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The Best Glass Polish 2019

Just like your cars paintwork, the glass itself can become scratched and require polish to restore the glass. Scratches on your cars glass can occur for many different reasons such as the window wiper blades to bags or jewelry scratching it.

The best glass polish is the Car Window Scratch Removal Kit, which is the perfect answer for removing wiper blade scratches and other defects on your windshield.

Many car owners will not realize that you can polish these marks of fairly easily with the best car glass polish. Before you move onto polishing the glass, ensure that the car glass has been cleaned properly and the scratches still remain.

Best Windshield Scratch Repair

Glass PolishSpecialtyType
GP21005 Glass DIY KitWindshield Scratch RepairCutting Compound
Duragloss 755Water SpotsLow Strength Polish
Griot's Garage 11017Water Spots & Road FilmMid Strength Polish
3D EraserWater SpotsLow Strength Polish
Krittapas IntertradeWindshield Scratch RepairCerium Oxide Powder

Glass cleaner may not be able to remove the strongest of water spots, dirt or scratches. The next steps will be to get some car window polish to remove these defects. Glass polish will have additional additives as opposed to paint polish, which is specifically designed for car windows.

The glass is often not cared for as much as the bodywork, which is a big mistake for rookie detailers. Automotive glass that is defect free can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of the car.

Apply glass polish is fairly straight forward and very similar to standard auto polish but some may require a buffer. Below is a list of the best glass polish compounds for removing scratches, water sports and bugs.

Car Windshield Scratch Repair Kit

Repairing a scratch on your car window can be done simply with this kit. Your car may be as clean as it can be but the scratch in the glass can stand out from miles away. Instead of buying a new window, try this cheap glass scratch removal kit first.

The majority of scratches of car windows are caused by malicious damage, jewelry or bags and window wipers. Luckily, glass scratch repair kits likes this one are make repairing window scratches much easier.

This specific kit is designed to be used with the majority of electric drills and comes with the relevant attachments. Included is the 3 inch Velcro backing pad, 2 polishing pads, 7 oz polishing compound and a cloth.

Overall, this is the best windshield scratch repair for the money and can save you hundreds of pounds on a new piece of glass for your car.

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Duragloss 755 Water Spot Remover

The Duragloss 755 is specifically design for the automotive world for removing tough defects that cleaners can’t tackle. The gentle cleaner uses a strong formula that is highly effective yet safe and won’t damage the car glass.

In terms of application, you can apply the Duragloss 755 via hand or using a car polisher machine. Either method will remove imperfections, protect the glass and increase the clarity of the glass. There is also no rinsing required, once the polish has been buffed on, you simply buff it off with a microfiber cloth.

For removing tough bugs and tree sap, this is the best glass polish for the job and unlike cheaper alternatives, it is safe to use without causing damage to the glass itself.

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Griot’s Garage 11017 Fine Glass Polish

Griot’s Garage are a small detailing company gaining some traction over the last couple of years. Their 11017 fine glass polish targets road film and tough water marks on old or soft car window glass.

Although it is a car care product, it can be used around the house in areas such as patio doors or shower doors. We do recommend that you use a buffer machine to work the polish into the glass for the best results.

Before applying this glass polish to the window, ensure that you have correctly cleaned the window. It always helps to use a clay bar and then a glass window cleaner to remove easy dirt and then apply this glass polish.

The Griot’s Garage product is a highly rated car window polish that can be applied via a polisher with minimal effort. You can happily say goodbye to those stubborn water marks after use of this glass polish.

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Eraser Water Spot Remover Glass Polish

The 3D Auto Detailing Eraser glass polish is ideal for removing tough water spots on not only glass but also paint and metal. It is a gel formula that is easily applied and removed that will revive your car window to its former glory.

When using this car glass polish, only leave the polish on the window for a maximum of 60 seconds. Longer than this can result in more effort when it comes to removing the residue.

The popularity and the relatively cheap cost for a large bottle makes this one of the best water spot removers you can buy.

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Cerium Oxide Car Glass Polish

If you believe you have extremely heavy water spots and other defects that will not shift, you should look into a polish with Cerium Oxide. This ingredient is an oxide of the rare earth metal cerium that provides maximum brightness. It is great for use on car windows to remove imperfections and small scratches.

You can use a hand applicator for buffing this glass polish onto the car window or a car polisher. Its important to note that if you can feel the scratch with your finger nails, this compound will not be able to remove it.

You pay a premium for this glass polish, but the concentrated formula is powerful and highly effective. If you have tinted windows, do not use this product, use the others mentioned in this article.

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Car Glass Polish Buying Guide

As soon as you find any scratches, in your windshield, try to address them right away. This will prevent the scratches from getting deeper and causing more damages to your windshield. There are a few items that you will need to be able to begin the process of repairing and removing scratches, and these items include:

  • Glass repair kit
  • Glass cleaner
  • Dry soft cloth
  • Rubbing compound that contains cerium oxide

If you have surface damage in the form of a chip or crack, you will require a windshield repair kit. Once you have filled the gap with an advanced resin formula, it will then be ready for glass polish for a smooth finish to the repair.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below buying guide regarding glass polish for your car.

Type of Scratch

The first thing that you will need to focus on, is to determine what type of scratch it is that you are dealing with. You can do this my simply running your finger over the scratch and you will be able to tell if it is a simple surface scratch, or if it is a much deeper scratch.

If it is a simple surface scratch, it will feel smooth when you touch it, and this is the type of scratch that you will be able to remove on your own. You will be able to remove these types of scratches with a basic glass polish.

For deeper scratches, your finger will go into the scratch and this will require a more specialized windshield scratch repair. This will involve various fine sand paper and an abrasive glass polishing compound. Depending upon how severe the scratch is to the glass may result in a new windshield or side window.

How To Remove Scratches From Windshield

Removing scratches from your windshield is very similar to using a car scratch remover product. You may be lucky enough to remove minor scratches with a glass polishing compound but if not, you will require a complete glass polish kit. This kit will contain all of the items that you will need to accomplish your scratch removal process.

In order to remove scratches from your windshield, follow the below steps.

Clean The Windshield

The next step is to wash the windshield as thoroughly as you can before doing anything else. You will want to use an auto glass cleaner and be sure that you get it as clean as you can. You do not want to put the glass polishing compound on the windshield with dirt on it.

Once you have used the cleaner, make sure to rinse any residue left on the glass. You want to be sure that once you add the compound to the windshield, you do not have any dirt trapped underneath it.

Adding The Glass Polishing Compound

Once the windshield is clean and dry, you can then add the compound to it. The compound should look like toothpaste and will be easy to smooth into the scratch. After applying the compound, you will need to spray it with water and then rub the compound gently with a soft cloth. Try not to apply too much pressure as you do this, otherwise, you will push the compound back out of the scratch in the glass.

After you have successfully applied the compound to your windshield and the scratch, you will then need to let it dry. Make sure to follow the instructions on the package to help you understand just how long you need to let it dry.

Once, it has completely dried, you will then need to wash the windshield and make it as clean as you can, and then dry it with a car drying towel.

Assessing The Result

Once you have completed this process, you should have a scratch-free windshield. If the scratches remain, you can attempt to reapply the glass polishing compound but it may be that the scratch is too deep to repair.

Level of Abrasive Qualities

When researching through the different types of glass polish products, you will want to check the strength of the formula. Some may only be suitable for water spots and light scratches, which will not be ideal for those tackling deep scratches to their windshield.


Depending upon the age of your vehicle, windshield scratches are something that is fairly common. Whether they are caused by your wiper blades or even the use of windshield covers, most can be easily removed using a glass polish.

All of our recommendations cover basic glass polishing compound products to complete windshield scratch repair kits. Depending upon the severity of the scratch, you may or may not be able to remove it. Therefore, it is important that you asses any damage before purchasing any polishes.

What Are Your Thoughts?

  1. Hi Dan: I have a 66 e-type fhc and the glass is original and tinted – off the car it looked quite acceptable, but when all components got back on the car, I really noticed hazing, scratches, and especially the windshield which has all sorts of nasty imperfections. wiper scratches/rashes, small stone punctures, and tons of the embedded film from over the years. There are probably a dozen stone punctures which are tiny, but you can feel them with a finger.

    q1: are these products safe with a tinted windshield?
    q2: I was about to purchase the mckee’s 37 glass restore polish – did you review/test that?
    q3: For old glass like mine, do you recommend a product that is applied by buffing wheel?

  2. Hey Glen – that is a serious motor you have, very jealous. If this was your standard window that was tinted using a tint film, I would say they were not safe but if its an original tint, it may be a different story. Due to the rarity of your vehicle, I wouldn’t like to give an exact answer that may defect the window. McKee’s is a big brand and im sure if you contact them directly, you would get a clear answer. Using a buffer wheel, you are almost certainly going get a better result with far less effort.

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