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The Best Quick Detailer 2021

Best Detail Spray

Using a quick detailer spray is the best way to top up your existing ceramic coating or wax protection upon your paintwork. It’s a highly lubricated formula that effortlessly removes light dirt, water spots and fingerprints in a matter of seconds.

The best quick detailer is the Adam’s Detail Spray, which uses advanced hydrophobic technology to boost the shine and protection.

All quick detailers come as a detail spray that can be easily topped up if the brand offer a bulk sizes and a high quality spray bottle. In terms of the application, it’s very simple as most are “wipe on and wipe off” formulas that can be used on all paint types.

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Detail Spray Comparison

Detail SprayCapacityBulk Option
Adam's Polishes Spray16, 128 & 640 ozYes
Meguiar's Ultimate Quik Detailer22 ozNo
Chemical Guys P4016, 64 & 128 ozYes
Griot's Garage 1114635 ozNo
Mothers Instant Detailer16, 24 & 128 ozYes
Gtechniq Quick Detailer8.7 & 17.5 ozNo
303 Speed Detailer16 ozNo
TriNova Gold Standard18 ozNo
Turtle Wax ICE20 ozNo
Nanoskin Quick Shine128 & 640 ozYes

Quick detailers are an excellent detailing product that many people confuse with other products. It’s primary use is to increase shine and keep protected surfaces topped up between wax or ceramic applications. Although it’s quite similar to a spray car wax, a quick detailer has extra lubrication qualities that allows it to clean as well as protect the paintwork.

Below is a list of the best detail sprays that safely removes water spots, finger prints and light dirt as well as producing a showroom shine.

The Best Quick Detailer

1. Adam’s Polishes Detail Spray

Adam's Polishes Detail Spray
One of the most highly rated quick detail sprays available is by the popular Adam’s brand. They offer their spray as a standard formula or a limited edition option, which includes pumpkin spice, holiday themed and many more scents.

It’s a versatile formula that can be used as part of a clay bar kit, quick detailer, drying aid or many other applications.

Other features of the Adam’s Detail Spray include:

  • Safe on all paintwork, plastic, windows and trim
  • 16 oz, 1 and 5 gallon bottles
  • Produces high gloss results
  • Pleasant scent
  • Adds to the hydrophobics
  • Extends wax protection
  • Made in the USA

The Adam’s detail spray is one of the best available that provides great results and is easy to use. According to the brand, it’s also able to extend the longevity of the protective wax finish by up to 2 months, which is highly impressive.

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2. Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Detailer

Meguiar's Ultimate Quik Detailer
The Meguiar’s Quik Detailer is another popular option that enhances the protection and increases the gloss finish. It’s a pH neutral formula that doesn’t strip any wax protection from the car and is completely safe to use.

By using hydrophoic polymer technology, it ensures that water rolls straight off the paintwork to minimize water spots.

Other features of the Meguiar’s Quik Detailer include:

  • 22 oz bottle
  • High lubricity formula
  • Clear coat and all paint type safe
  • Leaves zero wax residue
  • Instantly removes dust and other contaminants

Although this quick detailer by Meguiar’s comes with a premium price tag, it’s a larger bottle and is backed by a reputable brand. The advanced formula strengthens the car wax protection and enhances the shine, color and gloss.

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3. Chemical Guys P40 Quick Detailer

Chemical Guys P40 Quick Detailer
The Chemical Guys P40 formula uses a unique formula that includes refined carnauba car wax. The benefit of this is that it adds to the “wet look”, which is a desirable finish for many detailing enthusiasts.

According to the brand, you are able to safely use this formula upon all paintwork types, glass, rubber or plastic without leaving any streaking and staining.

Other features of the Chemical Guys P40 include:

  • Available in 16, 64 or 128 oz bottles
  • Can be used in sun or shade
  • Lubricates and cleans light dirt
  • Doesn’t strip or remove wax
  • Adds shine and protection
  • Includes UVA and UVB protection

Overall, it’s an excellent all-round quick detailer that provides maximum protection and cleaning power. The inclusion of UV protectants and refined carnauba wax make it a premium spray that delivers the best of results.

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4. Griot’s Garage 11146 Quick Detailer

Griot's Garage 11146 Quick Detailer
The Speed Shine formula by Griot’s Garage offers the best value for the money with excellent performance to match. The brand claim that you can detail your car in less than 5 minutes using their advanced formula.

The brand specifically state that the formula is safe on car vinyl wrap and matte finishes, which will be very desirable for many people.

Other Features of the Griot’s Garage Speed Shine include:

  • Creates a super-slippery layer of lubrication
  • Suitable on most automotive surfaces
  • High quality 35 oz bottle
  • Leaves a high gloss and smooth finish
  • Safe wipe dirt away without scratches

The Griot’s Garage “Five Minute Detail” detail spray is a highly rated and popular formula that won’t disappoint. Not only does it deliver fast results but it also provides excellent value for money with a larger bottle size.

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5. Mothers California Gold Instant Detail Spray

Mothers California Gold Instant Detail Spray
The Instant Detailer by Mothers is an easy to use formula that can be used regularly to provide long lasting results. Its unique formula cleans fingerprints, smudges and dirt whilst providing a shiny finish to the paintwork.

It has been formulated with color enhancing and shine fortifiers that further improve the aesthetics of the paint after use.

Other features of the Mothers Instant Detailer include:

  • Available in 16, 24 and 128 oz capacities
  • High quality trigger spray bottle
  • Clear coat safe and suitable for most paints
  • Long lasting results

Mothers state that their quick detailer spray provides unmatched speed and gloss compared with the alternatives. The popularity is a strong indicator that it does exactly what it sets out to do and it’s also backed by a reputable brand for peace of mind.

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6. Gtechniq Quick Detailer

Gtechniq Quick Detailer
Gtechniq are a niche detailing brand that focus on producing premium detailing products. Their quick detailer formula certainly lives up to that reputation and is designed to provide the best results possible when compared to the competition.

In order to improve the longevity of the finish, the brand state that you can add multiple layers of the formula if required.

Other features of the Gtechniq Quick Detailer include:

  • Quick removes water spots, fingerprints and light dirt
  • Compatible with all Gtechniq coatings
  • Can be used on paint, rims, tires and glass
  • Boosts gloss and slickness
  • Shelf life of up to 2 years
  • 8.7 and 17.5 oz bottle sizes

If you have used a car ceramic coating upon the paintwork, this quick detailer is one of the best options. It’s pH neutral with no harsh chemicals and works together with the coating to boost the gloss and slickness.

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7. 303 Quick Car Detail Spray

303 Quick Car Detail Spray
303 are a highly reputable brand and their detail spray instantly shines and protects the paintwork. The formula also benefits from the inclusion of powerful UV protectants, which helps prevent fading of the paintwork.

After usage of this quick detailer, it provides an anti-static finish, that repels dust, dirt and other stains from being outside.

Other features of the 303 Speed Detailer include:

  • Perfect for clay bar lubrication or touch ups
  • Protects and leaves a high gloss finish
  • Safe on clear coat, fiberglass, chrome, glass and much more
  • No solvent based oils within the formula
  • Made in the USA
  • 16 oz bottle size

The 303 Speed Detailer is a great option that provides great results and protects from damaging UV rays. However, it does come at a premium cost with no option to bulk buy, which can make it an expensive formula for regular usage.

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8. TriNova Quick Detailer

TriNova Quick Detailer
The TriNova Detail Spray is a highly rated formula that bonds to the surface of your car to provide a slick and mirror-like shine. It’s designed to remove fingerprints, grime and other residue in a matter of minutes. It’s also a pH neutral formula that doesn’t strip or remove wax and is ideal for touching up between wax applications.

Other features of the TriNova Quick Detailer include:

  • Hydrophobic polymers that clean and protect
  • Refillable high quality bottles
  • Provides the desirable wet look
  • Suitable for most automotive surfaces
  • 18 oz spray capacity
  • Made in the USA

Overall, the TriNova Quick Detailer is an excellent all-round detail spray that combines performance and value for money. By using this formula, you can achieve showroom results in a matter of minutes.

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9. Turtle Wax ICE Spray Detailer

Turtle Wax ICE Spray Detailer
The Turtle Wax ICE uses the brands patented “Smart Shield” technology, which allows the spray to be layered for extra shine and protection. It’s a premium quick detailer that contains zero harsh cleaners or abrasive chemicals.

According to the brand, it provides an unbeatable layer of protection and the ability to layer the formula to further improve the finished result.

Other features of the Turtle Wax ICE include:

  • Produces a mirror like shine
  • Safely removes light dirt, dust and water spots
  • Multiple coatings can be applied
  • Safe to use on paint, plastic, rubber and vinyl trim
  • Streak-free finish with zero residue
  • Can be used in direct sunlight
  • Large 20 oz bottle

The Turtle Wax ICE detail spray is a highly rated formula that provides excellent results each and every time. It also has excellent water beading and UV absorbing qualities, which are highly desirable among detailing enthusiasts.

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10. Nanoskin Quick Detailer Spray

Nanoskin Quick Detailer Spray
The Nanoskin quick detailer spray removes dust, fingerprints and light dirt with ease using a highly lubricated formula. You are also able to use this formula safely upon paint, glass, chrome and plastic without leaving any residue.

For the best bang for your buck, the brand offer their detail spray in either 1 or 5 gallon bottles.

Other features of the Nanoskin Quick Shine Detail Spray include:

  • Bulk sizes available
  • Advanced nanotechnology formula
  • Easy to use and wipe clear
  • Enhances the reflection for a showroom shine
  • Doesn’t require diluting with water

Overall, the Nanoskin Quick Shine is a cheap quick detailer that won’t disappoint. The large bottle sizes (1 and 5 gallon) allow you to have a constant supply of detail spray that will last for many years.

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Quick Detailer Buying Guide

A quick detailer is the best detailing product to boost the shine in between car paint sealant, wax or ceramic coating applications. They are a highly lubricated formula that effortlessly removes light dirt, fingerprints and other defects in a matter of minutes.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding quick detailer sprays.

Best Quick Detailer

Benefits of a Quick Detailer

The purpose of a quick detailer is to remove light dirt, dust, fingerprints and water spots without having to completely clean the car again. This allows you to achieve the showroom finish quickly and safely with the highly lubricated formula.

It’s also a versatile detailing product because it can be used as lubricant whilst claying a car. However, most people use it for topping up their paintwork between applications of sealants, wax or ceramic coatings.

How is it Different?

Two detailing products that many people confuse with quick detailers is a spray wax and a waterless car wash formula.

Unlike a spray wax that provides protection, the quick detailer also has lubrication properties that allows the formula to remove light dirt. Compared to a waterless car wash formula, the detail spray alternative has more protective qualities.

pH Neutral

To avoid stripping or removal of any wax present on the paintwork, the formula must be pH neutral. This means that there are no harsh solvents or abrasives included within the formula. Another benefit of a pH neutral formula is that it’s safe to use on other surfaces such as glass, vinyl wrap or matte finishes.

Ease of Application

The best quick detailer is designed to be easy to use and accomplish showroom results in minutes. To make this possible, the majority are “wipe on and wipe off” formulas that provide a streak-free finish without leaving behind any residue.

Some of the best formulas allow you to use the detail spray within hot or cold climates and even in direct sunlight.

UV Protection

A unique feature that many formulas include are extra UV protectants. These are often found in premium car waxes and serve the purpose of helping to prevent fading of the paintwork.

How to Use a Quick Detailer

The majority of quick detailers are wipe on and wipe off formulas that are very easy to apply. Some manufacturers state that you can use the detail spray to produce showroom results in a matter of minutes. For the best results, it’s advised to follow the instructions on the bottle closely and use a new microfiber cloth.

Usage with a Clay Bar

A popular use for a detail spray is to provide lubrication whilst claying a car. This involves spraying the panel first and then using light pressure to rub the clay over the lubricated surface. Without using a detail spray, you may end up scratching the car and introducing swirl marks.

Spray Bottle

The capacity of detail spray that the bottle can hold will determine the value for money. However, most manufacturers will offer a bulk option for refilling the bottle to increase the value for money. If you intend on refilling the bottle, you will want to ensure the provided spray bottle is high quality and long lasting to avoid any leakages.


A quick detailer is often confused with many other products such as a spray wax or waterless car wash. However, it’s primarily designed to be used to top up the shine and the protective layer between wax, sealant or ceramic coating applications.

All of our recommendations are designed to safely remove light dirt and provide a layer of protection. They are the best detailing product to use to boost the shine and protective qualities of coatings or wax previously used on the paintwork.

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