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The Best Car Leather Cleaner 2021

Best Car Leather Cleaner

Using a car leather cleaner can transform the interior back to its original form and will do a far better job than soapy water. When selecting a product to use, the best option would be one that is pH balanced and does not contain any harmful solvents.

The best car leather cleaner is the TriNova Formula, which is pH balanced that cleans and conditions the leather for “like new” results.

Unlike a leather conditioner, using a dedicated cleaner will provide a more thorough deep clean that will remove grime, stains and other dirt. Layering conditioner on top of the dirt is something you want to avoid as it will lock in the dirt.

There is a wide variety of cleaners available but you want to consider a number of factors before making your purchasing. You will want the cleaner to be pH balanced and not leave an oily or slippery residue after usage.

In terms of using a car leather cleaner, they can be applied in a variety of ways. The most common is a spray but they are also available as wipes, lotions, gels, balms and many other types. However, the spraying method with a quality microfiber towel is the preferred option in terms of ease of use and results.

Below is a list of the best car leather cleaners that will safely remove dirt and grime from your car seats and other upholstery.

TriNova Leather Cleaner For Car Interior

Without a doubt the most popular leather cleaner for cars is the TriNova formula. It is an effective and safe leather cleaner that can be used on a range of leather surfaces, vinyls and much more.

Other features of the TriNova Leather Cleaner For Car Interior include:

  • Removes surface dirt, grime and stains
  • pH balanced formula that cleans and conditions
  • Prolongs the life of the leather
  • Spray and wipe application
  • Suitable for domestic leather surfaces
  • Made in the USA

The formula is specifically designed to lift stains, dirt and grime thus preparing the leather for conditioner. Overall, the TriNova Leather Cleaner for cars is a highly rated formula that is easy to apply, cheap and provides a deep clean.

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Zymol Z507 Leather Cleaner

Another popular car leather cleaner is the Zymol Z507, which is suitable for both automotive and home interior leathers. The formula uses mild biodegradable cleaning agents that are safe on leather and vinyl surfaces.

Other features of the Zymol Leather Cleaner include:

  • Safely removes tough soiling and oils
  • Enriched with Glycerin to prevent the drying out of leather
  • As simply as spraying and wiping the formula
  • Clean/fresh scent left behind
  • pH balanced formula

Thanks to the formula that uses Castile soaps and Lanolin, it safely cleans and restores dirty leather. It is an excellent all-round car leather cleaner that leaves results that will not disappoint and offers great value for money.

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Adam’s Leather & Interior Cleaner

Adam’s Polishes produce a wide variety of detailing products and their car leather cleaner is a top performer. It is safe to use on all leather, vinyl and plastic interior surfaces. This means you can safely spray inside the car without the worry of the formula coming into contact with other surfaces.

Other features of the Adam’s Leather & Interior Cleaner include:

  • Safe on skin and cleans on contact with the surface
  • Almond scented without any color to the formula
  • Cleans and hydrates simultaneously
  • Available in bottles that start from 6oz to 5 gallons
  • Made in the USA

Unlike many other cleaners, the Adam’s formula is gentle for even the most fragile of leather surfaces. The brand claim that the advanced formula is even safe for you to wash your own hands with, which proves how say it really is.

Although it comes with a slightly high price tag, it is by far one of the best options. It cleans and hydrates the leather, which leaves it looking factory fresh.

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Gtechniq I2 Tri-Clean Interior Cleaner

Gtechniq are a highly reputable brand and are known for their plastic restorer products. Their advanced leather cleaner known as the I2 Tri-Clean is designed for all interior surfaces such as leather seats, dashboards, door cards, carpets and more.

Features of the Gtechniq I2 Tri-Clean include:

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Removes bad odors and leaves a fresh scent
  • Keeps surfaces hygienic by reducing the number of microbes
  • New and improved formula
  • Suitable on a range of surfaces

    Overall, it is an excellent leather cleaner that is suitable for a range of surfaces and tackles bad odors. However, many may be put off by the expensive price tag but it is worth the money by the results we’ve seen from using it.

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    Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey

    Leather Honey are a highly reputable brand in the leather industry with specific products that are suitable for various applications. Their cleaner is a popular formula that is a lotion, instead of a spray like the others within this article.

    Other features of the Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey include:

    • Concentrated formula that can be diluted with water
    • Safe and non-toxic that is suitable for all types of leather and vinyl
    • Fully prepares the leather for conditioning
    • Made in the USA by a family run business
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee

    Due to the fact that you have to dilute the product it may not be very desirable. It does also come with a distinctive scent, which many may not enjoy. However, it is a high performing cleaner that provides the perfect surface for conditioning.

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    Car Leather Cleaner Buying Guide

    Leather can be found in the interior of the majority of vehicles on the road and requires cleaning every so often. Lighter leather interiors such as beige or cream can be the hardest to maintain but provide the best results once cleaned. Finding a suitable car leather cleaner that is effective, cheap and easy to use is an essential detailing product.

    Cleaners are available in a variety of different types with a spray bottle being the most desirable. There are many products available but you will want one that is dedicated to automotive leather and not general leather objects such as furniture or shoes.

    To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below buying guide regarding car leather interior cleaners.

    best leather cleaner for car seats

    Types of Cleaners

    When it comes to choosing a car leather cleaner, some may have certain preference to how they wish to apply it. Types of cleaners suitable for the interior come in the form of a spray, wipe, lotion and gel.

    Spray Bottle

    Using a spray is by far the easiest and quickest method of cleaning your interior. You will usually be able to adjust the nozzle to increase the width of the spray, which allows you to cover more of the leather. If possible, we recommended that you purchase in a bulk container and refill the spray bottle for maximum value for your money.


    Wipes are even easier to use than the spray and great for simply keeping in the car. The only drawback is that for thick dirt and grime, you may go through a lot of wipes as they will turn them dirty very quickly. Continuing to use a dirty wipe will have the effect of simply passing the dirt around the leather interior.

    Lotions and Gels

    Unlike spray and wipe alternatives, lotions and gels are designed for heavy dirt. They normally require you to work in the formula for longer and some examples may require a period of time before you remove the residue.

    pH Balanced

    In order to clean your leather interior safely, you will want a cleaner that is pH balanced. Failing to use the correct formula can have adverse effects upon your leather, which can ruin the appeal of your interior. All of our recommendations listed above are safe for car leather seats, trims and other leather interior features.

    best leather car seat cleaner

    How to Clean Car Leather Seats

    Before you begin to clean your interior with a cleaner, you will need to consider the work area. For example, you will want to check for perforated areas used for heated or air cooled seats. You will want to avoid letting large amounts of liquid going down these holds as it may cause malfunctions.

    In order to clean your seats using a leather cleaner, use the steps below:

    1. Vacuum Seats. Using a car vacuum, gently suck up dirt without using any pressure. Scraping the vacuum over the leather could result in scratches. Be sure to vacuum between the cracks, using your other hand to stretch them out.
    2. Remove Surface Dirt. Sometimes the vacuum may not be able to get to all the dirt. Therefore, by using a lightly damp cloth, wipe the seats down.
    3. Deep Clean. Spray the cleaner directly onto the seat and use a soft car detailing brush to brush the cleaner into the leather.
    4. Dry Seats. Use a dry microfiber cloth to remove all residue from the seats ensuring that you reach the residue between the seats
    5. Apply Conditioner. Apply your chosen conditioner onto the seats but do not use too much product. This has the effect of making your seats greasy.

    When using the car leather cleaner, try not to use too much of the solution. Most are highly concentrated and go along way with a single spray.


    Leather car seats and interior that has been neglected can completely ruin the appeal of your vehicle. Luckily, by using the best car leather cleaner you can get your hands on, you are able to clean the majority of dirt and grime with ease.

    All of our recommendations are suited for a range of budgets and do an excellent job no matter how dirt your car leather is. We strongly advise that you thoroughly vacuum seats and remove loose dirt before applying the cleaner for the best results.

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