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5 Best Car Batteries 2018

A car battery serves the purpose of providing the vehicle with electricity in order to start the car. Once the car is running, the electricity power for the car is sourced from the alternator, which also recharges the battery to keep it fully charged.

The best car battery is the Optima OPT8020-164 RedTop that provides the car with 720 CCA and provides optimal starting power even in subzero temperatures. For diesel vehicles, the Odyssey 65-PC1750T provides a huge 950 CCA.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) is a figure you will recognize when researching car batteries. The higher it is, the more power your vehicle will receive to start up.

Best Car Battery for Cold Weather

Car BatteryCCAOur Rating
Optima RedTop8004.9
Odyssey 65-PC1750T9504.9
Bosch S6563B S67704.8
Odyssey PC1200MJT5404.7
ACDelco 78AGM7404.8

Although some drivers may think every car battery is the same, they are certainly not. A large 6.9 liter diesel truck will require much more battery power and CCA than a small 1 liter gas car.

The majority of new car batteries will come with a few years warranty for peace of mind and when you buy a top rated car battery, you will be covered for many years.

Avoid flat batteries and get a power car battery with extended warranty for years of trouble free issues. Below is a list of the best car batteries for cold weather that provide excellent cold cranking amps for cold weather and value for money.

Optima 8002-002 34 RedTop

Optima car batteries are very popular and highly rated worldwide for their long lasting and powerful performance. Even in poor weather conditions, the Optima 35 RedTop car battery is able to deliver high power cranking of 800 Amps.

The RedTop car battery by Optima is suited to the majority of cars worldwide but also suited to hot rods and off-roaders. The Optimate 35 RedTop take pride in their leak-proof, high power and excellent start ability. Optima provide provide a 3 year warranty on their batteries to give you confidence when purchasing their batteries.

For those that enjoy using a vehicles electrics without the engine running, it has a reserve capacity for 100 minutes. Overall, it is the best car battery for cold weather with an excellent CCA that has consistent cranking and voltage ratings.

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Odyssey Extreme 65-PC1750T

The Odyssey 65-PC1750T is a large battery for cars and trucks with a whopping 950 CCA and reserve capacity of 145 minutes. The larger battery is required for large engines and diesel vehicles that draw large amount of current when starting from cold.

As with the PC1200MJT smaller battery, it comes with 3 and 4 years limited warranty and a longer service life of 3 to 10 years.

It is the best car battery for diesels with a huge cranking power from the group 65 battery. For trucks with 6 liter plus diesel engines, the Odyssey 65-PC1750T is a no brainer and the best buy.

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Bosch S6563B S6 Flat Plate AGM

Bosch are a highly reputable company with a huge customer base. The S6563B AGM battery provides 770 CCA and according to Bosch, it will last twice as long compared with the conventional battery thanks to the Energy Life technology.

As peace of mind, Bosch are offering a 4 year free replacement warranty on this car battery. Considering it is the cheapest car battery within this article, it is excellent value for money and just proves how good this battery really is.

Compared to the stock car battery, the S6563B has a higher cycling endurance, faster charge acceptance, extended battery life and higher energy. It is top rated cheap car battery buy for those that are on a budget.

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Odyssey PC1200MJT

The Odyssey PC1200MJT battery is a long lasting car battery with approximately 3 to 10 years of service life. This statistic alone will appeal to many car owners wanting a low maintenance battery.

It is a top rated car battery with 540 CCA and very tolerant to extreme temperatures with tests proving the Odyssey battery working in both -40 degree Fahrenheit and 45 degree Fahrenheit.

It is an AGM (absorbed glass mat) eliminates potential spills or corrosion and comes with a limited 3 and 4 year full replacement warranty. If you let the battery go flat, it will fully recharge to 100% within 4 to 6 hours, which is extremely quick.

The USA made Oddssey battery is rated worldwide and the PC1200MJT is the best long lasting battery you can buy. It will certainly last twice as long as cheaper batteries and provide excellent power, so its great value for the money.

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ACDelco 78AGM Professional

ACDelco 78AGM is 100% leak and spill proof where the electrolyte has been permanently held in a glass matt. ACDelco claim to have longer life expectancy from traditional car batteries where they offer up to a 3 year warranty period.

In terms of power ratings, this car battery has a 720 cold crank amps rating, which considering its low cost is very powerful. The ACDelco Professional series has many beneficial features such as alloy/silver calcium stamped alloy and calcium lead positive grid that maximizes conductivity.

All batteries from ACDelco are maintenance free and have been tested thoroughly. It is the best car battery for the money that offers excellent power, reliability and warranty on a budget.

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Car Battery Buying Guide

Every car requires a working battery in order to start the car. The battery of course operates a range of features including power windows, lights, stereo, on board computer, engine systems and much more. Investing into a high quality battery is recommended and the above are all top rated car batteries.

There are a range of factors to consider from the correct battery for your car, fuel type, sizes and much more. Take a read of the buyers guide to increase your knowledge for the best buy for your needs and requirements.

Cold Cranking Amps

Cold Cranking Amps is often referred to as CCA and it is measured by the number of amps a battery can output when the temperature is at zero degrees Fahrenheit.

For drivers of large gas engines or diesel powered vehicles, this is a figure you should be looking out for. Diesel cars in particular draw a large amount of current in order to heat the glow plugs and start the car and having a large amount of CCA will help cold starting.

Service Life and Warranties

When purchasing top rated car batteries, you expect to have a longer service life compared to a cheap battery. This is often the case with Odyssey batteries leading the pack with up to 10 years of battery life.

New car batteries should almost all come with a warranty that should at least be 2 years. Many reputable brands have longer but comes with an increased price tag.

Types of Car Batteries

There are a range of batteries to choose from with Lead Acid, Wet Cell and Absorbable Gas Mat (AGM) being the main three types. The AGM batteries are considered the best because there is no toxic acid, no maintenance and because the electrolyte is close to the metal plates, it is more efficient and holds the charge for longer.

The best brand car batteries in the US are Optima and Odyssey whereas in the UK, almost all top rated batteries are Bosch.

How to Diagnose a Dead Car Battery

If you car battery goes flat, don’t immediately think that it is dead and now unusable. Many car owners will do this and spend unnecessary money on a brand new car battery, which of course is not cheap. Below are some signs that your car battery is dying and you need a new one:

  • Low battery fluid/acid level
  • Slow cranking of the engine (Even more so when its cold)
  • Old age (Usually above 8 years)
  • Leaking battery near the positive and negative connections
  • Engine Management light appearing unexpectedly
  • Many jump starts in a short period
  • Working some days and not the other days

If you are experiencing multiple of the above symptoms and have fully recharged your battery, then its probably dead. Before throwing it away, be sure to bring the battery back to live with a powerful jump starter and test to see whether it holds its charges once more.

How to Safely Remove a Car Battery

Whether your car battery has died or you are using the battery elsewhere, there is a safe way to remove the battery. To safely take a car battery out of the car, use the following steps:

  1. Turn your engine off. Ensure you are in park (or in gear for manual cars) and you have the handbrake applied.
  2. Open bonnet and place pad over wing. Ensure that the bonnet is at its highest position and that the protective pad or blanket is placed on the wing. This ensures that no battery acid leaks out onto your paintwork.
  3. Remove negative cable connection first. The negative cable is removed first because its connected to the chassis of the car. Removing the positive cable first could cause a short if you accidentally hit the chassis with a wrench. Starting with negative, use a wrench to loosen the nut and pull up the cable with your hand. Repeat for the positive cable.
  4. Remove any bolts or straps that are holding it in. To ensure that the battery doesn’t move around whilst the car is being driven, there are usually bolts or straps holding it in place. Remove these in order to take the battery out with ease.
  5. Remove the car battery. Take the battery out slowly, avoiding hitting the paintwork and place out of the way. If its leaking, do not let the battery acid drip onto any paintwork, clothes or yourself.

It is always good practice to clean up the battery tray of any debris or rust build up. When cleaning, ensure that you use gloves in case there is acid present.

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