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5 Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs 2019

Everyone who has ever owned a dog knows one thing, while we all love our little four legged friends it can be a huge pain to deal with the moulting that happens when you take your dog for a ride in the car without car seat covers.

The fur will stick to the clothes of anyone else riding in the car and make your car look dirty. With a dog car seat cover, your car can remain as clean you want. Simply cover your seats with the dog car seat cover before you let your dog in the car.

Once your drive is over and you are ready for the dog to exit the car, simply remove the cover and you will find that the seats are free of fur and ready to go.

Best Car Seat Covers For Dog Hair

Dog Seat CoversTypeOur Rating
Epica Luxury DeluxeBack Seat4.9
BarksBarFront Seat4.9
NAC&ZACDoor Card4.8

I personally own three sausage dogs and can tell you, they are a terror in the car. Not only do they moult everywhere but they also run around in the car. The dog car seat covers are great for ensuring they are not trying to jump on your lap and containing them to one area.

Not only is their moulting a worry within my car but their claws can also damage the leather. This is a big concern because repairing leather can be costly and can’t simply be hoovered up like the dog fur.

The best dog seat covers will give you piece of mind whilst your dog is in the car and can be bought cheaply. There are various types of covers to fit each car from back seats to front seat as well as hammocks.

BarksBar Waterproof Dog Car Hammock

BarksBar Hammock to Protect Interior

The hugely popular BarksBar hammock comes in two sizes and is designed for cars, trucks and SUVs. The high quality polyester is waterproof and heavy duty for additional padding against dog claws and dirt.

For a more tailored fitting within the car, there are multiple Velcro openings for seat belt, anchors and more to prevent the hammocks coming out of place. The installation is fairly simple with buckle straps that wrap around the headrests and seat anchors. Thanks to the ease of installation, it is also simple to remove which is great for washing it after use.

From a 100 lbs rottweiler to a 15 lbs sausage dog, the Barks Bar car hammock for the dogs is great value for money.

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Epica Luxury Deluxe Dog Car Back Seat Cover

best back seat dog cover epica

The Epica dog car seat cover is designed to attach to the cars seat belts in order to secure the cover within the back seat. This Epica dog seat cover is made from high quality fabric that is quilted with supreme protection against fur, claw marks and any other defects.

Unlike other cheaply made dog covers, this has a padding that allows the dog to relax even more. As an added bonus, this cover can be folded several times so that it is small enough to be stored in the car for when your dog is not with you.

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BarksBar Dog Front Seat Cover

best front seat dog cover for cars

Another excellent dog car seat cover by BarksBar but this cover in particular is suited for the front seats of the car. Made from high quality, heavy duty polyester with a triple layer of waterproof PU, this is the best front seat dog cover for your car.

This dog seat cover is the easiest to install as it simply straps around the rear headrest and will fit the majority of cars. With this simple fitting procedure, this cover can be machine washed for an even cleaner finish.

Some dogs simply hate being in the back of the car and if there is a spare seat up front, why not sit them there with the BarksBar front seat cover.

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NAC&ZAC Waterproof Pet Car Door Cover

best car door cover for dogs

Dogs love to hang their heads out the windows or simply stare out the window. The problem with this is that they usually have their paws and claws on the door cards that is prone to damage and devalue your car.

The installation of the door card cover isn’t as hard as you would think. Simply insert the tabs between the car windows and the door panel, then remove the tabs and simply stick the Velcro taps to the car door interior next to the window.

If you are driving an expensive car and already have a dog car seat from above, this door card cover is a great addition to further protect your cars interior.

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Alfheim Dog Car Cargo Cover

best car boot dog liner

Sometimes its best to put your dog in the back of your car due to their naughty behavior whilst driving or simply the mid section of your car is too small.

With all the room in the back, it is worth getting a cargo cover otherwise you will be hoovering for even longer.

The installation of the Alfheim cargo liner is the easiest of them all as its simply connects to the two rear headrests of the back seats. It is a universal fit and can be used in the majority of cars that have a “normal” boot.

The cargo dog cover is completely machine washable and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Dog Car Hammock or Dog Seat Cover?

Another product that does a similar job to the dog car seat cover is the dog car hammock. Working similarly to a regular hammock, the dog car hammock will hang off of the back of the driver and passenger side front seats and connect to the front of the seats in the back of the car.

This will create a small hammock like environment for the dog to comfortably ride in the back seat. So, the dog car hammock is slight different from the seat cover. The seat cover works by simply draping the cover over your back seats, or front seat if required.

What Is The Best Type Of Dog Seat Cover?

First of all we will discuss the back seat dog seat cover. This is, in essence, the most basic form of a dog seat cover. It will simply drape across the back seat, and keep the fur off of your back seats while the dog is in the car.

It offers no frills or extra features, but is extremely effective at the job it claims to do…keeping your seats free of dog fur. This is, of course, going to be used for the back seat only, and is great because most people do prefer to drive with their dog in the back seat, due to safety concerns of the dog potentially jumping in to your lap.

Second, we will talk about the front seat dog seat cover. This one is very similar to the back seat cover with one key, and pretty obvious, difference. Instead of covering your back seat, this one will cover your front seat.

This is ideal for those who are alright with letting their dogs ride in the front seat with them, comfortable in the thought that the dog will not jump into their laps. The front seat cover can also be effective in tandem with the back seat cover, for those who want complete coverage, even if they do not necessarily plan on letting their dog ride around in the front seat.

Next we will talk about the dog cover for the car door. This is essentially a supplementary product to the other different types of dog seat cover that we will discuss. As anyone with a dog will agree, we all know that dogs love to put their paws on the door and peek their heads out the window while riding in the car.

They also makes the windows in the car extremely dirty and we strongly recommend using the best car window cleaners to remove the slobber. To protect the door card as well as the windows, the door card cover is perfect.

car seat covers for dogs in the car

The dog cover for the car door hangs down from the bottom of the window and protects the door panel and the window. Whenever your dog sticks their head out the window in the back seat, this guard will protect the window and door from dirt, slobber or anything else that might cause dirtiness in the car.

The car door cover will also protect against any scratches that your dog might leave on the car door when sticking their head out of the window.

For some, particularly those with bigger cars like trucks or SUVs, sometimes it can be easier to let your dog ride in the cargo area than in the back or front seat. For those people, there is a dog cargo area cover that will work to protect the cargo storage in the car.

Covers of this type will lay across the cargo area in the car, and allow for the seats to be folded up or down based on the needs of the user.

The hammock, as previously discussed, is another great option for a dog car seat cover. The hammock will hang down from the back of the front seat to the front of the back seats, creating a hammock for your car. This creates a nice, comfortable spot for your dog during their car ride, while also offering some other protections.

The hammock will make sure that your dog is not able to fall or jump into the footwell of the car, which eliminates the chance that they might leave some fur, slobber, or anything else down there. Another benefit of the hammock is that it creates a barrier so that the dog can not jump into the front seat.

Dog Car Seat Cover Buying Guide

A feature to look out for is the material of your dog car seat cover. The two materials that are most likely to be used in making dog car seat covers are PU, or polyurethane, or just a basic quilted cloth.

Polyurethane is a plastic material which is great for waterproofing, and is great at protecting your seats from any stains or scratches that your dog might leave. However, many argue that a quilted cloth is really the way to go with your dog car seat cover.

Quilted cloth has a number of advantages over the polyurethane counterpart. First of all, the quilted cloth is almost certainly going to be the better looking option. If you want your car to remain looking stylish, the quilted cloth will make that happen much more so than the polyurethane covers.

Second, the quilted cloth versions are often bolstered by some form of plastic as a bottom layer, thus making sure they have the same waterproof protection that the polyurethane models would have.

Another feature that you should certainly consider when purchasing your dog car seat cover is the price of all the different models out there. As with anything, there will be a relatively wide range of options to choose from in this regard. Some of the more price performing models you can find in retail outlets or only for about $30.

Most of these are going to be made of the same materials, and do their job just as well, but might not come with some of the extras that the more expensive models will come with. Some of the higher end models will wind up costing closer too $100 at retail outlets and online.

A lot of these more expensive models will come with some extras such as harnesses for your dog or straps to convert the seat cover into a hammock style cover. Both the higher end and the lower end of the price scale will feature some excellent dog car seat covers, and it will essentially come down to just personal preference as far as what end of the spectrum you want to buy from.

Lastly, you should look for a dog car seat cover that is easily installed and fits your car well. Certain models will be made for larger cars, so make sure that you are not buying one that is too big or too small for your car in particular. One size does not always fit all in this area. Installation should be pretty easy no matter what model you choose, as the most basic forms of dog car seat covers simply hang down from either the front or back seats.

Buying a dog car seat cover is an important choice. While everyone loves their little four legged friends, everyone also wants their cars to remain clean and comfortable for people to ride in as well. Buying the right dog car seat cover will make sure that your pooch and your family and friends will feel equally comfortable in your car.

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