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The Best Tire Repair Kit 2021

best tire repair kit

Repairing a tubeless tire yourself using a tire repair kit is much easier than you would expect and can save you a fortune. The majority of kits use a rubber plug or tire sealant for the repair and both are designed to be used on the roadside in emergencies. Most complete kits also include extra valve stems, caps and other components to repair additional defects that you may come across too.

If you require a quick answer, the best tire repair kit is the Boulder Tools 56 Piece Kit, which includes everything you require to fix any tubeless tires. However, if you require a budget kit to store in the car for emergencies, the Slime 1034-A Set is the perfect solution that’s suitable for both car and truck tires.

In terms of rating the tire repair kits within this article, we based our recommendations upon testing multiple kits as well as a number of factors. The factors we considered included their value for money, tools provided, quality of the components, tire compatibility and warranty.

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Tire Repair Kit Comparison

Tire Repair KitTools IncludedStorage Case
Boulder Tools56Yes
Smittybilt 273339Yes
Stop & Go 100113Yes
Blackjack KT-34015Yes
Tooluxe 50002L30Yes
Slime Tire Sealant16Yes
MATCC Universal Plug73Yes
Slime 1034-A8No

A tire repair kit is relatively cheap to purchase yet has the potential to save you a lot of money. Most brands provide multiple plugs but you can also purchase more if required. If you buy a kit, we highly recommend that you store it and a portable tire inflator in your car for any repairs on the roadside that weren’t expected.

Below is a list of the best tire repair kits that use rubber plugs or a sealant to fix any defects of tubeless tires.

The Best Tire Repair Kit

1. Boulder Tools Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit

Boulder Tools Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit
The most popular tire repair kit on the market is by the Boulder Tools brand and it comes packed with 56 components. It’s designed to repair all tubeless tires from cars, trucks, RV’s, ATV’s and much more.

All of the provided tools are built to last with a heavy duty construction and they even come with a 1 year warranty for complete peace of mind.

Other features of the Boulder Tools Kit include:

  • 56 components
  • Quality pair of pliers
  • Ergonomically designed T-handle tools
  • 1 year warranty and customer support
  • Suitable for all tubeless tires
  • Rugged storage box
  • 30 tire plugs

The Boulder Tools Package is by far the best tire repair kit you can buy and offers excellent value for money with 56 components. Even the storage box is well thought out with dedicated placements for each tool.

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2. Stop & Go 1001 Pocket Tire Plug Kit

Stop & Go 1001 Pocket Tire Plug Kit
The Stop and Go 1001 is a tubeless tire repair kit that comes with CO2 canisters to inflate tires in an emergency situation. There are four 16 gram canisters of 100% pure CO2 gas included and a 4 inch adapter to re-inflate any tire. Some garages may refuse to repair certain tires for a range different of reasons. However, this tire plug kit will fix the majority of punctures in minutes and also save you money too.

Other features of the Stop & Go 1001 Kit include:

  • 28 piece kit
  • Effective repair of any tubeless tires
  • Vinyl zippered pouch
  • Tire valve adapter with brass fittings
  • 15 mushroom plugs

    Overall, the Stop and Go 1001 is one of the best tire plug kits that doesn’t require a tire inflator due to the inclusion of the CO2 canisters. It also comes in a compact storage case and includes all of the required tools to repair any tubeless tire.

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    3. Smittybilt 2733 Tire Repair Kit

    Smittybilt 2733 Tire Repair KitSmittybilt is a brand that’s well known in the off-road enthusiast community for their superior build quality. The 2733 tire repair kit follows that great reputation and comes with a portable carrying case that can be kept in the trunk until required. In terms of the the kit itself, it’s a 39 piece kit that’s suitable for repairing punctures, tears, valves and many more defects of tubeless tires.

    Other features of the Smittybilt 2733 Kit include:

    • 30 self vulcanizing plugs
    • All tools are built to high standards
    • Extra valve stems
    • Compact pouch for storage
    • Suitable for all tires
    • Includes a 5 year warranty

    For people that are new to tire repair kits, the brand include an easy to follow guide with pictures to make things go as smoothly as possible. Compared with the Boulder alternative, there are less components within this kit but it has the benefit of being much cheaper.

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    4. Blackjack KT-340 Tire Repair Tool

    Blackjack KT-340 Tire Repair Tool
    The Blackjack KT-340 is a premium tire repair kit and by far the most expensive per tool within this article. However, the quality of the tools are far more superior when compared to some of the alternatives. An example of the high quality components is the T-Bone tool, which has a solid steel inner core for maximum strength.

    Other features of the Blackjack KT-340 include:

    • 15 piece kit with a custom fitted storage case
    • Ergonomic T handle for extra control and comfort
    • Durable and long lasting tools
    • Includes 40 tire plugs
    • Suitable for tires of all sizes and PSI

    Although expensive, it’s a professional tire repair kit that’s suitable for up to 40 repairs. The tools are built to the highest of standards and will last many years, which means all that’s needed is extra plugs if you run out.

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    5. Tooluxe 50002L Tire Repair Kit

    Tooluxe 50002L Tire Repair Kit
    The Tooluxe 50002L is another popular universal tire repair kit that’s suitable for all tubeless tires. The kit comes in a heavy duty storage case and can be easily stored within the trunk of your car for roadside emergencies.

    In terms of the complete package, it’s a 30 piece kit that includes 4 string plugs, lubricant and all the handheld tools required for repairing tires.

    Other features of the Tooluxe 50002L include:

    • 30 piece kit with a storage case
    • T-handle design for increased turning power
    • Hardened steel spiral rasp and insert needle
    • Sandblasted finish for durability
    • Suitable for most tires

    Overall, the Tooluxe 50002L is a complete tire repair kit that’s ideal for storing in the car and it won’t disappoint. All the tools included have also been built to last with a heat treated and sandblasted steel construction.

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    6. Slime 50063 Tire Sealant Repair Kit

    Slime 50063 Tire Sealant Repair Kit
    Slime are a brand that produce a range of repair kits for both large truck or passenger tires. Unlike a tire plug kit, this is a tire sealant that creates a physical barrier to block the hole, which prevents the tire losing air.

    A great benefit of using this sealant is that it won’t effect the tire pressure monitoring system, which means you won’t need to use a TPMS reset tool.

    Other features of the Slime Tire Sealant include:

    • 16 piece kit
    • Inflates truck tires in just 3 minutes
    • Includes an inflator, LED light and pressure gauge
    • Replacement valve cores and caps
    • Suitable for all tires

    Using a tire sealant instead of a tire plug kit may be easier for some car owners suffering from a flat tire. The Slime brand are highly reputable and the 50063 kit is by far the most popular tire sealant repair kit on the market.

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    7. MATCC Universal Tire Plug Kit

    MATCC Universal Tire Plug Kit
    The MATCC Set is one of the largest tire repair kits on the market with a total of 73 pieces included. From a tire pressure gauge to a depth gauge, it includes many tools and equipment that some of the alternatives don’t include but may be required at the roadside.

    In terms of its compatibility, the brand state that it’s suitable for repairing any tubeless tires with the plug kit as well as replacing accessories such as the valves or caps.

    Other features of the MATCC Tire Plug Kit include:

    • 76 piece complete kit
    • High quality steel and zinc alloy tools
    • Portable storage case included
    • Anti-slip solid pliers
    • Ergonomic T-handle tools

    For peace of mind, the brand state that all the components have been tested prior to shipment. MATCC also provide a 1 year warranty, which many brands don’t offer. Overall, it offers the best value for money and includes everything that you require.

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    8. Slime 1034-A T-Handle Tire Plug Kit

    Slime 1034-A T-Handle Tire Plug KitThe Slime 1034 is one of the cheapest tire plug kits on the market and even though it comes with limited tools, it’s still able to repair most punctures. In terms of the included components, it’s a 8 piece kit that includes a T-handle plugger, tire reamer, 5 plug strings and rubber cement. Although it doesn’t come with a storage box but you can easily use a spare/homemade box if required.

    Other features of the Slime 1034 include:

    • Compact 8 piece kit
    • Reputable manufacturer
    • Ultra strong plugs
    • Suitable for all tubeless tires

    Considering the low cost of this tire repair kit, it’s by far the most cost effective method of repairing a puncture. A replacement tire can cost a small fortune, but the Slime 1034 is a cheap solution that repairs most punctures in a matter of minutes.

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    How We Rated The Tire Repair Kits

    Since being left stranded on the side of the road with a puncture a few years back, we have always kept a tire repair kit in the car. They are so useful and are a cost effective solution when compared to replacing an entire tire. In terms of rating the kits within this article, we based our recommendations upon our experience as well as multiple factors. The factors that we considered included their value for money, tools provided, quality of the components, tire compatibility and warranty.

    Tire Repair Kit Buying Guide

    Replacing your tire every time you get a puncture can be an inconvenience as well as very expensive. Most tire repair kits are affordable and come with enough components to perform multiple repairs. They can also be easily stored in your vehicle for whenever you require it.

    The basic plug kit usually consists of few components such as the T-Handles but investing into the larger kits is definitely worthwhile. You may also want to use a tire sealant, which fills any holes of a tubeless tires.

    To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding tire repair kits.

    tire repair kit

    Plug Kit vs Sealant

    When choosing between the different tire repair kits, you have the choice of a plug kit or sealant.

    A tire plug kit uses a rubber string plug that’s forced into the defective hole of the tire. They use a special T-handle insert tool that allows you to easily control the insertion of the plug. Once inserted, it fills in the gap and blocks any air from escaping from the tire.

    Using a liquid tire sealant is by far the easiest and it’s designed to create a physical barrier to block the hole. However, they have limitations because they are only really suitable for small holes in the tire.

    How to Use a Tire Plug Kit

    Using a plug kit to repair a defective tubeless tire is fairly straightforward and consists of the following 8 steps:

    1. Use a pair of pliers (or similar) to remove the object from tire
    2. Use a T-Handle reaming tool to enlarge the puncture
    3. Lubricate the area you will be plugging
    4. Use the T-handle tool to insert the plug
    5. Push the plug until there is half an inch left hanging out
    6. Remove the T-Handle from the plug
    7. Use a sharp knife to cut the excess plug left hanging out
    8. Apply water to the area and check for bubbles

    How to Use a Tire Sealant

    Using a tire sealant to repair tubeless tires is a user friendly option, which use the following 8 steps:

    1. Position the valve in the upper half of the tire.
    2. Completely deflate the tire by removing the valve core.
    3. Remove the object causing the hole.
    4. Attach the sealant hose to the valve.
    5. Squeeze the sealant through the valve into the tire.
    6. Reinstall the valve core.
    7. Inflate the tire to the correct PSI.
    8. Drive a short distance and check the tire pressure.

    Other Tools Included

    A tire repair kit often comes with an array of tools to help with the repair. Some additional tools included with the recommended kits above include:

    • Tire inflator
    • Tire pressure gauge
    • CO2 canisters – for inflation without a compressor
    • Pliers – for pulling out objects
    • Additional plugs
    • Storage case
    • Gloves

    If you already have these components, most of the basic tire repair kits will be more than suitable and provide better value for money.

    Should it be Repaired?

    Tire repair kits can be used for most defective tires but some defects may not be suitable. For example, damage to the side wall shouldn’t be repaired. It’s strongly advised to replace a tire with side wall damage. If the defective hole is within the main tread pattern of the tire, it can be repaired using a tire plug kit or sealant.


    Tire repair kits are fairly cheap to purchase yet can save so much money. Owning a complete kit and storing it in your car is a worthwhile investment and it should also be part of a car emergency kit. Although they should be used as a temporary fix, they can still be used for many miles on the road.

    All of our recommendations are suited to a range of budgets and types. If the damage is to the side wall of the tire, we advise that you replace the tire altogether.

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