all 4 car dollies allows you to easily move the car on your own as long as the floor is not ribbed. They can be used to move other objects from boats to furniture.

Although these are cheap car dollies compared to the Pentagon Tool alternative, they do not has as many clever features from holes to aid easy storage or different colors. Making the Pentagon Tools the better buy.

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Car Dolly Buying Guide

Car dollies are the one garage tool that always gets missed out when you are building the ultimate garage. Until you have had to move a non running car for the first time, you will not understand the benefits of owning a set of car dollies are.

The main benefits is of course the ease of moving any car by yourself. They travel on the casters and can be left on the dollies for months on end. All dollies are built to be heavy duty and last many years, so when you buy your first set, think of them as an investment.

car dolly for garage

Hydraulic Car Dollies

Many people will not know about the hydraulic dolly and are used to the standard style. The benefit of using a hydraulic is that you do not need to use a floor jack to get the wheel onto the dolly.

All that is required is placing the dolly in place, adjusting it to the wheels width and then pumping the wheel upwards until it is off the floor.

They offer convenience and are easier to get the car on and off the dolly. The only drawback is that you must be willing to pay the premium price compared to the standard alternative.

Weight Capacity

Every one of the recommended car dollies above have a weight capacity, which are all over 1000 LBS. The dollies combined will be able to hold the weight of each axle of a car with ease unless you have a heavy truck.

Never overload a car dolly because the casters will be the first thing to break from the added pressure of the weight. Once these break, the dolly can become very hard to remove as it will be at an angle (speaking from experience).

There are even people that use wooden car dollies, which will have a weight limit of less than 100 LBS and these should be avoided completely.

Dollies v Jack Stands

Storing your car for long periods is common if you own a small collection or only use the vehicle in the summer. Using car dollies over jack stands for cars is recommended as you have the choice of moving them fairly easily.

With Jack Stands, you will need to use a floor jack to lift the car off the stands in order to move them around your garage. Some car dollies even double up as jack stands as they can lift the car off the ground.


Car dollies is the best way of moving any non running vehicle. Using floor trolley jacks as a method of moving a car is very dangerous and can cause bad damage to the vehicle. For example, if it were to slip, it could get caught on the side skirts or get dragged across the paintwork.

Getting a hydraulic or standard car dolly is completely up to you and they both do the same thing. However, the hydraulic dolly does over convenience and are much quicker to setup.

The best car dollies in this article are capable of holding the majority of cars and will last for the foreseeable future.

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