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5 Best Driving Sunglasses 2020

Little do people know, many sunglasses for driving are not suitable as they may not allow enough light to enter the eyes. The AA recommend that there should be between 18 to 43% of light transmission in order to be safe driving.

The best sunglasses for driving are the Maui Jim Mens Peahi Sunglasses that come with a range of lens and frame colors to suit even the most savvy driver.

Polarized sunglasses for driving are the perfect style to go for as they reduce glare, which is a major disadvantage over standard sunglasses. A pair of sunglasses dedicated for driving can make a big difference whilst on the road.

Best Sunglasses For Driving

Driving SunglassesConstructionPolarized
Maui Jim PeahiGrilamid Frame & Glass LensYes
Serengeti VelocityTitanium Frame & Glass LensNo
Ray-Ban RB3183Metal Frame & Plastic LensOptional
Oakley HolbrookPlastic Frame & Plastic LensOptional
ATTCL AviatorMetal Frame & Composite LensYes

Low sun that blind you whilst driving has the potential to cause a serious accident and even though many drivers wear glasses, not all are suitable for driving. The correct pair will reduce glare and provide the perfect amount of visibility.

From frame and lens materials, there are a range of options to choose in order to find your perfect driving sunglasses. Investing into a high end pair will not only look better but also be more durable.

As not everyone has the same taste in fashion, there is a whole range of styles and colors to choose from. Below is a list of the best sunglasses for driving that reduce glare and allow enough light to enter the eyes.

Maui Jim Peahi Driving Sunglasses

The Maui Jim Peahi Sunglasses are a premium pair that use a grilamid frame and a super thin glass lens with a 100% UV protection coating. The lens itself has a width of 65 mm and height of 39 mm, which gives these sunglasses a unique style.

These are polarized driving sunglasses that reduce glare for a clear vision of the road. The Maui Jim’s sit closer to the face and wrap around your head unlike many of the alternatives. Many people will not like the feeling of these sunglasses but the benefit is that there is less room for the light to blind your eyes.

Overall, they are the best polarized sunglasses for driving with a choice of lens tint to suit your requirements. The main drawback of the Maui Jim Peahi sunglasses is the fact they are expensive but you get what you pay for.

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Serengeti Velocity Sunglasses

Some people do not like polarized driving sunglasses look but still want driving sunglasses that provide clear visibility. This is where the Serengeti Velocity sunglasses come in with their photochromic technology that constantly lightens and darkens throughout the day.

The lens includes molecules that actively expand in brighter environments where UV radiation is heavy. They react by creating a darker lens in order to absorb more light. The molecules will compress in darker scenarios to allow more light to your eyes. It is impressive technology that prevents eye strain with natural adaptation of the lens.

For vehicles that use a car HUD or digital speedometers, viewing the information displays is fairly difficult. The Serengeti Velocity sunglasses are non polarized and use a drivers gradient for clear vision of the road and any HUD or digital display systems.

Overall, the Velocity model by Serengeti are the best non polarized sunglasses for driving with the adaptive lens reducing eye strain and providing top UV protection.

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Ray-Ban RB3183 Prescription Sunglasses

Ray-Ban is a global sunglasses company that the majority of people would have heard about. They offer a range of styles and types that are designed for certain applications. These RB3183 are Ray-Ban driving glasses that are prescription ready and available in matte or shiny black where both have metal frames that is curved to fit comfortably.

If you are looking for a pair of lightweight driving sunglasses, these are ideal as the frame only touches the upper half of the lens.

Ray-Ban offer these glasses in a range of different lens and frame combinations with the polarized version being best option for driving. The added benefit of being prescription ready is a huge bonus for those who wear glasses on a daily basis.

Overall, they are the best prescription sunglasses for driving and have the reputable Ray-Ban quality for peace of mind.

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Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

Oakley is the main competitor to the Ray-Bans with both being very popular worldwide. The Holbrook sunglasses use a plastic construction (frame and lens) that are polarized and come in 20 different styles.

As with the Ray-Ban sunglasses, these are lightweight too as the frame and lens are both plastic. The lens is very clever too as it blocks out 100% of all harmful UV rays thanks to the Plutonite material. On top of this, there is an option to choose an Iridium lens coating to further reduce glare and tune the light transmission.

There are many different styles to choose from but the Holbrook are the best Oakley sunglasses for driving and offer a range of lens and frame colors to suit all tastes.

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ATTCL Aviator Driving Polarized Sunglasses

For those that are on a budget and want an aviator style pair of sunglasses for driving, then the ATTCL design is ideal. They are a polarized composite lens with a metal frame that provides 100% UV protection.

With a choice of black, blue, golf and silver to suit your styling requirements and ATTCL offer a lifetime warranty, which is fairly impressive for a cheap pair of sunglasses.

Compared with some of the more expensive aviator sunglasses, these offer excellent value for money. They are by far the best cheap sunglasses for driving that include a polarized lens for clear vision of the road ahead with limited glare.

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Driving Sunglasses Buying Guide

The majority of people own a pair of sunglasses but not all of them are suitable for driving. For example, you may own a very expensive pair of Ray-Bans that look great but they may not let enough lights to enter the eyes or the lens color may not be suitable for viewing road objects.

When driving, it is crucial that you have clear visibility with no glare as it can cause a serious accident on the road. Even in low light conditions, there are anti glare night driving sunglasses available that ensure you have the best visibility of the road.

Our buying guide below discusses the basics when it comes down to choosing sunglasses for driving.

Sunglasses Frame Design

The frame of any sunglasses is the main design and there is a wide variety to choose from. including oversized frames to frames that allow for large lenses with thin arms.

In terms of driving, its important that you have a clear peripheral vision and your eyes are protected from the sun. Any obstruction can increase your chance of missing hazards and causing a car accident.

Avoiding oversized frame is a good start for driving glasses and a pair that have large lenses and thin arms is the better option. A frame that wraps around your head such as the Maui Jim Peahi are great for sun protection and blocking the sun from entering your eyes.

polarized sunglasses for driving

Tint and Color of the Lens

The difference of color can affect how much light is able to reach the eyes and for this reason, it is one of the most important factors to consider. Choosing an incorrect colored lens may affect the way hazards are perceived on the road or even increase the amount of glare.

Avoid a pink or green lens because when you are at a set of traffic lights, the red light may look no different to the others. The best lens color for driving is grey or brown with polarisation increasing the safety.

On top of the lens color, you can also have a range of different tint densities to choose from and they are usually rated between 0 and 4. Class 0 is virtually clear and class 4 only lets around 3 to 8% light through the lens. A tint level of between 1 and 3 are most suitable for driving and all sunglasses for state a tint level.

Adaptive and Graduated Lenses

Some driving sunglasses will come with light sensitive lenses that will change the tint density based of the degree of UV light, which is great for driving. The Serengeti Velocity sunglasses are an example of this sort of technology in the lens.

A graduated tint is a type of lens that is darker on the top of the lens than the bottom. This is great for viewing your cars dashboard information whilst still being protected from the sun UV light and having a clear view of the road. They are great for driving but a setting/low sun can cause some issues as the lower part of the lens will let more light through.

driving sunglasses

Polarized Lens

The purpose of a polarized lens is to reduce glare and strain on your eyes as well as improving UV protection. Light can reflect from a range of objects whilst driving such as car bonnets, grills, headlights and much more.

The best way to think of a polarized lens is to think of it as a special filter that blocks intense reflecting light. They are by far the best choice for driving but they do come with some drawbacks that put people off choosing a polarized type of sunglasses.

Disadvantages of polarized driving sunglasses include the inability to view certain LED/LCD displays that are common in almost all cars. For example, you may have issues viewing a car GPS navigation system, HUD, speedometer and other components.

Coating of the Lens

To improve the sharpness of your view whilst driving, you can also opt for a coating such as an anti-glare coating. Not only do they provide improved visibility but the coating can also reduce water spots and grease marks. You can even opt for a an anti-scratch coating to ensure they are kept looking brand new for longer.

When choosing your sunglasses, its always recommended to check out the types of coatings, which is usually an optional extra.


Owning a pair of sunglasses for driving should be an essential part of your driving equipment. Unlike leather driving gloves, which is simply a luxury, driving sunglasses play an essential role in improving your safety on the roads as you are able see much more clearly with reduced glare.

Our recommendations within this article are some of the most rated sunglasses for driving and offer a range of styles and optional extras.

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