Best Vacuum Cleaner For Detailing

The Best Car Vacuum Cleaner 2019

Cleaning the inside of your car is made much easier by using a dedicated vacuum for car detailing. They often come as a complete kit with various attachments and nozzles that are best suited for tackling tight spaces or stubborn dirt. The best vacuum for car detailing is the Armor All AA255, which has the […]

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best car wash soap

The Best Car Wash Soap 2019

The most popular car washing product a car wash soap, which is designed to safely lift dirt, grime and contaminants. Unlike household or DIY soaps, those specifically designed for cars are pH neutral and won’t strip wax previously applied. The best car wash soap is the Meguiar’s Gold Class Shampoo, which is designed to both clean […]

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The Best Rubbing Compound 2019

A rubbing compound uses an abrasive formula that will remove more of the paint than a standard car polish. This is required to help remove larger scratches and other tough defects that a polishing compound will not remove. The best rubbing compound is the 3M 39060 Perfect-It, which effortlessly removes scratches, light defects and 1,200 […]

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Best Car Dryer Blower

The Best Car Dryer Blower 2019

By using a drying towel or chamois to dry your car, you will always run the risk of inflicting defects to the paint. However, the best alternative is to use a car dryer blower, which blasts the water away without coming into contact with the paintwork. The best car dryer blower is the Metro Vac […]

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Foam Cannon

The Best Foam Cannon 2019

If you already own a car pressure washer, you can improve your washing technique by purchasing a foam cannon. The purpose of this gun attachment is to provide the best possible pre-clean to the car by removing any loose dirt. The best foam cannon is the Chemical Guys TORQ, which uses an advanced foaming technology […]

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Best Car Wash Bucket

The Best Car Wash Bucket 2019

If you are serious about washing your car, you will want to look for a quality car wash bucket. The best options will use a grit guard, which helps to keep the dirt trapped at the bottom of the bucket and not on the wash mitt. The best car wash bucket is the Adam’s Heavy […]

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best car polisher

The Best Car Polisher 2019

The best way to remove visible defects and improve the finish of the paintwork is by using a car polisher machine. They are available in a range of different types that include rotary and dual action orbital polishers. The best car polisher is the Meguiar’s MT300, which is a dual action option that has variable […]

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microfiber towel for cars

The Best Car Drying Towel 2019

The drying process of washing your car is regarded as one of the most important parts. It’s important that you use a clean car drying towel that is designed for automotive surfaces. Failing to do so may result in scratches or streak upon the paintwork. The best car drying towel is the Dry Me A […]

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pressure washer for auto detailing

The Best Pressure Washer For Cars 2019

Over the past few years, the popularity of the car pressure washer has exploded as an all-round cleaning tool. Once you have used a quality pressure washer for cars, you will see exactly how effective they are at cleaning anything they are aimed towards. The best pressure washer for cars is the Sun Joe SPX3000, which […]

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best convertible roof cleaner and wax for beading

The Best Convertible Top Cleaner & Protectant 2019

The convertible soft top roof is either constructed of a fabric or vinyl material that requires regular maintenance. Simply washing the roof is not good enough and eventually it will become covered in dirt, moss and other defects. The best soft top cleaner and protectant is the Raggtopp Convertible Top Care Kit that includes a cleaner, […]

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