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The Best Dog Seat Cover 2021

dog seat cover to collect dog fur

When travelling with your canine, you may require a suitable dog seat cover to avoid any damage to your interior. Their claws, hair, dirt and debris can get everywhere and standard car seat covers may not be able to withstand such heavy usage.

The best dog car seat cover is the BarksBar Waterproof Luxury Hammock, which is available in two different sizes and connects to the headrests for a secure fitting.

For dogs that are shedding, the hair can literally get everywhere, which makes cleaning the interior that much harder. The dog seat cover will protect the interior and keep all the hair on the cover, which you can simply brush off when removed.

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Best Dog Car Seat Cover

Dog Seat CoverTypeSizes
BarksBar LuxuryHammock/Back Seat2
4KninesFront Seat1
K&H Pet ProductsDoor1
FrontPet QuiltedCargo3
Pet Magasin LuxuryBack Seat1

You can have the best car vacuum in the world but trying to tackle each and every spot where the dog hair settles will take hours. Simply using a quality cover can keep all the hair in one location and solve this issue no matter how dirty the dog is.

Many simply want to avoid any damage to their leather interior, plastics and other components. There are various of different types of seat covers that are suited to each area of your car and provide the best protection.

Below is a list of the best car seat covers that will protect your seats from any damage and reduce dog hair going everywhere inside your car.

BarksBar Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover

The most popular dog car seat cover is the Luxury Hammock by BarksBar, which connects to the rear and front headrest for a secure fit. The hammock can also be used as a standard cover without connecting to the headrest.

Features of the BarksBar Luxury Waterproof Hammock includes:

  • Triple layered waterproof PU
  • Constructed of heavy duty polyester
  • Aesthetically pleasing quilted pattern
  • Non-slip backing and seat anchors to prevent movement
  • Machine washable via a gentle cycle
  • Multiple velcro openings for seat belts
  • Available in two different sizes

In terms of the installation, the buckles strap around the headrest and tuck into the seat anchors, which is far easier than many of the alternatives. Overall, the BarksBar Luxury Waterproof Hammock is the best dog seat cover that can be used as a hammock or on the back seats.

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4Knines Front Seat Cover For Dogs

Many people like to travel with their dogs on the passenger front seat and the 4Knines is the best option. In terms of the installation, it is a universal fit that connects to the headrest and side of the seat.

Features of the 4Knines Front Seat Cover for Dogs includes:

  • Available in black, grey and tan
  • Heavy duty and waterproof construction
  • Quilted top layer and non-slip backing
  • Lifetime warranty and made in the USA
  • Sturdy seat anchor to keep the cover in place
  • UV coated straps for extra durability

Overall, it is the best front seat dog cover that is universal and available in three different colors to suit a range of interiors. It is slightly more than some of the alternatives but its built to a high standard by an US brand with a lifetime warranty.

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K&H Pet Products Dog Door Cover

Most people will cover their seats but most dog love to climb the doors, which can cause a lot of damage and make them dirty. The K&H Pet Products covers comes as a pair for both the left and right doors and are available in three different colors.

Other features of the K&H Pet Products Door Dog Cover includes:

  • Fits both the front and rear doors
  • Quilted 600 denier construction
  • Vinyl backed nylon
  • Does not effect the windows operation
  • Simple to install and suitable for cars, trucks and SUV’s
  • Black, gray and tan color options
  • Includes a one year warranty

If you want to provide full protection inside your vehicle, using a door cover as well as a dog seat cover is highly recommended. It is an additional expense but when you consider the cost of repairing your interior or the hours spent cleaning, it makes the K&H covers an excellent investment.

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FrontPet Quilted Dog Cargo Cover

When your dog is really dirty, the best place for them can be in the cargo area of your vehicle. The FrontPet dog cargo carrier is a universal fit for the majority of vehicles and is available in three different sizes and has an adjustable design.

Other features of the FrontPet Dog Cargo Carrier includes:

  • Durable 600 denier nylon construction
  • Includes large pockets for extra storage
  • Quilted design and extra padding for comfort
  • Available in black, grey and tan
  • Provides bumper protection
  • Machine washable

There is a wide range of dog cargo carrier but none come as close to the quality of the FrontPet’s quilted cover. The choice of three colors and three different sizes means that there is a suitable cargo cover for your vehicle.

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Pet Magasin Luxury Dog Seat Cover

The more affordable option compared with the BarksBar alternative above is the Pet Magasin dog seat cover. It connects to the headrest for anchoring and is universal with most cars and SUV’s.

Other features of the Pet Magasin Luxury Dog Seat Cover include:

  • Uses an Oxford 600D construction
  • Available in beige or blue
  • Quick release clips for easy install and removal
  • Three layered protection

Overall, the Pet Magasin Luxury Dog Seat Cover is one of the cheapest available that looks great and is easy to use. It uses an absorbent top layer and waterproof under layer to provide maximum protection for the car seats.

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Dog Car Seat Cover Buying Guide

Protecting your interior whilst travelling with your dog is highly recommended. The cost of replacing damage interior components can be expensive and buying a car seat cover will be the ultimate form of protection.

Most people will keep their dogs kept on the back seats but there are a variety of other types that includes covers for the front seats, door and cargo carrier. You may even cover the whole car but this would be dependent upon budget.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below buying guide regarding dog seat covers.

Dog Car Seat Cover

Laws Regarding Traveling With Your Dog

As much as we would all love to travel with our dogs upon our laps, it is not safe or legal in many states. We strongly recommend that they are restrained via a belt buckle attachment when sat on the seat cover.

For those that travel with their dog in the cargo area, we strongly recommend that you use a crate and ensure that it does not move around whilst driving.

Types of Covers

Many people will travel with their dog in numerous different locations inside the car. This means that there are various types of dog car seat covers available that are suitable for the front and back seat as well as the doors and cargo area.

Back Seat & Hammock

The most popular choice of car seat cover for your dog is the back seat configuration. Most simply drape across the back seat and connect to the rear headrests. This allows dog hair to remain on the cover and not get into the gaps between the back seats.

As they cover the whole back seat, they provide plenty of room for your dog to relax and most include plenty of padding. However, you should always ensure there are gaps available that allow you to secure them in via the seat belt buckle.

Some dog seat covers even double up as a hammock, which also buckles up to the front headrests. This provides a small hammock like environment and further stops dog hair and dirt getting everywhere.

Front Seat

For those that like to travel with their dog restrained in the front passenger seat, there are many suitable covers. However, not all dog are suitable for riding upfront because they may become a distraction whilst driving. If you dog moves around, cries and is a medium to large breed, we would recommend using a back seat dog cover instead.

Car Door

The interior of your door will contain various switches, door handles and leather or fabric. These can all be easily damaged whilst your dog wants to look out the window or move around. Using a suitable cover will help protect the door and keep it clean. They connect to the bottom of the window and hang down to the bottom of the door.

However, there isn’t much you can do to keep the windows clean as their slobber and wet nose can get everywhere. We strongly recommend having some auto glass cleaner kept in the car for cleaning them before they get too bad.

Cargo Area

For vehicles with large cargo areas, allowing your dog to relax across the whole cargo area is a great option. For larger dog breeds, this may be the only option as the front and back seats may not have enough space for them to relax.

As many people may also use crates within the cargo area, these types of covers need to be heavy duty and be able to withstand a lot of punishement.

Car Seat Cover For Dog

Materials Used in the Construction

Dogs have sharp claws and also like to chew on things. Therefore, the durability of the dog seat cover must be able to withstand a fair amount of punishment. The three main materials used are PU, polyurethane and nylon. When it comes to waterproofing, Polyurethane is best material but if your dog wants more comfort, you will want to ensure there is adequate padding.

Installation and Removal

An important factor to consider is how easy the dog seat cover is to use when installing and removing it from the car. Most come with basic buckles that will wrap around the headrests and openings for the seat belt buckles to pop through the cover.

As you will be removing the seat cover for cleaning, you do not want to remove it easily too without spilling all the dog hair back into the car. If there are lots of buckles, straps and velcro patches, this can become difficult.


Although most dog car seat covers claim that they are a universal fit for all vehicles, this is not totally true. For example, for those that have racing car seats installed within their car, there will be no head rests to strap the cover around for installation.

Another issue could be the fact that your car is slightly larger than the average car, which means the cover may not stretch over the full seat. We strongly recommend that you measure up your seat beforehand so that you are not disappointed.


Investing into a quality dog car seat cover will help keep your car clean and protect it from becoming damaged from your dogs sharp claws. When you consider the cost of repairing or replacing some of the components of your interior, investing into a cover would be a good idea.

All of our recommendations are suited for both the front or rear seats as well as the cargo area of your vehicle. To avoid disappointed, we advise that you double check the measurements because some state they are universal but may not adjust to all seats or headrests.

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