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The Best Car Scratch Remover 2021

Car Scratch Remover

Scratches to your car can completely ruin its appearance and reduce the resale value. Whether they are caused maliciously or by accident, you can use a car scratch remover to touch up the damaged paintwork with ease.

The best car scratch remover is the 3M 39071 Scratch Removal System, which comes with everything you need to tackle deep scratches or scuffs.

Unlike a rubbing compound, most car scratch remover products will be a concentrated formula targeting just scratches. Not everyone has the time or expertise to perform a full detail and simply want a quick solution to the removing scratches.

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Best Car Paint Scratch Remover

Car Scratch RemoverScratch SeverityPen Included
3M 39071 Scratch Removal SystemDeepNo
Ultimate Scratch Remover SystemDeepNo
Turtle Wax T-234KT KitDeepYes
Meguiars Scratch X 2.0MinorNo
Quixx 00070-USDeepNo

Repairing scratches on your paintwork can be achieved via numerous different methods. These include a respray of the damaged panel, using a car polish or cutting compound and a dedicated car scratch remover. Respraying the panel is the last resort due to the high cost involved and we highly recommend trying out various detailing products beforehand.

The depth of the scratch will determine whether you require a respray. You can test this by running your finger nail across the scratch. If your nail gets caught up within the scratch, this would mean a detailing product may not fix it.

Below is a list of the best car scratch removers that will effortlessly remove scratches without having to visit a body shop.

3M 39071 Scratch Removal System

3M are known for their cutting compounds and detailing products and this car scratch remover is by far one of the most popular. The 3M 39071 is a complete scratch removal system that is suitable for light paint scratches and scruffs.

Features of the 3M 39071 scratch removal system include:

  • Requires sanding with included sand paper
  • 3 step repair system that is easy to use
  • Includes everything you need to remove scratches
  • Removes defects to the thin outer coat of your paintwork

Using this car scratch remover will require very fine sanding but this is nothing to be worried about. It is a 3,000-grit abrasive square that you rub with your fingers, which allows you to smooth the surface. You will also require a standard household drill that will allow you to work in the compound and remover included within this system.

Overall, it is the best car scratch remover for the money that will safely remove scratches or scuffs within the clear coat.

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The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover System

The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover System does exactly what it does on the packaging. It is a professional formula that when used with the provided accessories will remove up to 80% of all clear coat scratches.

Features of the Ultimate Car Scratch Remover System includes:

  • Requires sanding using the provided 3,000 grit wet sanding sponge
  • 120 ml of formula to remove dozens of scratches
  • Removes scruffs and scratches permanently
  • Includes detailed instructions
  • Completely safe to use by beginners

Overall, it is the best car scratch remover that includes everything you need and more to remove scratches in your paintwork. Another great benefit of using this complete system is that there are detailed instructions inside the box and plenty on YouTube too. The only drawback is that it does come with a high price tag but it is a worthwhile investment that will permanently remove scratches.

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Turtle Wax Premium Grade Scratch Repair Kit

The Turtle Wax T-234KT is a very popular scratch repair kit in the USA that is suitable for tackling a range of different scratches. Unlike some kits that only come with one grit sand paper, this comes with multiple for tackling deep to minor scratches.

Other features of the Turtle Wax T-234KT Car Scratch Remover include:

  • 3 color coded sanding pads
  • Includes touch up pen for filling deep scratches
  • 115 ml spray lubricant and clarifying formula
  • Repairs scratches, scuffs and chips
  • Can be used in small or large surface areas

Turtle Wax is a trusted brand worldwide and you have peace of mind that this car scratch remover kit has been tested thoroughly. For deep scratches that require further sanding or use of a clear coat touch up pen, then this kit is an excellent option.

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Meguiars G10307 Scratch X 2.0

The thought of having to use sand paper on your cars paintwork may frighten some car owners. However, before heading to get the surface resprayed, there are other products such as the Meguiars Scratch X 2.0. It is their new and improved formula that effortlessly removes light scratches and blemishes.

Features of the Meguiars Scratch X 2.0 includes:

  • Requires no sanding whatsoever
  • Advanced micro-abrasive technology
  • Application via hand or buffer
  • Permanently removes light scratches
  • Clear coat safe

For tackling light scratches and other defects without having to sand, the Meguairs Scratch X 2.0 is the best car scratch remover option. Excellent results can be achieved by hand or buffer and it is recommended that you really work the formula into the surface. If the scratch is not removed the first time, reapply the product.

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Quixx Paint Scratch Remover Kit

Another popular car scratch remover is the Quixx Kit, which will permanently remove scratches and other paintwork defects. It is compatible with all gloss paints and colors and only requires a 2 step process to remove scratches.

Features of the Quixx Car Scratch Remover Kit includes:

  • Sanding required using 2,500 grit (included)
  • Includes both repair and finishing polishes and cloths
  • Removes minor and deep scratches
  • Uses the “Plastic Deformation” process for removing scratches

Overall, the Quixx car scratch remover is a quick and easy solution to removing most scratches. However, the high price tag when compared to the alternatives may put many people opting for this product.

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Car Scratch Remover Buying Guide

Avoiding scratches can be near enough impossible whether they be accidental or malicious. Depending upon the depth of the scratch, you may be able to repair it without having to take your vehicle to the body shop or perform a complete detail on the damage area. Application can be achieved a drill attachment or via a car buffer but most concentrated car scratch remover products can be applied by hand.

You will notice that many of the recommendations come as complete kits, with applicator pads, cloths and lubricant. All these are vital components to help you remove even the deepest of scratches. In order to help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below buying guide that covers all aspect of scratch remover products.

Is The Scratch Too Deep?

Before you begin purchasing any car scratch remover products, you will want to assess the scratch beforehand. To do this, simply run your fingernail across the scratch and if it gets caught up in the scratch, it may be too deep. If you cannot afford to respray the panel, you could use some automotive touch up paint on the scratch.

If your finger nail does not get caught, this would suggest that it is only on the surface and it can be removed.

Scratch Remover Car

Don’t Be Afraid of Sanding

The thought of having to sand your paintwork can be very daunting. It is made even worse of a thought when the car is leased or a rental. However, it really is nothing to be afraid of because the sand paper included in most kits are very fine. These are usually rated between 2,500 and 3,000 grit, which is more than enough to tackle most scratches in the clear coat.

If you want to tackle the deep scratches, rubbing fine sand paper into the paintwork is required. It is simply not possible to tackle deep scratches that can be felt with your fingernail without sanding.

Touch Up Pen

Some deep scratches may have gone further into the paintwork and cannot be repaired. However, you can blend the scratch into the paintwork by using a clear coat touch up pen that can bought as an additional product or is sometimes included.

If you are afraid of sanding the the paintwork too much, the touch up pen will be able to cover up the scratch that is left remaining.

How To Use A Car Scratch Remover

After you have washed your vehicle and there is no dirt over the target area, you are ready to apply the product. Below are the simple steps that you should take:

  • Use the supplied sand paper to rub the scratch down
  • Add product to a clean applicator pad or cloth
  • Place the pad or cloth onto the scratch
  • Use adequate pressure to rub the product back and forth
  • Buff off any residue and recheck the scratch
  • Repeat the process if scratch still remains

If you are still unable to remove the scratch, we recommend sanding the area down with stronger sand paper and using a compound. This is a more abrasive method but it will help remove the deepest of scratches. If the scratch still remains, you more than likely require the scratched panel resprayed.

Scratch Remover vs Compound

Both compounds and scratch removers do the exact same job of targeting defects within the paintwork. However, the main difference is that a car scratch remover is suited to small areas whereas you will usually detail the full car with a compound.

They are both very similar products but car scratch removers are suited to small areas and are usually applied by hand. However, many come with complete kits with various applicators that can be attached to household drills.


Noticing a new scratch upon your paintwork can be fairly depressing. However, with the application of a simple car scratch remover, they can be rectified in just a couple of minutes. Using a detailing product such as a scratch remover is a far more cost effective method of removing the scratch. Respraying the panel can cost a couple of hundreds dollars, which may not be affordable for some car owners.

Using a rubbing compound to remove the car scratches is the better option but not everyone has the time or expertise to perform a complete detail. It can also be expensive as you will need to purchase a clay bar, buffer, sand paper and potential other products too.

All of our recommended car scratch remover products are suited for a range of budgets and finishes. If you are someone that wants a fast and effective solution for paintwork scratches, these removal products are ideal.

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