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5 Best Leather Conditioners For Car Seats 2019

Car leather seats are the main party piece of any car interior. Many car owners believe that leather interior is less prone to stain damage than cloth interior, which may be the case but they still need to be cared for.

The best leather conditioner is the Lexol 0901 Leather Cleaner, Conditioner and Vinylex, which comes in a reasonable priced combo pack for the complete treatment.

Leather interior needs to replenish oils to prevent cracking and tearing from prolonged use. The introduction of thinner seats that often have a heating element implemented requires additional care from the heat drying out the seats.

Best Car Leather Interior Cleaners and Restorers

Leather ConditionerTypeCleaner
Lexol 0901SprayYes (Package)
Leather HoneyCreamNo
Meguiar's G10916SprayYes
LeatherNuRe-Dye KitNo

Luckily, leather interior is fairly simple to rectify issues caused by rough usage. The same cannot be said for cloth interior that will usually need restitching or a completely new replacement. There often isn’t many products to protect cloth interior, which makes stains from spills rather problematic.

When leather interior is looked after, it really does show and it will continue to look great for years to come. As soon as cracking and other defects appear, the value of  your car can drop quite significantly.

Applying leather conditioner and cleaners is fairly simple and there is no excuse to let your interior suffer. Below is a list of the best leather conditioners that will bring your interior back to life.

Lexol Leather Cleaner, Conditioner and Vinylex

Lexol is a well known brand when it comes to car leather care products. This Lexol Leather Cleaning kit contains a cleaner, conditioner and a Vinylex and is everything that you need to care for your leather interior.

The leather cleaner safely removes and rinses the leather easily. The conditioner preservers, strengthens and prevents aging and cracking. The Vinylex protects the leather from UV rays that results in the leather fading.

This Lexol leather cleaning kit is perfect for anyone looking to clean and protect their interior. Included is their very own sponge that can be used to safely rub onto your interior without damaging it by rough brushes.

It is the best leather care pack that you will be able to find and coming from such a reputable brand like Lexol ensures an excellent finish.

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Leather Honey Leather Conditioner

Leather Honey was first developed in 1968 and is still going strong in the leather conditioning market. They claim that their conditioner will last over 6 months and helps protect and bring back to life your cars leather interior.

Leather Honey is guaranteed to provide your leather interior with the “food” it requires to be as good as new. This product is US made and has been since 1968 with a loyal fan base that continue to re-buy this leather conditioner.

Used with a leather cleaner, the Leather Honey can transform any interior, giving the seats the hydration it needs after becoming dried out and faded. It is a pricey product but it is the best leather conditioner you can buy for those not on a budget.

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TriNova Leather Conditioner and Restorer

TriNova provides leather car seats the conditioner that required to protect it from cracking and fading. Included in their newest formula is a water repellent that protects the leather interior from spillage.

It is safe to use on a range of worn out leather products, from automotive to domestic furniture that requires restoration. It softens, strengthens and moisturizes with immediate effect and even comes with an applicator for using the product.

Overall, it is the best leather conditioner for the money with a low cost alternative to the Lexol and Leather Honey leather conditioners above.

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Meguiar’s Gold Class Leather Conditioner Review

In any article in the detailing niche, there must be a mention of the Meguiar’s brand. The G10916 is one of their cheapest and highly rated leather cleaner and conditioner detailing products. Meguiar’s claim their spray will clean, condition and protect all within the same spray, which is quite impressive.

During application, it is recommneded to spray the product onto the towel instead of spraying straight onto the leather. When spraying straight from the bottle, the area of spray is quite large resulting in spray going to other areas of the car.

Nevertheless, the Meguiar’s G10916 is conviently sized powerful product that will continue to provide great results. The finish is not too shiny compared with the TriNova but it does give a deep look to the leather interior.

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LeatherNu Complete Leather Color Restoration Review

LeatherNu has been specifically designed to touch up and redye areas whether the leather has become worn out. You are able to easily blend any color leather that your car interior is but you can also use this product on household leather items.

There is no need to be a professional upholsterer when using this product, its simply the case of rubbing the “glue-like” formula into the leather. When using this product, be sure to remember that the color may change after it has changed to dry thoroughly.

LeatherNu leather repair is very popular in the US and highly rated. The only issues from using this product is on some leather surfaces, the color match is not 100%.

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Leather Conditioner Buying Guide

Improving the interior by a simple clean can improve the resale value dramatically. You can even go as far as using a steam cleaner for cars, which will completely remove any bad odors and tough dirt that will not go away.

There are a range of different types of leather conditioners but before applying the conditioner, its important that all the dirt is removed prior. This will enable the conditioner to get straight to work on the worn leather and not be blocked by a layer of dirt.

How to Clean Car Leather Interiors

Before applying any sort of water or thin liquid onto your leather interior, check for perforated areas. This usually comes in the form of many small holes used for heated or air cooled seats. You should avoid letting liquid going down these holes, otherwise you may break the seats functionalities.

To clean the leather seats safely, follow the steps below:

  1. Vacuum Seats. Using the vacuum, gently suck up the dirt without using any pressure. Scraping the vacuum over the leather could results in a nasty scratch. Be sure to vacuum between the seat cracks, using your other hand to stretch them out.
  2. Remove Surface Dirt. If there is a thick layer of grime on the leather, you may need to apply a cleaner before the water solution to remove it. Spray the microfiber towel first and then wipe over the seat until it has been removed.
  3. Deep Clean. Spray the cleaner directly onto the seat and use a soft bristle brush to brush the cleaner into the leather.
  4. Dry Seats. Use a dry microfiber cloth to remove all residue from the seats ensuring that you reach the residue between the seats
  5. Apply Conditioner. Apply your chosen conditioner onto the seats but do not use too much product. This has the effect of making your seats greasy, read the instructions on use.

How to Protect Your Car Leather Interior

The best way to protect your car from damage such as cracking and tears is by avoiding the following:

  1. Avoid Bulky Objects. Seats are meant for sitting in rather than sharp edges crushed into them. If there is no option, use a cushion between the object and leather seat.
  2. Avoid UV Rays. The main cause of damaged leather is due to UV Rays emitted from the sun causes discoloration and drying out the seats. Tips to avoid direct sunlight is to tint your car windows or parking in areas with the least amount of sunlight.
  3. Clean and Condition. Getting in a routine of cleaning your leather seats regularly is important for protection. The dirt will carry on being sat on and rubbed into the seat unless it cleaned properly using proper products. The conditioning will prevent the leather from cracking from UV Rays and wear and tear.

clean leather interior and protect car seats


Their are many cleaners and conditioners on the detailing market current but many are quite poor. Either they are too strong and damage the leather resulting in fading in certain areas or they simply do not protect the interior.

I’ve experienced all the leather cleaners in this article and would recommend them all. However as an overall complete package to detail your interior, the Lexol cleaning kit provides the best results.

I recently purchased a 20 year old Mercedes with Designo leather, which was partly white. The previous owner did not care for this interior and it was caked in deep dirt. Using a combination of Lexol products, the interior was revamped and the grey seats turned white.

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  1. I was surprised Leatherique and Leatherique Pristine Clean didn’t make the survey.
    Both have been my go to products for years.

  2. They are indeed both very good and when we get round to testing them ourselves they made be added to the list. Unfortunately they are more on the pricey side of things and in terms of value for money, the others provided excellent results for a lot less

  3. I just got a new car with leather seats there are many products out there and I would like to know the best one that will keep my leather seats from fading and cracking please respond

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