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The Best Breaker Bar 2021

Best Breaker Bar

Using a breaker bar that is heavy duty and allows you to get leverage is an essential tool for any mechanic. From breaking lug nuts to a transmission drain plug, it is a versatile tool that is available in multiple configurations.

The best breaker bar is the TEKTON 15356, which includes a 180 degree flex head and is available with multiple drive sizes or lengths.

Standard breaker bars are often 24 inches in length with a 1/2 inch drive. However, most manufacturers will provide a range of configurations for those that require additional leverage or are working with multiple socket sizes.

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Best Breaker Bar

Breaker BarDrive(s)Length(s)
TEKTON 153561/2, 3/8 & 3/4 Inch11, 15, 24 & 38 Inches
Neiko 00206A1/2 Inch24 Inches
EPAuto CR-V1/2 Inch24 Inches
Capri Tools Extended1, 1/2, 3/8 & 3/4 Inch24 & 30 Inches
Performance Tool W321261, 1/2, 3/8 & 3/4 Inch30 & 40 Inches
DEWALT DWMT17136B3/8 Inch15 Inches

Due to the large amount of torque passed to the breaker bar, it’s essential that the construction is built to high standards. If you exceed the torque that it can handle, the bar will eventually bend or the flex head may break apart.

For heavy duty tasks that require maximum torque, the additional length will provide more leverage. The longer breaker bars will cost more but the ease of removing any nut or bolt make it a worthwhile investment.

Below is a list of the best breaker bars that will easily remove rusted or stubborn lug nuts and bolts.

TEKTON 15356 Breaker Bar

The TEKTON brand are known for the torque wrench and other garage tools they produce. However, just as popular and highly rated is the 15356 breaker bar, which will easily break rusted or stuck nuts and bolts.

In terms of the drive and size options, it is available with a 1/2, 3/4 or 3/8 inch drive and lengths of 11, 15, 24 and 38 inches.

Other features of the TEKTON 15356 include:

  • 180 degree chrome flex head for working at any angle
  • Spring loaded ball bearing for securing to the socket
  • Forged and hardened chrome vanadium steel construction
  • Exceeds the ANSI torque standards
  • Corrosion resistant chrome plated finish
  • Contoured grip

The TEKTON 15356 is an excellent all-round breaker bar that combines performance with value for money. It is also backed by the one of the top brands in the industry that provide a lifetime warranty on all their tools.

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Neiko 00206A 1/2 Breaker Bar

By far one of the most popular breaker bars is the Neiko 00206A, which is only available in a single standard size. It has been built to high standards uses heat treated and forged materials that exceed the ANSI standards.

It is a standard size with a 24 inch long handle made from vanadium steel and a drive size of 1/2 inch.

Other features of the Neiko 00206A include:

  • Spring loaded ball bearing to hold sockets
  • 180 degree flexible head
  • Chrome polished finish
  • Grooved handle for maximum control
  • Secure ball detent to keep sockets on tight

Overall, the Neiko 00206A breaker bar is a high quality example that ticks every box in terms of performance. However, the lack of drive and length options and the premium price tag may not suit all car owner requirements.

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EP Auto 1/2 Inch Breaker Bar

Another popular breaker bar is the EP Auto, which like the Neiko 00206A is only available in a single size. It is constructed of a high quality hardened vanadium steel alloy, which has been chrome plated to make it rust resistant.

To allow you to work at any angle, it features a 180 degree heat treated flex head for torque at every angle.

Other features of the EP Auto CR-V include:

  • 1/2 inch drive and 24 inches in length
  • Mirror polished finish
  • Spring loaded ball bearing
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Contoured grip

The EP Auto breaker bar well-made and offers excellent value for money compared to the alternatives. The only drawback is that it’s only available in a single configuration, which may not suit all applications.

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Capri Tools Extended Breaker Bar

Capri Tools are a highly reputable garage tool brand and this break bar is a premium option. It uses the popular chrome vanadium steel body with a chrome molybdenum head for additional strength.

The drive sizes of this breaker bar include 1, 1/2, 3/8 & 3/4 inch drives and it has length choices of a 24 or 30 inches.

Other features of the Capri Tools Extra Leverage include:

  • Rotates 230 degrees for maximum usability
  • Spring loaded ball bearing for securely holding sockets
  • Designed for heavy duty applications
  • Contoured grip
  • Lifetime warranty

The Capri Tools breaker bar is a great option with a versatile pivoting flex-head, which makes it the best for tight spaces. The only drawback is that it’s the most expensive within this article but the clever flex-head makes it a worthwhile investment.

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Performance Tool W32126 Breaker Bar

The Performance Tool W32126 is another breaker bar that is available in a range of sizes. It uses a chrome vanadium steel construction with a polished nickel chrome plate finish that makes it rust resistant.

In terms of the drive size, they include 1, 1/2, 3/8 & 3/4 inch drives and it has a length of 30 or 40 inches.

Other features of the Performance Tool W32126 include:

  • Heavy duty construction
  • 180 degree flexible head that works at any angle
  • Spring-load ball bearing for holding sockets
  • Polished nickel chrome plated
  • One of the longest breaker bar options

With the choice of a 40 inch breaker bar, the Performance Tool W32126 is a great option for breaking any bolt or lug nuts. It is an excellent all-round option that won’t disappoint that will withstand years of heavy duty usage.

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DEWALT 3/8 Breaker Bar

The DEWALT brand is well-known worldwide for it’s high quality and impressive warranties. This breaker bar follows that great reputation with a chrome vanadium steel construction and a lifetime warranty against any defects.

In terms of the dimensions, it is only available in one configuration, which is a 3/8 inch drive with a length of 15 inches.

Other features of the DEWALT Breaker Bar include:

  • High quality steel construction
  • Thick grip with a robust 3/8 square drive
  • Compact and low profile design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Length of 15 inches

Overall, the DEWALT option is a great option that is compact and built to high standards. Although it is a relatively cheap, it still comes with an impressive lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

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Breaker Bar Buying Guide

Attempting to use a cordless impact wrench or ratchet to remove certain nuts and bolts can be impossible. However, choosing a breaker bar that provides additional leverage will remove even the most stubborn of bolts.

They are available in a range of configurations and before purchasing, you want to ensure it’s compatible. To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding breaker bars.

best breaker bar for lug nuts


The standard length for most breaker bars is 24 inches but manufacturers do offer smaller and larger alternatives. For most automotive applications, 15 to 30 inches will provide more than enough leverage for tackling nuts and bolts.

You can purchase longer bars for certain heavy duty tasks but for tight spaces, the additional length will make it difficult to use.

Flex Head

The rotation of the head of a breaker bar allow you to work at multiple angles. Most will provide anywhere between 180 to 220 degrees of rotation, which is more than suitable for most automotive tasks.

Drive Size

Depending upon the application, you will need to choose the correct drive size. The most common are 1/2, 3/4 and 3/8 inch but some brands may offer unique sizes.

Quality Matters

As shown in the image below, breaker bars will bend if enough torque is applied. Therefore you will want to ensure that the bar you choose is built to high standards. All of the recommendations above use a vanadium steel construction, which is considered the best for durability.

lug nut breaker bar

Other Desirable Features

Breaker bars are fairly basic tools but many brands add other features to make them standout. Most will chrome plated the handle that provides a mirror polished finish that is also rust resistant. Another feature that can make a difference is a grooved and contoured handle that provides extra control.


Using a breaker bar provides the leverage that you require to remove lug nuts or stubborn bolts. They are available in several different lengths or drive sizes to suit the requirements of all mechanics.

All of our recommendations are suited to a range of budgets and vary in length. We highly recommend that you choose a configuration that suits your requirements otherwise the bar will bend and become unusable like the above photo.

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