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5 Best Convertible Roof Cleaner, Conditioner & Protectant 2019

The convertible soft top roof is either constructed of a fabric or vinyl material that require regular maintenance. Simply washing the roof is not good enough and eventually it will become covered in dirt, moss and other defects.

The best soft top cleaner and protectant is the Raggtopp Convertible Top Care Kit that includes a cleaner, protector, brush and drying cloth for easy application.

Convertible roofs require protection from acid rain, UV rays, tree sap, bird dropping and general dirt. Without any protecting detailing products, the roof will become damaged and made much harder to clean in the future.

Best Soft Top Care Products

Soft Top CleanerBrush Inc.Our Rating
RaggTopp KitYes4.9
303 (30520)No4.8
Meguiar's G2016No4.7
Autoglym FabrichoodNo4.7
Chemical Guys HOL 995Yes4.7

Stained or soiled convertible roofs not only look terrible but will also reduce the resale value of your car. Considering that soft top care kits are relatively cheap, it is a worthwhile investment that offers many benefits.

Along with the soft top cleaner and protectant, it is also advised to purchase a dedicated horse hair brush that will really work the product into the fabric or vinyl.

Many people will choose to use old rags or harsh brushes that will actually cause more harm than good. Below is a list of the best convertible soft top roof cleaner and protectors to remove heavy soiling or staining from the roof of your vehicle.

Raggtopp Convertible Top Care Kit

The Raggtop convertible roof car kit is very popular across the US for good reason. It is a twin package, which includes both a cleaner and protector for total all round soft top care. This means defects such as bird droppings, road salt/grit, tree sap and other types of dirt will be easily removed.

You will probably have read online that some fabric cleaners cause damage to the surrounding chrome and plastic window moldings. However, the RaggTopp formula has been tried and tested against this and proven not to damage your cars appearance.

If you are looking for your convertible roof to bead, this will be the cleaner/protector for you. It provide the soft top fabric with the protection that causes beading but at the same time lets it breathe. Its important to note that the protector this product is primarily used for fabric roofs and not vinyl. (The cleaner can be used on both types).

Overall, the whole package is the best soft top cleaner and protectant kit you can buy that will provide excellent protection against a range of defects.

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303 Convertible Top Cleaning and Care Kit

303 are a popular detailing company and their latest cleaning product is aimed at the convertible market. With dedicated cleaning and protectors for Vinyl and Fabric soft tops, you cannot go wrong.

The problem with the other products is that they compromise to work for both types of convertible roofs. 303’s dedicated cleaner are focused on one type of roof and thus provides the best results when used on soft top roofs.

The protection against soiling and staining from the protector is tested thoroughly. The manufacturers are that confident in their product, they claim that using this product will add years off additional life to your soft top.

The 303 soft top roof cleaner acts fast to remove stubborn stains that won’t come off in a wash. Restoring your cars convertible roof has never been easier and for that reason, this is the best cheap convertible roof cleaner and protector to buy.

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Meguiar’s G2016 Convertible Top Cleaner

Meguiar’s are probably the most well known detailing company in the world. Their convertible top cleaner may be the answer to all your troubles. If you are looking for a small, safe and effective spray that will remove tough stains and dirt, the G2016 is the product for the job.

It has been hard tested with the experts at Meguiar’s and proven to clean the toughest of stains. The easy to use bottle means that there is no messing around. It is as simple as spraying small amounts, rubbing it in and then waiting a short period.

Overall, the Meguair’s G2016 is one of the best convertible top cleaners in a spray bottle. Its a highly rated product globally and will return results every time. It is safe to use on both fabric and vinyl soft tops meaning it is also great value for money.

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Autoglym Fabrichood Fabric Roof Cleaner & Protector

The Auto Glym fabric soft top kit is a highly effective cleaner and protector designed to restore all soft tops. The biological formula is strong enough to break down any defects on the convertible roof but at the same time 100% safe.

This solution is applied via a spray bottle as opposed to the normal cream, which actually reduces waste of the product. You will need to buy a suitable sponge with this kit, but the Auto Glym convertible roof cleaner is the easiest to use.

You are even able to leave this formula on the roof overnight, which soaks into the dirt and break down heavy dirt. We highly recommend the Auto Glym kit, which is guaranteed to return your soft top to its former glory.

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Chemical Guys Ultimate Convertible Top Care Kit

If you are wanting to buy the best convertible top cleaner and protector, Chemical Guys have the answer. It is not the cheapest care kit but it does come with a high quality horse hair cleaning brush and microfiber towels.

The sprayable formula has been proven to safely remove all dirt and stains from convertible soft tops. If you are want to use the same convertible protector and cleaner on different color roof, this product has been tested on all colors.

The Horse Hair Scrub Brush is the best applicator to use on your convertible roof. The soft bristles ensure there is no harsh contact and enable gentle cleaning on the soft top roof whilst trapping dirt within the long bristles.

The Chemical Guys convertible top cleaner is the best in its class at removing stains and tough dirt from vinyl and fabric roofs. It is safe to use on all roofs and works by lifting any dirt away from the roof to restore the roof to almost new condition.

The Chemical Guy soft top protector works by providing a protective layer against UV rays from direct sun light and of course dirt. This provides beading on the roof when it rains, which is a strong indicator that the product is doing its job.

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Soft Top Roof Cleaner and Protectant Buying Guide

Looking at a vehicle that has a stained or soiled convertible roof isn’t very appealing. The recommended convertible roof care products above will all provides easy removal of defects and reveal a “good as new” roof.

Below is helpful tips on how to apply the detailing product to your roof and other factors that you should consider before purchasing an aggressive cleaner.

How To Apply Soft Top Roof Cleaner & Protector?

The top of your convertible is subjected to the same type of environmental conditions as the rest of your car is, and this is important to remember.

The top of your convertible is made out of different materials, and this means that you might not be able to see if your rooftop needs to be cleaned like you can tell with the rest of your vehicle. If the rooftop is navy blue or black, then it makes even harder to be able to tell.

When dust begins settling into the fabric of the rooftop, it ends up acting like sandpaper, and it is important to get it cleaned. Over time it can also wear down from the dirt that can form into the fabric, and keeping it cleaned will help to prevent any of the fabric wearing out as quickly.

Even though you do not need to scrub it each and every time, be sure that you clean the roof of your convertible whenever you are cleaning the rest of your car. This will keep your car and the rooftop in the best condition that you could ever hope for.

The way to apply the cleaner, to your convertible rooftop, can be accomplished in many steps. These steps include:

  1. Vacuum the roof using soft attachment.
  2. Park Car in shade (not direct sun light).
  3. Rinse the rooftop off with water to remove loose dirt.
  4. Use the best convertible roof cleaner for good results.
  5. Use a scrub brush or recommended applicator with product to apply.
  6. Do not let the cleaner dry on the roof.
  7. Thoroughly rinse the cleaner from the top of the care with cool water.
  8. Dry by blotting a towel on the top of the vehicle, do not wipe.
  9. Park in sun to completely dry out before protector application.
  10. Use Protector on roof (try not to get this on any other surface than the roof)
  11. Let the soft top adsorb the protector for at least 24 hours

How To Keep Your Convertible Soft Top Clean

When it comes to cleaning your convertible roof top, it is important for you to make sure that once you have finished cleaning it, that you take the precautions to keep it in good shape.

The cleaning process of the convertible top is important, but there is other ways that you can keep it in good condition without just cleaning it.

To be able to cut back on having to deep clean your convertible top, you can keep it continuously rinsed down as often as you like. This will remove any of the dirt or dust, that has settled on top of the roof, from traveling deeper into the fabric of it.

This part of the car is going to be the most crucial part to focus on when it comes to cleaning, therefore, not only do you need to wash and rinse it, you also need to do something to protect is as well.

Make sure to apply a protectant to the top of your convertible, and this will help to deflect the sun and dirt from fading the color of the roof and keeping the material from wearing and fading as well.

It is important to add this into the process of cleaning and maintaining your vehicle’s rooftop, so you do not have to worry about any type of premature wearing on the roof, which saves you money and time.

The same process can be used for most truck tonneau covers as they are exposed to the same elements as the convertible roof.

What Makes The Convertible Roof Dirty?

There are several different environmental issues that can cause the roof of your convertible from becoming dirty. These include:

  • Bird droppings
  • Dust
  • Tree Sap
  • Road Debris – Salt/Grit
  • Weather conditions such as wind and rain
  • Mold or mildew
  • Smog

These defects can easily set into the roof of your convertible, and it can make your roof top fade, develop wear and tear and develop rough spots. Therefore, keeping the roof top, of your convertible cleaned and maintained, will help you to keep the roof in the best condition that you are able to.

What Is The Best Soft Top Cleaner?

There are so many different types of cleaners that you will find on the market, but this doesn’t mean that they are all good to use on the type of roof that you have on your convertible.

Most convertible roofs are made out of fabric and vinyl. This means that there are plenty of ingredients that you should refrain from using. So, when it comes to choosing the right type of cleaner and ingredients in the cleaner, here are some of the ingredients that you should stay away from when purchasing a convertible cleaner:

  • Glossing agents
  • Bleach
  • Citrus
  • Silicone

These types of ingredients can break down the convertible material in the top of the roof. When this happens, the material will end up becoming non-resistant to water, and it will begin to deteriorate the seams and the seals of the roof top.

You will not want this to begin to happen, because this means that you will end up having to replace the roof of your convertible.

Always be sure that the convertible cleaner you choose contains natural auto shampoo and non detergent based ingredients to avoid unnecessary damage to your roof. You do not want to be responsible for causing any type of premature damage to the roof, and then having to spend money to have it replaced.

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